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Breddy drabbles

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Brett can feel it all through the calluses of his fingers. The blue velvet of the box. The cool metal of the ring, and the ridges of the pattern.

“For better, for worse”, he thinks, “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”

He remembers the trite words from all those wedding gig, when they were just filling the gap between canon in D and eine kleine.

But now? They kick off an avalanche of memories.

Eddy holding his hand in the ambulance during their first trip to the hospital, his voice so calm and reassuring, because one of them had to keep it together.

Eddy, coming back from his extended practice break with a massive grin and two massive bubble teas and a massive hole in his wallet because the amazing new bubble tea shop that sold one liter bubble teas was expensive like hell.

Eddy, buying them bubble tea with his share of their first busking money.

Eddy in a wheelchair, telling Brett that this was it, there was nothing left for him, and Brett throwing himself at Eddy and making him promise, promise to hang on, because Brett was there, and what would he do without Eddy?

Eddy getting shit from all their friends for the “haha, look, I can walk” shit Brett made him pull on their friends.

Eddy, pale and exhausted and crying, between the second violin parts and the editing and flying to Brett in Sidney all the time.

Eddy, suddenly looking like a grown man instead of a scrawny boy, thanks to that gym routine he was following for a while.

Eddy, who would finally be able to play his beloved piano in Singapore next year, because Brett had a bank account labeled ‘Eddy’s baby grand’, and the numbers on it started to look pretty decent.

Eddy, hugging him so tightly the night they met their Kickstarter goal.

“I love you.” Eddy had said to him.

“I love you.” In front of everyone in the livestream.


But Brett has places to be, so he puts the ring on his finger, grabs his Jacket and heads out.

“To love and to cherish, until parted by death.”

“It’s done,” Brett thinks. “Now everybody can see.”


For once, Eddy is already there. Dressed up and silhouetted by a blue sky, and looking like he just stepped out of a K-pop video. So incredibly pretty.

“Looking smooth, bro” he greets Brett. “What’s up with the ring?”

Brett bites his lip. He knew the question would come, and he knows what to answer.

“Remember the Jupiter hoodie shots?” he says casually. “The rings went down pretty well, so I thought I’d give it another go.”

Eddy grins. “Twitter’s going to be so chaotic.”

Brett shrugs his shoulders and walks towards the camera people. He has places to be, and there are things to be done.