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Working Late

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Setting down his pen, Cabanela stretches his arms out and leans back in the chair, his gaze drifting over to Jowd, who is hunched over his desk, deeply absorbed in his work. The soft glow from the desk lamp partially illuminates his features, scrunched up in intense concentration. It looks like he'll be here a while yet. No problem. Cabanela takes a trip to the coffee machine. In the silence, it sounds unnaturally loud as it gets to work on brewing the coffee. He comes back, holding two steaming mugs, one of which he puts on Jowd's desk, just to the side. "Heeere you go, baby, a cup to keep you warm." Though they both have their coats on, Cabanela is becoming aware of the night chill gradually creeping in. Be nice if they could put the thermostat up, but the department was rather tight-fisted about its budget at the moment.

Glancing at the mug, Jowd responds with a brisk nod. "Thank you, Cabanela." His attention returns to the papers and photographs strewn over the desk. Deep frown lines can be seen just beneath his bushy outcropping of hair. Cabanela sits at his own desk and idles, alternately sipping coffee, looking through already done paperwork knowing there's always a possibility there's something he could have overlooked, or rearranging the objects on the desk.

Meanwhile, Jowd continues to be absorbed in his work, occasionally remembering that the mug of coffee is there and taking a quick sip. At this rate, it's going to go cold. Jowd looks so deeply focused that Cabanela doesn't dare try making idle chatter. A detective's work is very important after all and he wouldn't even think of distracting him.

Finally, Jowd sits back, a great sigh heaving from his lips. He rubs his eyes and pushes back the chair.

"Aaall done then?"

"Hm?" Jowd's head jerks in the direction of Cabanela's voice. He looks mildly surprised, as if he had forgotten that Cabanela was even there. "Oh, yes. Time to call it a night, I'd say," he says, briefly glancing at the clock on the wall. Picking up the mug, he looks at the cold dregs of coffee swelling around in the depths before placing it back down. His gaze meets with Cabanela's. "You didn't have to stay here with me, you know."

"And just leave you here all alooone, baby?" Cabanela swivels his chair from side to side, twiddling a pen between his fingers, with a smile on his face. "Now, how could I possibly do such a thing?"

"Fair enough." Jowd gathers his files together and gets up. Cabanela follows suit and they go to put everything away. Once that's done, they walk on out of the police station. Thrusting his hands into his pockets, Jowd takes a moment to look up at the sky, struck by how round and full the moon is as it bathes them in its ethereal glow. A small smile tugs on his lips.

"A beautiful night tonight, I seeee," Cabanela comments, draping an arm over Jowd's shoulders. "Maybe it's worth working late once in a while just so we can see sights like this."

Jowd's nods. "Quite. And now, it's time to go home." He sets off toward the car park, Cabanela following behind in his usual sprightly manner.