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That Was Making Love And You Know It

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The arrangement started out as one bred out of convenience. Neither girl had time to go out and date with hectic work schedules, but both had itches that needed scratching. 

It all happened a few months ago in their tiny New York apartment. Amy had been MIA for a couple of nights. One minute, Chloe and Beca were both complaining about needing to get laid, then the next Beca’s hand was sliding up her thigh. 

“Ya know, we could, um, maybe come up with some sort of arrangement,” Beca said nervously. 

Chloe stared at Beca’s hand on her thigh and tried to ignore the goosebumps that were erupting on her skin. She licked her dry lips, “What kind of arrangement, Becs?” Chloe asked. 

“You’re really gonna make me say it, aren’t you?” Beca groaned. Her cheeks were highlighted with a blush. 

“Uh, I think it needs to be said,” Chloe responded. 

“Friends with benefits. Me and you,” Beca said. 

Chloe knew she should say no to the proposition. She felt way too much for the short brunette to just agree to sex. But it was hard to say no when the woman of her dreams was stroking her thigh and it had been so so long since she had sex. 

“Okay,” Chloe giggled. “Friends with benefits.” Beca slowly closed the gap between them. Their lips met clumsily but soon they found a rhythm. Chloe’s heart was beating out of her chest at finally being touched this way from Beca. They fumbled into their shared bed together that night and it changed their relationship instantly. 

Anytime Amy was away from the apartment (which was always) they would inevitably find themselves in bed together. They hadn’t talked about it or set up rules, but it became apparent after the first night that Beca would not stay and cuddle afterwards. Beca would always find a reason to slink out of bed when they were finished. She would come back to bed twenty minutes later completely dressed like nothing had transpired between them. Chloe yearned for her stay just once. 

Now it’s been three months of hooking up. And Chloe’s crush on Beca was even deeper. Now she knew what Beca felt like and tasted like and knew part of what she had been missing. But it was starting to take its toll—being so close to the woman at times but still being light years away was difficult. She knew she needed to talk to the woman but she didn’t know how. 

Beca bursted through the door of their shared apartment, shaking Chloe from her thoughts. 

Beca threw her bag to the ground and yelled, “I’ve had a shit day!” She looked around the tiny apartment. “Is Amy gone?” 

“Yes, what happened?” Chloe barely had time to ask before Beca closed the gap between them in several fast strides and pressed her lips to Chloe’s. Chloe melted at the contact, her arms squeezed around Beca at the waist. The kiss was sloppy and passionate and way more heated than any they had shared up until this point. Chloe eventually willed herself to pull away, and Beca chased after her lips. “Becs, wait, I—“

“Please Chlo, give me this,” Beca pleaded, biting her lower lip, and that’s all it took for Chloe’s resolve to melt and for her to reattach their lips. They kissed hurriedly and hungrily, while hands pulled at the clothing between them. Before long they both only clad in their underwear, and Chloe felt the back of her knees hit their bed. Then everything shifted. What was fast and hard turned slow and soft in an instant. 

Kisses turned slow and languid and while hands continued to roam they were a lot less frantic now. Beca gently laid Chloe down on the bed before covering her body with hers. They resumed kissing, and Chloe’s head was spinning with the softness of it. Their bodies entangled with one another in the same way. 

Chloe laid in the afterthroes, not believing the intimate moment they both just shared. They had done a lot of sex in the past three months, but what just happened was something else. 

Beca laid there with a content smile on her face. One arm draped across her face. Chloe studied her for a moment and felt her heart breaking when Beca made a move to get out of the bed. She was sitting on her side now, about to get up. 

“Beca, don’t,” Chloe said, grabbing her wrist. 

“Don’t what, Chlo?” Beca asked, she turned her head to look at Chloe. 

“Don’t leave,” Chloe said, sounding desperate. 

“I’m just going to the bathroom,” Beca said. 

“No, you’re getting up and dressed so you can pretend what we just did didn’t happen. You do it every time,” Chloe said, dropping her wrist and sitting up in the bed, pulling the sheet around her bare chest.

“Come on, Chloe—“

“Don’t come on, Chloe, me, not after that!” 

“After what?” Beca asked. 

“After what? Really? That wasn’t sex Beca, that was making love and you know it!” Chloe exclaimed. 

Beca looked like a fish out of water with her mouth gaping open. 

“Beca, I’ve been pining over you way before this little arrangement started. Are you really going to sit there and pretend you don’t feel nothing for me? After what we just shared? Fuck buddies don’t make love, Beca,” Chloe said with her arms crossed. 

Beca sat in silence. She had turned her head back around to look at her feet hanging off the bed. 

Chloe huffed. “Fine, just go ahead and go. But don’t expect to come crawling back into bed with me. I can’t do this anymore.” 

Beca turned her body around to look at Chloe. “Chloe, wait, I’m sorry. I’m just kind of shocked you feel the same way. I—I uh I’m scared by how much I feel for you, and talking just makes it real. I don’t do emotions well. You know this. That’s why I always leave after we uh,” Beca covered her face, “have sex.” 

“We have to talk about this. My feelings for you are too deep to do a friends with benefits thing. I want everything with you. I want the coupley things with you,” Chloe said. 

Beca avoided eye contact with the redhead. “I uh I want that too Chloe,” she admitted. 

“You do?” Chloe asked hopefully. 

“Yes, I do.” Beca answered, finally looking at Chloe in the eyes. 

“So, will you get back in bed and cuddle with me?” Chloe asked timidly. 

“Yes, but I really do have to go to the bathroom first,” Beca smiled. 

Chloe laughed, “Go ahead.” 

And for the first time, Beca got out of bed and didn’t immediately put clothes on. Chloe leaned back with a hopeful smile on her face on what would happen next.