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When I think of the future I see you in mine

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Lena walks into Kara’s apartment, to find her sitting on the window sill just looking out.

“Kara darling are you ok?”

“I want a family.”


Kara fondly looks at Lena.

“I said I want a family, preferably with you.”

“What???” Lena says louder.

She smiles as she looks fondly at Lena, “After we left the wedding and you left for your place and I had to go to mine, all I could think of was what I wanted. What I envision my future to be. And there are a couple of things that never change. My family, being supergirl, and most importantly you.”

Lena's just looking at Kara, so she continues.

“I finally figured out why it took me so long to tell you that I was Supergirl.”

“When I met you and we became friends I knew instantly I wanted to be your friend, I wanted you in my life. Everyone was telling me you're a Luthor, and you are one but you're also so much more. And I believed in you, just like you've always believed in Kara Danvers. And we became friends and that need to be your friend, to keep you in my life kept growing, not knowing that that need was love. I had been in love with you for such a long time I just didn't see it. Till today, at the wedding, when I was imagining my future.”

She turns to Lena, “do you want me to tell you?”

Lena slowly nods.

“I see myself working in CatCo as a reporter, I'm still supergirl working with you at the tower with all of the superfriends.”

“We go to Argo because I really want to re-introduce you to my parents as my girlfriend. And show you my culture, I will share with you everything I know as a Kryptonian and Kara.”

“Maybe we'll get a new place if you're willing because god Lena I really want to make a home with you. We'll get a dog or a cat or you know, not if you want to.” she pouts at that thought.

“And maybe in a couple of years we'll go back to Argo to get married or on earth it really doesn't matter to me so long as you're the one I am marrying. “

“The main point Lena when I think about my future all I could think of is a future with you, and Rao, do you want that too??”

Lena's silent, she has been the whole time Kara was talking and she had been afraid to look at her friends reaction.

Not until she feels a hand on her arm, and she looks, and she sees a soft smile on Lena's face.

Lena lifts up her hand to softly caress Kara’s cheek.

“Darling I would love nothing more than to have you in my future. That sounds like a dream, a dream I didn’t know I could have, not until you told me you wanted it too.”

“And do you really think I would not let you have a dog or a cat?”

“We'll get married on both Argo and Earth if that's what you wish, because just like you I don't care where I get married so long as it's to you!”

Kara lifts up her hand to hold Lena's hand to her cheek, she leans her face towards the hand and closes her eyes as tears slowly fall.

“Really? You want this too??”

Lena smiles, “darling just like you, I've loved you for a long time, the difference between us was, I've known a while.”

Kara frowns, “Why didn't you tell me??”

“Well darling, I have been flirting with you for years without any response from you, I thought you were not interested.”

“I am! Rao I am! I just- didn't realize that you were flirting. I'm not really good at flirting. I don't know how, I learned english through 1950s sitcoms.”

Lena chuckles, “that makes so much sense, especially since I've heard you say golly, gosh darn it and jeez louise.”

Kara pouts, “don’t make fun of me”

Lena laughs softly, “I’m not”

Kara still pouting looks at Lena, “I tell you I love you and you laugh at me.”

Lena has to bite her cheek to control her smile, “I am not laughing at you.”

“You are.”



“Kiss me”

And Kara smiles as she leans towards Lena to place a soft kiss on her lips.

And when Lena pulls back with a smile on her face she answers, “In case it was not clear, I love you too.”