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law and order

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It's a cool day when his great grandmother lets herself into his office. 

Its the first day the temperature has been this low in months, which is why the windows are open and a breeze blows through them, pulling at both of their hair. 

Seth only looks up when he hears her whistle, a high sustained tone, and she smiles when she catches his gaze. Ra looks better than she has any right to at her age, in her low cut top and open blazer, like she just got off of a photoshoot instead of a court hearing. 

His court hearing, incidentally. 

It had gone so much better than he expected it too. He had expected an immediate summary execution. It was clear that most of the jury were expecting the same thing, but his wife- his ex-wife had really pulled through. For whatever reason. 

He had escaped as quickly as possible, because the only thing he wanted to be was alone with his self loathing, and somehow his office had turned into a revolving door of family members he wanted nothing to do with. 

Sekhmet came first, to gloat as she was want too, and his ex-wife came second, sobbing and apologizing, and after he had finally managed to get her out, Ra was darkening his door way. 

“You did great, kid.” She says, and leans on his desk. “Considering.” 

“Yeah.” He echoes, tired. He's in an armchair, nursing a whiskey and looking like an absolute mess, hair disastrous and makeup smearing from the tears. “Considering.” 

“Don't be like that-” She moves closer and he flinches when her cold hand cups his face. “I hardly think you did anything wrong at all.” He tries to swat her hand away and she just catches it like he's a toddler and not a fully grown man. “Pathetic doesn't suit you. It was just a murder trial.” 

“Just a murder trial.” Seth hiccups a laugh and she smiles- 

“There you go! There you go.” And she reaches for his whiskey before draining the entire glass. He wanted to complain but she shushed him, manicured nail to his lips. “I just wanted to come by and congratulate you. Don't ruin the vibes.” 

“The vibes are already-” 

“The vibes are great. You're not getting shot like a dog.” She sets the empty glass down, and brushes his hair out of his face. “And that would have sucked. It's not like you deserved it.” 

“I deserve---” Ra covers his mouth and tuts him silent. 

“You deserve something. And you'll get something. But not for him. You didn't deserve jack shit for what you did to him.” And then her hands are in his hair again, gently, so gently, combing it back. “Not after what he did to you.” 

There's a blind panic, it's white hot in his chest, tight and sharp. He tries to shove her away again, but Ra just catches his flailing arms and pulls him into her chest, holding him there tightly. 

“He got exactly what he deserved.” She says and kisses the crown of his head and just holds him. The tears come again, and it feels like he's choking on nothing. He hates this- hates himself and Osiris for doing this to him and for letting it happen in the first place and- “Focus on me, kid. Focus on this.” 

Deep shuddering breaths spread through the office. How does she know who told who else knows who knows how how how-

This is so fucking embarrassing. 

“Listen- shh- listen to me. The other shit- whatever. You'll get yours when you get yours. But this- you got through it alive. That's all that matters. That's all you had to do. You should be proud about that at least. Plenty of people don't.” 

He cries for what could be an hour or could be five minutes, and Ra sits there with him, petting his hair and whispering kind words he hasn't heard from anyone in decades. 

When Seth finally calms down enough that she can let him go, he slumps back into his chair and sighs. She steps away, searches over his office until she finds the mini fridge and gives him a cold bottle of water. 

“Gross,” She says a second later. “You got your eyeliner all over my tits.” 

“Don't wear tank tops and coddle your grandkids then.” She barks a laugh at that and pulls out tissues from her purse to clean up. 

“What even is this cheap shit? Didn't anyone teach you to wear waterproof brands. This is more embarrassing than the murder charge.” 

“I didn't have anything else and the prison guards didn’t want to share. It's Nephthys'.”

“God. Yeah, that' makes sense. You should have seen her and her fucking tear marks. Why didn't she go into acting?” Ra sits across from him now, legs up on the coffee table. “The mob shit doesn't suit her.” 

“Yeah, well. We can't all be you.” 

Ra throws her head back and laughs. 

“That's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about.” 

“What was the first- telling me how proud you were of me killing the piece of shit who took your spot?” 

“Naturally.” Ra and Osiris’ bullshit was long and historic. Seth was never in a bad position in the family because Ra always liked him, but he was never in as good of a position until Osiris ousted her from the head of the family. He knows why Osiris gave him so much territory, so much industry, now, but at the time it seemed like a great thing. 

Now it’s all going to his nephew, apparently.

”I wanted to let you know, if you wanted to still work, really work, I have a spot for you.” 


”I need a bodyguard.” He snorts because no one is stupid enough to even fucking try- well. No one is stupid enough to try anymore. “I’m not going to break my back asking. But it’s there if you want it.” 

“Why? Seriously why- none of them are going to be okay with that.”

”Fuck em. You’d be great for optics. And I’d take care of you.” For a brief second he remembers his nephew promising the exact same thing.” You were always my favorite, I ever tell you that?” 

She hadn’t, but it’s still nice to hear.

”I’m good.”

”Are you?” 

“Like you said. I deserve something. I’m gonna get something.” 

“So mature. Gonna bring a tear to my eye kid.” And then they just sit there. He drinks his water and she looks around his office. “Well, whatever. The options there for you. You have my number.” 

She stands and Seth stands after her. Ra gets close to him and kisses his head again. 

“Thanks. For pity partying me.”

”You’ll be fine, kid. You’ve always been resourceful.” He walks her to the door and she grins at him before heading into the hall. She whistles again and Seth looks, only to see Horus sitting on one of the waiting benches. He’s quick to stand and nod his head respectfully and Ra just laughs. “Be good.” She calls after her shoulder. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” 

“Fuck off.” He yells after her and barely hears the elevator over her laughter. Turning back to his nephew he asks, sharply, “What.” 

“Just wanted to see if you were alright, after everything.” 

“Do I look alright?”

Horus takes a second to look him over before nodding. 

“Huh.” He says and let’s Horus into the office. 

For whatever reason.