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Sometimes mouth works faster than brain, but it not always a bad thing

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Maybe this week's magic doer was a little out of their league. Sarah Ethan and Rory were pinned down behind a table while she chanted whatever spell she was casting. The whole room was a whirlwind of magic, that the vampires had already tried to get through and were thrown around.
“Where the hell is Benny when you need him?” Sarah shouted
“He was looking for a spell in grandma's stuff he should be here soon” Ethan responded
“He’s not going to hurt her is he?”
“RORY!” Sarah and Ethan scolded
“What she’s a total babe”
It was only a few seconds later that Benny came sliding, spell book in hand and quickly shot off whatever spell he had been looking for and knocked her out immediately stopping the spell she had been working on.
“Booyah!” He cheered before looking over to his friends to celebrate “Why are you looking at me like that, E?”
“You actually being good at magic is kinda hot” Ethan looked like he regretted every single word that had just come out of his mouth.
Sarah just cackled and quickly clasped a hand over her mouth while on her way to take care of the evil girl. Rory just watched between the two of them like he should have a bag of popcorn.
Benny did a good impression of a fish before responding “wow a backhanded compliment didn't expect that from you E”
“Sorry” Ethan just looked sheepish and wanting the ground to swallow him whole
“You're lucky you’re cute” Benny snarked with a touch more anxiety than he usually showed.
“Romance for the win!” Rory exclaimed flying up slightly and spinning around
“What do you know about romance?” Ethan question taken aback
“I’m incredibly romantic you’ve just never seen it” Rory boasts
“As cute as this is we should really get her to your grandma” Sarah prompts carrying the woman over her shoulder.
“Right behind you” Benny assures waiting for the vampires to speed off before grabbing Ethans arm and pulling him back. “So me doing magic is hot?”
“I said you being good at magic is” Ethan corrected making no effort to pull away.
“Harsh. I guess I’ll just have to up my game” Benny let go of Ethans wrist to summon a bouquet of roses.
“Thanks. So you mean what you said when you called me cute?”
“Come on when have I ever lied to you”
“I don't think you want me to answer that”
“Fair enough, but yeah I meant it”
“We’ll in that case” Ethan rocked up to the balls of his feet to place a gentle peck on Bennys lips, immediately dropping back down.
Only to have Benny follow him for a follow up kiss.
Ethan watched them grow up fighting every mystery and out of line blood sucker in White Chapel, both their powers growing. Their graduation with the girls in the stands cheering for them. Getting an apartment together. Coming back to help Jane and her friends fight the scare of the week. Somehow managing to propose to each other at the same time. Their wedding.
“What’d you see?” Benny asked just inches from his face, searching for something in his eyes.
“My first vision I don't actually want to stop” Ethan replies with a small smile. “Now come on before Grandma sends a vamp back to get us” He turns around, magically made bouquet in one hand, one of Benny’s in the other.
“You’re not going to tell me what you saw” Benny stumbled after him making no move to pull his hand away.
“Come on E you gotta give me something”