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I Always Want You

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“Fuck” Adam leaned his head back against the brick wall, looking up at the illuminated “Blockbuster” sign as he exhaled his cigarette smoke.
‘Only half an hour to go’ he thought to himself, taking another long drag of his cigarette before flicking the butt onto the ground and stepping on it, pushing it into the concrete. Adam walked inside and threw his jacket over behind the counter, making his way to the bathroom. He shut and locked the door behind him, pulling his dab pen out of his pocket and pressing the button, inhaling the smoke and holding it for a second before puffing out an “o” shape. He took a few more hits before spraying the dollar store air freshener and exiting the bathroom.
At the counter was an older man and a young child, his granddaughter maybe, Adam thought to himself.
“Fuck, Amanda…” he whispered to himself. Amanda was supposed to be watching the counter for customers while he prepared himself for closing.
“Hello, sorry for the wait. You two find everything okay?” Adam asked the two, grabbing their DVD, The Last Unicorn, and scanning the five night option, which he remembered these two always got.
“Of course, we had plenty of time to look while we were waiting.” the man replied, a displeased look on his face. The girl he was with didn’t hear, she was looking at the candy over yander.
“Sorry about that, my coworker was supposed to be watching the front while I used the restroom.” Adam replied snarkily. Hey, he’d throw Amanda under the bus if it meant he didn’t get yelled at by grandpa here.
“That coworker?” The man answered, pointing outside to Amanda smoking on the step, yelling at her cellphone.
Adam stared outside, “Yeah… her.”, it was unusual for Amanda to be outside at this time, usually she waits until a few minutes before they closed to smoke a cigarette. She always came and got Adam’s pen after he was done with it. Whatever she was upset about, it was important to her.
“Another tip,” the man said, “lay off the marijuana, kid.” He grabbed the DVD and receipt from Adam, grabbing the girls hand and walking out the door. There was something off about the way he walked, Adam noticed, like he wasn’t quite balanced enough.
Adam headed out the door a few moments later, waving his arms to get Amanda’s attention, flipping her off as soon as he saw the only car in the parking lot drive off. She returned the favor, and Adam turned around to go back inside.
Adam looked at the merchant copy of the receipt, running his eyes over the man's name.
“Lawrence Gordon, huh…” he said to himself before tearing the receipt angrily and tossing it in the trash.
Amanda walked into the store, throwing her jacket at Adam and sighing loudly.
“That the DILF you’re always talking about?” Adam asked, putting Amanda’s jacket on the counter.
“Yeah, a real silver fox huh? He always rents the same three movies for his daughter. Coraline, Fantastic Mister Fox, and-“ Adam cut her off.
“The Last Unicorn.” He sighed, looking at the clock on the computer screen.
“Yeah. Exactly. Why don’t we close down early tonight?” Amanda said as she walked over to the doors, flicking the switch that controls the Blockbuster sign off, putting her hand on the lock of the door.
“Sure, fuck if I care. They’re always the last ones in here anyway. No point in staying open if no one’s coming.” It was only a few minutes anyway, their boss wouldn’t get too bitchy over it. Hoffman was always rude, but he understood what it was like working this bullshit job. He took the flack for their fuckups most of the time.
“Before we leave…” Adam hesitated as he pushed the End of Day button on the computer, “are you okay? Do you need a hit?” he tossed the dab pen to Amanda, putting his hoodie on before picking up Amanda’s jacket.
“I’m okay… Lynn’s just upset. I’m upset. Being on and off hormones constantly is hard. Insurance is fucking annoying. The usual, you know.” Amanda replied, Adam nodding. He did know.
“I’m sorry, shit sucks,” They walked out the doors, Adam locking it behind him and grabbing the pen from Amanda’s outstretched hand, taking another hit. “You need a place to stay tonight? I gotta wake up early and open but you can make yourself at home.” Adam knew she would make herself at home whether or not he said it, but it was easier than saying ‘I owe you a lot and you’re always welcome at my home because I love you and you’re my best friend’.
“I think I’ll take you up on that offer. Your couch clean yet?” She asked, referring to the fact that last week they got a little too tipsy and ended up spilling their cheap beers all over the cushions.
“No, I threw it out actually. Got sick of the beer smell in my apartment.” He answered, pulling out a cigarette and putting it between his teeth.
“Guess we’re sharing the bed then, huh? Lucky you.” Amanda elbowed him in the side as he lit his cigarette, the two of them walking to Adam’s “home”.