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Breddy drabbles

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It’s been a year now that they exchanged these rings.

Before they film, they put them back into the velvet box. Their private life is private, not for public entertainment.
Before they leave the flat, they put them back into the velvet box. They will get recognized, and it’s impossible to hide their hands from all the prying eyes and phones.
Before they visit their families, they put them back into the velvet box. They didn’t ask anyone’s permission to put a ring on this unlabelled relationship, but they are still afraid of disapproval.

It’s been a year, and this time, Eddy does not put the ring into the velvet box. Instead, he slams it into the floor, slams the door, and screams that he is done being a secret.
Brett gives him an hour to cool off, and then he follows him. He kisses Eddy’s blotchy eyes, and the ring on his finger, and holds him while they both cry for a bit.

And then they stop. Because really, what do they have to cry about? They have “the talk”, again, and they decide, again, that it is too early. Their private life is private.
But three days later, before they start filming, there is another velvet box. Brett opens it, and puts the small, silver rose around Eddy’s neck. Eddy cries for a bit.

He wears it while filming, out and proud and open for everybody to see.
He wears it at home, under his t-shirt, and he can feel the warm metal against his chest when his mum talks to him about grandchildren.
He wears it for their photoshoot, standing out against the dark clothes, in full view of the limelight.

It’s not enough. But it’s enough for now.