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He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me n-

Akaza crumpled up the remaining bit of the flower in his hands and threw it aside.


Why should a stupid flower and the number of its stupid petals tell him if Kyojuro loved him or not? He KNEW that Kyojuro loved him. This was a pointless action and he didn’t understand why he indulged in that. He really should just go back to fighting or something.

With a sigh, Akaza kicked at the stupid daisies that had betrayed him and dare implied to him that Kyojuro was not utterly and fully in love with him. Of course, sometimes Akaza wondered just a tiny smidge if maybe Kyojuro was already fed up with him and only put up with his antics because he and the other slayers thought that Akaza turning to the “good side” was nice so keeping him around would be useful. Or maybe that he was just too kind to say no. Or maybe that Akaza was definitely the one who was clinging more, who was feeling more, who was the one much more immersed in their relationship.

Akaza clicked his tongue as he made his way through the grass, not caring a single bit about trampling over the daisies. They weren’t the right color anyway.

Of course, sometimes Akaza was feeling that way, but the thing about Kyojuro, and the thing that Akaza probably appreciated most, apart from his strength, was the fact that Kyojuro was always very direct. He didn’t waver, he was straight to the point and never minced his words. Whatever Kyojuro was saying, Akaza could be sure that he 100 percent meant it. Because Kyojuro was not a liar, never would be. Whether it was in quiet nights where they both talked sweet nothings against each other or in the middle of the day while Akaza was half asleep or as the sun was setting and they were fighting and throwing punches against each other, whenever Kyojuro told him how much he meant to him and how much he loved him, then Akaza believed. After all, Akaza could read him like a book, so was there really another choice but to believe? Believe in not only his words, but also in his actions and every bright smile he gave him?

No, and that was the reason Akaza was even bothering with these flowers right now. Akaza threw a last look at the daisies, before grabbing the other flowers he had already picked out and turned his gaze up to the sky.

It was still the middle of the night and Akaza had no intention of going back yet. Kyojuro deserved a little bit of sleep and Akaza liked being able to run around at night. It had taken a while but at least nowadays he couldn’t feel another slayer’s eyes every single step he took. When Kyo and he had told them about their relationship, Akaza had felt the gazes every time he walked outside without Kyojuro by his side. As if he needed to be kept in check. As if he was not to be trusted. The first times he had tried to ignore it, kind of expecting that treatment, but he was painfully aware of their hidden presence the whole time...which honestly sucked. Then he had tried to outrun them, wanting to test their resolve. He had never seen them with his own eyes in those nights, but he had felt the presence, and honestly, it had been kinda fun to see if they could keep up with him. The next time he had been kind of in a bad mood and had shouted at them to freaking show themselves or at least fight him if they so desired, which...didn’t happen, much to his chagrin.

Akaza had felt just a little bit caged in, but at least Kyojuro had always defended him and had never shown an ounce of distrust, so these days Akaza was finally able to go outside without eyes following him. As much as Muzan had been at the back of his neck, it hadn’t felt this close like these slayers had been.

Akaza hadn’t even done much. All he did was walk around, look for flowers, run around some more, fight a few demons who happened to find their way into his path, and all-around just getting some alone time. With all the people around him, he just needed a bit of time for himself, centuries of being a demon did that to oneself, he guessed. And now that for one, he slept through most of the days, there was a time period in the middle of the night when Kyojuro went to sleep, when there wasn’t a mission they had to go to, that was dedicated to Akaza and Akaza himself alone.

Although, now as he ran around searching for one specific flower, maybe he wasn’t dedicating this little trip just to himself. When he finally found the spot he searched for, a delighted smile spread on his face as he plucked off a single flower and carefully arranged it into the bouquet. It was time to go back.



The moment Akaza stepped into their room, he was greeted by Kyojuro turning in his futon and looking up at him with wide eyes and a huge smile.

“You’re awake.” Akaza remarked, witty as he was, as he hid the bouquet behind his back.

“And you came back.” Kyojuro just raised his brow at him when Akaza stepped closer and rolled his eyes.

“Sure did. Where else would I be going? Wait- no, don’t answer that.” Akaza pouted when he already saw Kyojuro open his mouth to respond, but instead was met with a loud and boisterous laugh.

“Anyway, I brought you something.” Without further ado, Akaza sat down and held the bouquet right under Kyojuro’s nose.

Kyojuro just blinked at the bouquet when Akaza already rambled, “I mean it’s a bit dark for you so you might think they probably look better in the sun. But honestly, that’s your own fault for waking up already, I would’ve surprised you in the morning with it, but…” Akaza was cut off when Kyojuro leaned forward and pressed his lips onto Akaza’s quickly as he took the bouquet right out of his hands.

“Thank you. These are some fine flowers. Beautiful!” There was a soft smile on Kyojuro’s lips as he looked down at the arrangement of red and yellow flowers in his hands. Akaza followed his line of sight to the middle of the bouquet, where a sad kinda droopy sunflower was sitting because it was still dark, and frowned. He was about to call out the fact that he wouldn’t exactly call them fine but when he looked into Kyojuro’s face, he stilled. There was such a gentle and peaceful expression on his face as he stared at the flowers that Akaza couldn’t help but smile. That. That was the exact reason why he even bothered with this gift. Kyojuro always looked at it with such joy, it made Akaza’s heart squeeze.

Speaking of, Kyojuro blinked and then gave him a sideglance. “You know, you don’t have to gift me flowers, right? I really like them, but…”

“I don’t have to, yeah, yeah. I know.” A slight smirk spread onto Akaza’s face, “And I also told you, that I don’t mind.”

“I just don’t need you to go out of your way to leave in the middle of the night just to get me some flowers.”

Akaza frowned at that. “That’s not the reason I go out.”

“Oh, why then? You never really told me. I mean I don’t mind, I normally don’t even notice it, but I was just wondering.”

Akaza shrugged before he pushed Kyojuro back into the futon and then laid himself sideways next to him, leaning onto one arm.

“Wait, I should get the flowers into some water first!”

Akaza just picked the bouquet right out of Kyojuro’s hands again and put them beside them. “Nope, they’ll be fine. We’re staying in bed now.”

As if to underline his point, Akaza threw the blanket over them with one hand and then grinned cheekily at Kyojuro who had a smile on his face but Akaza could already see a vein pop up on his forehead.

“I’m not tired.”

“I did not say that we’re going to sleep, just that we’re staying in bed. Listen to me, would you, Kyojuro?” Akaza moved even closer to him, faces only inches apart as he stared directly into his eyes.

However, Kyojuro just sighed, “Why are you like that?”

Laughing, as he backed up and leaned a bit back again, Akaza could see his boyfriend throwing a glance at the flowers that Akaza had carelessly left lying on the floor. Akaza ignored the question and instead decided to answer the one he hadn’t earlier.

“I like to go out to have some time for myself. It’s...a bit hard to have so many people around me when I was alone for so long. It...keeps me grounded, I guess? Lets me think a bit.”


“But also it’s really boring when you’re asleep, I can’t watch you all the time, that would be weird.”

“You could also sleep yourself?”

“No!” Akaza answered definitely, “I refuse to sleep at night, that doesn’t work. I’m still a demon. I’m not going to sleep away the only time I can go out. Such a waste of opportunity!”

“Okay, but why the flowers then?”

“Can’t I gift you something just because?”

“Sure, you can.” Kyojuro still bore his gaze into him as if he was expecting more and for a moment Akaza got a bit lost in them before answering.

“Okay, fine. They remind me of you. The colors. And they are also pretty. Not quite as much as you, but still.”

Akaza couldn’t help chuckling when he saw Kyojuro blushing at his words. He grabbed the bouquet and held it in front of his face, eyes peeking out cheekily over the flowers. “Just look! You’re just as red as this one over here!”

“You are so insufferable, do you know that?” Kyojuro asked, taking the flowers out of his hand again.

“But you love me.”

“I do!”

This time it was Akaza’s turn to blush at the sheer bluntness and earnestness of Kyojuro exclaiming it loudly as he smiled at him. “So bright…,” he mindlessly murmured, and flinched when Kyojuro asked, “What was that?”

“Uh, the sunflower. It’s bright.” It was not. It was still night, the petals drooping down until the sun would make it seem in full bloom again.

“It really isn’t.” Kyojuro just laughed at him amusedly, so of course Akaza’s instincts kicked in and he playfully, or maybe not so playfully, shoved Kyojuro’s chest and thus made him roll over onto his back as he continued to laugh, although a little groan escaped him.

“Well, sorry that I’m not getting them when they are fully blooming in the sun! I prefer myself not to be burned. Also if you had JUST slept until morning you wouldn’t have noticed!”

“I’m not sorry for being awake when you are if that’s what you want me to say.” Akaza just grumbled, when Kyojuro poked his cheek.

“I’m not complaining! I really do appreciate them! It’s actually very kind and sweet of you to bring me flowers!”

Now, how was Akaza supposed to stay mad when Kyojuro rolled over to him and looked bright-eyed like that?

His “You’re welcome.” was just met with a blinding smile.

There really was no rational reason for Akaza to always try to put a sunflower into the bouquet. Really, if he was honest, it might be pretty dumb because they really did not look pretty in the dark. But they were sunflowers and Akaza had come to the conclusion that Kyojuro was just as bright as the sun. Akaza didn’t quite remember how the sun shining upon human skin would feel like, but he had a suspicion that it would make him feel just as warm and comforting as Kyojuro’s smile made him feel. Kyojuro was like the sun, a sun that even Akaza as a demon could appreciate, so it was only natural that he deserved flowers that resembled him, right? Even when Akaza couldn’t give him the best ones. Also, Akaza might have become addicted to the expression Kyojuro made every time he gave him flowers. That first moment of surprise melting into fondness and happiness and a smile thawing even the iciest of hearts….Akaza couldn’t get enough of it. So, why shouldn’t he bring him flowers once in a while?

“I really do love you, huh?” Akaza couldn’t help but blurt out and Kyojuro, looking down at him blinked and tilted his head in confusion at the sudden exclamation before he himself answered, “Well, I love you, too.”

It didn’t take long for the flowers to be forgotten when Akaza’s hands found the back of Kyojuro’s neck and pulled him down for their lips to meet.


“Even from this position I can see that you’re still too slow. You’re going to get yourself killed like that!” Akaza shouted from the shadows, as he walked around in a handstand in the safety of the shadowed porch and watched Inosuke train.

“Come out and fight me then, Akira! I’ll show you how fast I am!”

“I’m still a demon burning in the sun and that’s still not my name!” Akaza sighed before he rotated and kicked down Inosuke to the ground the moment he lunged at him. So obvious. Using the kick to straighten up from his handstand and get back to his feet, Akaza looked down at Inosuke, arms akimbo, and grinned, “I told you, you’re too slow to keep up with me.”

“I’M NOT SLOW!” Inosuke tried to slash at Akaza’s feet but he just jumped over the blades and laughed it off, “Nice try. Do your weird breathing exercises or whatever first and I might consider fighting with you later, okay?”

“You better not go back on your word, Akito!” Inosuke shouted before jumping up and running out into the sun again, hooting and shouting something about being the strongest.

For a short while, Akaza sat down and watched him before a yawn escaped him. Maybe he could squeeze in a short nap before Kyojuro came back from wherever he went to? Probably some recon before they’d travel somewhere else tonight. Akaza had absolutely no intention to be squished into some stupid box again, unable to do anything, so he had stayed here.

Just that right now he also didn’t really have anything to do. And he was tired. Kyojuro probably would be away for a while longer, there really wasn’t any reason for Akaza to not take a nap. It was just that he really really didn’t like to do so. Being asleep meant being vulnerable and defenseless and he really wasn’t about to put himself voluntarily into that position. Even if he had deemed it safe here, it still made Akaza uncomfortable to nap without at least Kyojuro or someone else he trusted near.

Akaza sighed. He didn’t remember how long it had been since he last drank some blood and sometimes he wondered if it would be worth it to just take a little bite out of some random person if it meant he didn’t have to sleep. He wouldn’t, but the thought was there. Well, at least he didn’t have it as bad as Nezuko since apparently his intake of humans for the past centuries had been quite enough of an energy boost. Now that that had stopped, he felt tired more often but normally it just meant that he’d nap during the day for a few hours. Maybe he’d just wait for Kyojuro to come home. He could stay awake for a while longer, no problem at all.

He tried to focus on watching Inosuke again. There were quite some unnecessary and wasted motions in his movements. Akaza wondered if it would be worth it to point that out or if it would just result in another fighting declaration. He was honestly not in the mood for holding back, but that would definitely result in another visit to the medical unit for Inosuke. Akaza made a face and decided to leave that topic for now.

“I’m back!”

Akaza whirled around when he heard the exclamation and immediately lit up when he saw his boyfriend making his way to the porch.

“Kyojuro! You’re already here! I thought you’d need longer!”

Kyojuro just laughed, “It was a very easy task, so it was swiftly done. Have you been watching young Inosuke train the whole time?”

Akaza shrugged and answered, “I guess. I like his drive to become stronger, something I very much can relate to. And-” Akaza suddenly turned his gaze around, “OI-! I can see you being distracted there! You need to be focused even while training for it to work in actual battle!”


“HE’S MINE! BACK OFF AND GET BACK TO TRAINING!” Akaza hissed before turning back to Kyojuro and ignoring the shouting Inosuke, “Anyway, he has great potential. Give him a few more years and he’ll be excellent.”

Kyojuro just laughed loudly and grinned, “You really make for a great sensei.”

“I guess. I mean, I did once upon a time inherit a dojo. Not that I could ever train someone, but sooner or later there should have been one, right?”


There was a pause as they watched Inosuke together, until Kyojuro spoke up again, "Hey, can I talk to you for a second?”

Akaza just waved his hand around vaguely. “Go ahead.”

“Can we go somewhere more secluded? I’d rather just the two of us talk...alone.”

There was a smile on Kyojuro’s face but something about his wording and tone seemed really suspicious to Akaza. He narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend and stepped a bit closer until only a few inches were between them. “Why? What did you do?”

“Nothing!” The answer came instantaneously. “I just would like to talk. There is absolutely nothing suspicious at all about that.”

“Uh-huh. Is that so?” If possible, Akaza stepped even closer, as he narrowed his eyes at Kyojuro whose smile was still plastered on his face, though it seemed a bit frozen. Something was definitely up, Akaza was sure about that, but he also didn’t know what Kyojuro would possibly want to talk about so he just nodded. No other way to find out.


Akaza could swear that he heard Kyojuro sigh out of relief the moment he walked past him but didn’t comment on it.

The moment they both passed the door to their room and Kyojuro closed it behind him, Akaza whirled around, arms crossed in front of him, and raised his brow, “So, what is it, Kyojuro?!”

It came out a little harsher than he intended, but also could anyone blame him? Akaza was not a demon known for his patience and his mind had gone into overdrive the last minute. It also hadn’t helped a bit that he could almost feel the nervousness of Kyojuro radiating off of him. Kyojuro was not one to be nervous. So, WHAT could Kyojuro possibly want? He had seemed pretty serious, so was that it? Had he finally had enough of Akaza and was Akaza about to witness his own heart break once again?

As if he could sense his mood, Kyojuro put both his hands on Akaza’s shoulders reassuringly and smiled, “Don’t worry, Akaza! It’s nothing bad. Maybe just sit down for a moment?”

“Then don’t make me worry, you idiot!”

Throwing his hands up, Akaza let himself fall onto the floor before he crossed them in front of him, “And now?”

“Now you stay here, while I just go and get something first.”

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Akaza hissed before glaring at Kyojuro. “So you just fetched me out of nowhere and not even-” A yawn escaped him before he could finish his complaint. Damn his stupid body.

Kyojuro’s gaze immediately softened and he tilted his head as he suggested, “You are tired? We can talk later, that’s no problem. You can have a nap first, it’s not urgent.”

“Shut up, Kyojuro, I’m not tired. Just get whatever you need. Make it quick.” Akaza waved his hand around dismissively and then pointed at the door.

A sigh escaped Kyojuro as he looked down at Akaza thoughtfully and then took his Haori off. Before Akaza realized what happened, he felt the soft fabric on his own shoulders without another word. Blinking for a second in confusion, he watched Kyojuro’s retreating back and then looked down at the flame pattern that fanned out around him.

A little smile escaped him, melting his annoyance away, as he grabbed the ends of the cloth and wrapped it around himself in a way that only made his head visible from the outside. There was always something that felt a bit special about Kyojuro giving his Haori to Akaza as a blanket. It was still warm and smelled like Kyojuro and the fabric felt incredibly soft to the touch. Akaza had never given much thought to clothes. They needed to be comfortable enough to be able to fight in them and that was it. He had never given much thought to it, couldn’t even dream of being able to spend a lot of money for better material but now that he got to feel the high-quality one of Kyojuro’s haori? Well, he couldn’t say that he didn’t like it. Snuggling a bit further into it he looked at the door again where Kyojuro had just left. What did he even need to get? Another yawn escaped Akaza. He really hoped it would be over quick, Kyojuro’s haori was too comfortable, he really could fall asleep in it right now.

“I’m here. Close your eyes, Akaza!”

Akaza frowned when he heard Kyojuro’s voice through the door and yelled back, “Done!”


A huff escaped him when he heard Kyojuro’s no-bullshit voice. He really wondered what kind of surprise Kyojuro was planning for him to even have to close his eyes. So, who could blame him for not doing so? Rolling his eyes, he decided to follow Kyojuro’s words since he apparently was not able to lie to him.


Kyojuro waited a few seconds after his declaration before Akaza heard him walk into the room and stop in front of him. There was a shuffle as Kyojuro probably also sat down in front of him. Akaza really didn’t know what to expect and he was considering just risking a peek because his curiosity really was getting bigger and bigger. Akaza halted when he could almost smell something different, a very light aroma of-

“You can open your eyes now.” Kyojuro’s voice suddenly rang out and when Akaza did open them, the first thing he saw was Kyojuro’s glowing face, a little blush in them as he smiled widely and expectantly looked at Akaza.

Akaza slowly let his gaze drop down at the thing Kyojuro was holding and stilled when he realized what it was.

A bouquet of flowers.


It was a wild array of flowers, different colors, and types, all vibrant and bright, but without a real color code like Akaza had done for Kyojuro. No, Akaza really couldn’t see how these flowers would fit with each other. They looked pretty, surely, but also Akaza couldn’t wrap his head around why Kyojuro would gift him something like that.

“...I didn’t give you flowers for you to give me something in return.” Least of all flowers back.

“You don’t like them?”

Akaza could almost hear the tiniest hint of disappointment in Kyojuro’s voice and Akaza shook his head as his hand flung out from his makeshift blanket and immediately grabbed the bouquet to protectively hold it to his chest.

“I didn’t say that. They are really pretty. I just don’t know…like why? You really didn’t need to do that.”

“Why do YOU gift me flowers?”

Akaza frowned, “I thought I already told you, it’s because they remind me of you.” Akaza looked down at the flowers in his hand, “But I guess that’s not your reason.”

Kyojuro began to laugh at those words, “Thought so.”

Okay. Now Akaza really was confused.

“Would you believe that my reason isn’t much different to yours?”

Tilting his head in apprehension, Akaza narrowed his eyes at Kyojuro but he couldn’t find a lie in them. Dropping his gaze down at the flowers again, Akaza really couldn’t see how any of those flowers would resemble him even the tiniest bit. Was Kyojuro colorblind? That would be pretty numbing to know that he not only had problems with his sense of hearing but also with his sight. However, Kyojuro had never seemed like his sight was lacking, that couldn’t be it. What did he mean?

Kyojuro let out another hearty laugh before he scooted closer to Akaza, bumped his shoulders, and smiled, “Let me show you what I mean.”

When Akaza looked up at Kyojuro, Kyojuro had already pointed at a few small light blue flowers in the bouquet. “These are forget-me-nots. They symbolize remembrance and love. I thought it would be a nice meaning since...the both of us started bc you remembered your past.”

Akaza almost flinched at those words in surprise and followed Kyojuro’s line of sight as he pointed at the next ones. Purple flowers this time.

“Purple lilac. They represent the first emotions of love. I know you already experienced it once before with Koyuki but...well. If I’m honest, you are the first person I actually have deep romantic feelings like these for, so...I wanted to put them in, too.”

With wide eyes, Akaza could only stare at Kyojuro’s now slightly blushing face before he carried on and brushed at small and fragile white blossoms.

“These are called Lily of the Valley. They talk about return of happiness. least hope that’s what you feel about spending your time with me. It might be a bit preposterous of me to assume so but...I’m happy with you around me, so maybe you feel so, too?”

Akaza could only press his lips together, not uttering a single word as he listened to Kyojuro explain more of the flowers that had seemed so random to him.

“This is a daffodil. It’s associated with new beginnings, second chances. Also, resilience and an appreciation for being alive since these small flowers are pretty strong survivors. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why I chose them.”

Kyojuro let out another of his beautifully sounding laughs at that while Akaza could feel a lump beginning to form in his throat.

“I also put in a few roses. Did you know that each color has its own meaning? These red ones are symbolizing love and passion.” There was a slightly cheeky twinkle in Kyojuro’s eyes as he winked at Akaza. “The pink ones show gratitude and admiration. I...really do admire you, you know that, right? It’s not only your physical strength. Actually, it doesn’t have anything to do with that. But the way that you actually choose to go against your nature as a demon and your will to be better, to repent, and the way you want to use your strength for good? It’s admirable. I know it’s not easy with so many of us doubting you, but your unwavering will...I’m grateful for it. It’s very inspiring.” There was a gentleness to Kyojuro’s loud voice that made Akaza want to tear up.

“I almost went with yellow roses, too, because they are bright and were supposed to be bringing happiness, but Mitsuri was against it, telling me that I shouldn’t give my lover a yellow rose because it only meant friendship. But look! Instead, I got this flower here!”

Akaza listened to Kyojuro talk and explain all the flowers in his bouquet without saying a single word. All he could do was stare at these flowers that held so much meaning and unspoken symbolism that Kyojuro probably wasn’t able to convey into his own words.

Akaza was touched. This held all of Kyojuro’s feelings in it, Akaza was holding these feelings of his in his own hands. It made him want to tear up. It made him tear up. Akaza could feel his own tears fall down his face, because how? How could he deserve this? What did he do to get Kyojuro by his side? He couldn’t believe that he ever even once thought that maybe Kyojuro didn’t feel as much for him as Akaza did for Kyojuro. This bouquet….it was living proof that this wasn’t the case. Kyojuro...Kyojuro liked him, too. And of course, Akaza knew that already. But having this in his hands, an actual proof, a bouquet that spoke of love and happiness, of peace and gentleness and of vulnerability and fierceness...all of Kyojuro’s feelings at once in his hands...Akaza couldn’t help crying because of it.

“And of course, this last one- Wait. What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Kyojuro had rambled on for a while and hadn’t noticed the silent tears streaking down Akaza’s before and was now lowering his head a bit to get into Akaza’s line of sight who was still staring down at the bouquet, unmoving.

“Hey. Look at me.” Akaza felt Kyojuro’s thumbs wiping his tears away before he looked into those eyes he loved so much, eyes that held such a fierce fire in them but at this moment were more like a warmly lit bonfire, holding such gentleness in them. A sob racked through Akaza’s body.

“I know I don’t nearly say it often enough, but you really are important to me, okay?”

Akaza wordlessly opened his arms at Kyojuro’s words, making an opening in his makeshift blanket that was Kyojuro’s haori, and then leaned forward to hug him as he buried his head in Kyojuro’s shoulders. He made sure to not let the bouquet in his hands get a single scratch though.

Kyojuro just let out a fond sigh as he leaned into the touch and rubbed Akaza’s back as he continued to sob into his shoulders.

“You’re going to make me feel bad, you know? I don’t want to be a reason for you to cry.”

“Don’t make me emotional then. Just shut up and let me have this,” Akaza mumbled in response.

After a while of them just silently holding each other, Akaza finally managed to calm down and straighten up again.

“Are you okay now?”

“Yeah. Sorry. That was just a bit...much. I kind of didn’t expect you to actually go out of your way to find all these special flowers and their meanings...just to gift to me.”

“Of course I would do so!” Kyojuro loudly exclaimed. “Also Mitsuri helped me out a lot because I didn’t know too much about flower meanings either! She was really eager when I reached out to her!”

Akaza remembered the bubbly woman and the strength he had sensed from her very well. A smile settled onto his face when he thought about the fact that Kyojuro had actually reached out to the love pillar of all to gift him these.

“Ahh! I almost forgot. I didn’t even tell you the meaning of this last flower, although I’m pretty sure you already know it.”

“Huh? I don’t know any meanings behind flowers. Well, up until you told me. They’ve just been very pretty to me.”

“Really?” Kyojuro made a surprised face when he looked at the flower bouquet and then back up to Akaza. “I mean, I did realize you didn’t know most of their meaning since you gave me a yellow carnation. It was a pretty flower, really, but it apparently means rejection and disappointment.”

Akaza started to blush heavily in embarrassment, “That’s not what I meant when I gave it to you! Describe that flower to me and I’ll make sure to never give it to you ever again!”

Kyojuro just laughed at his words and shook his head. “No, I don’t think I will. I really like the bouquets you make for me, don’t change it up or think too much about it. I know the sentiment behind them and they really are incredibly pretty!”

Without letting Akaza get a word in, Kyojuro immediately changed the topic, “Anyway, I noticed that you always made sure to give me sunflowers. I thought that’d be because you knew their meaning. They do signify adoration, vitality and devotion after all, which honestly does seem to fit.” There was a joyous mirth to Kyojuro’s words as he winked at Akaza. “But it does also mirror my feelings towards you, so I had to put one in, too.”

“And you even made sure to get it while it’s in full bloom in the sun!” Akaza was in awe of the bright flower that was sitting in the middle of the bouquet, petals fully open and so full of life. “I love it.”

Kyojuro visibly perked up at his words and smiled, “I’m glad you feel like that!”

“No, really. I don’t think you understand how much this means to me.” Akaza looked at Kyojuro, then back at the flowers and sighed as he fell backward to lie on his back and stare at the ceiling. He held his arm up, getting the bouquet in his line of sight, and smiled, “Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of weird.”

Kyojuro blinked, before he also laid down next to him onto the floor, shoulders touching each other and their hands interlinking both of them. They used Kyojuro’s haori as a blanket to lie on.

“What is?”

Akaza gave a sideglance to Kyojuro before looking back up at the flowers.

“For the longest time of my life, my demon life, I hated flowers with my entire existence. I cursed and damned them so much.”

“What?” Kyojuro was now the one to look at Akaza who had his gaze fixed on the flowers he still held above them.

“Yeah.” Akaza made a grimace as he thought back, “Muzan wanted me to find this stupid blue spider lily that in my honest opinion doesn’t exist and so I had to spend hours, days, weeks asking around flower shops, striving through whole fields just to find that imaginary flower while I could have spent that time training and getting stronger instead. It felt like such a drag and annoyance and every time another flower was mentioned to me instead, I cursed it. Didn’t help that every time I came back with no information, Muzan was really pissed.”

Akaza pursed his lips. “Flowers always had the association of being an assignment my life depended on, but now?” Akaza looked back into Kyojuro’s eyes and grinned, fangs peeking out cheekily, “Now I find myself enjoying to look at them. I find myself pausing in my runs to appreciate their beauty. I find myself seeing one and thinking that you’re probably going to like that one and how it resembles you. And now you even gave me this bouquet. Thank you.”

Akaza couldn’t help but close his eyes for a moment as he gave a bright smile to Kyojuro.

Flowers weren’t something to be cursed at anymore, not some hindrance or something he dreaded to fail at. Instead, he now associated them with Kyojuro, with simple beauties of life, with love and happiness and warmth and a home.

“That is wonderful to hear!” Kyojuro answered before he suddenly had a thoughtful look on his face.

“Hey. Have you ever heard about this one superstition we have? It’s something kind of silly but sometimes when we have a crush, people will take a daisy and pluck each of its petals one after the other, alternating between saying that the other person likes them back and not. Look, I even got one, too. Shall we-”


Kyojuro watched in bewilderment as Akaza ripped out the daisy out of his hands and proceeded to crumble it in his own as if it had personally offended him.

Akaza seemed to remember Kyojuro’s existence because suddenly the hateful glare Akaza had given the poor flower morphed into one of sheepish embarrassment as he looked up at Kyojuro.

“It’s not-”

Kyojuro blinked. Once. Twice. And then he let out a loud and boisterous laugh, one that came from deep within and pressed out in between chuckles, “So I assume you already knew about this. Did you try it?”

“NO?! I don’t care for your human superstitions, it is ridiculous. No one needs to indulge in this. Especially if it’s weird like that! I don’t need a flower to tell me what I or you feel!”

Kyojuro couldn’t help his gaze flicking to the bouquet Akaza was still holding in his other hand and slowly raised a brow.



Akaza groaned and then pushed forward to press his lips against Kyojuro’s to make him stop talking. Of course, Kyojuro immediately returned it and suddenly they both found themselves in a make-out session.

When they both parted after a while, they stared at each other for a second, catching their breaths, before they burst into loud and boisterous laughs at the same time. Akaza could feel his happiness surging at this very moment.


If he thought about it, no matter what meanings flowers apparently held, at the end of the day, Akaza didn’t need them to tell him how and if the love between Kyojuro and him bloomed. It was obvious that it did anyway.