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ONE SHOT: No Hitting

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Chloe loved Wednesdays.  Even from when she was young, the day made her happy.  It was the halfway point of the week, so once it was done things would roll quickly to the weekend. In high school, they had late start on Wednesdays.  That bought her an extra hour of sleep, which was a major win.  As she got into college, Wednesday had still been her favorite.  She would usually try to keep her class load minimal, ending by early afternoon.  That was also the day that she and Aubrey would meet up each week for dinner.  For three years, that was their weekly oasis.  Senior year, things got rougher with her roommate and Wednesdays were a little bit scattershot.  But senior year also brought her Beca, so it was a net positive.  Once the girls all moved into the Bella House, they still kept Wednesdays as a special night.  There would be a Bellas rehearsal, then everyone would head back to the house for a group dinner and movie night.  


Now living in New York, working as a music teacher, Chloe still found Wednesdays to be a special day.  Her school had early dismissal on Wednesdays.  She never really understood the reasoning for it, but she also didn’t complain.  In addition, her last class was her planning period - something the school did for several teachers whose duties may include leaving for performances.  So, most Wednesdays she could sneak away even earlier.  She would head back to the apartment after school and change into comfy clothes.  She would stretch out on the bed and just relax.  Then she would hit the gym, run some errands, and pick up something to make for dinner.  She would come home and get a shower and then get dinner ready in time for Beca to come home from work.  


That was the other reason that she loved Wednesdays.  Working on Broadway, Beca had to work nights … a lot.  Shows ran during the evenings most nights, and sometimes in the afternoon for matinees.  Even though she was working on a show that hadn’t premiered yet, rehearsals and meetings would still run later into the evening sometimes.  The cast and crew wanted to keep a somewhat uniform schedule: wake up late, have the mornings off, head to work in the afternoons, work until late evening.  It definitely stole some of the time the newlyweds would have chosen to spent together.  But Wednesdays … shows didn’t run on Wednesdays.  At least not the ones Beca had been involved in so far.  So she had a short day, if she had to go in at all.   (She usually still had to go in.)  But she was home by dinnertime, and Chloe always made sure she made something nice for them to enjoy together.  


This particular Wednesday in January was cold.  Very cold.  The anticipated snow hadn’t arrived yet, but the winds and icy temperatures had.  Growing up in Florida and attending college in Georgia had not prepared Chloe for New York winters.  But, as with most things, the redhead had made the best of it.  She was thrilled when she realized she got to shop to expand her wardrobe to include warmer items.  She dragged Beca all around town, finding sweaters and jackets and scarfs and hats and boots.  Even though her wife complained about it all, Chloe kept catching her smiling as she got caught up in the fun.  Chloe had also fallen in love with dressing warm, going out into the chilly air, bustling around, and then coming home to a warm apartment.  She would get a mug of tea or hot chocolate - coffee for Beca - and curl up on the couch.  So today was just a perfect day.  It was a cold Wednesday.  She emerged from the subway and walked towards their apartment.  She could feel her a slight burning in her nose and cheeks as she smiled to herself.  Options for dinner ran through her mind.  She decided to make chicken soup and fresh bread.  Instead of heading to the gym, she considered running around the park.  She entered their building and rode the elevator up, taking off her gloves and scarf.  She went into the apartment and set her bag by the door.  First things first, she wanted to flop on the bed and relax for a bit.  So she shed her coat and hat, slid off her shoes, and flopped backwards onto the mattress - spreading her limbs out like a starfish.  


Less than ten minutes later, she heard the key in the lock.  She popped up and tilted her head, checking her watch.  It was only 1:30pm.  She slowly stood up and walked into the living room, just to see a white knit hat perched atop long chocolate hair enter.  Once the rest of her wife’s body came through, Chloe finally spoke.   “Hey.”


Beca looked up as she started to remove her outermost layers and set her bag down.   “Hey.”  She smiled slightly and continued with her efforts.  


“Uhhh, not that I’m not glad to see you, buuuuuttt… what are you doing home?”  Chloe leaned against the doorway to the hall and grinned.


Finally free of her coat, Beca blew a strand of hair out of her face.   “Oh.  They sent me home.”


Chloe looked at her quizzically.   “Why?  The snow?”  She was surprised, since the theater district usually carried on except in the worst of blizzards.  


Beca shook her head and walked towards the kitchen.  She turned and looked at Chloe as she got a mug and coffee pod.  “Nope.”  She popped the “p” sound.  “I got sent home … cause I hit somebody.”  She scowled a bit and then went back to the coffee prep.  


“You … hit … somebody?”  Chloe walked towards the kitchen and lifted her eyebrows.   “Like with your fist?”


“Uh huh.”  Beca quirked her lip and lifted her eyebrow.   “With my fist.”


Chloe stifled a laugh.  This wouldn’t be the first time that Beca had hit somebody.  The brunette could have a bit of a temper, and when she got pushed too far….  In fact Chloe knew of at least six times that Beca had hit someone - four of them in the first year or so that they knew each other.  Her nickname of “Tiny Terror” was well earned.  But Beca had been working on it, so she had only done that twice in the last four years.  Chewing her lip, Chloe thought that seemed like a strange thing to be proud of when you are in your mid-20s.  “Wow.  You okay?”


Beca nodded.  She finished getting her coffee and walked towards the living room.  She kissed Chloe on the mouth and then headed towards the couch.  She dropped into it and set her mug on the end table.  Chloe turned back around and sat on the other end of the couch and looked at her wife and hid a smile. “You can't just hit people. I feel like I'm back in internship.”  


“I know.”


Chloe couldn't believe how adorable Beca looked in that moment. Nobody expected this little person to carry such a mighty punch. “Honey, you're going to be famous before too long…”


With a scrunched face, Beca barked a laugh. “Right. Famous.”


“I'm serious!”  She showed at her wife. 


“Broadway famous isn't famous,” Beca responded. 


“Hellooo?!?” Chloe raised her eyebrows. “Lin-Manuel Miranda?”


Beca leaned forward and wrinkled her brow. “You find the one example.  I'm not him.”


“You could be.”


The smaller woman dropped her head back onto the couch and stared up at the ceiling.  Chloe's unrelenting belief in her always got to Beca. The brunette never understood it. But she loved hearing it. She took in a breath and said, “Genevievekissed me.”  


Chloe’s mouth dropped open.  Immediately she thought back to another time when someone had kissed Beca.  The redhead had been quick to assume things, so this time she wanted to make sure she had all the information first.  Still….   “Genevieve … kissed you….”




“So you hit her?”




“Genevieve.  Annoying Genevieve.  Pain in the ass Genevieve.  Rude to everyone in the universe Genevieve.  Breathtakingly gorgeous with the breasts of a Greek goddess Genevieve.”


Beca scrunched up her face and rolled her head towards Chloe.   “I never said that last one.”


“I know… she did.”  Chloe raised her eyebrows.   “Remember?  In that profile you found when she was cast.”  


Beca had been working with a Broadway adaptation of The Greatest Showman.  Her “Love is Bulletproof” show had opened a lot of doors for her, which is why the couple relocated to New York City.  One producer in particular, Steve Maddox, had made it abundantly clear that he wanted to take Beca under his wing.  So he had employed her doing a variety of things once she arrived.  When this show began its preparation, he had appointed her as his on-site eyes and ears.  She was involved in every aspect of the show.  He had decided to mentor Beca and give her as many opportunities as possible.  He and his partner had brought the ladies to their house several times as well.  Chloe was so happy that Beca had someone to show her the ropes in the business.  On The Greatest Showman, the little brunette had quickly become the point person for everything.  That included juggling the cast, especially one diva.  Genevieve Berkshire.  She had been cast in the role of Jenny Lind - the opera singer originated by Rebecca Ferguson in the movie.  Everyone in the cast hated this woman.  Her ego was out of control.  The last few weeks had seen Beca coming home irate almost every night due to the shenanigans of the actress.  


“She kissed you.  Gonna need some more info here, Becs.”


“I know.”  



Genevieve broke away from her cast mate and screamed. “What the hell!”  She began stamping around in a dramatic manner. “Thank God you're pretty, Ryan.”  She glared at the blonde man rolling his eyes next to here. “Cause you are a terrible actor.”


With a sigh Pete the director hollered to the stage. “What's wrong now?”


The statuesque red head gasped, as if everyone should easily be able to identify the problem. “You need to ask?!?”  She kept her mouth open as she swung her face around the room. “That kiss. It was ridiculous.”  


“It was fine, Genevieve.”  Pete took his glasses off and rubbed his face. “We are still working on blocking and lines.”


“Pete, if we already are having chemistry issues, we should at least deal with them.”


“Chemistry issues?”  Ryan scoffed. “The only chemistry issue is that you're batshit crazy.”  


The assembled cast and crew groaned. They knew this would be another long fight. 


“I refuse to keep working with this hack!” Genevieve wailed. “If you can't even handle a kissing scene with me…” She tilted her head to the sky, to emphasize her beauty. “How can you bring emotion with anyone else?”


“Dear God in Heaven.”  Ryan fumed. 


“Beca!  Where is Beca?”  Genevieve called out, looking for the brunette. “I'm sure that Steve will want to know about this.”


Beca signed loudly and approached the stage. “What is it Genevieve?”


“Can you be a doll and come up here?”


Pete chuckled as Beca climbed up the stairs. “Better you than me.”  


Beca shot him a scowl and flicked him off.  She walked up to Genevieve and Ryan. “What?”


Without speaking, the taller woman grabbed Beca's face and planted a fierce kiss on her mouth. Beca’s eyes widened in shock, and she pulled away. 


“See? Even she can generate more emotion than this tool.”



Chloe’s mouth fell open during the story and remained that way. She just stared at her wife. “Wha… what… she did that?!?” 


Beca nodded. “Yup”


The redhead blinked several times, trying to wrap her mind around the story. “So you hit her?”


“Not yet.”



Beca stormed back to her office. The whole rehearsal room had exploded into noise after Genevieve’s act. Pete called for a short break, and Beca bolted. She was furious. She shook in anger. Taking a detour into the restroom, she splashed her face with water and stared into the mirror. Fury raged in her eyes. She couldn't believe that had just happened. The disrespect that had just been demonstrated…  She brought her breathing under control before she continued to her office. Her plan was to call Steve as soon as she got the door shut. She hooked the base of the door and swung it shut. 


“So fiery… you must be wild in bed.”



“Nooooooo” Chloe gasped. 


“It gets worse,” Beca frowned. 



“So fiery… you must be wild in bed.”


Beca swung around and spotted the tall actress leaning against the wall. “Get the hell out of here.”


“Oohhhh Beca. Don't be like that.”  Genevieve slowly pushed off the wall and advanced. Beca stood behind the desk, using it as a forced barrier. 


“That was completely unprofessional and inappropriate.”  Her face was flushed. 


The taller woman pursed her lips. “You sound like such a little producer.” She giggled. “That doesn't mean you didn't like it.”  She bowed her head and looked up through her lashes. “Did you? … Like it?”


Beca stared incredulously. “NO!  I didn't. I'm married.”


“Psshtt.  Those things aren't mutually exclusive.”  Genevieve waved her hand dismissively. “Married doesn't mean dead.”


“No. Married means married. Married means leave me alone.”


Genevieve laughed a throaty laugh. “Oh you're fun.”  She had reached the desk. She crossed her arms and tilted her hip.“You're going to tell me that your husband is better than …. this?” She raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. 


Beca's eyes narrowed. “My wife… but you knew that. And she is so much better than … you.”  


“Oh yes.”  Genevieve nodded her head, as if remembering something. “The … teacher … right?”  Beca just glared.“Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.”


Genevieve was dancing on dangerous ground. Beca’s fury was raging. Her head was pulsing. It was one thing to mistreat her or even to come on to her. But dragging Chloe into it… That was crossing a line. 


“You … need to shut up … and get out of here.”  Beca breathed deeply, trying desperately to calm down. “Now.”


Genevieve smirked and placed her hands on the desk, leaning forward. “Now what, Beca?”  Her eyebrows quirked up.“Now … kiss me again?”  She tilted her head. “Now … fuck me on the desk?”  She leaned deeper. “Now … make me forget the little teacher?”  Like lightning the taller woman grabbed Beca’s shirt and pulled her close. She planted another kiss on Beca's face. 



“So I hit her.”


Chloe just sat, her hand over her mouth. She was a raging inferno inside. Part of it was because she couldn't believe the nerve of the actress. But part of it was intense desire for her wife. While she couldn't condone hitting, the fact that Beca was so worked up over the disrespect to Chloe and their marriage? Hot. Very hot. 


“Well.” The redhead swallowed deeply. “I can see why…”  She smiled at her wife. “Thank you for defending me, by the way.”  


Beca nodded, “Of course.”


Chloe chewed the inside of her mouth, thinking about what to say. “Still, hitting isn't a good option. Someone could take a picture and post it.”


Sighing, Beca responded. “You're right.”


Chloe scooted over and cuddled against Beca. “What happens now?”


Beca shrugged. “Don't know. Pete sent me home. Told me to stay home until I heard from Steve.”  Sitting up, Beca ran her fingers through her hair. “The worst part is that Genevieve said that it was my fault. That I came onto her and got angry when she said no.”


“That bitch!” Chloe jumped off the couch. “But that isn't true!”


Beca looked up helplessly. “I know. Everyone knows it is bull. But… I just have to wait to hear what happens.”


Blood was pounding in Chloe's ears. She was angrier than she remembered ever being. Flipping out wasn't going to do any good, though. Beca needed her to be there for her. She forced a calm voice out. “I had just gotten home when you got here. I usually run errands on Wednesday. Do you want to go with me?”


Beca shook her head. She looked exhausted. “Chlo I would love to be with you, but I'm tired and need a shower. Get the gross off me.”


Chloe smiled and nodded. “Good idea. You do that and rest. I'll run my errands and come back. We can go to dinner? Order something? I had been planning on making soup, but we can…”


“No soup sounds good.”  Beca smiled and continued, “I just want to hang out with you tonight.”


“That sounds good to me too.”


Chloe got her coat back on and got ready to leave. As she walked out the door, Beca called out, “Stay warm!”


Chloe shut the door and allowed a dark look to pass over her face. “Oh I will.”



Walking around the frigid city did little to reduce the flames raging inside the redhead. She mindlessly walked around, trying to remember what she needed to do. But her mind couldn't move past the image of Genevieve kissing Beca … twice. The insults she tossed at Chloe were nothing compared to the violation that happened. And Beca didn't deserve that. She was such a sweet and good person. The thought of someone taking advantage of her?  Chloe got angrier the more she walked. Somehow she managed to get to the grocery store and pick up the food she needed for dinner. But she wasn't ready to go back home. She had something to do first. 


She found herself in front of a fancy brownstone. Looking around, the street was pretty clear. Light flakes had begun falling. Chloe took in a deep breath and walked up to the door and rang the bell. She didn't hear anything for a minute, so she rang it again. And then again. She heard shuffling and then the door jerked open. 


Genevieve stood in the doorway. She was in a robe and had a furious look on her face. Her beautiful face. Which was covered with a mess of white bandages over her nose. Hints of purple inched up beyond the bandages under her eyes. Chloe forced down a laugh. 


“Little girl, I'm not interested in your cookies.”  She gestured at the bag in Chloe's hand. 


Chloe looked down and put a huge smile on her face. “Oh I'm not a Girl Scout. My name is Chloe Beale-Mitchell.” She tilted her head. “I think you know my wife.”  The actress's eyes flew open and fear flashed behind them. She stood there frozen for a moment. “Can I come in?”  Genevieve didn't move. Chloe's eyebrows narrowed as she stepped closer. “Youaren't scared of a … little teacher … are you?”



Chloe pushed open the door to their apartment. She was surprised to see the dining table set with candles, wine, and fancy silverware. Well not plastic ware. She peeked into the kitchen and saw Beca bustling around. “Hey!”


Beca smiled. “Welcome home!”  She jogged over and gave her wife a kiss before heading back into the kitchen. “Howwas work?”


“It was good.” Chloe observed Beca plating delicious looking pasta onto real plates. “What's all this?”


“Well,” Beca started as she kept working. “I had the day off, since I'm suspended, so I made my beautiful wife dinner.”


Chloe smiled at the adorable scene in front of her. “Becs, did you also learn to cook?”


“Well,” Beca continued. “I had the day off, since I'm suspended, so ordered my beautiful wife dinner.”  


The redhead laughed. “Better.”  Everything smelled amazing. “Is this DiPratto’s?”


Beca grinned as she brought the plates to the table. “Where else?”


Chloe clapped and squeaked. She washed her hands, and they both sat down. They started eating. After a few bites, the redhead couldn't keep quiet. “So what's the occasion?”


“I was let go today.”  Beca kept smiling, poking pieces of tortellini on her fork. 


Lating her fork down, Chloe looked at Beca. “Uh… does that mean something different on Broadway?”


Beca laughed. “No no. It is the same thing.”


“So why are you so happy?”


The smile never wavered from the brunette’s face. She kept poking pasta. “It was kind of funny.”  She took a bite and chewed thoughtfully. Then she took a sip of wine.  She looked up at Chloe.  “Steve called this morning. Apparently a few stage hands had trailed me to my office yesterday. They didn't trust Genevieve, so they wanted to have my back.”  She looked back down at her plate and poked some pasta. “They heard the whole thing.”


Chloe looked confused. “That's … good … right?”


Beca nodded as she chewed again. “But the problem is … they can't fire Genevieve. So it was either I left or they let me go.”  She shrugged.  “They let me go, which meant they had to give me two weeks of severance.”  A grin covered her face. “So I'm off for two weeks.” She then continued poking pasta. 


“Hon. Severance isn't a vacation. That's time to find a new job.”  


Beca stopped her fork and nodded. “Oh I know. But Steve told me that he was moving me to a different show.”  She broke off a piece of bread. “There is a stage version of La La Land he is starting, and he wanted me to work it.”  She took a bite of bread. “But it doesn't start at all for least two weeks. So I'm off until then.”  


Chloe's eyes went wide. “Bec, that's… that's awesome.”  


Beca's eyes twinkled. “Yup. Very awesome.” She took a bite of salad and chewed. “And, they already have my name in the Playbill. Since I worked to this point, I can still count Greatest Showman on my resume.”


“That deserves a toast!” Chloe lifted her glass and clinked it with Beca’s. 


They took a few more bites, smiles on both faces. Beca worked on another stab of pasta. “The REALLY funny thing is that apparently Genevieve came in this morning.”


Chloe set her fork down and looked up at Beca. “Oh?”


“Mmhmm.” Beca kept poking pasta, looking at her plate. “She confessed to what happened yesterday. Said she felt bad about all of it and offered to pay my severance.”  She kept looking down, poking pasta pieces. “Steve is giving me that too - to make up for the hassle”  


“Uhhhh…”  Chloe mumbled.   “That’s … weird …”


Beca put the bite of pasta into her mouth and chewed it up.  Then she looked up at Chloe.  “She said …. I want to make sure I get this right …. ‘As long as you keep her and her “she devil freaky ginger girl scout wife” away from me’.”  Beca smirked at Chloe and tilted up her eyebrow.  


Chloe blushed and looked down at her pasta.   “That wasn’t very nice.”


“Oh I agree.”  They both ate some more, Beca smirking.  She rubbed her foot up Chloe’s leg.   “I thought hitting was frowned upon.”


“I didn’t hit,” Chloe mumbled into her food.


They ate some more.  Beca kept sliding her foot up and down on Chloe’s leg.  They both started to smile.  Chloe asked, “Did I ever tell you about the time my brother Adam broke his nose?”


Beca looked surprised.   “Nooooooo.  Do I want to hear this?”  


“Let’s find out,” Chloe shrugged.  “He broke it playing baseball.  He had all these bandages on it.  Damn, he was just a jerk.  Snippy and rude.  He probably had a headache, but I didn’t understand.  I just wanted him to stop being mean.”  She set her fork down and looked up at Beca.  “I was a kid, so I thought of something I liked and I walked up to him … aaaaand … pinched his nose and said, ‘Got your nose!’ And smiled really big.”  Chloe made the hand motions, easily bringing the picture of little Chloe to life.  


Beca smiled at the thought of tiny Chloe before she connected the dots.  Her hands flew up to her mouth.   “Oh nooooooo.”  


Nodding, Chloe grimaced.   “Yeah, you’ve met big strapping Adam.  He was on the floor, bawling.”  


The brunette’s hands were still over her mouth.  Then Beca’s eyes grew wide in shock.   “Noooooo, Chloe.  You didn’t…..”


A wicked grin crossed the redhead’s face.   “If a kid can bring a baseball star to his knees by pinching his broken nose, think about what an adult can do - even if she is just a she devil freaky ginger girl scout.”  She waggled her eyebrows and put a forkful of food in her mouth, a smug grin on her face.  


Beca stared at Chloe, shock etched on her face.  Then she started laughing.   “I’m guessing Genevieve isn’t going to invite us to the premiere party.”