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A rose by any other name

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The Tardis hummed. The Doctor had her head down, pulling leavers; she didn’t even notice Yaz.

“If You scan for dialect DNA traces across the planet”, Yaz suggested

“Oh, She’s good”, Jack smirked at Yaz, who rolled her eyes at him.

“Yeah, we all are,” Ryan said, scowling at Jack.

“You’re used to dealing with Daleks, right?” Ryan asked him, raising a brow curiously

Jack nodded as he watched The Doctor from afar, who still had her head down, averting her eyes from his gaze; she didn’t say a word; she tried to distract her thoughts with the control panel. She was lost in her own little world as she smashed buttons at random. Still, somehow it seemed as if she knew what she was doing, which brought relief to Jack.

“Yeah,” Jack said. “Long story short, they killed me once no big deal”, Jack explained.

Ryan’s eyes widened.
“You look pretty healthy for a corpse,” Ryan remarked, which made Jack blush.

“I know, right?” he asked; raising a brow, he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror and smiled back at it.

“No scars or marks; my body is in min condition,” he said with a wink before looking over at The Doctor, Who didn’t give a response.

“But the catch being that I’m immortal, and The Doctor is partly to blame”, he explained. “Also, her friend or more than friend Rose back on earth is too,” Jack said playfully.

That did it. The Doctor’s head snapped back up, colour drained from her face.

“Doctor?” Graham asked, worried.; “Are you alright?”

“She’s fine,” The Doctor said. “Rose is fine.”
“Yes, I know”, Jack said. “Trapped in a parallel universe, right, doc?”

Everything was tranquil and still for a moment...

Yaz walked over towards The Doctor. “Are you alright?” she asked in a soft voice.

The Doctor gulped nervously; she closed her eyes and seized the side of the control panel, but when she closed her eyes, all she could see was the ivory wall. She pushed the lever forward, and a faded image of Rose appeared in front of her. Rose was wearing the same light blue hoodie; her make-up was smudged and stained; her hair was straight, but it looked as if it had been pulled out; from frustration. The Doctor reached out her hand almost as if she was trying to touch her Rose stood and smiled at The Doctor blankly like a robot.

“Rose?” The Doctor called out, but there was no reply. Rose just stared back at her silently.

A white light glowed, and The Doctor found herself back in the Tardis.

“Are you alright, Doc? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost,” Graham remarked.

“I’m fine,” The Doctor said as she raised her head for the first time.

She took a moment to collect herself and then smiled at the Group. “Now, where was I?” she asked Jack, who returned the smile.

“Dalek DNA”, Jack replied as he looked over up at the screen as it beeped, confirming a trace.