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The Beauty and The Devil

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The year was almost over. Andy did not know where the time went, but it was November the 1st already. Mariah had destroyed some pumpkins to make a statement about how Halloween was over and her season was on. But she knew that even if it was not December, she would need to start buying gifts for her family and close friends as soon as possible, or she would not be able to find something good enough on time. So she decided to go to the shopping mall on a Saturday evening, where she saw beautiful items displayed at a homeware store window.

"May as well look for something for myself, since I here. My apartment really needs some decorating." after a few minutes of looking around, she picked up some candles and decided to not get them (the last time her family came over for the weekend, she accidentally set the curtains on fire, don't ask). Something else got her eye, though: the enchanted rose from the 'Beauty and the Beast', crystal dome and all. It reminded her a little bit of Miranda, and she shook her head at the thought, I'm obsessed, this needs to stop. Unless… I have the guts to tell her how I feel. Even if she fires me, it's worth a try, isn't it. But how should I…? she smiled to herself. Her mind came up with the most brilliant, yet idiotic idea in the world. It could work, though.

On Monday, after Andy had placed Miranda's coffee on the table and the Editor-in-Chief had picked it up and drank it with her back to her, the brunette went back to her desk, took a short breath and took the precious object out of her bag, before Emily's shocked eyes.

Ignoring the Brit's expression, Andy walked towards Miranda's office again, and placed the rose on Miranda's table, adding two petals at each side of the flower. Details were important after all.

Outside the office, Nigel had walked by to let Miranda know about the latest problems with the current photoshoot, finding Emily standing up, as if listening to something.

"What's the matter, Emily?"

"Sshh! She'll know I'm listening."

"Who? Miranda?" He whispered.

"Yes! Who else? Andy seems to be trying to get her arse fired. Can you believe she went in, carrying the bloody rose from 'The Beauty and the Beast'?"

"What? What's that about?"

"That's what I am trying to figure out, but I won't if you don't shut up immediately!"

The man sighed, "Alright, I want to find out what's happening as well."

Miranda turned around after hearing someone behind her, and when she saw the object, she was taken aback, trying to process what she was looking at, "Andrea, are you calling me a beast?" she looked at her menacingly, but she actually was amused by Andy's antics.

Fuck, she thinks I'm insulting her. She started fidgeting but found the courage to start making sense of her actions, "They call you The Devil, so that would be incorrect, but no. I actually want to tell you something using a symbol."

"It'll be a symbol of your dismissal if you don't have a good explanation." Miranda replied raising an eyebrow.

"Emily, you may not like Six, but you must admit we haven't had a moment of boredom ever since she was hired." Nigel said, looking at the redhead, who was biting her lip to stop herself from laughing at the absurdity of the situation (and to prevent Miranda from knowing they were eavesdropping, of course).

"Alright, so the thing is, Miranda, I've realized I am in love with you, and I need to know if you feel the same before the last petal falls." the second assistant stated, nervously playing with her fingers.

Miranda took a pause before speaking, "That took a lot of courage." she cleared her throat before adding, "I do, Andrea, which means the spell is over, isn't it?"

"You love me?! So you aren't going to fire me?" Talk about a Christmas miracle! Thank you, Mariah, all I wanted for Christmas is her!

"Don't be ridiculous, Andrea." Even the thought of letting her go after her time with Runway is up kills me. And now it turns out all those times I thought I was reading too much into her behavior, the looks she gave me, and the way she blushed when our fingers accidentally touched when she handed me my coffee… wait. Was it really accidental? Oh, Andrea, you cunning little bitch, Miranda smiled to herself before adding, "That's all."

"This is bollocks! I can't believe Andy has got her happy ending with The Devil in Prada."

"Come on, Mrs. Potts, be happy for her. She's freed us all from the spell." Nigel joked.

"What are you two up to? Wait. Tell me you weren't listening!" the brunette exclaimed.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Believe it or not, you are not the center of the bloody world." Emily scoffed, before picking up the phone, which had started ringing a few seconds ago.


"You have more balls than me and the rest of men at Elias-Clarke combined, Six. Or should I call you Belle?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Oh, cut the crap! And just so you know, if I ever catch you eavesdropping on my conversations again, you won't receive any Christmas gifts from me."

"Wait, you got me something? What is it? Give me a hint!"

"Nice try." she smiled, and went back to her desk.

"You're evil."

"Not as evil as my new girlfriend." she chanted.

"I don't want to hear about it, Andrea! That subject is forbidden in my presence!" Emily said from her desk, before subtly changing her tone for a nicer one, "Is it true you've got me a Christmas present though?"

"You'll have to wait and see." she shuddered, "I guess I already got mine, much earlier than expected." Andy replied excited.

She could not wait for the holiday to come already. What reminded her, she would need to get Caroline and Cassidy some gifts as well. "Oh boy, shopping mall, here I go again!"