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Time To Go Home

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Being the Acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises means putting in long hours and a lot of stress. Ryan has finally gotten Wayne’s stocks back in the black and recovered from the attack from her biological mother. It took months, but the board is no longer calling for her resignation as CEO, and Ryan wants to keep it that way. She’s finally found her footing in the position, and she’s good at it. She doesn’t want to give that up. She wants to be able to continue being Batwoman without someone else coming in and possibly finding out where that money really went.

Putting in long hours as CEO and as Batwoman means that Ryan is the most stressed she’s ever been. It also means she isn’t getting the rest and relaxation she needs. Ryan would never admit to needing a break; she would try to press through the situation and take care of everyone and everything without regard for her own well-being. That’s exactly why Sophie is sitting on the couch across from Ryan’s desk watching her and the clock.

It’s just after midnight, and Ryan doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon but, Sophie can see in her body language that she is wound tight and tried.

“Ryan, it’s after midnight. You do know you need to sleep, right?” Sophie asks from the couch.

Ryan doesn’t look away from whatever she’s been reading on her computer screens for the last 2 hours. Sophie sighs and tries to get Ryan’s attention again, calling her name 3 more times, trying to get her to ask at least look away from the screens; all this screen time isn’t good for Ryan’s eyes.

Sophie gets up from the couch and walks across the room; barefoot after taking off her shoes hours ago. She can’t wait to get home to get out of the skirt she has on, and she knows Ryan has to be uncomfortable being in that dress all day.

Finally getting across the room, Sophie circles the desk until she is standing behind Ryan. She looks over her shoulder to see the meeting notes and stock information covering the two screens.

“Okay, let’s just close this out,” Sophie reaches from behind Ryan to minimize the tabs to break Ryan’s concentration and finally get her to look away from her computer.

“Hey! What the heck Soph?” Ryan looks shocked and annoyed as she looks over her shoulder at Sophie.

Sophie turns Ryan around in her office chair so she can finally have Ryan’s full attention.

“I’ve been calling your name and trying to get your attention, but you haven’t looked up at me once. I was trying to tell you that it’s after midnight, you look stressed and tired, and we need to go home.”

Ryan doesn’t respond to Sophie but instead tries to turn back to her computer. Sophie grabs the arm of the chair, preventing her from turning away from her.

“Let me go, Soph. I have to finish looking over this stuff before the board meeting in the morning.” Sophie turns Ryan so she is facing her head-on.

“You aren’t going to be able to make it to the board meeting if you’re too tired from not getting any sleep. Are you forgetting that you had that run-in with that Bane guy today too? I know your head has to still hurt from that and you stressing about this meeting is not good for you. I can see how wound up you are just looking at you.” Sophie is trying her hardest to try and get Ryan to leave.

“Let me just finish one more thing, and we can go. It’ll take me 10-15minutes max. I promise.” Ryan begs. Sophie can see the determination in her eyes mixed in with the exhaustion. She knows she's going to have to let Ryan do this. She won’t rest well thinking there are things she left undone, but she’s holding Ryan to 15 minutes max.


“I’ll let you have 15 minutes max, and that’s it. After 15 minutes, I’m carrying you out of here even if you’re kicking and screaming.” Sophie relents.

“Thank you, babe. 15 minutes I promise, and you can carry me out of here, and I won’t even complain or kick. I might scream, but that won’t be because of rebellion.” Ryan gives Sophie her signature smirk, and Sophie can’t help but roll her eyes playfully.

Sophie leans down to give Ryan a kiss, and Ryan quickly puts more into that Sophie originally intended. When Ryan finally lets up for air, she turns around to the computer and jumps back into her reading. Sophie turns to look out the ceiling to floor windows, taking in the view from up there on Gotham.

She doesn’t stare out the window long; she can see Ryan’s head and computer in the reflection of the window. There is no way Ryan is going to be done in 15 minutes, and they both know it. Sophie needs to try another way to get Ryan to agree to leave for the night.

It takes her a few minutes to figure it out, but Sophie knows a guaranteed way to get Ryan to leave. If Sophie teases Ryan enough, turns her on enough, Ryan will basically run from this office.

Putting her new plan into action, Sophie turns from the window and sits on the desk, careful not to sit on any of the papers Ryan has laid out. This time Ryan does notice Sophie’s presence and takes a second to acknowledge her being there.

“I don’t want anything, you work, and I’ll watch the clock.” Sophie leans over and cups the side of Ryan’s head before she kisses the top of it. Ryan leans slightly into the touch while it was there. Sophie slides a little closer to Ryan; she can tell that Ryan needs her physically closer from the way she leaned into Sophie’s kiss. Her thoughts are confirmed because Ryan slides closer to Sophie so that her arm is in constant contact with Sophie’s knee. The contact takes some of the tension out of Ryan’s shoulders, making her look less stressed but not enough to stop Sophie from getting Ryan to leave.

Sophie lets Ryan work for 5 minutes like that before she gets up and moves to stand behind Ryan again. She leans over so that she can wrap her arms around Ryan's shoulders and kiss Ryan’s cheek. They make eye contact on the screen as Ryan gives Sophie a tired smile.

Instead of pulling back and sitting back on the desk, Sophie decides to take this time to explore the amazing terrain that is her girlfriend’s body. She gives herself enough leverage so that she can take her time on her exploration.

Sophie knows all the ways to tease Ryan. She knows how and where Ryan likes to be touched and what turns her on. She’s sure she knows Ryan’s body better than she knows her own at this point. She lets one hand slowly trail down and over Ryan’s chest while the other creeps around Ryan’s neck. Sophie takes this time to also kiss along Ryan’s neck; if she wants to hurry, she has to pull out all the stops.

Ryan gets distracted by the feeling of Sophie surrounding her. She knew Sophie wanted to get her to leave, but she didn’t think she would resort to teasing Ryan into leaving.

Sophie is taking her time kissing Ryan’s neck; she starts at her ear, switching between sucking and biting along her neck. The hand roaming Ryan’s body stops long enough to give each breast just enough attention for Sophie to feel Ryan’s breath quicken.

“You ready to leave now?” Sophie whispers in Ryan’s ear. The sound of her low, raspy voice makes Ryan’s entire body shutter.

Ryan gasps after Sophie gives her nipple a particularly rough pinch. The attention Sophie has been giving her breast has made them visible through the fabric of the dress.

Finally giving in completely, Ryan leans back into the chair, lolling her head to the side, giving Sophie more access to her neck. Sophie continued her exploration downward as she continues to tease Ryan.

This dress is one of Sophie’s favorite, the bottom of the dress has a zipper that lines the front of the dress until it reaches the top. She doesn’t like it as much as the red dress and its amazingly well-placed zipper, but this is a close second. The dress hugs Ryan perfectly and makes her ass look good enough to eat...literally.

“Fuck, Soph.” Ryan feels herself starting to get desperate, leaning into all the contact Sophie is giving her.

“What do you need. What can I do?” Sophie whispers in Ryan’s ear.

Sophie runs her hand along the skirt of Ryan’s dress, taking her time to slowly rub along Ryan’s thigh. The twitch of Ryan’s hips is involuntary as Sophie reaches down to tease the zipper of the dress.

“Fuck me.” Ryan breathes under her breathe.

“What was that?” Sophie asks.

“I need you fuck me, Soph,” Ryan responds, this time making sure that Sophie can hear her.

“Then you need to shut it down so I can properly fuck you in my bed.” Sophie starts to move her hand so she can stand up, but Ryan grabs her wrist and pulls her back down so that Sophie’s hand is by the zipper again.

“No. I need you now.” Ryan parts her legs and takes the wrist in her hand between her legs.

The effect of all the teasing Sophie has been doing to Ryan is evident from how wet she is. Ryan guides Sophie's hand between her thighs until she comes in contact with the wet material covering Ryan’s pussy.

“You must need me real bad baby.” Sophie teases Ryan through her panties. Normally, Sophie wouldn’t fuck Ryan in the office. As a collective, they try to avoid sex at Wayne after Mary walked in on Ryan and Sophie in the Batcave, they don’t mention how Mary’s hair was messy and, Luke’s shirt was buttoned wrong the next time they see him, they just agree to try not to have sex at Wayne too often.

This is a reasonable exception to their rule. There’s no way anyone should be coming up to the office at this time of night; security and housekeeping won’t stop by until after they leave and Mary and Luke are probably at Luke’s place. Ryan is lucky; Sophie will indulge her this time.

Ryan moves her hips along with Sophie’s teasing, trying to get some much-needed friction and stimulation. Sophie uses her girlfriend's hand to try and remove Ryan’s panties but, it’s difficult to do one-handed. She goes to move her other hand for help, but Ryan quickly grabs her hand, wanting it to stay around her neck.

“I can’t give you what you want with these on, and I can’t get them off with one hand,” Sophie says as she kisses Ryan’s neck.

Lifting her hips one at a time, Ryan uses her hands to remove her panties herself. Her eagerness is enough to make Sophie chuckle to herself knowing how desperate her girlfriend is.

Not taking a moment to hesitate, Ryan guides the hand not around her neck back between her thighs.

“Babe, I really need you to fuck me.” Ryan isn’t giving Sophie the chance to pull away. She guides Sophie's hand straight to her pussy. They both moan at the contact, Sophie feeling how wet Ryan is, and all plans of teasing her go out of the window.

Ryan doesn’t move her hand as Sophie starts to play with her folds. It’s like they are both touching her together, adding an extra layer of stimulation for Ryan.

“Is this what you want?” Sophie asks. Ryan nods as she continues. Ryan uses her hands to completely unzip the dress to her waist, giving Sophie more room to work.

The dress also has a zipper at the top, just below where the V of the dress ends. Ryan unzips it just enough to be able to make room for her hand to play with her own harden nipples.

The stimulation of Sophie’s hand around her throat while she plays with Ryan’s pussy and Ryan teasing her own nipples has her body in hyperdrive. She can feel the beginnings of her climax but knows she won’t be able to get off just like this.

“I need you inside me.” Ryan tries to use her stern voice, but arousal makes it not come out like she would have wanted.

Sophie doesn’t hesitate and gives Ryan what she wants; she doesn’t meet much resistance when she pushes two fingers into wet heat. Ryan continues to play with her nipples but uses one hand to add stimulation to her clit.

Ryan is getting closer and closer to toppling over the edge; Sophie’s fingers feel amazing, moving in and out of her as she rubs tight circles along her clit. Ryan knows she’s going to have bite marks along her neck and probably some hickeys she’s going to have to cover in the morning. Sophie knows exactly what spot to get to send her over the edge.

With a particularly well-timed thrust, Sophie bites Ryan’s ear, and her body immediately starts to convulse.

“Shit, shit, shit.” Ryan was hit unexpectedly by her orgasm that she can’t say anything else.

Continuing her thrust as Ryan rides the waves of her orgasm, Sophie talks her through it.

“That’s it babe, breathe, I gotchu.” Ryan whimpers as Sophie continues kissing her neck while she whispers against her skin.

Once Ryan finally catches her breath Sophie gently pulls her fingers out and cleans them, taking a moment to appreciate the taste of her girlfriend. She steps around the chair so she stands in front of Ryan again. She leans in to give her a kiss, but Ryan grabs the back of her legs and pulls Sophie into her lap. Sophie quickly straddles Ryan’s waist and cups her face deepening their kiss.

They kiss slowly and deliberately; they take the time to explore each other’s mouths. Sophie enjoys the sounds Ryan makes when she bites her bottom lip and tugs on it. It spurs Ryan on, making her grab Sophie’s ass and pull her in closer and causing Sophie to rock against her.

Even though Ryan is just coming down from one orgasm, she has been so busy and wound so tight recently that she hasn’t had time to be with Sophie. She knows that she works better, and her mind is clearer after sex and sleep, and she hasn’t been getting either and, it's her own fault.

Feeling Sophie against her like this turns her on even more, and she already needs another release. They finally come up for air, and Sophie can see Ryan’s need for more in her eyes. They are so wide and dark with lust, paired with the grip that Ryan has on her ass, she knows that they aren’t going to be leaving just yet.

“I need your mouth on me, please Soph.” Ryan reaches up to kiss Sophie while at the same time trying to adjust so Sophie can move and not break the kiss.

When Sophie stands in front of Ryan, her shirt is wrinkled, and her skirt is hiked up from sitting in Ryan’s lap.

Sophie leans forward to give Ryan a quick peck on the lips before grabbing the zipper covering Ryan’s chest and pulling it down until she takes both zippers to the bottom of the dress, and it falls open, showing Ryan’s gorgeous skin. She kneels between Ryan’s legs and kisses down her body. When she reaches Ryan’s stomach, she reaches under the chair to adjust it, raising it so Ryan’s feet barely touch the floor.

“What are you doing?” Ryan asks, clearly confused.

“I am not going to hurt my back eating your pussy because you have to have the seat so low so you can touch the floor. I’m just raising the seat, so I can talk to it woman to woman.”

Ryan cannot help but laugh at Sophie’s explanation.

Once Sophie has the seat where she needs it, she starts kissing along Ryan’s thighs. Ryan is so worked up that she knows she can’t take any more teasing, so she threads her hand through Sophie’s hair and guides her right where she wants her.

Sophie would usually pull back and continue to tease Ryan, but she’s going to have mercy on her tonight. She takes her time giving attention to outer lips, sucking and teasing them; above her, Ryan gasps softly, clearly enjoying herself.

She pulls back and uses her thumbs to spread Ryan open before giving it a kiss and her full attention. She takes turns licking and sucking, taking the time to enjoy the taste of her girlfriend. Ryan’s hand tightened in Sophie’s hair, and her moans fill the room as she moves her hips, riding Sophie's face working to her next orgasm. When Sophie finally sucks Ryan’s clit into her mouth, it sends Ryan into her second orgasm. Sophie pulls back and kisses Ryan’s inner thigh and uses her thumb to give her clit continued stimulation.

Sophie knows Ryan doesn’t come down as quickly after her second orgasm so if she times it perfectly she can give Ryan one more unexpected orgasm to leave her completely relaxed. Sophie moves back to Ryan’s center and uses her tongue to enter Ryan’s wet heat. She hears Ryan whimper above her and feels the grip in her hair tighten even more.

Ryan clamps around Sophie's tongue pulling, her in closer with each thrust of her tongue as Sophie still teases her clit. Ryan looks down to see Sophie between her legs, savoring every part of her. Sophie looks up at the same time as Ryan looks at her, and their eyes lock. Sophie looks at Ryan as she continues using her tongue to bring Ryan to her climax. Watching Sophie close her eyes and hum and refocus her attention on Ryan's pussy sends her into her second orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, shit. Right there, babe. Don’t stop.” Ryan topples over the edge, squeezing her thighs together, trapping Sophie in place.

When Ryan finally catches her breath and releases Sophie, she feels weightless. She definitely needed this. Looking down, Ryan sees Sophie wiping her mouth as she looks back at Ryan, taking her in.

“How do you feel?” Sophie asks as she watches Ryan’s breathing get back to normal.

Instead of an answer, Ryan leans in for a quick kiss; she holds the sides of Sophie’s face, keeping her close when their lips part.

“Want to sit on my desk again so I can eat you out?” Ryan asks.

Sophie moves to stand up, making Ryan pout for her lack of closeness.

“It’s been over 15 minutes. We need to go home now.” Sophie answers.

“But---” Sophie interrupts Ryan’s rebuttal.

“No buts, I said 15 minutes or I will carry you out of here, and you agreed. Zip up so we can go.”

Ryan pouts and zips her dress as Sophie walks away, adjusting her skirt. She goes to the couch to grab their bags and slip into her heels.

Sophie turns back to Ryan, “I can still carry you if you want me to.” She offers.

Ryan smiles and nods. “Yes please.”

Sophie walks back to where Ryan is sitting and scoops her into her arms, bridal style. Ryan makes herself comfortable in Sophie’s arms, snuggling in and leaving kisses along her neck.

“I still want to eat your pussy when we get home,” Ryan says as she finds her perfect position.

“Fine, but after that, you need to get some sleep. You still have the board meeting in the morning,” Sophie says.

Ryan kisses Sophie as they enter the elevator. “Yes ma’am, whatever you say.”