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Honor and Loyalty

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After dinner, Jamie made sure to avoid his father as much as possible because he was angry Frank was making a mountain out of a molehill out of all this. Jamie wondered why was he being punished for doing a good deed? He would never try to take someone else's collar; all of his officers deserved recognition for their success. Another question was why 1PP handling this, not IAB? For someone who was supposed to be hands-off when his kids might get jammed up, it didn't make sense. Adding fuel to the fire was that Frank accused Eddie of siding with him all the time, which was not true. Jamie just wished Frank would have left her out of it, but Jamie admired the way she handled it. It made him love her more.

Jamie scanned the house to see where everyone was. Frank was in the kitchen with Eddie as she washed dishes, hopefully apologizing to her for being a jerk about all this. Henry, Sean, and Erin were in the dining room, playing cards at the family dinner table. He walked into the sunroom and sat down next to Danny on the couch, trying to pay attention to the baseball game on tv.

“You’re awfully quiet, kid.” Danny turned to his younger brother.

“Just a lot on my mind Danny, that’s all.” Jamie continued to stare at the TV. As a seasoned detective, Danny knew most of the time when someone was lying, especially when it came to his younger siblings. That was one of the advantages of being the oldest.

Danny gave Jamie his patented sideways glance. “Uh-huh, sure. What’s up?”

Jamie quickly looks around the room. “I can’t say anything here, as long as Dad is nearby. Let’s go out front and shoot some hoops, then I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

Danny nodded as he followed his brother out, only stopping to tell Erin where they were going. Whatever was going on between Frank and Jamie was serious enough that they were barely speaking to each other. The thing Danny was confused on the most on in all this was why Jamie would go to him for advice when that was usually Erin’s job. Whatever was going on had activated Danny's Reagan radar, and it wasn't a good thing.


Danny celebrated as he sank the ball into the basket once again, giving him a small win over his brother.

“At least you found something you’re good at, besides your job.” Jamie joked as Danny passed him the ball.

His brother stopped and gave him a cold look. “Very funny kid. I thought you didn’t want to be a detective.”

“I’ll leave the detective work to you and Baez. I’d rather be on the beat, stopping bad guys instead of cleaning up the messes. I’m happy where I am and I do like being a boss.” Jamie bounced the ball on the blacktop, the sound echoing down the street. He sneaked past Danny and laid the ball up through the net.

Danny grabbed to the ball. “Well, I will say it again, I am proud of you Jamie. If I had one sergeant in this whole department to have my back, I wanted it to be you every single time." He dribbled around Jamie and sank the ball into the basket. Grabbing it, he past it back to Jamie.

"Appreciate it Danny." He passed it back to Danny.

"Say, what was up with you and dad today? You two were pretty close to biting each other’s heads off if Gramps hadn’t intervened. What gives?”

“Just a case I am working on."

"What kind of case or are you going to have me guess because this could take all night and I really don't have the time since we both have to work tomorrow."

Jamie rolled his eyes. "Okay. Does the name Jill Camargo ring any bells?"

 "Yeah, our Marine units worked together in Iraq, why are you asking?"

"I collared her about three years ago for assault and disorderly conduct and again last year on the same charges. She's homeless and living in Penn Station right now. Late this last week, I stopped by with one of my officers and she ended up confronting him and became belligerent. As he was trying to detain her, she possibly assaulted him, I didn't see what happened. I let her go with a warning and now I am being accused of stealing my officer's collar and going against department guidelines by my own father, the same man who was not supposed to intervene when I get jammed up. Not only that, he is dragging Eddie into this by accusing her of always siding with me when she had nothing to do with it!"

Danny put his hands up. "Whoa! Just calm down kid. You mean to tell me that you have been helping Jill all this time and you never bothered to tell me? What possessed you to do something so stupid? This is my problem and I just wish you would let me deal with it, Jamie." His voice was rising with anger, sometimes he didn't understand what goes though his brother's head sometimes. That kid just drove him crazy.

"I'm not a kid anymore Danny and I wish you would stop treating me like one. I thought I could handle this by myself. Look, Jill promised me twice that she would get help or get clean, but it was all broken promises. I did the best that I could to help her but she doesn't want to listen to me but I kept pushing and pushing but all it did was push her away. Then this whole incident with the collar and Dad getting involved and the whole thing snowballed. I am sorry that I didn't tell you earlier but what's done is done and I need your help now. If there is one person I know she will listen to, that's you. You two have a history and you respect each other." Jamie was even more angry, his brother had no right to disrespect him like that.

"Okay, don't get you boxers in a bunch. I'm sorry, Jamie. I guess I still have to get used to the fact that you are a grown man with a good job and a loving wife, not the little kid I used to pick on. Can you maybe keep reminding me from now on? And next time you have a situation like this, can you run it by me a bit sooner?" He softly smiled at his younger brother.

"I guess I can do that." Jamie smiled back. "So what do you want me to do about the situation with Jill?"

"Don't worry about what to do with Jill or the whole situation with Dad. I'll talk to Gormley and see if he can maybe talk some sense into the PC. Maybe if I can track her down, I'll see if I can talk to Jill because like you said, I think she will listen to me."

"Appreciate it Danny. I feel a bit better, I just hope Jill finally gets the help she needs."

"She will. Now, let's see if you still got it." He dribbled past Jamie with a twisting maneuver and tipped the ball into the basket.

"Not bad, old man." Jamie teased.

"I might not be a teenager anymore, but I still have more moves than you!" As Jamie dribbled the ball near Danny, the latter stole it and dunked it into the basket, leaving Jamie to stand there, hands on his hips and shaking his head.


A few days later, when a newly reinstated Jamie found out when he was working in the shelter, distributing meals; he gave Danny a heads up, knowing that Jill visited the place every once in a while. Watching the exchange between the two Marine buddies and Danny's glance toward Jamie as they saluted/acknowledged each other while the former was walking with Jill to the rehab center, that was when Jamie realized what honor and loyalty truly meant, it was not just something you learned or followed just in the military or as cops but in every aspect of life. A bound of honor and loyalty that forever runs deep.