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Katsuki Todoroki

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Enji sits on his new couch, in his new apartment, with the packet from his lawyer in his hands. It’s over. His marriage is done; these flimsy papers are the proof of it. Not that he’s particularly torn up about it. There’d never been any love between himself and Rei, their marriage had been strictly business. Her family needed help bailing their business out of the financial jam they got themselves into and Enji...well he wanted to have a pup with a woman whose quirk was powerful. It’d been a win-win for them.

But now it’s over and she took his pups. All four of them, his twins want nothing to do with him and Fuyumi can’t even look at him without crying, and Shoto who’s only six months old and has no idea what’s going on. Now he’s all alone with no one of his own. It’s his own damn fault, Enji knows that, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

The papers fall from his hands and onto the coffee table. His throat closes up and he feels like he’s going to throw up. He’d tried so hard for joint custody but when Natsuo sat down with both he and Rei and said that he hated his dad, that none of them wanted to be with someone who treats them like equipment, Enji knew he needed to let go. Forcing them to come with him when they clearly don’t want to isn’t going to get him anywhere. Maybe...maybe it’s like what Rei said if he gives them time things can be different.

It’s not like she hates him, right? Ok, maybe she does. He really sucked, forcing Touya to train for hours on end with his quirk, berating him when he said he was tired, forcing him to fight when he clearly didn’t want to. Touya, his sweet pup, the only omega in their family, who just wanted to play with his siblings and doodle to his heart’s content. Enji has so much he’s going to have to make up for if they’ll ever give him the chance. He’s surprised Rei is even considering letting him near their pups at all.

He wouldn’t blame her if she did.

His PR team spun a story that made both him and Rei come out smelling the roses. They’d mutually separated and their pups live with Rei to keep them safe from any of Enji’s enemies. It’s only a half-truth but it satisfied enough people that Enji’s not being villainized in the media. It helps keep some of the riots at bay who were really mad. The sad thing is most of them are angry at Rei, not him. It got so bad he had to release a statement that Rei is not to blame for the divorce. He still doesn’t get how this all became her fault in the eyes of the public but he’ll defend Rei till his dying breath.

All she’s trying to do is protect her pups and find happiness for herself. Enji can admit that and everyone else can just screw themselves.

His stomach twists. He could have won a custody battle, his lawyer said, the man has enough on Rei being “unfit” to win but Enji refused to let him use Rei’s depression against her. Not when he’s one of the main reasons Rei was depressed in the first place.

Standing, Enji goes over to the refrigerator to grab himself something to drink. His agency insisted that he take the next two weeks off. He wasn’t happy about it but he’ll do it. If it’ll make them happy, besides his sidekicks can handle the place while he’s gone.

Enji takes a long drag on the beer he grabbed from the refrigerator. He went from the large family home to a two-bedroom townhome. It’s an expensive one in a very good part of town but he’d never thought about how much he missed having an actual house. Enji just doesn’t feel like he can spread out. He thought about buying another house, the one he shared with Rei and their pups had been given to her in the divorce, but he didn’t have the energy to look for one.

It’s fine. He can deal with this. It’ll be temporary until he can find somewhere better. Maybe he’ll even build his own house. One where he can design everything that goes into it. If he’s able to have some kind of relationship with his pups soon, then maybe they’d like to help him find the right fit.

Rei promised she’d let them see him if they want to and if he calls and truly wants a relationship she’d allow it but she will be monitoring it. So she can “call him on his shit” if she needs to. Enji is fine with that. He is, he just wants to see his pups. No matter what it takes, how long he has to work for it, he’ll let them come to him when they’re ready. If they ever are.

Just the thought of his pups never wanting to speak to him again makes his stomach turn. He just hopes he hasn’t lost his chance to fix things.

Sighing, he slams the bottle down on the counter. He really doesn’t like drinking, the only reason he even has beer in his fridge at all is that it was a stupid housewarming gift from his agency. The rest of it will probably end up sitting in his fridge for the foreseeable future. He’ll have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, his fridge is pretty bare and there’s really only some leftovers from when he ordered take out from another place. Enji is not a huge health nut but he does need to be conscious of what he eats with his job.

While he’s staring into the less than thrilling icebox, there’s a harsh knock on his front door. Not many people know he’s moved yet, and he doubts it’s anyone from his agency. Maybe someone from the neighborhood saw him coming in?

He closes the refrigerator and goes to the front door to peek through the peephole. There’s no one there but that really doesn’t mean anything. The person could be short. When he yanks the door open though it’s not a person on the other side.

No, it’s a pup. He’s in a beat-up carrier with a very thin orange blanket wrapped around him and a little beanie with bunny ears on his head. The bunny ears on the hat flop over and rest on chubby cheeks. The apartment opens up to the outside and it’s freezing out, the beginning of November is always cold and this pup is so tiny. A gust of wind blows by and immediately the pup begins wailing at the feeling. The sound of his cries snaps Endeavor out of his stupor and he’s immediately bending to pick the pup up.

The soft powdery smell all pups have fills his nose along with the scent of an omega. Enji feels his inner alpha rumbling in his chest as he wraps the blanket securely around the pup. “Shhh, pup, you’re ok, you’re ok.” His body runs at a higher temperature thanks to his quirk, something he’s very thankful for right now. The pup stops his wailing and instead cuddles closely to Enji, soft sniffles and whines sounding from the tiny body.

He’s so small, omega pups usually are, but even Touya hadn't been bigger than this. Why would someone just leave him here? He looks around outside to see if there’s anyone waiting around but other than an elderly woman getting into a cab. He looks down at the carrier again and grabs it to bring inside. The pup whimpers and cries, his little hand fisting in the material of Enji’s shirt. He keeps a tight hold on the pup as he looks through the carrier for anything like a note or something that could give him an idea of where the pup came from.

In the back of the carrier, he finds a manila envelope with a birth certificate, hospital records, and what looks like custody papers. In the spot for sire is his name in the hospital-type font. At the bottom of the envelope is a folded letter. With one hand he unfolds the letter to read it.


You don’t know me. We met briefly at a bar and had a night together. I was a little star-struck and you looked a little lonely. Well, that one time resulted in this bundle of joy. I’m not a pup person. Can’t stand them really, but he’s a sweet pup who barely cries and he smiles so much.

I just, I’m not a pup person.

You have four already, I’m sure you’ll take care of him. I wasn’t going to bother you, I swear I wasn’t, I had a couple lined up to adopt him, they’re names are Mitsuki and Masaru, but they were in a horrible car accident and can’t take him now and he was born premature, I can’t take care of him. The medical bills, the constant attention a pup needs, I can’t do it. So please, please take care of him.

I’ve signed away my parental rights with a lawyer, you have full custody, if you don’t want him he’ll go into foster care. I’ve left all his medical records for you too, he gets sick so easily so you have to watch his breathing closely.

His name is Katsuki. Please, please, tell him I gave him up because I love him. I just can’t be a mother.

I’m sorry,


It feels like his heart is in his throat as he reads the letter. He remembers now. A flash of blond hair and pale skin, a sharp smile, and a beautiful voice. Affairs aren’t anything new to him and Rei, they both had their fair share of them, and who cares? Usually, the both of them are careful, neither wanting to cause, well, anything like this. They’d have to 

The pup in his arms whimpers, drawing the alpha’s attention. He’s so small. Enji could hold him in one hand if he wanted to. When he presses his nose to the pup's tuff of blond hair, a sweet scent is clinging to the pup’s skin in has tears blurring his vision. Deep in his gut, he knows that Yoshiko is telling the truth. This is his pup.

He has a pup. Another pup, one who has nowhere to go. The thought of letting him go into foster care makes him snarl. No. No one is going to take his pup from him.


Enji ends up calling his two best (only) friends. Kugo and Tsunagu are over in barely twenty minutes, they must hear the panic in his voice. Because it normally takes at least thirty minutes to get here. He wonders how many traffic laws they broke.

When they walk in, the mated pair stare at him as he gently cuddles the small pup in his arms.

“Enji,” Tsunagu says, “are you sure he’s yours?”

He wants to snarl at the omega, but it's a fair question. Enji’s newly divorced with a lot of money, even with the child support payments he agreed to. “He’s mine, I know he is.”

Kugo picks up the letter then the medical records. “Geeze...Enji, he’s got a host of medical issues. She just left him outside?”

“It was only seconds,” he says. His hand is resting on Katsuki’s back, feeling the steady rise and fall as he breathes. Occasionally there will be a stutter in his breath before it evens out.

Tsunagu frowns and looks over Kugo’s shoulder. “She was beta, young too. What do you want to do?”

“He’s mine, no one else is going to take him away.”

Kugo nods. “Alright, then you need to get him checked out by a pediatrician and you need to get a blood test done. Before you snap at me, it’s for other people. You don’t want them second-guessing he’s yours.”

Right. People will think Katsuki isn’t his if he doesn’t have proof. “I need to call my lawyer. An-and find a good doctor around here. Shit, I don’t have anything for him.” Katsuki whimpers and squirms, his eyes blinking open and filling with tears. When they sniff the air, they can tell exactly why he’s suddenly woken up.

Yet, Katsuki doesn’t wail as most pups would. Each and every one of Enji’s pups always wailed when their diapers would be filled. But Katsuki just makes small silent whimpering noises.

“There are some diapers and toys here, and a small can of formula,” Tsunagu says. “Hun, give me the car keys, I’ll run to the store and get more. There’s barely anything that will last.”

Kugo hands them over and pulls his phone out. “I’ll call your lawyer and see if we can find a doctor that’s open tomorrow morning.” He holds a diaper out to Enji and he takes it. Shockingly, he has a few wipes in the bathroom that are safe for pups.

He lays Katsuki down on the couch with a towel below him and expertly removes the soiled diaper. He remembers doing this with all of his pups, though with Shoto it had only been a few times before he and Rei divorced. Thinking about his youngest alpha pup makes a lump form in his throat. Katsuki and Shoto would be adorable laying in a crib together. Their heads pressed together in sleep.

Oh, God. He has to call Rei. When news breaks about Katsuki there are going to be accusations all over the place. Enji needs to warn her so she can protect their pups from the media that will no doubt be hounding them.

Katsuki yawns and blinks wide eyes up at him. His pup has red eyes as his own mother had. Enji inherited his father’s blue ones. Smiling, he runs a finger along the pup’s soft cheek. Despite being tiny, he looks pretty healthy. The pup reaches his hands up and Enji doesn’t hesitate to lift him back up against his chest. Katsuki makes an adorable cooing noise before settling down to sleep again.

Kugo gets off the phone and smiles at the two of them. “Your lawyer is going to stop by to pick up the papers Yoshiko left you. She also wants to take a DNA sample from him to run a paternity test.”

Enji growls. “He’s mine.” Katsuki whimpers and immediately he’s shushing the pup. “I can feel it, Kugo.”

The other alpha nods. “Yeah, I know you can.” He picks up a pacifier, orange just like Katsuki’s blanket, and hands it to Enji. When the nipple is placed in his mouth, Katsuki starts suckling and making happy sounds. “I got him an appointment with a doctor in the area tomorrow morning. A Dr. Tanaka who specializes in omegas of all ages. When I gave her the information we have she insisted we bring him in. Said something about omega pups being born prematurely can have more problems than alpha or beta pups.”

He can’t help but hold Katsuki tighter. He knows omega pups require more care and attention, Touya constantly wanted Rei when he was a newborn and would cry if he went too long without her. Is their biology really that different?

“You know, Tsunagu is going to be cooing over him nonstop,” Kugo says, laughing a little. “He’s going to love being an uncle. We both are.”

The other thing Enji knows that omega pups need is the comfort of an older omega. Rei, of course, is there for Touya. With Enji now being on his own, what's he going to do for Katsuki? He’s an alpha, he doesn’t know the first thing about nesting or anything else that omegas need. What is he going to do? How is he going to be able to raise his pup?

A hand lands on his shoulder. “Enji, calm down. You’re not alone. We’re going to help you.”

He breaths out a slow sigh and turns his attention to his friend. “Thank you.” It’s relatively new, their friendship. He, Tsunagu, and Kugo all went to UA together, were in the same class, but they weren’t friends. Enji was so focused on training and surpassing Yagi that he didn’t make any friends. It wasn’t until he and Rei started the divorce proceedings that he connected with them again. It’d been pure luck and Enji is just so grateful.

Kugo grins at him then looks down at Katsuki. “He’s really cute. You sure he’s related to you?”

Enji chuckles. “He...he looks like my mom. She had red eyes and his complexion.” Suddenly he wishes she were here. She always knew what to say when he needed her. Fuck, she’d be so mad at him for how he’s been with his entire family. With Rei. She’d smack him on the back of the head.

“You want me to hold him for a bit? Give you a chance to stretch your arms?”

Immediately, he shakes his head. “No, no I don’t want to put him down.” He trusts Kugo, but Enji can’t imagine letting anyone else touch Katsuki right now. The thought of it makes his stomach roll and his teeth clench. He’s not going to let anyone take his pup away from him.

It takes an hour before anyone shows up. As it happens, Tsunagu and Enji’s lawyer, Haruto Harada, end up walking in at the same time. Tsunagu managed to load the beta down with bags from his trip as he uses his quirk to carry the rest inside. Kugo moves to help Tsunagu unload the bags. “Did you buy the entire store?” the alpha asks.

Tsunagu huffs. “Oh please, I could have brought back more.” He places a bag down. “I got some clothes, formula, toys, and some other baby stuff to get you started, Enji.”

“Thank you, Tsu,” he says.

Harada clears his throat. “Is someone going to fill me in on where this pup came from? And just why you believe he’s yours, Todoroki?”

Enji wants to snap at the man but Katsuki’s soft snores prevent him from doing so. Instead, he settles for a glare. “He was left on my doorstep with a letter.”

Kugo hands over all the papers, except for the medical records. Those will be going with them to the doctor. “Everything looks right…” Harada says. He pauses and scans over the legal paperwork. “The lawyer’s a legit one. Katsuki’s legally yours if you want him.”

“I do,” Enji says.

Harada pauses and looks at the pup. “Enji, to make sure there are no doubts, I should take a DNA sample. I’ll put through our lab with an order to put a rush on it. If it comes back as a match—”

“When it comes back as a match,” Enji snaps.

“Right, when it comes back as a match I’ll get with your publicist and we’ll think of some kind of story.”

“Rei and I both had affairs all through our marriage.” Enji runs a hand over our face. “I had more than she did after we had our pups.”

Harada is quiet for a few minutes. “You never gave a reason for why you and Rei split up. We could use this. Not that you knew about the pup before the divorce, but the affaire.”

It would make Rei look good and Enji horrible. “I told her about the affaire, and she asked me for a divorce a week later. We split amicably.”

“We can work with that.” He puts the folders in his briefcase before pulling out a baggie with one of those lab swab things. “I just need a sample.”

Almost unconsciously, Enji steps back and curves his body so Katsuki is angled away from the lawyer. “You’re not sticking that thing in his mouth.”

Tsunagu steps between them, a calm smile on his face. “How about I do it?”

Tsunagu is his friend, an omega, he won’t hurt Katsuki. Slowly, Enji nods and allows the blond to approach. Tsunagu takes the bag from Harada and opens the package with the Q-tip. Enji takes the end of Katsuki’s pacifier and pulls it from his mouth. The action causes the pup to whimper and squirm unhappily. “Shhh, it’s ok, you’re ok, Katsuki,” Enji coos.

“Oh you’re so sweet,” Tsunagu whispers. He makes quick work of using the end of the Q-tip to swab the inside of Katsuki’s mouth. The pup doesn’t like it, his whimpers getting louder and louder even as Enji tries to soothe him. He only calms once the orange pacifier is back in his mouth. Tsunagu replaces the Q-tip in the yellow tube then puts it in the biohazard bag. “All done, little one.” 

Harada takes the bag. “I’ll get this over to the lab now. Todoroki, if there are any other surprises you need me to handle, please give me a warning now. I’ll adjust my rates appropriately.”

Enji smirks. “Careful Harada, I can always get a new lawyer.”

The beta snorts. “Yeah right, you do that and you’ll end up paying three times what I charge you.” He goes to to the front door and pauses. “And callus as this may seem given the situation between yourself and your ex but...congratulations. He’s adorable.”

The door closes softly behind him.

The three adults are quiet for a while, just listening to Katsuki’s soft breathing and the little squeak-like snores he makes. There’s a part of Enji that’s going a million miles an hour but the other part, the bigger part of him, looks at Katsuki and feels like everything is finally sorting out. It’s the same feeling he had with each of his pups when he held them for the first time. It makes him wonder again how he’d let himself become so lost.

“Enji,” Kugo says, “you should call Rei. She deserves to hear about this from you and not some press release.”

He’s right. Rei and their pups all deserve to know about this. “Yeah...I...have to call her.” He doesn’t want to put Katsuki down. What if he wakes up? What if he needs Enji?

“I’ll hold him,” Tsunagu says, “I won’t put him down unless it’s to give him back to you.” He holds his arms out. The shirt he’s wearing is soft cotton, the same kind Enji is wearing. Katsuki will be comfortable in the omega’s arms. He’ll be safe.

Reluctantly, he transfers Katsuki to Tsunagu. Katsuki makes a soft whimper as he’s moved to the new person but he immediately settles once he’s held safely in Tsunagu’s arms. “I’ve got him,” the omega says. “It’s ok.”

It’s ok. His friends would never let anything happen to Katsuki.

Slowly, he allows himself to step away from them and grab his phone. It’s late, all their pups should be asleep by now. If he calls Rei may not answer. He’s not sure if he’d prefer that or not. Leaving her a voice mail and telling her everything seems callous.

The line rings once. Twice. In the middle of the third, she answers. “Enji, it’s past ten o’clock. Why are you calling me?”

“I have to tell you something before my publicist releases it.” He runs a hand through his hair. “You need to know it causes us even more of a storm.”

“What is it? Are our pups ok?”

“They’re fine, I swear. I…” He turns to look at Tsunagu and Katsuki. He’s sitting on the couch with Katsuki curled against his chest. Kugo is rooting through the begs pulling out some supplies that will be needed most. “There was an affair I had...a few months before we decided to split—”

She sighs. “Enji, we both had our affairs. I don’t care.”

“Listen, please.” He runs a hand over his face. “ last one...I got her pregnant. She left him on my doorstep this evening. I...I’m keeping him. I can’t...she doesn’t want him. I…”

“Enji. Breathe.”

He sucks in a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I really don’t want to cause your and our pups any more trouble.”

“There’s a lot between us, and our past. You screwed up a lot, Enji, but the one thing I know is that you care. In your own way, at least.” He hears some papers in the background and he can just see her flipping through one of her magazines. “You have a one-track mind and you made so many mistakes, but I believe you do want to change. To be better. Am I going to sit here and say that I don’t want to wring your neck? No, because sometimes I really want that but that’s not what our pups need.”

“They hate me.”

“They’re hurt. You have so much to fix with them, with Touya. I meant it when I said I won’t prevent them from seeing you if that’s what they want. You’re different, Enji. You’ll be an amazing father if you just focus on them and not your goals for them.”

He closes his eyes. “He’s beautiful, Rei. He’s so small, smaller than Touya was.”

She hums. “Shoto’s growing like a weed. Even faster than Natsuo at his age.”

Some of the tightness in his chest begins fading away. “I keep imagining them growing up together.”

“And they will. What’s his name?”


“A beautiful name. You’ll do right by him, Enji, I know you will. Now, I’ll take care of telling our pups, you take care of Katsuki.”