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I Always Want You

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what do u want for christmas

You don’t need to get me anything, Adam.

i know but what do u want

What do you want?

to not be homeless (which u already solved) ur turn

I want to spend Christmas with Diana and you.

ur getting that either way shithead

why cant u just give me ideas

I don’t expect or need anything, Adam. Save your money.

ur so dam stubborn


Adam slammed his hands down on the Blockbuster counter in front of Amanda. 

“Dude, I need your help.” He said, staring at her.

“With what?” She asked, not looking up from her book.

“A Christmas present for Lawrence. I have no clue what to get him, if he wants something he’s able to just buy it. What do you get a man that can afford anything he wants?” Adam sighed, laying his head down on the counter.

“Get him something he can’t buy, something personal. Make him something.”

“That’d be a great idea if I had any talents, Amanda. Photography is the only thing I’m decent at and my camera’s been fucked for months.”

“Go to Goodwill and find a picture frame and decorate it or some shit. Buy a cheapo disposable camera and put a picture of his kid in there. He likes coffee, right? Get him a coffee cup. Make a zine about your love for him or some shit, I don’t know.” She said, sighing and putting her book down.

“Hey, those are actually pretty good ideas. Minus the zine, of course. Maybe I could get Diana to help me decorate a picture frame. I’m already saving like four hundred bucks when the year ends from not living in that shithole anymore. I can spend a little, right?”

“Right, Adam.” 


When’s your friends’ party?

23rd at 6pm

at hoffmans house

i can direct u there

Do we need to bring a dish?

you should make something :]

Does anyone that will be there have any allergies?


unless peter does

let me ask

Please do.


does peter have any allergies

food wise

No. Why?

larry is going to make something fr the 23rd


You told him we normally don’t eat, right?

his food is good

im gonna tell him to make a dessert


no allergies

bring dessert :]

Okay, Adam.

  ru working late tonight

Most likely, are you alright?



I can get off work, go to the store, look around for things I can buy something or can buy stuff to make him a gift, Adam thought. It’s the 22nd already, I need to figure it out. Lawrence said we’re doing Christmas with Diana on the 26th, Alison gets her on actual Christmas this year. 

Adam walked outside, standing at the edge of the building, smoking a cigarette. He thought of last Christmas, what little he remembered of it. He knew this Christmas would be better.


His shift ended and he walked down to the bus stop, smoking cigarette after cigarette to try and keep warm until the bus got to him. It arrived after twenty minutes, and he got on immediately. He realized too late that he didn’t have his headphones, he couldn’t listen to any music, and had to listen to the noise on the bus. He sat back, trying to relax, but he couldn’t. He felt like everyone was staring at him, like they knew everything about him somehow, and that they were just waiting for him to let his guard down. He shot up, going to the very front of the bus and standing there until the next stop, where he ran off immediately.

I can walk to the store, it’s fine, it’s okay.

He kept walking, realizing he was severely underdressed for the weather. His shoes weren’t warm, his coat was fine but his shirt was thin from being worn so many times and the wind cut right through it. He didn’t have any gloves, and his jeans had rips and holes in them. He saw a gas station coming up on his left and decided to run inside, telling himself he’d be fine to go back outside in a minute. After a few minutes he went back outside, returning inside when he realized he was losing feeling in his hands. He went inside the gas station bathroom, checking his phone. He had gotten off work at 8PM and it was now almost 11PM. He didn’t think he had been gone that long, he didn’t know how long he spent on the bus, it had felt like eternity and no longer than a few seconds all at once, it felt like that wasn’t him on the bus. He checked his missed messages.



I thought you would be home by now, are you okay?


He tried typing a response back, but he was so cold he couldn’t stop shaking, he wasn’t able to type anything. He hit the call button.


“Adam? Are you okay? Where are you?”

“I-I’m at a gas station.”

“Why? Are you okay?”

“‘M okay, I tried riding the bus to the s-store but I freaked out.”

“Please just ask me for a ride next time, please. Which gas station are you at?”

“Um…” Adam looked around before seeing a sign, “I’m at Chevron. I-I think it’s the one near the p’lice station.”

“Okay, stay inside, don’t try to go anywhere, okay? I’m on my way, just stay there.”

“Okay.” Adam said quietly. He probably already took his prosthetic off and now he has to put it back on and cause himself more pain because you can’t handle walking a few miles in the cold. Jesus christ, Adam, you’re fucking pathetic.

He walked out of the bathroom, walking over to the counter.

“Can I get two packs of Eagle Reds, please.”

“100s?” the cashier replied.

“Yeah, and these please,” he said, grabbing two mini bottles of fireball and putting them down on the counter.

“ID?” Adam searched his pockets, pulling out his wallet and showing his ID to the cashier, who punched it into the machine. He pulled out a $20 and gave it to him, seeing a car pull up to the gas station. The cashier gave him his change and Adam shoved it in his pocket, putting the alcohol in his pockets as well, walking towards the door. The headlights turned off and he could see that Lawrence was getting out of the car, Adam walked out of the gas station and opened the car door and got inside Lawrence’s car, fumbling with his pack of cigarettes.

“Roll the window down. Please.” Adam said, his voice shaking.

“Give me your hands.” Lawrence said, Adam ignoring him, still trying to open his cigarettes. “Give me your goddamn hands, Adam.” Lawrence took the pack of cigarettes out of his hands, throwing it up on the dash, grabbing Adam’s hands in his and squeezing them, flipping them over and checking them. “You don’t have frostbite. Good.

“Great.” Adam said sarcastically.

“You could’ve lost your hands, Adam. Losing a part of your body isn’t fun.” Lawrence said, the anger in his voice hurting Adam.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why in the everloving fuck would you get on a bus? Why not just ask for a ride from Hoffman or take the subway or wait for me to get off of work?” His voice was rising in volume, getting more aggressive.

“I wanted to go to the store, okay!” he grabbed his cigarette pack, tearing the top open ungraceously, “I wanted to go to the store and not rely on someone else to give me a ride but I got on the bus and I don’t have my headphones so I couldn’t listen to music and then everyone was looking at me and I fucking lost it! I didn’t plan for this to happen. I certainly didn’t want you to get comfortable at home only to have to come get me like a dad picking up his fucked up son, alright? Fuck.” He grabbed a cigarette and put it between his lips, shaking as his hands tried to light it. “I’m sorry.”

Lawrence sighed, “Jesus Christ, Adam. There’s nothing wrong with someone else driving you around. You barely had money for fucking food, no one expects you to have a car.”

“I-” Adam started, before being cut off.

“You look so much better than you used to, Adam. I don’t know what it’s like to not have money, I’ve never had to make hard decisions regarding that, so please. Please, let me take care of you. I like giving you rides, I like cooking for you, I like our nights on the couch where you fall asleep halfway through the most dramatic Gray’s episode of the night.” He put his hand on Adam’s cheek, “I don’t mind any of it. I promise.” 

That’s what did it. Adam’s eyes flooded with tears, his body collapsing against Lawrence’s, letting his head fall down.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Lawrence.” Lawrence moved his arms around Adam, holding him close against him. He put one of his hands on Adam’s head, playing lightly with his hair, and his other arm held him closer than ever before. 

“I’m sorry for raising my voice.” Lawrence said softly, stroking Adam’s hair. “I was so worried about you.”

“I’m sorry for worrying you.” Adam said, wiping his eyes. Lawrence moved his hand from his hair to his cheek, rubbing gently.

“You’re okay. Let’s go home.” Lawrence pressed his lips against the top of Adam’s head, unnoticed by Adam, before driving them home.


Adam hadn't talked on the car ride home. Neither, had Lawrence, but Adam seemed more distant than usual, which made him notice. When they got home, Lawrence made Adam take a warm shower, telling him it would make him feel better, or at the very least, warmer. Adam hadn’t talked since Lawrence had suggested they had gone home.

“Do you want me to bring you a pair of shorts and a shirt?” Lawrence asked him, checking the bath water for temperature. Adam shook his head. “Okay, there’s a towel here for you if you need it. Do you need anything else?” Adam shook his head again, so Lawrence left him in the bathroom.

Lawrence got to his bedroom, sitting down in bed removing his prosthesis when he got a text message.


can i sleep with you tonight?

Yes. I’ll leave the door open, just come in when you’re done.

thank you


Lawrence sat in bed, propped up against some pillows, reading his book when Adam came in, heated blanket around him.

“Are you doing okay, Adam?” he nodded in response, sitting down in the bed next to Lawrence. He looks like he’s going to break, Lawrence thought. “Do you want to lay down?” he nodded again. Lawrence moved his pillows and laid down, turning off the lamp next to him. “Lay down wherever you’re comfortable, okay?” Adam nodded, laying down close to Lawrence, inching his way closer, before laying his head on Lawrence’s chest and slinging his left leg over the top of Lawrence left leg, resting in the middle of the two. Lawrence took this as an okay for physical contact, wrapping his left arm around Adam and holding him close. The two fell asleep intertwined like that.


When Lawrence woke up Adam was gone. He sat up, putting on his prosthesis and walking as quickly as he could out of his room, down the hallway, where he spotted Adam making a hot pot of coffee.

“Morning,” Adam said, his eyes on the coffee dripping into the pot.

“Good morning, how are you feeling?” Lawrence asked, leaning onto the kitchen island.

“I’m better.”

“Are you still wanting to go see your friends today?” Lawrence asked, not wanting to persuade him either way.

“Yeah, I think it’d be good to see them.” Adam said, sighing.

“Do you want to talk about last night at all?” 

“Not really. I just... get like that sometimes, the not talking.” Adam replied, to which Lawrence nodded, acknowledging he understood and wouldn't press on. “You have anything to do tomorrow?” 

“No I do not,” Lawrence replied, “do you?”

“No, which is good,” Adam smiled at him, “we’re gonna need the time off.”


Adam and Lawrence both showered, Lawrence first since he got longer getting ready, then Adam. 

Lawrence was dressed in his usual button up and slacks, adding a looser fitting tie to it.

Adam dressed in his usual party wear, a graphic shirt, this one was cropped and said “I Don’t Smoke” for the ironic humor, and a pair of tripp pants, stolen from Amanda, of course. 

Lawrence knocked on Adam’s open bedroom door. “Wow, you look nice.” Lawrence said, straightening his tie.

“Thanks. You look great, as always. You don’t have to dress up, you know.” Adam said, walking into the kitchen, Lawrence following, going over to the oven. “Brownies?”

Lawrence smiled at him, “Yeah, homemade.”

“You’re a genius,” Adam replied. 


When they arrived, only Hoffman was there.

“Hey, merry Christmas,” Adam gave him a hug, “where’s Mandy?”

“She’s out on a run. I told her she could keep the change if she went so I could stay home,” he turned to Lawrence, “Good to see you, Doctor Gordon.”

“He made homemade brownies,” Adam beamed.

“I did, it’s good to see you as well, Mark.” Lawrence said, holding the brownies out.

“Come on in, you can put them on the counter.”

The house was how it looked every year, christmas lights everywhere, miscellaneous bongs under tables and on shelves, and the most comfortable couch Adam had ever sat on. 

“Alright, where’s the booze at?” Adam asked, turning around to face Hoffman.

Hoffman opened the fridge, showing the area for condiments filled with different beers, wines, and whiskeys. 

“Oh fuck yeah.” Adam said, taking his coat off and throwing it over one of the chairs in the kitchen. He squatted down next to the door, looking at what all was there. “What do you want, Lawrence?”

“A beer is fine.” He stated, taking one from Adam when he handed it to him.

“Do you have any weed until Amanda gets back?” Adam asked, shutting the fridge door and heading to the living room to sit down on his favorite couch.

“I have my rig.” Hoffman answered.

“I think that would actually kill Lawrence. I’m not kidding.” Adam said, sitting down in the middle of the couch, patting the seat next to him for Lawrence to sit down. Lawrence sat down and Adam relaxed into the seat. “So when’s Peter coming?” 

“He should be here soon, I told him to come by before anything super incriminating happens.” Hoffman smirked.

“Can’t wait.” Adam said, chugging back his beer. Lawrence cracked his open and took a drink, leaning back on the couch to match Adam.

There came a knock at the door, which Hoffman answered. Amanda walked in, taking a large baggie out of her pocket and throwing it at Adam.

“Roll me a spliff please, I gotta piss!” She yelled, running to the bathroom. 

“Yes, ma’am!” Adam yelled after her, throwing the bag onto the table and grabbing his cigarettes, pulling one out. “Hoffman, you wanna grab another tray for me, please?”

Hoffman disappeared into his bedroom, coming back with another rolling tray a few moments later. He grabbed the bag and rolling papers, dumping some weed out onto the rolling tray, separating it from the stems with his hands. Adam, meanwhile, broke the cigarette in half, emptying out the contents onto the tray, grabbing a rolling paper, sprinkling the tobacco on the paper before grabbing the weed Hoffman had de-stemmed, rolling it all up. Amanda walked back in, sitting on the other side of Adam.

“Your spliff, m’lday.” Adam said, handing it out to her. Hoffman rolled up a joint without any tobacco in it.

“Here,” he said, looking between Lawrence and Adam before handing it off to Adam.

“Thanks man, you’re the best.” Adam turned to Lawrence, “Do you want some? No pressure.”

“Yeah,” Lawrence creaked out, clearing his throat before saying “Yes.”

Adam put the joint between his lips, lighting it and taking a deep inhale and holding it for a second before handing it to Lawrence. 

He exhaled, saying “Do you remember how?”

“I think so,” Lawrence said, grabbing it with his index finger and thumb, holding it up to his lips and inhaling, trying to let it out gracefully but ending up coughing. Adam laughed, taking it back and hitting it again, blowing the smoke in Lawrence’s face. Hoffman sat back, taking Amanda’s spliff and taking a puff of it before handing it back to her. 

There was another knock at the door, Adam jumped at it as he looked around, trying to figure out who was missing.

“It’s Peter.” Hoffman said, walking over to the door and stepping outside. Adam went over to the window and looked outside, seeing Peter and Mark standing there, talking. 

“Not gonna lie, I kinda thought he was just pulling my leg this whole time. I can’t believe he’s seriously seeing someone.” Adam said, sitting back down on the couch, taking the joint from Lawrence and inhaling. “How are you doing?”

“Good. I’m really good.” Lawrence answered, smiling at Adam.

“Oh yeah, you look it.” Adam said, smiling back at him.

“You guys are gross.” Amanda said, taking another puff.

“What, you want a kiss, Mandy?” Adam said, turning to her and leaning in close.

“You wish,” she said, blowing smoke at him.

Adam handed the joint back to Lawrence, who quickly gave it back to Adam. The door opened as Hoffman and Peter stepped inside, locking the door behind them.

“Peter, this is Amanda, Adam, and Lawrence.” Hoffman said, pointing at each one as he said their name. “This is Peter.”

“Hi Peter” Amanda and Adam said in unison, poking fun at Hoffman’s formalness in introducing them.

“It’s nice to meet you, Peter.” Lawrence said, standing up and moving forward to shake his hand, swaying a bit.

“Do you want a hit?” Adam asked, outstretching his hand with the joint in it.

“No, thank you.” Peter said, sitting down in the chair next to Hoffman.

“You’re an agent, right?” Adam asked, taking another hit before handing it to Lawrence.

“Yes, I am. Homicide division.” He said shortly.

“I’m a doctor. Oncology.” Lawrence said, taking a puff and handing it back to Adam, who put it out in the ashtray. 

“That’s great,” Peter said, no sarcasm in his voice detected, “what hospital?”

“Angel of Mercy.”

Peter nodded, “You looked familiar. Probably from there.”

“Probably,” Lawrence repeated, looking over at Adam. Adam looked over at him, smiling. Lawrence moved his hand up, running it through Adam’s hair. “Oh, wow.” he breathed out.

Oh wow,” Adam mocked, still smiling, “Dude you’re so gone,” he said, leaning his head into Lawrence’s hand.

“It’s sickening, truly.” Amanda said, looking at Peter. 

“This feels nothing like college.” Lawrence continued.

“I can’t imagine the shit you smoked in college, Lawrence. Are you having fun?” Adam asked, pulling his legs up on the couch and putting them over Amanda’s, leaning back into Lawrence.

“I think so. I’m forgetting what’s going on as it’s happening,” he said, chuckling.

Adam laughed as well, “Yeah, you’re really high, Lawrence.” his eyes drifted towards Hoffman, “Will you-What? Why are you staring?”

Hoffman was grinning at them, replying “Oh, no reason. Will I what?”

“Will you pleeeeease roll me another joint?” Adam pleaded. Hoffman picked up one he already rolled off of the tray and held it out to Adam.

“There you go.”

“Ohhhh my god you’re insane. Thank you.” Adam said, grabbing it from Hoffman and putting it between his lips, lighting it.

Lawrence stared down at Adam, watching his lips move, watching the smoke leave his lips and spiral out into the air, fading away. Adam noticed his eyes on him, looking up.

“You want?” Adam asked, hand outstretched for Lawrence.

“No,” he said, continuing to look at Adam’s smiling face.

“Suit yourself,” he raised his voice, “Can we get some fuckin music or Gray’s or something? I can hear myself think, man.”

Amanda grabbed the remote, putting on Gray’s and then pushing Adam’s legs off her, standing up and walking into the kitchen, Mark following her, leaving Peter there with Adam and Lawrence. They sat in silence, watching the show, as Hoffman and Amanda talked in the kitchen.

Peter’s watch beeped and he sat up, walking over to the Adam and Lawrence, stretching out his hand.

“It was good to meet you both, I hope to be seeing you again soon.”

Adam gave him a fist bump, and Lawrence reached out and shook his hand.

“It was good to meet you as well, Peter.” Lawrence said.

“Yeah, see you around.” Adam said.

Peter walked to the kitchen, saying goodbye to Amanda and Mark, kissing Mark on the cheek before he left.

“Aw that’s so cute that your not boyfriend kisses you before he leaves.” Adam says, smiling at Hoffman.

“You’re such a shithead, Adam,” he responded, coming to sit back down in the living room. Amanda shortly followed.


A few hours passed, Adam went through several more various forms of smoking, while Lawrence refused to partake any more, saying he needed to be completely sober to drive them home. Adam still offered every time he lit up. Adam was starting to fall asleep, Lawrence letting him rest for a litle bit.

“Hey, Adam.” he whispered, rubbing his shoulder, “Adam, wake up. We’re gonna head out soon, okay?” Adam stirred awake, struggling to sit up completely.

“The party’s just getting started,” Adam said, looking around and seeing Amanda asleep next to him.

“The parties been just Hoffman and I for a little while, Adam.” Lawrence laughed.

“In my defense, the past few years Amanda and I both have just slept on the couch here.” he said, leaning forward and grabbing a cigarette from the table, lighting it. “After this we can go.”

Adam finished his cigarette, shaking Amanda awake. “Amanda. Amanda. We’re leaving.” Amanda woke up, sitting up with wide eyes. 

“You’re leaving already?” She asked, rubbing her face.

“Apparently we’ve been sleeping for a little bit. But yeah, we’re heading out.” 

“Okay, come here,” she said, opening her arms. Adam hugged her, them squeezing each others arms tight. “I’m so proud of you, Adam.” she whispered.

“I’m even prouder of you, Amanda.” They let go, pulling apart. Hoffman stood up and Adam went over to him, Mark reaching into his pocket and pulling out a token, handing it to Adam before pulling him into a close hug.

“I’m proud of you, both of you.” he said.

“Thank you, Mark.” Adam said, smiling big.

Mark broke the hug, pushing him towards the door. 

“Get out of here,” he said, smiling. Lawrence stood up and walked over to Adam, grabbing his hand.

“Oh my god that’s so weird, look at the mistletoe right above the door. Isn’t that so weird, Mark?” Amanda said, trying her best to act surprised but failing miserably.

“That is so weird. I wonder how that got there.” Hoffman replied. 

Adam and Lawrence looked up above them, sure enough, in the doorway right above them was a bundle of mistletoe. They looked down, staring at each others shoes, before Lawrence moved. He put his hand up on Adam’s cheek, gently holding it there.

“You don’t have to,” Lawrence whispered.

“No, I-” he paused, “I mean, it’s mistletoe.”

“Yeah,” Lawrence whispered, leaning in. Adam felt like his heart was about to explode, he could feel his body heat rising. Lawrence pressed his lips to Adam’s forehead, holding them there for a second before pulling back. “I’m proud of you, Adam.”

Adam smiled, looking over at Amanda and Mark, who were smiling at them just as much.

“Bye, guys, love you.” Adam said, Lawrence waving his hand.

“Thank you for having me over, and for the um- marijuana.” Lawrence said, smiling.

“Merry Christmas, guys,” Mark said, waving to them.


They got home, Lawrence unlocking the door and Adam rushing inside, desperate to be warm. He ran to Lawrence’s bedroom, taking off his tripp pants and crawling under the covers. Lawrence shortly followed, taking his tie off and putting it on his doorknob, unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt. He sat down on the bed and took his prosthetic off, laying it by his bedside. He got under the covers and laid down on his back, waiting for Adam to lay his head down on his chest. Adam got closer to him, laying his hand on his stomach and his hand on his chest. Lawrence moved his hand, running his fingers through Adam’s hair.

“Hey, Lawrence?” 

“Yeah?” he moved his hand that was in Adam’s hair down to the back of his neck, rubbing circles at the nape.

“Do you ever wear just, like, jeans? And a shirt?” Adam asked, playing with the buttons on his shirt.

“I haven’t in quite a while, why?”

“I don’t know. You always wear either button ups and nice pants or pajamas.”

“I like to look nice.”

“You’d look nice in a white shirt and jeans too, Lawrence.”

Lawrence smiled at him, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. “Yeah?

“Yeah.” Adam said softly, closing his eyes.


Adam didn’t have nice dreams often, but that night he did.

He and Lawrence were laying in bed, just as they had been before he fell asleep.

“I want to kiss you,” Lawrence whispered to him, putting his hand on his cheek like it was that day. It was a dream, but Adam could feel the heat of Lawrence’s body, it was dark in the room but he knew everything that was going on.

“I want you to.” Adam replied, leaning up towards him, having their faces mere inches from each other.

Lawrence leaned in and kissed him, pressing his soft lips against Adam’s chapped ones. He could taste the beer and weed from earlier, it seemed so real. Lawrence turned his head and parted his lips, looking to deepen the kiss. Adam’s thoughts were racing, thinking about what kind of lover Lawrence was, what he wanted from Adam, if he would even be attracted to Adam’s body, thoughts getting more and more negative each time a new one popped up.


Then Adam woke up, feeling like he was falling. He jolted up, feeling his body tense. He took a breath, sighing as he exhaled. 

“Jesus fuckin christ,” he whispered, feeling his body soaked with sweat. He tried falling back asleep before realizing that he couldn’t go back to sleep with the feeling of sweat all over him, making his shirt cling to his body. He got up slowly, being careful not to wake Lawrence, and went to his room, grabbing a new pair of boxers before going to the bathroom to shower.

When he got out of the shower and returned to Lawrence’s room, he was still asleep. Adam was careful getting back into bed, laying his head on Lawrence’s chest before falling back asleep.


Lawrence woke up first that morning, like usual, and noticed Adam on his chest, shirtless. Where’d his shirt go? He had it on last night. Maybe he got overheated during the night and took it off? But he didn’t spot a shirt anywhere on the floor or bed.

The sunlight shone through the windows, hitting the bed right where Adam’s face and chest were. Lawrence looked at him, gently touching his face and neck, moving his hand down to his chest, running his thumb across the scars from Adam’s top surgery.

Adam’s face scrunched up as he moved to cover his eyes with his hand, blocking the sun.

“Lawrence?” he asked, his voice harsh from sleeping all night.

“I’m sorry, I was looking at your surgery scars. They’re very well done.”

Adam rolled over, putting his face in the dark space between Lawrence’s chest and the bed. 

“It’s okay. I touch your chest all the time.” Adam said, his voice muffled. He moved his face away from the dark spot, looking up at Lawrence. “Will you drive me to the store today?”

“Of course. Anywhere in particular?” Lawrence asked.

“I’d like to go to a music store and maybe an arts and crafts store, too. If that’s alright with you.” 

“Add a coffee shop and that’ll sound great.” Lawrence replied, sitting up and moving his legs to rest over the edge of the bed.

“Deal,” Adam grumbled, getting out of bed and stretching, cracking his back.

“Do you want to get breakfast there, then? We can leave as soon as we’re both ready.” Lawrence said, putting on his prosthetic.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Adam said, walking out of Lawrence’s room into his room, which was right next door to Lawrence’s.


They sat at a table in the corner of the coffee shop they usually went to, ordering the same as always. 

“What do you need to get at the music store?” Lawrence asked, sipping his coffee.

“I’m gonna see what they have for CDs, probably check out the shirts too. For Diana.”

“For Diana?” Lawrence raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, she likes music.”

“I guess she’s never expressed that to me.” 

“You don’t let her listen to music with the word fuck in it,” Adam said, smiling at him.

Lawrence sighed, “That I do not. What do you need to go to the art store for?”

Adam shrugged, “I just have to get some stuff.”

“Alright, Adam,” Lawrence responded, dropping the subject. 


When they pulled up to the music store, Lawrence decided to stay in the car. It didn’t seem like the kind of store he’d enjoy, but Adam clearly loved it since he came back with a bag full of CDs. He plopped down in the passenger seat, setting his bag on the floorboards and pulling out a cigarette, lighting it immediately.

“Alright, take a look,” he said, smiling wide and picking up a stack of CDs from the bag and putting them on his lap, showing them to Lawrence once by one. “They had fuckin’ Rob Zombie on the clearance rack. Hellbilly. Can you believe it? So I grabbed two,” he said, showing Lawrence the other one, “one for Diana and one for me. They had some shit I’ve had for years that they always fuckin’ have on clearance cause everyone that wants it already has it,” he said, showing Lawrence several Sum41 and Blink-182 albums, “and then,” he held up an album that had a picture of a white owl on the front, “newest Deftones. For me, as a treat for not getting shitfaced last night.” 

“I have never heard of any of those but I’m glad you’re happy with what you found. To the art store?” Lawrence said, also smiling after hearing Adam go off about music.

“Yeah, please.”


Lawrence was interested in going into the art store, but Adam had demanded that he waited in the car. Almost an hour had passed and Lawrence was about to message him when Adam walked up to the car, pointing at the trunk Lawrence reached down and pulled the button to pop it open, watching as Adam put the bag in and closed it, coming around to the passenger side.

“I take it you found what you were looking for?” Lawrence asked once Adam had sat down in the passenger seat.

“Oh, yeah. Thank you again for driving me around.”

“It’s no problem, Adam. I told you to ask if you ever needed me to take you somewhere.” Lawrence said, putting his hand on the gear shifter.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes or be happy about it.” Adam replied.

“I’ll always say yes if possible, and I’ll most likely also be happy about it.” Lawrence gave him a half-smile before driving them back home.