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my back arched like a cat, my position couldn't stop

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“Wake up, sweetheart.” 

The words murmured in Grace’s ear easily break through the thick fog of sleep, dragging her back to consciousness. Her eyes flutter open as soft lips press even softer kisses along the column of her throat. She sighs softly, stretching as much as she can with the length of another body pressed along her side. 

Sylvia hums against her skin, teeth scraping over her collarbone pleasantly. 

“Good morning,” she greets in a low voice. 

Grace grumbles quietly, stretching her neck back to allow more room for Sylvia’s slow but steady exploration of her skin. One hand rises to clutch the back of her neck gently, nails scratching at the soft hair there, a silent request for more of that

A hand moves to trace slow circles over Grace’s hip bone while the other slides up to cup her jaw, angling her head so that she can press a quick, sleepy kiss to her lips. 

Grace lifts a hand to rub the sleep from her eyes so she can get a better look at Sylvia, but her head is once again buried firmly in the crook of her neck, so she settles for the ceiling, which is much less exciting. 

When she feels the fingers formerly resting at her hip move to drag up and down her thighs, her breath hitches in her throat. 

“This okay?” Sylvia inquires, before immediately returning her mouth to Grace’s throat. 

Grace nods lazily, bringing a hand up to hold onto the thin fabric of Sylvia’s sleep shirt, her grip weak from sleep. 

“Use your words,” the blonde commands gently, and a wave of heat flashes through Grace’s abdomen. 

Sylvia is hardly ever like this in bed, usually perfectly happy to let Grace call the shots and occasionally toss her around and Grace is definitely not complaining about that, but on the rare occasion that Sylvia does take the reins, it drives Grace absolutely wild. 

Plus, any torture Sylvia inflicts on her now can be fully repaid later, which is always plenty of fun. 

Her breath audibly hitches as Sylvia digs her short nails into her thigh, likely leaving crescent-shaped indents in her skin, and breathes a laugh into the skin under her ear. 

“Don’t stop,” she elaborates. Her voice is weak and gravelly, and she hopes the words will satisfy her. 

She’s wrong. “What’s the magic word?” She can feel Sylvia’s grin against her shoulder as she sighs faintly in frustration and arousal, eyes fluttering shut. 

Please .” 

“Very good, honey,” she purrs into the redhead’s ear, pressing a featherlight kiss just behind it, and Grace lets out a quiet, satisfied hum that’s nearly a moan. 

The hand teasing her thighs moves higher until knuckles brush the front of her underwear. She lifts her hips into the contact and Sylvia immediately pushes them back down. Grace sighs impatiently, clutching more desperately at Sylvia’s shirt as the other presses harder against the back of her neck. When she cups Grace gently between her legs, the redhead’s face grows hot. 

She feels soft lips pull into a smirk against her throat, and before she can even blink, Sylvia’s removed her hand, rolling over on top of her and sliding one leg between hers, her thigh giving Grace the most agonizing friction that’s simultaneously too much and nowhere near enough. 

“Please,” she repeats. 

Sylvia lifts her head from Grace’s throat to look at her, and the redhead opens her eyes to meet the blonde’s gaze. She smiles softly at Grace, cheeks flushed and eyes half-lidded with lust as she shifts positions, her thigh slipping out from between Grace's. 

Just as Grace opens her mouth to plead with her again, Sylvia slips her hand past the band of her underwear and presses firmly on her clit. She gasps as Sylvia begins moving her fingers slowly. 

Sylvia scrapes her teeth along her jaw before leaning up to kiss her deeply. Grace lets out a low, appreciative hum as a hot tongue slides against hers, then fights to keep a whine from slipping out as Sylvia pulls away with a bite to her bottom lip. 

Sylvia slides her fingers down to where Grace is wet, pressing briefly to taunt her, making her hips twitch, before she moves back up to her clit. Grace whines softly as Sylvia moves away from where she needs her, but the blonde hushes her, pressing harder than before to make up for the distinct emptiness inside her. 

Sylvia ,” she sighs, nails scratching over her rib cage through her shirt. 

“Yes, baby?” Sylvia hums, pressing soft kisses to her lips. 

“Inside. I need you inside me.” 

She smiles against Grace’s lips. Then, after pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth, moves her hand down and slips one long finger inside her. Grace’s mouth falls open with a gasp at the feeling, and she doesn't even have time to be embarrassed by how wet she already is because Sylvia is adding a second finger and moving inside her, curling up into that spot that makes her see stars behind her eyelids as they slam shut. Her head presses back into the pillow and Sylvia uses the opportunity to return her mouth to Grace’s throat, nipping and sucking along the column of it. 

“Fuck,” she whimpers into the room, and a laugh vibrates against her neck, making her moan. 

Before long, Sylvia’s fingers are making wet clicks as they slide in and out of the redhead, making her gasp. 

“Still okay?” Sylvia asks quietly, nose dragging over the shell of an ear and breath ghosting against Grace’s jaw. 

Grace nods, giving a small hum of affirmation. 

Sylvia speeds up slightly, palm pushing rhythmically against her clit, and Grace pushes her face into the blonde’s shoulder to moan into the soft skin there. When Sylvia gives a particularly forceful thrust, she bites down instinctually with a quiet whimper. Sylvia gasps, sharp and high, in her ear. 

As she pushes deeper and harder, Grace feels the pressure building in her abdomen. Her hips jump against Sylvia’s hand as she squirms underneath her, thighs trembling. She lifts her head and presses a sloppy kiss to Sylvia’s lips, bumping their noses together as she pants into her mouth. 

“Fuck, baby,” she stutters, “I—shit, I’m gonna cum. Fuck .” 

Sylvia bites down on her lip, and Grace’s eyes roll back in her head as she lets the heat overtake her. Her hips are rolling incessantly now, and her grip turns harsh on Sylvia’s neck and shirt. 

When the pressure breaks, Sylvia keeps fucking her, even as she moans and writhes against her. She brings Grace down slowly with quiet praise and long fingers until she squirms away from the overstimulation, her hand pushing Sylvia’s from between her legs. 

Sylvia settles back on her haunches, giving Grace a moment to calm her breathing and let her heart rate return to some semblance of normal. 

When she opens her eyes after a moment, she glances over to see Sylvia sucking the fingers that had been inside of her into her mouth, a wicked glint in her eye. 

Grace’s responding chuckle is strained, more of a groan really. 

Sylvia giggles, lying down on top of the other woman, slinging her arms around Grace’s ribs and laying her head on her chest. 

“What was all that about?” Grace asks, brushing her hair away from her red face. 

Sylvia shrugs. “I was thinking about us, and I realized it’d been a while since I heard you beg for me.” 

Grace raises an eyebrow, smiling at the other woman. “Oh, is that so?” 

Sylvia just grins at her and gives an affirmative hum, taking in the redhead’s dishevelled appearance; her lips kiss-swollen and her neck littered with bruises. She’s glad Henry and Evie are both away with Sylvia’s mother this weekend, or she definitely wouldn’t have been letting the blonde latch onto her throat like that. 

“Well, in any case, it’s my turn now,” Grace says, and swiftly flips them over, giggling at Sylvia’s surprised squeak. 

Sylvia hums, writhing languidly on the rumpled sheets. “Lucky me,” she mumbles contentedly. 

Grace kneels right between her legs, her thighs pressed down under Sylvia’s. She splays her hands across the smooth skin covering strong, corded muscle as she looks down at the woman squirming beneath her. 

She leans down, capturing Sylvia’s mouth in a searing kiss that leaves her panting, thighs twitching against Grace’s hands. She whines as Grace pulls away with a sharp tug to her bottom lip; revenge for earlier. 

“Mean,” the blonde complains, and Grace laughs into her open mouth. 

“So mean,” she taunts. “The meanest.” 

A sudden, harsh bite to Sylvia’s clavicle makes her let out an undignified whine. Grace rolls her hips lazily into Sylvia’s, revelling in the sharp gasp and breathy moan it draws from her. 

Please ,” the blonde whispers, not quite managing to keep the whine out of her voice. 

Grace tuts, shaking her head in mock disapproval. “You’re not gonna get through to me so easily, baby. You woke me up with the prospect of sex and then you teased me, so now I’ve gotta get you back.” 

Sylvia sighs heavily, brow pinched together with frustration. “S’not fair,” she complains. 

Grace laughs quietly at the woman beneath her. “Poor soul,” she coos mockingly. 

Sylvia squeaks as blunt fingernails are dragged suddenly up her torso, her shirt bunching up around her chest with the movement. She lifts her arms, letting Grace pull it off her. She tosses it across the room, God only knows where, and Sylvia shivers a little. 

“Cold?” Grace teases, trying very hard to maintain steady eye contact with the other woman, hoping the temptation to bury her face in the soft skin of her chest isn’t too obvious. 

Sylvia shakes her head no in response and reaches up to feebly pull at Grace’s shirt. “Take it off, please?” she whines. “I wanna see you.” 


Sylvia makes a small noise of indignation, scrunching her face up in annoyance. “Rude.” 

“Yup,” she agrees casually, popping the P at the end of the word. 

Sylvia goes to complain more, but Grace surges forward and bites her lip harshly, hands swiping upward to her chest. Sylvia moans and automatically wraps her legs tightly around Grace’s waist, squirming against her as she roughly pinches her nipples. 

Grace sighs, drinking in the small noises Sylvia is letting out like she’ll never hear her again. She sucks a bright red mark into Sylvia’s pulse point and feels her heart racing under her tongue. 

Sylvia lets out a little cry at that. “Yes,” she pants, “Fuck—mark me, please.” 

Grace gives a low hum. “Yeah?” she purrs. “You want everyone to know who you belong to? That you’re mine?” 

Sylvia nods enthusiastically, “Yeah ,” she moans. “Please, Grace, I want it.” 

“Say it, then, and maybe I will.” 

God , I’m yours, I promise,” she pants. “I’m yours, baby, I belong to you. Yours, I’m yours, I’m—” 

She cuts herself off with a hiss as Grace latches onto the skin just above her collarbone to plant two more bright red marks there. Sylvia squirms, hips rolling up into Grace’s abdomen, then groans when Grace grinds her own hips down harder in return. 

She moves to the other side of her throat, biting into the soft, warm skin under Sylvia’s ear and groaning faintly at the needy whimper it draws from her. She leaves another mark lower down on her throat, making her gasp, and then another on her shoulder that makes Sylvia’s breathing pick up. 

She smirks against Sylvia's skin before moving downward so she’s level with her flushed, heaving chest. She looks up at her, pausing to admire the way Sylvia’s bright blue irises are almost completely overtaken by blown pupils. 

She taps her index fingers against a ribcage that rises and falls with every deep breath Sylvia takes, dragging her lips down her sternum. Sylvia arches into her, pressing her chest up into Grace’s mouth. 

“Baby,” she whines, tangling her fingers in Grace’s hair. 

Grace only hums, grinning. She nips at the soft skin of Sylvia’s breast, giggling when she feels her breath hitch. She presses wet kisses across her skin, pausing to suck a deep red mark into the top of one of her boobs, then another on the underside of it. 

Sylvia whines impatiently, tugging on red hair to try and guide her to where she wants. 

Grace huffs a breath of laughter through her nose as she decides to give in a little, dragging the flat of her tongue over a nipple. Sylvia sighs gratefully, scratching her blunt nails over Grace’s scalp while her eyes slip shut. When Grace pulls her nipple between her lips and sucks, Sylvia gasps shakily. 

“How long are you gonna tease me?” Sylvia’s voice is high and breathy like it always gets when she’s really turned on. 

Grace pretends to think for a moment. “For as long as I want to, of course,” she responds cooly. 

Sylvia huffs, clearly irritated. 

The redhead lifts an eyebrow, amused at the other woman’s frustration. “Any issues with that?” 

After a few seconds of hesitation that have Grace’s heart rate picking up, Sylvia shakes her head slowly. “No,” she mumbles. 

Grace smiles, probably too softly to fit the current situation they’re in. She shuffles up to press a soft kiss at the corner of Sylvia’s mouth. “Good girl,” she whispers. 

Sylvia’s breath hitches at the praise, her grip on Grace’s hair tightening. 

Grace moves down again, feeling the legs around her back fall onto the bed again, and wraps her lips around Sylvia’s other nipple, scraping her teeth over it. Sylvia whines helplessly, tugging on Grace’s hair nearly hard enough to hurt. One of Grace’s hands comes up to Sylvia’s other breast, pinching and twisting until her hips roll. 

She moves her mouth down to the soft skin of Sylvia’s stomach that rises and falls with every great, gasping breath she takes. Grace nips at her skin with her canines, and Sylvia squeaks. She presses a kiss just above the blonde’s navel, then another right below it, pausing for a moment to bite her there too. The muscles beneath her lips tense at the action, giving her a flash of the toned abs she loves so dearly. 

“You’re so beautiful, you know that?” she murmurs into Sylvia’s hipbone before leaning down to bite the sharp ridge of it. “You’ve always been so gorgeous. The most beautiful woman in the world.”

Sylvia sighs contentedly, and while she would usually fight Grace on this, argue that such a thing couldn’t possibly be true, she only breathes, “And I’m all yours. Only yours.”

Grace smiles. “Only mine,” she agrees. “And I’m yours, baby. Promise.”

Sylvia replies with a smile of her own, but then Grace ducks her head and lifts a pale leg, nuzzling into the warm skin of her inner thigh, and suddenly it’s not funny anymore. Sylvia groans impatiently, squirming as Grace sucks a deep red blotch into her skin, only stopping to nip teasingly at the spot. 

Sylvia pulls on her hair, trying to direct her to where she wants her. Grace only tuts, pressing another kiss to the hickey blooming on Sylvia’s pale skin. 

She leaves more kisses and bite marks before moving to the other thigh, kissing and sucking at the quivering thighs on either side of her head, until she’s right in front of Sylvia’s cunt. The blonde’s underwear is still on, which is rather inconvenient, but she can see the dark spot where Sylvia has soaked through the flimsy material and it makes for one hell of a view. 

“You’re so wet,” she marvels, hands coming to wrap around Sylvia’s thighs. 

“Your fault.” 

Grace chuckles darkly, leaning forward to press a kiss right above Sylvia’s clit through her underwear. Sylvia sucks in a harsh breath, thighs tensing under Grace’s hands. 

“Please, baby,” she hears from above her. “Please, fuck me, please, please.” 

Grace gazes up at Sylvia from between her legs, eyes tracing every line and curve of her. Her head is thrown back against the pillow, the soft underside of her jaw on full display, and Grace can see when she swallows thickly. 

Grace hooks her fingers into the slim waistband of Sylvia’s underwear, shifting so she can tug the soaked cloth down her legs. Sylvia kicks the garment off her foot, flinging it somewhere in the general direction of her shirt. 

Grace leans forward, pushing Sylvia’s thighs far apart, until she sighs deeply from the exposure. She licks a line right up the length of her, and the hips beneath her hands jolt upward as a rough groan fills her ears.

“Fuck!” Sylvia hisses. Then, “Thank you, honey.”

Grace hums into her, which draws a moan from Sylvia, and then swirls her tongue around her clit in tight circles. Sylvia whines loudly, hand flying down to thread long fingers through Grace’s hair again. The blonde’s hips are pushing rhythmically up into her mouth, so she brings an arm up to press her firmly down into the mattress. 

Sylvia gasps when Grace presses her tongue inside of her, just barely, then swirls it back up to wrap her lips around her clit, sucking just the way she likes. Sylvia cries out and pulls Grace’s hair hard , shoving her face into her dripping cunt. Grace moans loudly, doubling her efforts and sliding one hand between Sylvia’s trembling thighs to tease at her entrance. 

“Please,” Sylvia whimpers, breathing deeply. “Please, I need you ins— oh, shit —inside me. Please, baby.”

Grace smirks, even if the action is made difficult with her tongue sticking out, busy flicking teasingly over Sylvia’s clit. She presses further into her until she can barely breathe, practically smothered by the smell of her. 

She moans into Sylvia again, relishing in the resulting whine from the woman sprawled above her. Her fingers press closer, so close to slipping inside her, but not quite. Sylvia squirms, pushing her hips up to try to get the redhead’s fingers inside her. Grace chuckles, moving her hand in time with Sylvia’s hips to stay just out of reach. 

Sylvia groans out her frustration. “Grace, ” she begs, “please, baby, please, I need your fingers— oh , f fuck!

Sylvia chokes on her words with a whine when Grace slides two fingers easily inside her. She immediately moves quickly and steadily, and Sylvia arches off the bed with a deep moan. 

“I’m so close, baby—fuck, yes , just like that,” she pants.

Grace pushes deeper, harder, groaning when she feels Sylvia’s wetness dripping down her knuckles and wrist, onto the sheets. She sucks harder at her clit, tapping her tongue lightly against it, then curls her fingers up into the place inside Sylvia she knows drives her crazy. 

She feels Sylvia tightening around her, her body going rigid for a short moment, then a sharp cry of “Fuck! ” before her hips roll forward uncontrollably and she lets out a string of high, drawn-out moans. Grace keeps moving her fingers, slowly and gently, fucking her through it, then stilling when she whines from the overstimulation. 

Sylvia pushes her head away, and she wipes the cum from her cheeks onto twitching thighs before she flicks her tongue out to lick it up, making Sylvia shiver. She sits up, slowly pulling her fingers out, and Sylvia whines at the loss. She crawls up the other woman’s body until her knee is pressing against the back of her own hand between Sylvia’s thighs, the other pressed into the mattress beside her hip. 

Grace leans down to kiss the other woman, pushing her tongue inside her mouth. Sylvia moans at the taste of herself on Grace’s tongue, and the redhead feels it vibrate through herself more than she hears it. She sucks Sylvia’s lip into her mouth before pulling back and sitting up, grinning when she moans weakly. 

Suddenly deciding that she isn’t quite done with her just yet, Grace pushes two fingers against her. Sylvia gasps but doesn’t object—Grace knows she would, if she didn’t want this—so she pushes inside her, revelling in how utterly sopping wet she is. Sylvia chokes on a moan at the feeling of Grace’s fingers inside her when she’s still so sensitive. 

Grace moves her fingers, and she can hear how wet Sylvia is. The obscene sounds of her fingers moving in and out of the blonde are the only noise in the room for a moment, but then she curls upward on a particularly forceful thrust and Sylvia lets out a sharp, high-pitched cry, eyes fluttering shut. 

Thinking that she would very much like to hear that sound again, Grace repeats the action, but this time the sound is muffled by Sylvia biting down onto the pillow next to her head. Grace scowls, pushing harder and faster into her, making her whimper pathetically into the pillow. 

“Stop that,” she says sternly. 

Sylvia only shakes her head, a trembling moan falling into the pillow between her teeth. 

“Sylvia,” Grace warns her, voice now softer than before. “Move your head, sweetheart.”

Sylvia only whimpers into the pillow, then groans when Grace grinds the heel of her palm harshly into her clit. 

“Let me hear you,” she demands gently. “Please, my love.”

When Sylvia doesn’t oblige her, she reaches up with her free hand and, taking a firm hold of Sylvia’s jaw, wrenches her away from the pillow. Sylvia lets out a loud moan at the action, then another, even louder, when Grace ducks her head and sinks her teeth into Sylvia’s neck. 

“I can’t,” Sylvia whimpers, her hips moving of their own accord and her nails digging into Grace’s forearm. “ Fuck , please, I can’t take it, I can’t—” 

Grace hushes her, pressing a soft kiss to her cheek. “Yes, you can, baby, you can take it,” she purrs. She moves her fingers even faster, curling up with every stroke. “You can, and you will .” 

Sylvia whines at that, long and high. 

“You’re such a good girl for me, honey,” Grace whispers to her, and Sylvia keens. 

Within moments, she’s gasping and tightening around Grace’s fingers. She moans feebly, eyes rolling back in her head as she squirms and bucks her hips against Grace. 

Grace, once again, fucks her steadily through it. She moves her fingers, slowly and gently, until Sylvia gasps and pushes her hand away. She wipes her hand on the sheets, then lies on her side next to Sylvia, front pressed against her. She slings an arm around the blonde, resting her head on her chest and feeling her heartbeat slow gradually.  

“Maybe I should wake you up like that more often if that's what I get,” Sylvia comments breathlessly, and Grace laughs. 

“You're more than welcome to, my love,” she sighs, then, “now, let’s go shower.”