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Being a valet, to Jeon Jeongguk, is a living hell.

It’s not because an alpha working as a servant is frowned upon. Not because his employers treat him badly – quite the contrary, actually: when he was only a 15-year-old orphan without any education and future prospects, Lord Kim took him under his wing, gave him a job at his mansion, and even when he presented as an alpha as soon as he turned 18, he allowed Jeongguk to stay in proximity of his omega children.

Jeongguk studied. He climbed the servant hierarchies by means of his hard work and commitment and now, ten years later, he’s the personal valet tending to Lord Kim’s youngest son, Kim Seokjin.

He’s also irrevocably, unapologetically, in love with him. But coming from two different social classes, his love is also not meant to be. And Jeongguk’s heart breaks a little more every time he’s reminded of it.

One of the times when Jeongguk has to face his unrequited feelings is when his rut strikes. Once every two months, he has to spend an entire week away from Seokjin, in the arms of another omega, seeking relief elsewhere when the only thing his heart yearns for, is to kiss Seokjin senseless as they rock against each other.

Jeongguk tries to be as lucid as possible when he takes the omegas, making sure he never knots anyone by accident. It’s physically painful because his knot practically begs to be squeezed by an omegan hole, but Jeongguk always pulls out before climaxing in a condom. Afterwards, feeling dirty and shameful, he scrubs himself as thoroughly as possible, to the point he almost bleeds, to remove their foreign smells from his skin. Needless to say, tears often blur his vision.

It’s even more painful when Jeongguk can’t see Seokjin because the omega is in heat, a heat he spends with someone else.

Jeongguk is lucky he can tend to him as his valet despite being an alpha, but heats are a forbidden period. When he’s allowed close to Seokjin again, back to helping him put on his clothes, Jeongguk always catches his breath as long as possible to not sense another alpha’s scent on his young master, but his nose is traitorous and always sniffs it anyway. Stomach churning, Jeongguk struggles to stay composed, lowering his gaze while straightening and pulling the lapels of Seokjin’s jacket. The first time it happened, he almost smashed his bedside table.

He’s terrified that one day he’ll sense Seokjin is pregnant with pups – someone else’s ones, not his. They could never be Jeongguk’s.

What Jeongguk doesn’t see, is the immense pain in the other’s eyes. The flash of guilt that travels across Seokjin’s face when he realizes Jeongguk smelled the foreign musk on him. The pang of hurt in Seokjin’s chest when he himself catches another omega’s fragrance still clinging to Jeongguk’s body.

What Jeongguk doesn’t know, is that Seokjin cries when alphas take him. The need to be knotted clashes with his yearning for Jeongguk to be the one with him, inside him. He always uses protections, not wanting to tie himself to a different alpha – despite his own family wanting him to settle for good. His heats have been heaven and hell in the same breath for five years, now.

Sometimes, Seokjin deludes himself that Jeongguk wants him back, feeling the alpha’s nimble fingers lightly touching his shoulders, his neck, his waist while helping Seokjin get dressed, sending tingles all over his body. And Jeongguk does exactly the same, thinking he sensed a lingering gaze pinned on him while he’s turning his back to Seokjin – but finding the omega’s dark brown eyes looking away when Jeongguk turns again.

Years of pining, keeping their feelings bottled inside, uselessly trying to get over each other, just making do with the brief moments of complicity they share – when their eyes just meet across a room after hearing something funny, and small, amused tugs of lips ensue. So blinded by social customs they never realized there’s much more behind – something mutual and precious.


Seokjin is distressed. This morning his heat faded and, as soon as he could, he bluntly asked the alpha who had been with him for five days to leave him alone. His parents weren’t happy when they were informed about how his guest had been seen hurriedly leaving the Kim mansion like something beastly was chasing him. His father made it very clear to Seokjin that he couldn’t keep doing so; he was expected to mate just like his older brother before him, and good matches had been lining up for quite a while, now. Just suck it up and choose one, he seemed to tell him.

What would his family do if they found out that Seokjin had already chosen? Would his father fire Jeongguk and send him away? Worse, would he kill him on the pretence of avenging his son’s honour?

Seokjin wasn’t sure he could live without Jeongguk by his side. It was selfish but sincere.

Alcohol wasn’t a vice Seokjin particularly liked indulging in, but when things with his family got hard, half a glass of whisky was his best companion. And Jeongguk was his drinking buddy, even though the younger, more often than not, just stood there in a corner of Seokjin’s bedroom, listening to his words that said too little and his silences that said just enough, before Seokjin decided it was time to go to bed and dismissed him. It’s a bit scandalous, truly, how the alpha is allowed in the chambers of his omega master so late in the night.

The dim light of the lamp on his bedside table casts a golden glow on Seokjin’s skin, accentuating his soft features. He looks sad, Jeongguk silently notices from his position across him, between the vanity and an armchair.

They say you should drink alcohol only when you are happy, but tonight Seokjin doesn’t care. He needs to wallow in his misery for a while with the taste of strong whisky on his tongue.

And maybe, he ponders, tonight could be the right time for heartbreak, so that he can finally cut unfulfilled ties and move on with his life, being his parents’ filial son. His love is like a branch littered with perennially frozen buds, anyway.

He downs the rest of the liquor and swallows hard, putting the glass back on the coaster. I’m not drunk enough for this, he thinks. Not even remotely.

Seokjin had never let his mind stray too much to the thought of Jeongguk being intimate with someone. Always avoided it not to suffer more than necessary. Always believed that if he didn’t think about it, it wasn’t really happening.

What a fool he was. He knew damn well about the omegas going in and out of Jeongguk’s bedroom in the servants’ quarters.

Now, Seokjin lets himself think about them. Innocently, at first, then writhing under the alpha’s lean and muscular body, moaning to his ear. While Jeongguk kisses them. While Jeongguk marks them. While Jeongguk bree–

A slip of the tongue. “How many of them did you breed?” Seokjin blurts, voice sharper, chest churning, a nauseated feeling sitting in his throat.

Eyes widening, Jeongguk startles then blushes at that. Did he hear it wrong? Is this a joke? Is Seokjin drunk? He scans the other – sitting on the edge of the armchair, robe slightly slipping off one shoulder, showing the turquoise pyjamas shirt underneath, dark hair a bit dishevelled, and the saddest expression Jeongguk has ever seen. He doesn’t look drunk at all, just… unbearably in pain.

“None, milord,” he answers after a beat of hesitation, then adds, “I do not… I never do.”

Seokjin feels a pang of joy in his chest. Tone it down, he chastises himself. It doesn’t mean anything.

He squares his shoulders, sitting a little straighter, faking nonchalance as he asks, “Why is that? I recall you telling my father you wanted a family of your own.”

Jeongguk fidgets. “I do, milord. It’s just…” – I want it with you.

“Too early, maybe? You’re only 25, after all,” Seokjin supplies.

Yes, he should say. He knows it, and yet… “No, milord.”

Now, Jeongguk doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“Then what’s stopping you?” the omega prods, words carving like sharp knives. Jeongguk gulps.

 “… I don’t want a family with any of them.”

Seokjin visibly inhales, looks like he’s thinking about it. Then he reaches for the bottle and pours two fingers of whisky in his glass. He downs it hastily and flinches before asking, voice quivering a little, “Do you want it with someone else, then?”

This whole situation was unexpected.

Jeongguk can’t meet Seokjin’s eyes, so he looks down to his feet while floundering for words. He could just lie, couldn’t he? But he doesn’t want to lie to Seokjin. He doesn’t want to adulterate his feelings as much as he doesn’t want to lay them bare and be rejected. He’s trapped in a corner without a way out.

Please don’t make me say it. “I can’t possibly answer that,” he mutters to himself with an unamused chortle, but his voice comes out loud enough for Seokjin to hear him.

Seokjin feels his heart sinking. He has someone, he laments. Are they from the town? Oh God, from the house?

He swallows a bitter rush of bile, asking with the most unaffected voice he can muster, “Who are they? Do I know them?” Well done, Seokjin. Break your heart. Move on once and for all. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?

Jeongguk can’t believe Seokjin. What the hell is he doing? What’s with this interrogation? Why are they talking about this, why now?

His hands ball into fists. Jeongguk grits, giving the omega a stern look, “Apologies, milord, but I won’t be answering your questions about my personal life anymore. Now, if you please allow me, I would like to go back to my bedroom.”

“No,” is Seokjin’s dry answer. “Answer first, then you may leave.” Please take me out of this delusion, Jeongguk. I want to forget you, please help me, he silently pleads.

Jeongguk’s eyes widen, and he sounds mildly affronted asking, “Are you ordering me now?”

“Yes. Yes, I am. If they are from the house, I… my family will need to judge whether it’s appropriate.” What kind of bullshit are you spewing, Kim Seokjin? “Just… answer me.”


Jeongguk’s yell startles the both of them. Seokjin blinks. Huh. Wrong, wrong approach.

“I can’t… won’t answer this, milord, please understand,” Jeongguk scrambles, getting away from his corner, heading to the door while still looking at Seokjin. Eyes a little glassy, not crying but almost there. The omega stands up, his mouth gaping.

“Are you in trouble, Jeongguk?” Now he’s worried. He really can’t understand why Jeongguk is reacting like this. “Do you…” a gulp, “do you need me to help? So that you can… be with them?” This is your greatest idea of all time, Kim Seokjin, the voice inside his head mocks him.

Jeongguk is frozen in place. Looking at Seokjin as if he’s talking to a crazy man.

The thought of Seokjin helping him with courting and mating another omega is just…

“… You’re hurting me like this,” Jeongguk whispers, tears on the brink of welling up in the corner of his eyes. “You really, really don’t understand, milord.”

“Then help me understand,” Seokjin pleads. I didn’t think I'd upset you, and seeing you like this is making me anxious.

The alpha diverts his eyes. “‘Complicated’ would be an understatement for my situation.”

Seokjin isn’t relenting. “Jeongguk, listen to me. I can see you are distressed right now, and you said you’re hurting, so… I’m worried. We’ve been acquainted for ten years and you have been my valet for half of them. I’d want you to consider me as someone you can confide your worries to.” Even if it’s about your love life that I’d rather not think about.

“Milord, I…” Jeongguk trails off. It’s true, he realizes. Seokjin and he met long before he fell for the omega. During Jeongguk’s first years in the house, he liked how Seokjin never looked down on him despite their age difference and the omega’s maturity. Considered their bond as a budding friendship, before realizing he wasn’t looking at Seokjin in a platonic way anymore. His heart was constantly swelling with both yearning and pain that Jeongguk had momentarily forgotten there used to be comradeship between them.

He takes in Seokjin’s appearance before him, how soft he looks in his robe, slumped broad shoulders, mussed hair and chewed plump lips. The omega’s dark brown eyes are full of genuine worry and care.

Maybe, Jeongguk can allow his heart to open up without fearing judgement and whatever consequences it might bring.

“It’s you,” he says, pouring all his courage into four little words. “It’s always been you.

Seokjin’s heart somersaults, a lump rises in his throat. It can’t be. Surely it’s a misunderstanding, right? “Me… What?”

“I have never wanted anyone else but you,” Jeongguk affirms, a glassy look in his eyes. After all these years, it’s out.

He wants me. It’s as if a swarm of dormant butterflies woke up in Seokjin’s belly and is now stirring his insides to fly out.

“You want me,” Seokjin repeats, firm voice contrasting his tumultuous feelings.

Jeongguk visibly freezes. He’s angry. What the hell was I thinking? Bowing, he adds in panic, “My apologies, milord, I overstepped my boundaries. I understand if you’re firing me. In fact, I’ll go and pack–”

He can’t finish his sentence because a hand cradles his chin, lifting his head up, and then soft, soft lips are delicately pressing on his.


Seokjin is kissing him.

Long fingers caress Jeongguk’s cheek as he envelops Seokjin in his arms, closing his eyes, pulling him closer. Their heads tilt for a better angle, plump lips slotting together and moving against each other for the very first time. Jeongguk’s tongue darts out and tentatively licks Seokjin’s lips, asking for access. The elder opens up with a tiny gasp, breathing, and Jeongguk tastes whisky in his mouth.

Seokjin emits a displeased sound when Jeongguk pulls away with a jolt and looks at him. Owlish eyes, lips a deep pink, almost swelling – I did it, Jeongguk preens – so, so close to his face, closer than ever, but… “Are you drunk?” he asks in a whisper, heart pounding against his ribcage.

Seokjin blinks slowly, gaze darting from Jeongguk’s eyes to his lips and back, the tip of his tongue peeking out. “I’m not.”

“Do you want me to believe it on parole?” The alpha lifts an eyebrow, half-sceptical.

“I drank one glass at most,” Seokjin sounds mildly affronted as he asks, “Should I, what, count your eyelashes for you to believe me?” He leans even closer, frowning at Jeongguk as he goes “One, two… three…” all the while trailing his fingertips on the younger’s eyebrow. “And four, plus five, nine…”

Jeongguk shudders from the feather-light touch, ultimately grabbing Seokjin’s hand, interlocking their fingers and shushing him with a playful, “I got it, I got it. Not drunk.”

Then, never breaking eye contact, Jeongguk takes a step forward, Seokjin takes a step back, and moments later, they are tumbling on the double bed, the omega yelping when he suddenly feels his back hitting the mattress.

Looming over Seokjin, Jeongguk is once again stunned by the beautiful view of the man under him – and really, he can’t believe they came to this. It feels like a dream, one where they keep kissing until the end of time.

Jeongguk readjusts his position, propping his elbows on each side of Seokjin’s head, and then he dips down, stopping just a hairbreadth from the other’s lips. “Is this okay?”

“Yes,” Seokjin answers, looking at him with eyes so fond, sneaking his hands around the alpha’s neck, playing with the soft hair on his nape. “Great, even.”

The distance is closed. Their lips dance together like lifelong acquaintances discovering each other all over again, slowly falling into a rhythm only known to them. Stuttered exhales are shared with one another, breaths becoming oxygen and a tether to the reality that now, there’s a them existing between brushing, eager lips.

Jeongguk can taste Seokjin’s natural flavour now, taking and swallowing his soft moans as their tongues curl around each other, lips tingling and swollen from the kiss. Slowly unravelling in each other’s arms, living in this moment they are sharing for the first – and most likely last – time.

Run away with me.

“I love you,” Seokjin pants on Jeongguk’s mouth, gulping for air. With half-lidded eyes, he arches his back afterwards, body flushing against the alpha’s, nostrils filled with a tinge of their mutual, rising arousals. “Make love to me.”

Let’s build a home together.

Jeongguk is used to disrobing Seokjin, but not like this – not while pecking his lips for every unfastened button of his pyjamas shirt, not with the elder reciprocating, almost frantically, sneaking his hands under Jeongguk’s uniform, bodies rocking together, smells mingling and filling the atmosphere, so heady the bedroom feels like caving in.

There’s a degree of desperation in the way Seokjin kisses Jeongguk, nibbling his lower lip to the point of almost biting and drawing blood. His hands traverse the planes of the alpha’s naked torso, from his shoulders to his muscular arms, clinging to them while sensually rubbing his hard member against Jeongguk’s equally aroused crotch.

“Easy, there,” the younger half says half moans in his ear as Seokjin burrows his nose in Jeongguk’s neck, inhaling his strong cinnamon scent. “We have,” just tonight, “the whole night.”

“I want you,” Seokjin mutters, licking a fat stripe along the column of Jeongguk’s neck, tasting the faint flavour of sweat on his tongue. He cups the other’s face afterwards, looking at him dead in the eyes. “I want to be yours.”

A pleased, hungry rumble shakes Jeongguk’s chest as he seizes Seokjin’s lips in a searing kiss, and then he scoots down, lifts Seokjin’s hips just enough, and dives face first between the omega’s thighs.

Seokjin covers his mouth and flushes a rich shade of scarlet when he feels Jeongguk’s hair tickling his inner thighs, warm breath brushing the base of his shaft, and then – oh – Jeongguk’s tongue is giving a tentative, barely-there lick to his puckered hole, already oozing with slick.

“God, you taste like strawberries,” Jeongguk groans, burying himself further between Seokjin’s thighs. “I’d bottle it and drink it forever.”

Jeongguk eats him out just like he kisses: slow, attentive and deep. Seokjin thinks he might come just from this, precum dripping and smearing all over his belly. The alpha breathes against his balls, pushing forward and deeper, tongue caressing his inner walls and lips coaxing him to open wider – it’s like he’s making out with his hole, and Seokjin almost falls over the edge at the imagery, hips jerking uncontrollably in Jeongguk’s hold.

“Jeongguk, please… please—

“I got you,” the younger replies emerging from between his thighs, licking his smeared lips, and Seokjin just blushes more. “Condoms?”

The omega shakes his head. “Don’t want them.” Another low growl finds his way out of Jeongguk’s throat. Seokjin cocks one eyebrow and smirks, amused. “Oh, you like the idea, I see.”

“Yes,” Jeongguk doesn’t even try to act ashamed, eyes smouldering, dark with lust. “I want that, with you.”

Seokjin isn’t sure he’ll survive the night, with his heart doing somersault after somersault.

Jeongguk crawls back on top of Seokjin, never breaking eye contact as he drags his hard shaft up against Seokjin’s thigh, excruciatingly slow, their chests heaving, gasping together in between an open-mouthed kiss, too much tongue and fluttering eyelids, when the tip of the alpha’s cock catches at the omega’s rim.

“Before we go any further,” Jeongguk murmurs as Seokjin cups his cheeks and captures his bottom lip in a frenzied, lustful nibble, “I feel the need to clarify… that I love you too.”

The last words are punctuated by a smooth thrust of hips, Jeongguk’s cock sliding halfway inside Seokjin. It’s tight, wet, and velvety, and Jeongguk feels all his nerve endings catching fire.

Christ,” he curses, dropping his forehead in the crook of Seokjin’s neck, the omega arching into his chest, panting a pleasured groan, wiggling to take more of the length, hooking a leg around Jeongguk’s lower back.

The alpha carefully pushes forward, sliding deeper, all the while kissing the underside of Seokjin’s jaw, licking his collarbones and sucking his pert nipples, sensuous moans spilling from the omega’s lips. Once he bottoms out, Jeongguk stills and latches on the divot of Seokjin’s pecs, leaving wet trails in his wake, careful not to leave visible marks that would raise questions.

Feeling Jeongguk’s girth fully nestled inside him, heavy and pulsating against his prostate, sends Seokjin in a flurry of pleasure. He involuntarily clenches down on it, pulling it a little deeper, the already swelling base rubbing against his stretched hole.

Jeongguk rumbles and licks more eagerly at his taut collarbones, and Seokjin can sense his distress at not being able to mark him properly as his. He pats the alpha’s head, then lifts Jeongguk’s chin, brushing the messy fringes from his forehead and giving him a fond smile as he takes one of Jeongguk’s hands.

“It’s okay,” Seokjin lays a kiss on the knuckles. “You can’t claim me here,” he moves Jeongguk’s hand to the unmarred expanse of his own neck, “but you can make me yours here.” And he looks at Jeongguk right in the eyes as he rests the alpha’s hand on his belly.

Speechless is a euphemism for Jeongguk’s status. With eyes as wide as saucers, he stares at Seokjin, then trails his gaze down to where his hand is placed on the omega’s belly, just mere centimetres above Seokjin’s flushed cock that’s curving on his lower abdomen.

Vivid images flash chaotically on the forefront of his mind – Seokjin cuddling his round belly, cooing sweet nothings to the growing life inside – and Jeongguk’s scent dramatically spikes, filling the whole room with a rich cinnamon aroma.

Next thing Seokjin knows, his arms are pinned on the mattress above his head, a long, powerful thrust delivered against his prostate, and Jeongguk is whispering to his ear, voice sultry: “Careful with words. It might get a little dangerous.”

Seokjin smirks, tilting his head to the side to look at the alpha. “Why is that?”

Because, Jeongguk doesn’t say, I might think I can be your last when I’m just a parenthesis.

He doesn’t answer, kissing Seokjin senseless instead as he sets a steady, slow pace of thrusts, rolling his hips in and out as he drinks the elder’s each and every moan until their lungs scream for air.

Caged by Jeongguk’s body, Seokjin feels safer than with any other alpha. Care flows from the younger in waves, contrary to the hunger he is used to sensing in the alphas who slept with him only to fuck an omega’s eager hole through his heat.

Seokjin never told anyone that the searing pleasure of his arousals was sometimes interlaced, other than longing, with the worry that one of the alphas would cross the line.

Jeongguk’s grip on his wrists is firm but gentle, his body weighing on him without cutting the airflow, his tongue delicately curling in Seokjin’s mouth, lapping in earnest, and the omega’s insides pulsate at the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Jeongguk exhales low pants of pleasure every time Seokjin’s fluttering hole clamps his cock in the erotic equivalent of a chokehold – which is a frequent occurrence. He can’t remember it happening with the omegas he spent his ruts with – he would rather not think about them right now, really – and it’s sending him closer to the edge, Seokjin’s tender walls enveloping his shaft as if he didn’t want to ever let him go.

He would like that.

Jeongguk pulls out almost completely, moves his hands to Seokjin’s thighs and slides back inside with a sharper thrust that hits the prostate head-on, growling “Seokjin…” to the omega’s ear.

Seokjin’s heart flips from hearing his own name coming out from Jeongguk’s lips for the first time in ten years. He clenches down hard and the tension in his guts snaps as the orgasm curses all over his body, cock twitching and spilling thick ribbons of white cum all over his belly. Mind fuzzy with endorphins, he can feel Jeongguk’s tongue roaming his abs, plunging in his belly button, and his ears are distantly graced with satisfied grunts.

It’s only when he comes down from his high that Seokjin notices the empty feeling in his lower regions. Cracking one eye – which he didn’t realize he closed – open while propping against his elbows, he finds Jeongguk completely pulled out of him. Eyes screwed shut, bottom lip tucked between his teeth, hand wrapped around his hard member and thumb brushing the flared head flushing a raging, scarlet shade.

Seokjin frowns. “What are you doing?”

Jeongguk freezes, release slipping away from him, cock so painfully hard he almost whines from distress. He lifts his gaze to Seokjin, who’s blinking at him with a confused look.

“I am… trying to cum…?”

“I can see that, it’s just… I thought you would cum inside? I-If you want!” Seokjin quickly backpedals, seeing Jeongguk’s jaw literally falling. The younger looks close to a heart attack. “That’s basically what I meant before, that you may knot me and, and everything, but if you aren’t comfortable, sure, you can jerk off and I’ll watch. May I watch?”

Jeongguk flounders and gulps. “Yes, I’d like that.”

“Me watching you?”

“No, me cumming inside you.”

“Ah.” Seokjin feels unbearably hot. Jeongguk’s situation is not that different, either.

No one moves. Jeongguk is rooted on his knees at the foot of the bed, between Seokjin’s ankles, trying to process that he’s going to properly knot and cum inside for the first time since he presented, and more than anything, with the man he loves. He’s feeling a bit – a lot – light-headed. Doesn’t even notice the omega shifted from his position until he finds himself with a lap full of Seokjin.

“I can hear you overthinking,” Seokjin says pecking the tip of Jeongguk’s nose. “We don’t have to if you don’t feel like it. No reasons asked.”

“I want to,” Jeongguk answers, leaning in to brush his swollen lips to Seokjin’s equally bitten, red ones, settling his hands on the other’s slim waist. “Really want you to be my first.”

“Your–?” Seokjin’s questioning words morph to a breathy groan as the tip of Jeongguk’s cock pushes inside. It’s only the second time he takes it but he was missing it.

It must be because there is nothing, Seokjin surmises, as being intimate with the person you’re in love with.

Jeongguk carefully breaches inside, sinking slowly, Seokjin’s muscles shifting around his dick, pressing against it in an amalgamation of both pleasure and pain. He’s aching and feels like he could pop from one moment to the next.

“I have never,” Jeongguk starts explaining as Seokjin gasps for air, voice low and scorching, “knotted anyone before.” Hips rocking, he pushes deeper. “It felt like cheating on you.” And deeper, until his half-swollen knot rubs against Seokjin’s hole. “I have only been thinking about you since I was 17.”

Seokjin looks at him in the eyes, and gulps from the fiery flame of want swirling in the dark orbs. He slowly trails the tip of this tongue on his bottom lip, Jeongguk following the movement, transfixed.

“Then it’s time you claim me,” Seokjin purrs as he grinds down on Jeongguk’s lap, firmly cupping the alpha’s face next. “You’ll mount me so well.”

The words tip Jeongguk over the edge. He launches himself forward with what can only be described as an animalistic growl, pressing Seokjin against the mattress and holding his thighs in a bruising grip around his hips as he pushes his knot through the tight ring of muscles, effectively locking them together.

Seokjin’s guts quake around the hard length inside him and he digs his nails in Jeongguk’s back and cums, a moan of “Jeongguk” muffled against the alpha’s shoulder, trapped cock spurting between their flush bodies.

The unrelenting squeeze around his knot sends Jeongguk spiralling, waves of pleasure washing over him as he spills inside Seokjin, warm cum filling the omega.

His lover’s blissed-out face and half-lidded gaze roaming his features keep him going. Despite the limited room of manoeuvre allowed by his knot, Jeongguk keeps riding his orgasm, mounting Seokjin to their hearts’ content. Ultimately, he collapses half on top of Seokjin, panting hard as he waits for his deafening heartbeat to slow down and his knot to deflate.

He chances a side glance to Seokjin and finds him already looking at him, eyebrow cocked and the hint of a pleased smirk on the corner of his lips.

“… I can’t believe that did the trick. ‘Mount’?” Seokjin giggles fondly.

“Please don’t say anything,” Jeongguk pleads, feeling himself blushing.

Smiling brightly, Seokjin leans in and pecks him on the nose. “Cute.”

They shift to a more comfortable position, laying on their sides while facing each other. It’s not the best with the alpha’s knot still inside – spooning would be better – but Jeongguk wants to kiss Seokjin some more.

The glide of their lips together is delicate and tender, given that they are stinging, still red and swollen from all the attention they got earlier. Seokjin’s plush bottom lip slots between Jeongguk’s ones, the younger suckling and licking on it. Slightly parting his lips to adjust his hold, he’s met by Seokjin’s tongue gently probing for access. And, since Jeongguk is but a man and kissing Seokjin might just be his new favourite thing, he allows him, intent on mapping the other’s mouth before the sand in the hourglass of their time together runs out.


Jeongguk’s knot took longer than expected to go down – mainly because he kept lazily thrusting inside while they were kissing, occasionally spurting some more, and Seokjin felt cum caressing his belly in gentle waves, making him preen from how full he was.

When Jeongguk finally stopped moving, giving them both some respite, fatigue made itself known. Seokjin was pretty sure he had dozed off, at some point, because he hadn’t noticed Jeongguk pulling out.

Drifting on the edge of sleep and wake, he distantly feels a warm, familiar tongue lapping his shallow abs, moving down. He’s jolted out of his haziness when a hand settles on his knee, lifting his leg up and parting his thighs.

Seokjin whines feeling cold slickness dripping from his hole. It’s almost immediately overcome by the velvet touch of a tongue wiping it clean in slow motions, mouthing the supple meat of his inner thighs, hair brushing against the sensitive skin.

Jeongguk is not even that close to his opening but Seokjin feels himself lightly twitching and it’s just too much. The omega shifts to close his legs and curl on his side, but Jeongguk just keeps him in place, hooking Seokjin’s leg on his shoulder and spreading him further, pressing his tongue flat on his hole. Seokjin shivers, fluttering his eyes close. “Do you have an oral fixation or what?”

“I would keep my mouth on you all day,” Jeongguk just hums, burying his nose between Seokjin’s cheeks, tufts of fringes grazing his balls. The omega is growing light-headed by the second, he almost misses Jeongguk’s low sigh, “It’s hard…”

Already?” Seokjin literally squawks, flabbergasted. The alpha surely recovered way faster than him. His cock is not even halfway there and he’s still sensitive.

“… Remembering you cannot be mine when I can taste myself inside you.”

Seokjin’s heart pangs hard. He feels both extremely flustered and bitterly angry. He knows what Jeongguk means. All of these – their kisses, their lovemaking, even their feelings – just exist in a fold of time detached from the rest of the world. In the intimacy of his bedroom, they can pretend they are the only ones on Earth, that Seokjin’s family, Jeongguk’s colleagues and the judging society can’t reach them. As soon as the morning comes, they’ll be back to where they stand – nothing to each other in the eyes of the world but a valet and his master.

But now they know, that they mean more to each other than what the world could ever fathom. They are not nothing, they are something – and possibly, they could be just everything.

“Let’s run away together.” Seokjin’s voice cuts through the atmosphere, grave and pained.

Jeongguk stops and looks up from between the omega’s thighs, glistening mouth parted in surprise. “You want to elope? With me?”

“Yes,” Seokjin nods, firm. “No matter what… I want to be with you.”  Do you want it too?

Jeongguk looks torn, forehead creasing as if he’s deep in thought. Seokjin starts doubting. Sure, Jeongguk told him he loved him. But maybe he didn’t really mean it. What if–

“… I’d like it.”

Seokjin’s blooming panic is cut just like that.

Jeongguk puts Seokjin’s leg down, straightening on his knees. The look in his eyes is hard. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to us, but I can’t go back to how things were. I didn’t think it was even possible, but I want you even more than before. I’ve never allowed myself to be so greedy, but I can’t back down on this.” His voice softens, eyes roaming across Seokjin’s face and body. “I want everything and I want a family with you. I’m in love with you, Kim Seokjin.”

Heart bursting at the seams, the omega scoots closer until their knees are touching, cradling Jeongguk’s face and showering the alpha’s face with pecks and ‘I love you too’s. Jeongguk giggles, leaning into the feathery touch, utter disbelief at how his life is about to make a complete turn.

Seokjin looks at him as if he carried all the good things in the world, and Jeongguk promises to himself he’ll make him happy at all costs.

“Hello, mate,” Seokjin whispers, so close to him, a smile dancing on his lips.

“Hello to you too, mate.” Jeongguk almost stutters the last word from how elated he is.

“Now,” Seokjin’s smile turns mischievous, “let me just check how we taste.”

Closing his eyes, Jeongguk leans in to meet Seokjin in a breathtaking kiss, but, instead of lips, he receives a shove that sends his back down on the mattress with a yelp, shoulders and head dangling from the bed.

Not even a moment later, his legs are yanked open, and Jeongguk feels the touch of Seokjin’s breath on his inner thigh.

The alpha has a nice dick, Seokjin surmises seeing it up close, hanging between two strong thighs, still coated in cum and slick. He leans in, burrowing in the crook of Jeongguk’s leg just beside his cock, inhaling the strong scent of strawberries and cinnamon.

Jeongguk’s breath stutters when Seokjin gives a kittenish lick to the tip of his cock and hums, wrapping his lips around the head and suckling on it afterwards.

“F-fuck,” the alpha groans, his dick straining in interest, squirming under the ministrations of Seokjin’s mouth, not knowing whether to lean against the touch or scoot away.

Jeongguk’s sounds go right to Seokjin’s belly, making heat pool in his guts, slick beading and sliding down from his hole to his balls, to his twitching cock.

“Do you like it?” he hears Jeongguk asking.

The omega doesn’t know whether he’s referring to the taste or the cock in his mouth – probably both – and takes a moment to mull over his answer, before pulling away. “I do. Not because it’s strawberries and cinnamon, but rather because it’s us. I bet it’s wafting all the way to the corridor. If someone were to walk past the door now, they would immediately know what we are doing.” He licks his lips and purrs, “Would you like them to?”

Jeongguk’s audible gulp is enough of an answer.

“They would know right away the valet has taken the lord’s youngest,” Seokjin continues, voice low and sultry, going back to gently lapping Jeongguk’s length, savouring it. The alpha fights back the urge to buck his hips. “His lord’s omega son who came out of his heat not that long ago. What if,” Seokjin drinks in Jeongguk’s little moans of bliss, moving down to the base of his dick, murmuring “what if the valet got the young master pregnant?” at the same time he carefully scrapes his teeth on the delicate tissue of the alpha’s swelling knot.

Overwhelmed by the sensation that sends his brain short-circuiting, Jeongguk squirms backwards and unexpectedly topples off the bed with a startled shriek.

Seokjin takes a moment to look down at him, sprawled on his back with open legs, strained erection, face flushed a dark shade of ruby, parted lips and eyes wide, before joining him on the floor. He straddles the alpha’s hips and perches himself on his lap, batting his eyelashes as he asks, flirty, “How do you like that?”

Jeongguk’s mind is reeling, swimming around the words “heat” and “pregnant” that so casually slipped from Seokjin’s lips. The imagery of the omega happily cradling his baby bump comes back ten times stronger, coupled with that of his cum flooding out of Seokjin just earlier.

“Cat bit your tongue?” Seokjin prods, almost pouty, gently tapping the round tip of Jeongguk’s nose with his index finger. “Hmm? Jeon–”

Words die in his throat when the alpha flexes his abs and sits up, shushing him with a kiss. It’s brief but devouring, lips and tongues moulding together until Seokjin gasps in Jeongguk’s mouth, feeling a cock shifting and nestling between his ass cheeks, rubbing close to his opening.

 “I think,” Jeongguk starts, reaching his arms behind Seokjin, grabbing the duvet and yanking it hard until it falls on the floor, “you’d better stop talking,” he wraps the bedding around them with a swirl, “and let your mate take care of you.”

Jeongguk flips them over, sending Seokjin on his back, the potentially hard hit against the floor cushioned by the duvet that smells like them since before. The omega looks dazzling beneath him, dark hair mussed, eyes half-lidded, red lips slightly parted and flush high on his cheeks and ears. An angel ready for heaven.

“I am going to pleasure you.” Jeongguk leans down, hand reaching Seokjin’s ass, feeling his fingers being coated with slick. He aligns his cock to Seokjin’s entrance, smouldering gaze oozing unbridled want and pure love.

“I am going to worship you.” Mouth connects to the pert bud of a nipple, nibbling with purpose, tongue poking the reddened nub.

Seokjin sucks in a breath, back arching off the floor, chasing the sensation that leaves him too soon. “J-Jeongguk…”

Hot breath fans the omega’s earlobe, a promise is whispered only for him to hear as the tip of Jeongguk’s cock pushes in. “And I am going to breed you until you tell me to stop.”

Seokjin never tells him to stop.


The sliver of crescent moon hanging in the sky has long reached its apex and is waning outside Seokjin’s bedroom windows. Dawn will be upon them in a couple of hours, when the mansion slowly starts stirring back to its bustling daily routine.

Expect for Jeon Jeongguk, whose life has been kind of a fever dream since the sun went down.

Tidying Kim Seokjin’s bed up, despite not being one of his usual tasks, feels like a dash of normality. But the discarded bedding distinctly smells of sex and he’s wearing one of Seokjin’s pyjamas, and this – this is not normal at all.

It’s his new normal, though.

A gentle, chilly breeze sends a shiver down Jeongguk’s spine, and he’s reminded he should close the window. They had to open it at some point to get rid of the heavy scent permeating the room, realizing it was making their arousals spike to sky-high levels. Jeongguk could only think about staying connected as long as possible, bodies mirroring their hearts’ pulls towards each other, and Seokjin just clenched and clenched around the alpha’s knot as if he wanted to milk it dry.

The thought of the first rut and heat they’ll spend together leaves Jeongguk both unapologetically aroused and mildly terrified.

Now that the air is clearer and he’s feeling much calmer, his mind is more tempted to mull over the uncertainties ahead, but for the time being he forces himself to just enjoy the last hours of the night with Seokjin.

Seokjin, who’s in the other room taking a bath after hours of both rough mating and sweet, sloppy lovemaking. Alone, or else they would still be all over each other.

They both agreed to wash separately, but that didn’t stop Seokjin from following Jeongguk to the door while peppering his shoulders with kisses, or pulling Jeongguk in for a kiss which almost went south when the alpha stepped out wearing Seokjin’s pyjamas.

Jeongguk closes the window panes, pulls the long curtains close and walks to the bed, sitting on it just a few minutes before Seokjin exits the bathroom, skin a little flushed after the hot bath, dark hair fluffy, clean pyjamas shirt hanging a little loose from his broad shoulders. He looks so soft Jeongguk feels like he’s turning into a puddle of goo.

Their eyes meet across the room, like they did many times before, when they would immediately find each other even in a ballroom full of guests, as if it were just the two of them.

Jeongguk opens his arms wide, conveying a silent but crystal-clear message – Come to me – and smiles brightly, still incredulous he’s allowed to do this – to witness Seokjin cutely padding towards him sporting a look of pure happiness, launching himself into Jeongguk’s arms and enveloping him in a bone-crushing hug.

“I think I’m dying,” the alpha half splutters, half laughs, breathless.

Seokjin just hugs him harder, nuzzling the crook between his neck and shoulder. “Are you already making me a widow?” is his judgemental reply.

Jeongguk playfully scoffs. “We’re not even married.”

Squinting eyes glare at him. “Not yet.”

He chuckles, kissing Seokjin on the crown of the head, then on the tip of his nose.

They wriggle under the covers, laying on their sides while facing each other. Jeongguk is quick to wrap an arm around Seokjin’s waist and pull him close until they’re flush, legs tangling. After eight years of living at an arm’s length from the other, he can’t stand being separated anymore.

“Hello, there,” Seokjin whispers with a smile, willingly scooting closer, placing a hand on the alpha’s cheek and roaming his features. He traces Jeongguk’s brows with featherlight touches, the slope of a cute round nose, cupping a cheek, eyes lingering on the cupid bow he fervently kissed many, many times, and the charming freckle underneath it.

He flicks his gaze up, meeting dark, soft eyes bearing an affectionate gaze, filled with stars that would rival the ones embroidered in the night sky.

Exhaling softly, Jeongguk joins their hands together, kissing Seokjin’s palm. “What are you thinking about?”

“You… in general.”

The other cocks an eyebrow. “In general?”

“Your eyes haven’t changed. They are still the same that five years ago, during the village cricket match, flicked to me just after you scored, filled with so much joy and warmth that my heart did a backflip,” Seokjin bites his bottom lip, smiling shyly, “and then I was a goner.”

He’s pretty sure Jeongguk is blushing when he replies, “I remember that day. In the spur of the moment, I guess it was an unconscious, natural reaction. Searching for you in the audience, dedicating the victory to you.”

There’s a bunch of wild horses stampeding in Seokjin’s chest.

“And I was thinking,” the omega pipes in, because he’s not finished yet, “about your eyes on a pup.”

Jeongguk’s breathing audibly hitches, eyes going wide, hand resting on Seokjin’s waist clutching his pyjamas shirt.

The alpha gulps. “About that… Earlier, we…” He fumbles to find words, diverting his eyes, and Seokjin fights not to panic. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Let him finish before jumping to conclusions.

When Jeongguk looks at him again, he speaks with more resolve, but his voice is also tinged with an emotion that sounds like fear. “We didn’t properly discuss it earlier while we were doing it, and I know that now it’s late, but still… Are you sure you want to be pregnant? With my offspring?”

A beat of silence.

Seokjin punches Jeongguk on his shoulder. Hard. The alpha yelps.

“God, I thought you were going to dump me and run!”

“What? No!” Jeongguk vehemently protests, massaging the sore point.

Seokjin heaves a sigh. He would shake his head if he wasn’t lying down. “I know we were so caught up in the moment that we probably weren’t thinking completely straight, but I want it, Jeongguk. I want to have your children. Really.” A pause, then a soft, “I’m in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you, too.” Jeongguk’s vision is getting a little blurred with tears. “… I want to kiss you so bad.”

“Then do it,” Seokjin giggles, “if you can resist jumping me.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining!” The alpha is affronted, really.

“Just shut up,” Seokjin whispers against Jeongguk’s mouth, before capturing his lips in a lax kiss, all feathery gliding and gentle brushing.

This kiss has nothing of the hunger and frenzy from before. It’s like taking a leap of faith, letting your walls down, falling into each other’s rhythm and finding an unexpected familiarity in the other. Then again, Jeongguk had always felt a sense of belonging with Seokjin, akin to coming home after a long, wandering journey.

Seokjin hears Jeongguk content humming from the back of his throat, and feels his hand moving from Seokjin’s waist to his stomach. It rests there, splayed, fingers slowly caressing Seokjin’s tummy through his sleep shirt.

The omega melts, leaning into the touch, fingers intertwining into Jeongguk’s hair, lips parting a bit more to welcome him.

Much to Seokjin’s dismay, Jeongguk doesn’t deepen the kiss. He pulls away and murmurs, “I think we should tell your father. For the pup’s sake.” The alpha opens his eyes, staring warmly into Seokjin’s ones. “I lost my parents too early. I wouldn’t want our children to live separated from a part of their family.”

Nervously playing with the hair on Jeongguk’s nape, Seokjin sighs and nods. “Alright. But if he throws a fit and disowns me, we are going to elope anyway.” He tucks a stray lock behind the other’s hair. “I am not living without you, not even for a second.”

Jeongguk leans in, placing a kiss on the crease between the omega’s eyebrows. “Neither am I. You won’t get rid of me so easily, Kim Seokjin,” he teases, a beaming, toothy smile splitting his features.

“I’m going to make you regret it if you ever leave me, Jeon Jeongguk,” Seokjin promises, resting his forehead on the other’s neck. “But first, I will love you with all my being, as you deserve.”

Slowly they fell into slumber, and held each other until the end of time.