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Once Upon an Island

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Once, there was an island, covered from head to toe with trees, old as time. A bit further beyond those trees, there was a cliff that hung over a cerulean sea. And on that cliff, there lay a house. A structure made of bricks, vines and moss growing on the framing from age. An abandoned house, at first glance, but no. This house, my friend, is the farthest thing from abandoned. This wasn’t t just a house, it was a home. A home to the most extraordinary beings. A family, but not a family you may think of. This particular family is different. This family is human to wyvern, gnome to sprite. A discriminated, misunderstood family. This house was a house of healing. People here are excepted for who they are, and not just how they present themselves. Because sometimes, on an island, on a cliff, in a house over the cerulean sea, you were able to chose the life you wanted. And if you were the lucky of sorts, that life would chose you back. :)