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Pocky Day 2

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Pocky Day 2

A Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club fanfiction

Love Live © Sunrise and Lantis

“Ai-san, why are you look so… angry?”

Is what Rina said to start their conversation, with her classic little head tilt. Across the screen, Ai can only wince at that question. Right on target, as usual.

Ai waves her hands wildly, “W-what do you mean? Angry? Ai-san always looks like this!”

“Yeah right. That is a face of a scorned woman,” Mia, who’s sitting beside Rina, comments bluntly. She mocks a shudder and the pink-haired chuckles dryly.

At that remarks, the blonde’s eyebrow twitched.

It is their weekly video calls. After graduating, Mia invites Rina to the US in the pretext of a scholarship at her university, but everyone knows that they don't want a long-distance relationship. Ai, Rina's big sister figure, let her go with a condition that they will do a weekly video call sessions.

Ai sees that the air of her homeland has made Mia’s tongue even sharper. Rina, on the other hand, studying aboard has made her more open, she even shows some emotions in her face nowadays.

The living proof that love could change someone. Ah... such is youth.

“Alright, alright. I admit that I’m kinda pissed,” Ai sighs dramatically as Mia shakes her head. Despite of that, her mischievousness is still there as she poses a question, “Now, try to guess why I’m angry.”

“Uh, she’s on her pungeon master mode now, huh?” Mia sweatdropped.

“Hush, Mia. I think she’s being serious. Let’s just play along.”

Now even Rina handles her easily, Ai feels kind of proud. After some discussions, they come to a very obvious conclusion. Like, literally in 5 seconds.



Ai almost falls down from her chair right there. How did they… no, wait.

“It seems I underestimate you two...” Ai massages her temple. Despite their small statures, the two of them are very smart. “Well, go on then. Explain your theories.”

They stare at each other, conducting some discussions and not long after, Rina let Mia explain.

“Let’s see… it is November 11th in Japan, right?” the US-born composer starts, as Ai nods. “Rina once told me that in Japan, they dedicate that day as 'Pocky Day' - the power of marketing is scary if I might add - and that the 'Pocky Game' is a very popular thing to do at that day. Because you’re now video calling us rather than doing that game with Karin at your date or whatever, let’s just say she ditches you today because of her job. As usual.”

That explanation strikes way too close to home as Ai couldn't retort. They did not call Mia as a genius for nothing, huh.

“Incredible…” Ai can only gawk as Rina claps excitedly for her girlfriend.

“In other word, Karin-san troubles you again. What a surprise,” adds Rina afterwards.

“Hearing you said that with a bland face makes me angrier for some reason,” Ai lets out a long sighs. Then, she closes her eyes, “Mia, you’re like… 70% right. Yeah.”

“What?! Only 70%?! But we were so certain!”

“This is not a detective game, though,” Rina interjects. “Um, so if we’re not exactly right, then what is your problem, Ai-san?”

“Uugh… how about I just show you this before we continue,” Ai sighs as she pulls out a video streaming site on the side and clicks on a recommended video.


It is winter on screen, with snow blanketing the environment. The camera zooms out to show a train speeding by. With CGI magic, now we see the inside of the train. There are some girls in school uniform laughing and chattering about, it seems that they’re on a school trip. Then they share a box of familiar sweet. And there is a Karin Asaka among them.

It is a Pocky advertisement, featuring Karin’s popular idol group.

After the usual idol narration, we can see the girls are doing the usual high school girls' shenanigans, laughing an eating the sweets. Then, the camera zooms in on… uh oh, Karin playing a Pocky Game with another member of the group.

They get so darn close... before the tagline is heard and the ad ends.


“Well, I can understand what you’re feeling right now…” Mia murmurs.

“Karin-san’s group is promoting Pocky since this spring, yes? I saw their previous ad on TV that other day,” Rina comments.

“Yes! She never told me about this ad! And today she even ditches our usual weekly meeting because of her urgent job! Again!”

In short, Rina and Mia’s theory was true. Ai is already kind of restless because she doesn't meet Karin for 3 weeks... and the culmination is today because of that suggestive ad.

Karin, as you know, is a professional idol now. As idols, there is an unspeakable agreement that some fanservice is needed, especially between group members. After all, no one is gonna protesting cute girls flirting with each other, right?

“So, you’re jealous?”

Rina pulls out a surprised face to her girlfriend that said, “She said it! She actually went and said it!”

Ai can only glare at Mia at that remarks, a scary glare that rivals Kanata's when someone is troubling her lovely Haruka. Still, since they’re separated by a literal ocean, the effect is middling on Mia who stares back at the blonde, unimpressed.

“For real though, since your girlfriend is an idol, you should know what entails that profession. She's definitely busy... also, becoming jealous because of an ad is a very childish thing to do, Ai,” Mia explains in a surprising maturity. Thanks to her unusual situations, she usually hangs out with adults so she's very mature for her age. Hell, back in the idol club, sometimes she’s more mature than the other third years! Even though she's even younger than Rina...

Said pink-haired girl can only gawk at Mia with unabashed admiration, as Ai blushes in embarrassment.

“But!” Mia then continues, “Three weeks without meeting is unreasonable. You should angry for that, at least.”

Now both Ai and Rina sport a sweatdrop as Mia nods sagely at her own advice.

“Well, it’s not like today we have a date or anything… so, you’re right, Miacchi. I was angry at that ad for no reason…”

“And that’s fine, Ai-san. Quoting Emma-san or Kanata-san, you should and must scold Karin-san occasionally. For someone so mature she’s kind of clueless,” Rina eventually says with such sternness, likely remembering moments in high school when Karin bothered her too in an effort to date Ai.

Ai can only laugh at that, and then their usual video call chat continues as usual with Ai’s horrible puns, Mia’s dry reactions to them, and Rina trying to become the straight man…


As it is already 8 AM in the US, the duo said their goodbye (they have a class) and Ai prepares to finally studying for her test tomorrow. Even though she's a brilliant student with straight A’s, Ai doesn’t want to slack off like a certain person she knows. As she opens her notebook and soft copy materials on her laptop, her apartment door rings.

“Who could it be…?” Ai murmurs as she walks to the door. Somehow she remembering her conversations with Rina and Mia, and suddenly feels annoyed. And true to her hunch, behind the door she could hear the voice of her girlfriend.

“Goodnight, Ai!”

Said girl flinches in surprise. Karin supposedly had a job today so she canceled her weekly visit to Ai’s place, but now... she’s suddenly here? Before she even thinking, she asks, “What are you doing here?”

If Karin could feel the slight hostility in Ai's voice, she doesn't show it

“Well, I want to visit my girlfriend,” emphasis on the world girlfriend. “Um, could you open the door? It’s cold outside…”

Ai gulps in nervousness, and she opens the door. Instantly, she’s tackled by an overly-excited grown woman, dressed in a full designer coat.

“Uwaaah, Aiiii! It’s so cold outside!! Please warm me!!” aaand Karin instantly goes double entendre.

The blonde could only smother her anger and hug her big child slash girlfriend while a wry smile blooms on her face. “Alright, alright. Now get up, so I can close the door.”

After that, Karin makes herself at home as Ai makes a fresh batch of tea. When the blonde’s finished, Karin is already on the work desk wearing Ai's casual clothes, looking very comfortable. Looks like she means to spend the night here.

“Ai, you’re studying?”

“I meant to, before some woman decides to crash it.”

“Hehee, but I missed you so much, Ai.”

After they began dating some years ago, Karin discards all of her cool pretenses and become a spoiled girlfriend in front of Ai. Not that it's a problem for the blonde, not at all. In fact, Karin in spoiled mode is so darn adorable it's not fair.

Ai places her tea set on the table, before sitting in front of Karin. The bluenette immediately snatches the blonde's left hand and puts it to her cold cheek.

“Aaah, so warm…”

“I can’t study like this, you know,” Ai chuckles despite herself, so Karin lets her hand go. “Anyway. I thought you had a job today, so you delayed your visit until undetermined time?”

“Change of plan! The job continues near your place, so I come to visit! Tomorrow I will depart for my job from here.”

She really wants to spend the night here, huh.

“As I have a test tomorrow, so I will study until late. I won't be able to accompany you sleeping, you know.”

Karin grins lecherously at that, “Oho? Straight to the ‘sleeping ’ part? Are you that thirsty for my love, darling?”

A vein pops out in Ai’s forehead at that blatant teasing, as she pulls out her hand, “Yeah right! Why is your mind always going through the gutter?”

“Kidding, kidding,” Karin waves her hand defensively.

A little annoyed, Ai chooses to pour a cup of tea instead and sips it slowly, until Karin continues.

“Although, I heard that a boost of dopamine after doing that would increase your concentration.”

It takes all of Ai’s willpower not to spit off her tea right there and now. She’s a grown woman, after all.

“Why you-?!” the blonde’s so sure now that Karin’s on the mood of some 'nightly activities', so she teases Ai relentlessly. Her annoyance at said girl that was forgotten by how adorable the bluenette acted, is coming back. “That’s it! Asaka Karin, sit straight!”

Surprised of Ai’s sudden high-pitched command, Karin does as she told to… and now she’s facing an angry Ai. A very angry Ai, in fact. She gulps, wondering what she did to deserve this.

As if she can read Karin’s bewildered expression, Ai turns her laptop screen for Karin to see… the Pocky ad. Said girl could only chuckles nervously throughout the ad. After it is finished, Ai glares silently at her, which is something she does when she’s really angry.

“Any explanation for this?”

“It was for work…?” Karin tries to explain, but when Ai’s still glaring at her, she coughs once, “well, of course I couldn’t tell you anything because it was in our contracts. You knew that, right?”

“I knew that! But, from everyone in your group, why are you always does that kind of fanservice-y things with Hiyori-san?”

Hiyori Kusakabe, Karin's “partner in crime” in the idol group, which is also her best friend. In fact, outside of ex-Nijigasaki School Idol Club, Hiyori's the only one that knows the relationship between Karin and Ai, which is a very risky thing to divulge as an idol. This shows the trust they have for Hiyori.

After realizing this though, a rare grin appears in Karin’s face as she stands up and approaching Ai, who’s now visibly fuming.

“Oh? Dare I say that Ai is… jealous?”

“... so what if I am?”

Karin just laughs at that outburst. Then, without saying anything, she goes back to Ai’s room where her bag is placed. After she returns, bringing with her... a box of Pocky. A special edition of one, with her own photo wearing idol costume, displayed on front.

“I prepared this for this very occasion. Do you want to play the game with me?”

“W-why are you suddenly want to play the game?!”

“Well, you looks like jealous because I played the game with Hiyori for work,” emphasis on work. “So now I'll compensate!”

Karin tears open the box and pulls out a stick of Pocky. It's the classic macha flavor, perfect for winter. She puts the stick in her mouth and walk slowly towards her flustered girlfriend. Ai, approached suddenly like that, can only walk backwards. Karin, unfairly, had another growth spurt after high school and now she stands clearly taller than Ai.

As she looms by, Ai hit her leg in a sofa and stumbles with a resounding oof. Karin, ever a predator, immediately pounces on her. The older girl puts away a strand of blue hair from her right ear, then descends slowly upon Ai...

At that moment, Ai mutters, “screw it” and pulls out the stick of Pocky from the attacker's mouth and immediately captures Karin's lips with her own.

The kiss is a rough and hungry one, with a side of artificial macha flavor on the side, as Karin reciprocates back easily. It was a kiss born of thirst, after almost three weeks not meeting each other.

Pocky Day be damned, Ai grumbles, as her hands exploring her lover's body....


In the end though, Ai's desire to study won over her thirst and they ended the tussle prematurely (not without Karin's disappointed whine though). As a compensation, she lets Karin sitting behind her and playing with her hair as she studies. 

“But seriously, Ai, did you really jealous of me and Hiyori over that ad?”

Ai almost smacks her head into her laptop, “Could you please let go of that? I was not thinking clearly, alright? Blame those three weeks that we weren't able to meet!”

“Hahaha, silly Ai,” Karin laughs again at that denial, “You know, beside our friends back at school idol club, Hiyori is our number one supporter.”

“Yeah, yeah... you win this time, Karin.”

The bluenette smiles adoringly at her girlfriend, then she sees the forgotten box of Pocky underneath the sofa. “Say, do you still want to play the game? Right now it is 11 PM on 11th November, pretty numbers!”

Ai squints at the clock on her laptop screen to see that it is now indeed 11 PM. The night is still young for a student like her, but the day is almost over. The Pocky Day is almost over.

"I don't care about that game anymore..."

As if to prove that, Ai tilts her head and kisses Karin softy.

“Why even bother? I can kiss you anytime without playing that silly, product placement, game.”

It takes all of Karin's willpower not to squeal like a schoolgirl right now, disturbing their neighbors.

- fin -