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Help me learn kryptonese.

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“Not to brag or something but I know 12 earth language as well as three alien languages.” Kara proudly smiled while looking at the astonished faces.

They were at a game night. It was more of a couple’s night accept they didn’t want to label that because well Kara and Lena. Both the women were single for quite long now so it was better not to make it awkward.

J’onn, Megan, Nia, brainy, Alex Kelly all were here and cuddling each other in the couch and the floor. They all looked so happy.

Kara was smiling too, things were quite and it felt like everything was fine. They had this game after ages, Kelly and Alex were constantly helping the community in any and every way possible. J'onn went to mars to visit his brother and of course meet the love of his life. While Kara was mainly in the field with Nia while Lena and brainy where always tinkering with their suits and gadgets to help them.

“I didn’t know that you were a genius, Kara.” Lena smiled with her head full of thoughts.

“I am not a genius am I am just average.” Kara replied a little too goofyly. 

“Yeah right.” Alex mocked. “Miss I am just average here always bragged about how she was at the member of the elite group of students when she was back on krypton and how she was one of the intelligent students.”

Everyone was shocked not because Kara was brilliant at her work but because they really had no idea about this whole new version of Kara.

“Oh, yeah and I remember, wasn't you the one who bragged that you studied calculus at the age of three or something.”

Kara just smiled. Actually, she had no idea how to react with this, “In my defense I will still not consider myself a genius. In my opinion genius is the one who can literally work on any field and can-do wonders. For example,” she looked at the green eyes looking into them with the curiously of a little cat, “like you know Lena. She is a genius she knows thing that I have no idea about. Well, lex too, he is genius yes, a sociopath but still a genius. That’s not me.”

“Okay, nerd. Then how is that you know more languages that me. The one you, kara danvers, call genius, huh?” Lena smiled still having a smug smile.

Kara had no idea what to say.

“I know 10 languages. Including naltourian. Nia helped me learn but that’s all.”

“If you want me, I can help you learn kryptonian language. It’s actually, pretty easy.” Kara offered and Lena was glad. In way they will have the time to spend together. After so long. this is really what lena wants.

“Great then.”

“Shall we continue” Kelly interrupted the staring game that the two women were playing. As they continued the game night.


Few days after when Lena and Kara found each other alone in the tower, as they both were talking about the new gadget Lena was working on with brainy and how Kara was so excited to use that. The topic abruptly changed into languages, “so Kara when are you going to teach me kryptonian language?”

“You want to learn?” Kara question while all Lena did was nod, “then we should start now. Never the best time than now. Right?”


“ Okay I am gonna show you how to introduce myself to you in kryptonese. And then will explain you each and every word I just said and then you can try if you want.”

“Yeah okay” Lena walked towards the table nearby as she sat there while Kara sat beside her just a little close, their knees were touching.

“My name is Kara zor-el and I am an alien.” She stated. “Now I will speak in kryptonese.”

Te threv nim Kara zor-el ze khap nim tai.” Kara consciously spoke slowly for Lena  to understand the words. Now let me explain.” Lena nodded with her brows furrowed that showed that now she was much concerted.

Kara’s words felt so different those were mare simple kryptonese but, lena felt her body shiver, her skin felt warm, her body was hot and her cheeks suddenly catched blush.

te mean my” Kara explained. Lena followed, “te


“threv means name”, again Lena followed, “threv


“nim means is”, Lena followed, “nim.”


“Ze means and”, Lena followed, “ze


“khap means am”, again Lena followed, “khahp”

“it’s khap, they both have their meanings you know. ‘khap' is the word for femininity and ‘khahp’ the word you spoke is for masculinity.” Lena nodded for the following.

“Now my student,” Kara says with a hit of drama in her voice, “it’s your turn, make your teacher proud.”

Lena adorably cliched her nose as she chuckled, today Kara looked more beautiful, today her friend looked more caring and funnier, today Kara feels much closer, today Lena wants to her friend…but not in a platonic way, today Lena wants to kiss Kara.

It’s not just the first time Lena felt like that, this feeling was there, but she doesn’t remember when or how this feel vanished and then came back.

Fuck, this feeling is bad. Lena this feeling is bad. Don’t think about your best friend like that. She is you friend. Not your lov…

“Lena” Kara snapped her fingers in front of Lena’s thoughtful face, “you, okay?” Lena simply smiled and nodded, “yeah I am”

“What were you thinking?”

Your neck, your muscle, your torso, your lips oh that soft lips.

“I was thinking would you call a human in kryptonese.” Lena quickly questioned. With a forced smile.

“Oh, right yeah.” She smiled.  “a kryptonese word for human is human.” 

Lena followed took few seconds to frame the words together. And then spoke, “te threv nim lena keren Luthor-walsh ze khep” Lena was looking at a hopeful puppy trying remember every word and saying it correctly in a way that is feel correct.

“I have tears in my eyes Lena.” Kara smiled and gestures as if she is wiping her tears in  dramatic way. “You are brilliant, I am proud of you” and hugged her so tightly.

Damn you Kara Danvers I am not immune to your Charam and your hugs.

“I had a good teacher, thank you teacher. I hope that you will now help me learning the language.” 

“Oh yes Definitely I will.”


Alex was stressing out about Esme; her daughter was not easy to understand and well Kelly is not really immune to her sweet smile too.

“esme wants, ice cream for lunch for two days and pizza for breakfast and sandwiches for dinners” she explained that Nia, who was laughing her ass of, how this was all so funny to her and it was pissing Alex off bad.

“She is a kid Alex give her break” Nia smiled.

“I know she is a kid that is why I am convincing Kelly and Esme both actually that she should eat healthy food.”

“Okay listen, Esme asked her to eat theses junk just for two days, right?”


“it’s won’t harm her. She will be fine. My opinion on making kids happy is to give them what they need, but not too much.”

As both the women entered the tower with rather different kind of conversation, Nia was not really sure what was going on but she was sure that golden sleeper and magical fingers (code name for Lena) where talking in code language.

“And you know what, I love Esme she is a good kid but she is stubborn and yes this sometimes remind me of my childhood but still, now I understand how Eliza handled my without any problem- “as Alex continued ranted about her daughter Nia stopped her and asked a little quietly.

“Hey what are they doing?” Nia questioned.

“Oh, that yeah, in past few weeks Kara is helping lena learn how to speak kryptonese.” Alex explained casually.

“Oh, but this is going intense” Nia looked concerned, “I mean look.” nia looked that the pair's direction.

Alex looked toward as the two women aggressively talking about things that Alex barely understand. “oh yeah I know they generally talk like that when they are talking in kryptonese. Don’t worry Nia, it’s weird I am seeing this for weeks and let me tell you Kara talks to Lena and then Lena has a diary where is note down new words and they talk and debate and it’s kind of annoying but they are enjoying it, so let them be.”

“Hmm okay”.

From the other side of the room Kara and are aggressively talking about how pineapple pizza is not a really pizza or how it is.

After two hours of intense debit. They both ended up laughing about how silly this is and how its fine.

“I love talking to you about anything. It’s fun,” Lena says her eyes soft and clear that this dueling feeling is finally gone and now she knows what she wants and want is needs.

“I love spending time with you.” Kara spoke with a hint of hesitation, and looked with a smile.

“Lena, khap shovuh rip chao khap fahtul rip.” Lena is little confused what just Kara said.

“What is the meaning of ‘shovuh’” Lena was vaguely turning her diary's page and then found the page there she wrote the words, and the word explained, “love”

It took a moment for Lena to understand maybe, she is not sure what to say, “oh”

'Lena, I love you and I can’t lose you'

“You don’t have to say that Lena, I respect what you think and I will respect your decision.”

Lena was out of space for a moment, her legs were touching with Kara and then her voice pretty low when she speaks again, she has a smile and is somewhat loving this Kara who Sutter but, she says, “Lena is smiling now, I love you too kara." Kara is kind of confuse she is not really sure and then Lena kissed her on cheeks.

Kara knows that this risk was necessary for her to take a leep and telling Lena how she feels.

“oh” Kara’s expectations were something else entirely, she thought of so many things including a slap from Lena but not this. They stared at each other not sure what to say or even do.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake kiss each other, now.” Alex and Nia shouted from the other side of room.

And so, they did.

And it was beautiful.