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Cafes and clichés

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I'll wait for the day there's a number next to my
name on the cup
Cafes were made for cliches
A place to fall in love
I'll blame the coffee for why my face is burning
So long future lover, I'll be back tomorrow morning


Lana walked into the small cafe, Briarcliff Cafe, is what the top of the building had said. It was late afternoon, this was the only cafe that was open 24 hours and Lana was desperate to get some quiet. The door had a bell that sounded as she pushed it open, the cafe was empty save for the barista sitting behind the counter reading a book.


The barista’s, Mary, Lana had read her name tag, eyes lifted to the sound and she shut the book quickly. Lana studied the woman for a moment, she was beautiful. Mary’s long golden hair was tied back into a ponytail, seated atop her head was a black hat that didn’t do much to conceal her bangs. 


“Hi!” Mary stood up, tall. “Welcome to Briarcliff bakery!” 


Lana adjusted the bag on her shoulder and walked up to the counter, even up close she was enamored with this woman. Lana studied the freckles that dotted her cheeks and her pink lips that disappeared between her teeth. 


“Is there anything I can help you with ma’am?” Mary said. “Cup of coffee? A muffin?” 


Lana looked up at the menu. “I’ll get a hot vanilla

latte with a shot of espresso, and you choose what I eat. I'm not picky.” 


Mary typed in the order, it was late so no one else occupied the small cafe. “Oh! okay I’ll pick my favorite.”  Lana smiled over at the barista and stood awkwardly before Mary looked up. “You can go take a seat anywhere, I’ll bring it over to you.” 


Lana thanked her and headed over to the small booth in the back corner of the shop, she grabbed her laptop out of her bag and a notebook and got to work. 


Lana had just started to type, inspired by the woman at the counter when she was burst from her creative bubble.


“I didn’t quite catch your name, miss…” Mary trailed off, holding the cup in one hand and a small bag in the other. 


“Lana,” she said. “Thank you very much Mary.” 


“Lana, well that’s a beautiful name,” Mary said, her cheeks tinting pink. “OH here is your coffee and I picked out a cranberry oatmeal muffin, they are my favorite to eat and make.” Mary bounced nervously on the balls of her feet as she placed the coffee and bag on the counter. “Let me know what you think, If- you want.”


Lana rested her hand on her head and looked up at Mary and smiled. “Will do darling.” Lana bit her lip, “Thank you, I have a feeling this will be a usual place for me now it’s quiet….and the staff is pretty good.” 


Mary let out a childlike giggle then composed herself. “Right, um if you need me I’m right over there.” 


Lana typed with unusual gusto, scribbling incoherent thoughts into the notepad, then quickly expanding them on her word document. Mary watched as she sat at the counter reading her own book, hardly paying any attention to it, eyes drawn to the other woman occupying the cafe. Sounds of fingers hitting keys filled the empty shop, Mary broke the silence,


“If you don’t mind me asking, what are you working on?” 


Lana’s trance was broken as she looked over at the woman who was resting her head in her hands leaning over the counter.  Lana regarded her with a warm smile and waved her hand at the bench across from her.


“Come join me, I can type and talk.”  


Mary quickly undid her apron and took off her hat, joining Lana at her table. Lana watched the woman’s long blond hair fall from her hat, cascading down her shoulders. Lana scribbling someone on her paper 




Mary sat down and looked at Lana eagerly, but apologetically said, “You looked deep in concentration I’m sorry.”   Lana waved her off,


“No no it’s quite alright I didn’t realize how long i’d been sitting here, I needed a break from typing,” Lana said. “I’m writing a book.” 


Mary clapped her hands together excitedly, “Oh goodness that’s exciting! What’s it about?” 


Lana sipped on her drink, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she said, throwing her eyebrow up teasing.


The blonds cheeks tinted pink and she looked down at the table, brushing non existent crumbs off of the table. 


“My apologies Miss,” Mary said looking back up. “I didn’t mean to overstep any boundaries.” 


Lana laughed, “I’m just teasing you, let’s hope no one comes in it’s kind of a long story” 


“No one ever really comes in at this time anyways,” the blond shrugged. “Except you now, not that I'm complaining, I love the company.” 


Lana started off her story, somewhere between her main character being forced into asylum and the corruption of the catholic church the barista had effectively been drawn in and also stole half of the pastry she herself had made early that day.  Lana spoke with such a convincing tone that Mary was sucked in immediately, she fell in love with the way Lana intelligently spoke, using her hands to drag points across and slowly explain everything. 


“I’m currently writing the romance aspect of this unfortunately untitled book,” Lana said. “And I’ve got some inspiration now.” 


Mary tilted her head, “You’re adding a romance aspect?” 


Lana nodded, “She’s unjustly institutionalized for being gay right? So I’d make the real tragedy at the end with the idea I have in mind.” Mary sat quietly, waiting for Lana to continue. “That I won’t give away, just get.” 


Mary nodded quickly, “Yes yes of course! I love it so far, you could be a famous author one day.” 


Lana laughed and shook her head, “Maybe one day.”  Takinga sip of her coffee she asked, “Enough about me, what’s your story Mary the barista with amazing hair, who has eaten half my muffin.” 


Mary licked some cranberry off of her thumb, “Not much to tell, I’m going to nursing school right now and this is helping pay the bills.” Mary slid the muffin back to the opposite side of the table, “Sorry.” 


Lana laughed and pushed it back towards her, “No no you’ve earned it, so nursing?” 


“Yea, always been a dream of mine but not enough saved up just yet but I’m working on it.”


A loud chime of the front door pulled them away from each other, and another woman had walked in. Lana looked down at her watch, it had just hit 5:30am.


“I should be getting out of your hair now,” Lana patted Mary’s hand softly. “I’ll see you soon, thanks for the coffee and muffin I guess?” 


Mary laughed as she put her apron and hat back on, “I’ll let you eat the whole thing next time I see you, good luck with the book!” 


Mary watched Lana walk out before helping the next customer. 

Days later, Lana sauntered into the cafe, the clock had just struck three am. The bell chimed signaling her arrival. “Hello! Oh!” Mary said, shutting her book quickly. “Lana!” 


Lana set her bag and notebook down in the same spot as last time, she happily walked up to the counter.


“Well hello to you too, this is the happiest barista has ever been to see me,” Lana joked. “How are you?” 


Mary put her book under the counter, “Good, trying to study for my midterm exam.” 


Mary made her the same drink as last time and this time gave her a pecan bear claw, Lana tried to pay. 


“No no, this ones on me.” Mary said, tossing the receipt out. “You entertained me last time with your book when I was just being a bother.” 


Lana folded her arms over her chest. “Bother? You weren’t a bother at all, I very much enjoyed the company. Why do you think I came back?” 


 “What are you studying?”  Lana asked, leaning at the end of the counter. 


“Anatomy and physiology of the human body.” 


Lana winced, “Ouch that sounds rough.” 


Mary shrugged and topped off the coffee, “It’s not so bad I guess.” 


Lana grabbed her coffee and bag, “Give me a little bit to type some stuff and I’ll help you study?” Lana suggested. “It’s the least I could do for this amazing coffee and company.” 


Mary watched Lana get to work, once again the sound of her fingers against her keyboard filled the small shop, Mary sat behind the counter again nose in her book. Lana looked over at Mary as she typed on her computer, using her as inspiration. 


Lana finished writing a chapter and closed her laptop, scribbling down notes again, she looked up at Mary who was deep in thought, highlighting something in her book. 


Lana looked and admired the barista for a moment, Mary bit the tip of her pen before underlining something. Mary looked up and met Lana’s eyes, Lana felt heat rush to her cheeks.


“I’m done now if you still want some studying help?” Lana asked. Mary nodded eagerly and skipped over to the corner booth. Lana grabbed the book from her, hands brushing against the latters. 


“Page 40 questions until page 50,” Mary said, resting her forehead on the table. “This is my thinking position.”  Lana let out a loud laugh. Mary looked up at her confused, “What?” 


Lana regained her composure, “Nothing it’s cute.” 


“Just ask me the darn questions.” 


As Lana flipped to the page an idea struck her, “I have an idea.” Mary looked up at her once again. “What if I gave you an incentive?”  


Mary nodded, “Sure I know everything anyways.” 


“Don’t get cocky, you get them all right then I have to buy you dinner. You miss just one, you buy me dinner.”


“Like a date?” Mary asked, the tips of her ears burning. 


“If you want it to be a date then, yea, I’d like that a lot.” Lana said, looking down at the page. 


“I’d like that a lot.”


“Okay first one, multiple answers, Which group of major parts and organs make up the immune system?”

“The immune system consists of the lymphatic system, spleen, tonsils, thymus, and bone marrow.”  Mary quipped back quickly, forehead never leaving the table.


“I hope you are a inexpensive date.” Lana said, sighing, Mary laughed from her position at the table.  “Okay, second one digestion begins in the?”


“The digestion begins with its exposure to the enzyme amylase, which is present in saliva, so the mouth,” Mary said, her leg bouncing up and down nervously. 


“God, I wish I was as smart as you were, okay here we go.” 

Lana rattled off pages of questions, Mary getting each one correct. At the end Mary had answered every single one correctly. 


“Okay well I owe you a date,” Lana said. “Dinner or a date whichever you prefer.” 


Mary lifted her head from the table, a red mark appeared at the center of her forehead, “DATE,” she said loudly. “I’d like to go on a date….with you.” 


Lana slid the textbook back over towards Mary, “Sounds like a plan, here’s my phone, put your number in and I’ll text you?” Lana suggested. Mary quickly grabbed her phone and punched in her number.


“Okay well-” The bell chimed, cutting Lana off. “That’s my cue, I’ll text you.” 


Mary sat up and started to put her apron on, Lana stood grabbing her things. 


Mary innocently grabbed the authors hand, tugging her in and kissing her cheek softly, “Can’t wait.” 

Lana texted Mary the next day,


Hey, it's Lana! Are you free anytime this week?


Mary replied quickly,


Lana hi! Yes, I have off of work and school on  Thursdays


Lana looked at the date, she had two days to plan their date,


Okay perfect, I’ll text you


Lana opened her laptop and got to planning, she settled on the museum of science, nothing big but hopefully Mary would like it.  “Goddamit,” Lana muttered. “How’s it closed the one day I want to actually go.” Lana decided on the New England aquarium, it wasn’t too far from them. 



I’ll pick you up if you want, send me your address


Are you going to tell me where we are going or do I have to guess


I’ll be there in an hour <3

Lana pulled up to Mary’s apartment building and nervously walked up the stairs to her floor. Lana knocked on the door, she heard commotion and then the door flew open to a wide eyed Mary.


“Lana.”  Mary brought her into a quick hug, “Hi!” 


Lana reciprocated the hug and pulled back looking at her. Mary had on a beige turtleneck sweater, and a long black skirt that brushed her ankles softly with every movement, she adjusted the tote on her shoulder shifting on the tip of her ankle boots. Lana admired her quickly, “You look beautiful.” 


Mary shifted on her heels, now blushing, “Thank you.” 


“So, I was going to take us to the museum of science, but they were closed today,” Lana said. “So how does the aquarium sound?” 


Mary smiled brightly, “That sounds wonderful!  I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was little.” Mary tossed her head back, long blond hair fanning out behind her as she locked the door to her apartment. 


“Okay let’s go!” 


Lana drove them to the aquarium, on the drive over they made small idle talk about school, work, and Lana’s book. 


“This is us,” Lana said as she pulled up to the aquarium. “Let me get the door for you.” 


Lana quickly jumped out and opened the passenger door, helping Mary out. Lana quickly paid for the tickets and they walked into the dim building. 


Mary shyly walked next to Lana as she grabbed a map,

“Okay so.” Lana opened the map. “What do we want to start with first? Sharks, penguins, stingrays?” 


Mary stood close to Lana, peering at the map, “Let’s do sharks then stingrays and then penguins and we can hit whatever else between those.” Lana agreed and they walked towards the sharks, Mary bouncing next to Lana with each step. 


The pair made their way to the shark tank, it was a moving platform that people could walk through and sharks would swim above and next to them. Mary got on first, Lana walking closely behind her. 


“This is so beautiful,” Mary said. “This was so sweet of you.” Lana stood next to her and they both looked up at the fish and sharks swimming above them. 


Mary looked around to the side and pointed to the saw fish swimming next to Lana. Mary’s palm twitched to hold Lana’s, she looked down at Lana’s hand next to her side and grabbed it, interlacing their fingers. 


Lana adjusted her hand so that it was comfortably holding Mary’s, and she smiled up at her,  “C’mon let's go see the stingrays.” Lana tugged her along the rest of the way. Mary took photos of some of the animals and they made their way towards the stingrays. 


“Oh Lana, look we can feed them by hand!”  Mary said happily. “Can we?” Lana let go of her hand and grabbed her wallet, paying for some food and handing it to Mary,  “Here let me take your purse.” Lana grabbed her tote and helped Mary roll the sleeves of her sweater up.  


Mary walked over and leaned down to stick her hand in the shallow open pool, her hair falling dangerously close to the water, “Lana do you have a hair tie I can use?” 


Lana looked through her bag and shook her head, “I have an idea, lean down.” Lana stood behind her and held her hair back, “I’ll hold it back while you feed them.” 


Mary fed the stingrays as Lana held her hair back, not letting any of the pieces fall into the water below. Mary finished and Lana let go of her hair so she could go and wash her hands. Mary came back and kissed Lana on the cheek softly,  “Thank you, you didn’t have to do all that.” 


Lana handed her her bag back and smiled softly, “Yeah yeah, let's go see the penguins now.” 


The rest of the date went smoothly, Lana and Mary saw the penguins and all the animals the aquarium had to offer. 


“You remind me of a penguin,” Lana said. “They are cute and timid, but funny and smart.” 


Lana walked through the gift shop at the end, “It’s still early, do you want to maybe get some ice cream at the park?” Mary nodded and they made their way out of the aquarium, hands never leaving each other’s. 


Lana drove them to the small park a couple blocks away, stopping at the small ice cream shop. Lana paid for the cones and they walked hand in hand towards the small pond.


“My mom used to bring me here when I was little,” Lana said. “I’d feed the ducks.”  


“Tell me about your childhood,” Mary said. “If you want, this is just the first time you’ve mentioned your family and I’m just curious,” Mary said, vanilla ice cream dripping down onto her thumb. 


“My parents weren’t good at the whole being parents thing, ya know?” Lana said, taking a bite of her ice cream. “I’m also gay, a lesbian if you weren’t aware and they don’t take well to it.”


Mary licked the tip of her own thumb and patted Lana’s  knee softly, “I understand my family isn't the best with that either but nothing else we can do.” 


“Tell me,” Lana said. “Tell me about them if you want to.”


Mary sat back for a moment and sighed, “They’re extreme church goers, so having a gay daughter wasn’t exaclty in their plan from God,” Mary chuckled. “So yeah, when I told them I was old enough to be on my own and I was financially okay, but,” Mary stopped to catch the ice cream that threatened to spill onto her hand, deciding to toss it out along with Lana’s. “God loves us no matter what.” 


Lana looked over at her, “You are so amazing.”  Lana turned her body not towards Mary’s. Mary leaned in closer, adjusting her hands on the bench so she could lean in,


“Lana, I,” Mary started, but decided to lean in and meet Lana’s lips for the first time. Lana leaned closer, her hand coming to rest on Mary’s leg at the odd angle they found themselves in. Mary smiled into the kiss and giggled sweetly before breaking the bond. 


Lana sat smiling up and Mary for a moment, “Cmon.” 

After finishing their ice cream, and sharing a first kiss, they decided to walk around the park, smiles never leaving their faces, hands interlocked swaying in between them.  


As the sun started to see Lana looked at her watch, “Okay I think it’s time I get you home.” 


Lana nervously walked up the stairs with Mary, holding her hand the entire time. 

“So this is me,” Mary said. 


Lana looked down, “I hope I did good today.” Lana blushed. “I’m a little rusty on the whole dating thing.” 

 “I had a really amazing day today Lana.”  Mary brought her arms around Lana’s body.


Lana wrapped her arms around Mary's neck, “I had a lot of fun today to, would you…” Lana started. “Would you mind if I kissed you goodnight?” 

Mary lunged at Lana again, kissing her softly, hands holding onto Lana’s waist tighter, one of Lana’s hands quickly tangling in Mary's hair, the other cupping her cheek softly.


Lana moved closer to her, pushing her lightly against the door, lips molding together perfectly. The need for breath became apparent and Lana released her lips, resting her forehead against Mary’s. Mary’s breath came out in short pants against Lana’s cheek.


“I’d offer for you to come in, but it’s just a lot of text books everywhere,” Mary said laughing. “After midterms I'll invite you inside and cook dinner for you.”  


Lana’s hand left her face and grabbed onto both of her hands, looking up at her, “Yea, I’d like that a lot.” 


Mary nodded smiling, Lana tugged her down and kissed her again softly. 


“Goodnight,” Lana said, moving back so Mary could open the door. 


Mary leaned and kissed her cheek softly, “Night Lana.” 

Mary and Lana had spent the week texting each other between shifts and schoolwork, and Lana had decided to go surprise Mary at work. Lana walked in expecting to hear the chipper voice of her girlfriend.  


Lana walked in, the bell signaling her arrival, but a man stood at the counter, hat covering his blond hair, Kit his name tag read. 


“Hi, what can I get you today?” His boston accent slipped out slightly. 


Lana walked up to the counter slowly, “Not to be rude but, is Mary here?” Lana asked. 


Kit tilted his head curiously at her, “Yeah she’s in the back hold on.” He turned away from her and walked to the back and stuck his head in whay Lana assumed was an office. “Hey Mary, some lady here to see you,” He said, loud enough for Mary to hear. Lana could hear Mary shuffle her books and papers around before frantically stepping out, not bothering to look up.


“Hi yes,” Mary tied her apron on. “How can I help you?” She asked, putting her hat on and looking up.


“Lana!” She said excitedly, rushing from around the counter. Lana huffed out when Mary barreled into her with a hug. 

Lana hugged her tight, resting her head on her shoulder, Mary released her slightly, her face leaned down close to Lana’s, holding her waist delicately.


“Hi,” Mary bit her bottom lip. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered so her coworker couldn’t hear. 


Lana touched the hands on her waist and ran her hands up Mary’s arms, “I missed you too, so I thought I’d stop by to see you and get some work done.” 


Mary leaned down and kissed her softly, “I’m glad you came.” 


Kit cleared his voice from behind the counter, “Mary ya gonna introduce me or?” 


Mary’s cheeks reddened, “Oh sorry.” She grabbed Lana’s hand and walked her towards the counter. “Kit this is Lana, Lana this is Kit.” 


Lana smiled warmly at the man, “Kit, nice to meet you.” 


“Likewise,” he said, nodding his head. “If you two want to go back into the office and study, go ahead, I see some cars pulling up now.”


“Thanks Kit, come get me if you need any help,” Mary said, dragging Lana to the back office.  Lana let herself be tugged by Mary behind the counter and quickly into the office. Lana shut the door behind them. Mary sat on the edge of the desk. 


“I’m sorry, there is a lot going on in this room right now,” she said, gesturing to the books and pages littered across the desks service. “Thank you for coming and seeing me.” 


Lana put her bag down on the floor and walked over to where Mary was sitting. Lana came and stood between Mary’s legs now, and  took her hat off, brushing the hair from her face.


“Are you feeling okay?” Lana asked softly. 


Mary wrapped her arms around Lana’s small frame and leaned her head on her chest, “I’m so tired.” 


Lana kissed the top of her head, running her hand through her hair scratching at her scalp, “When’s the test baby?” 


A muffled “Tomorrow” came from Mary. “Tomorrow afternoon.” 


Lana lifted her head from her chest, “Why don’t we take a little break then huh? We can get a muffin and share it and just talk for a little bit.” 


Mary nodded and smiled at her, “I’d like that, you’re so good to me.” 


Lana moved to go out and grab a muffin before Mary caught her arm again, “Wait.” Mary softly tugged her over. “Kiss me?” 


Lana leaned and kissed her softly, hands resting on the edge of the desk next to Mary, trapping her against it. Mary rested her hands on Lana’s and leaned up into her body. Lana revelled in the way Mary’s mouth felt against hers, soft and pliant as she pushed up to meet Lana halfway. Mary hummed softly against Lana, the kissing losing chastity as they pushed softly against each other, Mary’s hand gripping Lana’s tighter against the desk. Lana opened her mouth slightly, just as Mary was going to react to it the door swung open.


“Hey Mary can I get some-” Kit stopped. “Oh shit sorry, I need some help really quick.” 


Lana hid her face, looking in the opposite direction of Kit, Mary turned towards him, licking her lips, “Um yea, just give me a second.” 


Mary let out a nervous chuckle, “I’m sorry.” She kissed her again quickly, “Five minutes.” 


Lana leaned back, and quickly wiped some of her lipstick off of Mary’s mouth, “Go, I'll be here.” 


Lana opened her notebook and jogged down some ideas, Mary came with a bag and a smile. 


“Hi I’m so sorry, we’re kind of busy now late with finals and stuff going on.” 

The pair shared the muffin, Lana tested Mary again just like she did on their first unofficial date, after each question she kissed her, making Mary giggle each time. 


The night dragged on longer, Lana yawned, resting her head on Mary’s shoulder, “I think I’m clocking out for the night sweetie.” 


Mary smiled and kissed her forehead softly. “Go home and sleep,” Mary said. “I'll be here for a couple more hours, get some sleep then go to my exam.”  


Lana nodded, “Please try and get some sleep before, I don’t want you all tired for your exam.” 


“I know, let me walk you out to your car,” Mary said. Lana and Mary walked out of the office. “Kit I’ll be right back.” 

Mary held Lana’s hand as she walked her out, standing next to her car door, “Do you want to come over to my house for dinner tonight after my exam? I’ll cook,” Mary asked.


“Of course, just let me know what time.” Lana smiled, and kissed her for the hundredth time that night. “Good luck you’ll kill it.”

Lana woke up hours later, to an adorable series of text from Mary,


Thank you you for coming and seeing me, you’re so sweet <3


Just got home going to take a nap and then study again some more !!


Walking into the test now, I’ll text you later and see you tonight.


Lana smiled at the last text, she replied back,


I’ll come see you whenever you want, Glad you got some sleep before, I know you’re killing it <3


Lana got a text back almost immediately,


I’m done! See you around six?


I’ll see you then beautiful, Lana replied and went to get ready for her date. 


At 5:45, Lana quickly walked up the stairs to Mary’s apartment, her hands sweating as she walked up to Mary’s front door, bouquet of sunflowers in hand, and knocked on the door. Mary opened it quickly, “Lana!” Mary quickly let her in and shut the door. 


“And these are for you,” Lana said, handing her the flowers. “They’re bright just like you.” Lana leaned in and pressed the flowers in her hand as she kissed her.


Mary thanked her and moved around to grab a vase for them. 


“Thanks for making dinner tonight,” Lana said. She sat down on the stool next to the small kitchen island. “What's for dinner?” 


Mary moved around the kitchen gracefully, “I made chicken parm.” 


Lana smiled goofily as she watched Mary move around until the food was done. Lana set the table as Mary plated the food. They ate dinner comfortably, conversation flowing nicely. 

After dinner was finished, Mary put the dishes in the sink and vowed to save them for later. Lana stood awkwardly against the kitchen counter. 


Mary walked over, pressing Lana against the counter, she kissed her quickly, “Is it selfish to say I don’t want you to go yet?” Mary asked, hands toying with the hem of Lana’s shirt. “Do you want to watch a movie?” 


Lana smiled and kissed her cheek, “Is it selfish to say I don’t want to go yet?” That made Mary laugh. “Yes, I’d love to watch a movie.” 

Mary’s features lit up, “Perfect, do you want to change into some of my sweatpants?”  Lana nodded and Mary led her back to her bedroom. “I’ll step out but pants are here.” She gestured towards the dresser. “And sweaters are in the closet.”

Lana walked back out into the living room wearing rolled up sweatpants, and a big maroon boston college sweater. Mary smiled happily and kissed her quickly, “Let me go change, you can put any movie on.” 

Lana put on a documentary, and sat back on the couch and waited for Mary to emerge. Mary had washed her face and put on matching sweatpants and had put on a loose t-shirt, giving Lana a view of the freckles dotting her pale arms. 

Mary plopped down on the couch next to her,  moving in close to Lana, resting her head on her shoulder. Lana wrapped an arm around Mary’s shoulder, kissing her temple softly and letting out a sigh. 


“What are we watching?” Mary asked, now resting her hand on Lana’s stomach. 


“Documentary on penguins,” Lana said laughing. Mary playfully hit her and settled back comfortably into Lana’s side. The documentary played on as Lana laid soft kisses on Mary’s head.  

The documentary was winding down to an end, by now legs had been tangled together, Lana running her nails softly against Mary’s arm. 


Mary hummed contently, “Now do you see why I call you a penguin,” Lana asked, laughing. 


Mary rolled her eyes, “I guess.” 


Lana kissed the crown of her head once again, prompting Mary to look up at her. Mary kissed the skin she could reach, which happened to the sharp line of Lana’s jaw. Lana’s eyes fluttered closed, she leaned down and blindly caught Mary’s mouth. Mary sat up quickly and leaned into Lana’s body, kissing her deeply. 

The pair kissed slowly for a moment, just as things we’re about to pick up Lana’s phone rang on the coffee table.


“Wait hold on,” Lana said, panting. “It’s my manager.” 


Mary was seated on Lana’s lap now, thighs bracketing hers. She leaned down and kissed her neck softly as Lana answered the phone.


“Hey Jack what’s up?” 


Mary sat and watched Lana on the phone now, trying to get a read on her features.


“Thanks Jack, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lana hung up the phone and looked at Mary. “A publisher picked up my book…I’m going to be a published author.”  


Mary lit up, “Oh my god Lana!” Mary kissed her swiftly, “I’m so happy for you, no one deserves this more than you do.” 


Lana let a tear fall out, “This is all I’ve ever wanted, thank you.” 


The pair sat on the couch for a while longer talking about the book, and what Lana’s manager said to her on the phone, she let out a yawn.


“So basically-’


“Spend the night.” Mary blurted out, interrupting Lana’s sentence. “Please.”


Lana nodded, “Of course.”  


Mary smiled and kissed her again softly, they slowly made their way towards Mary’s bedroom. 

Lana laid Mary down on her bed, hovering over her girlfriend now lit up by the single candle she lit. Mary cupped Lana’s cheek pulling her closer to her, hands tangling in her short brown hair as Lana slipped into Mary’s mouth. 

Mary woke up the next morning, bare skin flush against Lana’s, and sighed comfortably. Lana shifted against her, breath hitting the back of Mary’s neck. Mary turned so her head was pressed against Lana’s neck, breathing in her scent. Lana’s eye’s opened and she leaned down and kissed Mary’s forehead  softly before muttering, “Morning beautiful.”  


Blush rose across Mary’s face as she opened her eyes, “It sure is.” 


Years had passed now since that first blissful morning, and many more followed after that. Mary finished her nursing school, left the bakery and now worked at the local hospital, the other half she spent teaching a baking class. Kids weren’t written in the stars for them they had found out, but they took it in stride and now have two cats who keep them busy on the off days. Lana had written and published a few more books, all best sellers, but nothing was as famous as her first, the famous love affair between two women, a blond and a brunette.