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my final touch, your fatal curse

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It’s bad timing, as with everything in Kyle’s love life. Watching Isobel dance with her brother makes his chest ache, wanting nothing more than to be up there with her.

He had come back to Roswell from his medical conference to discover that Anatsa had broken things off, finding a more enticing offer in Atlanta. Leaving their entire group at the Wild Pony, Maria throwing a special themed night to distract Isobel.

“You’ll catch flies,” Liz says swatting his shoulder, “if you don’t snap your mouth shut.”

“I think I should be offended,” Max smirks twisting his beer bottle on the table. “But you’re too pathetic to lecture.”

Kyle narrows his eyes at him, “who was pathetic for a decade?”

“Boys,” Liz grins wickedly, “play nice. Or go save Mikey, he looks like he’s about to pass out.”

Kyle frowns, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Liz rolls her eyes, “why am I surrounded my chivalrous men? It’s not entertaining.”

“My mom raises them right,” Kyle smirks.

Max glares, “for the last time Michelle did not whip me into shape.”

“Can you prove that?” Isobel asks, making Kyle jump.

Liz grins, “did Mikey just fall over or some thing?”

“No,” Isobel waves a hand. Her smirk is on another level, it should be unsettling but instead it sends thrills through Kyle. “This song made me think of a different dance partner.”

Kyle furrows his brows, as she extends her hand to him. The song coming from the band pulling him through time, it’s the same song they’d danced to almost two years ago. When she’d tried to get him to hook up in the bathroom.

He gulps, “I don’t really… dance.”

Isobel laughs, “babe we both know that’s a lie.”

He shouldn’t actually shiver when she calls him babe, but he does and Max kicks him under the table. “Sister,” he nearly growls.

Isobel shoots him a glare, “come on doctor sexy.”

He sighs taking her hand and letting her lead him to the dance floor.

Gulping uncomfortably when she twists, gluing her back to his front arm draped over his neck. His hands find her hips, a smile spreading across her face.

“This song always makes me think of you,” she murmurs seductively rolling her hips.

His grip tightens, “does it?”

She twists in his arms, “why do you think I asked them to play it?”

His breath catches in his chest as she strokes her fingers along his cheek. Everything slightly overwhelming.

“I,” Kyle gulps, “how are you doing?”

She laughs brightly head tilted back, “you are too sweet.”

A warm feeling expands in his chest as she leans forward, “it’s time to close your eyes.” She is quoting the song, but his eyes still drift close as her lips brush against his.

His arms wrapping firmly around her waist and pulling her to him, because this is all he’s wanted for a long time. Isobel Evans to want him back.