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Amelia Watson stands alone in her home’s kitchen, a kettle of nighttime tea quietly steeping. Clad in her detective garb, Amelia waits anxiously to grab some of her wife’s freshly baked cookies. Amelia can be very critical when it comes to food, and even she will admit that Ina’nis Watson’s chocolate chunk cookies are the best she’s ever had.

“Can I have one, Mom?”

Startled slightly, Amelia glances down to see a small pair of sky-blue eyes staring back up at her. Walter Watson looks longingly at the plate of desserts, his leg bouncing off of the hardwood floor in his purple footie pajamas.

“Isn’t it a little too late for you to be eating sweets, young man? On a school night, no less?” Amelia scolds.

Walter gives a sidelong glance to the plate of cookies Amelia has made for herself.

“Fair point.” Amelia shrugs.

After pouring herself some tea, complete with milk and a touch of sugar, Amelia pours her son a glass of milk as the two sit together to enjoy their dessert. Amelia takes a long sip of her tea, savoring the hot, fragrant beverage.


“What’s up, Walt?”

“Where do babies come from?”

Amelia chokes on her most recent cookie, taking care not to spit tea all over her son’s face. Starting with light snickering, Amelia’s laugh devolves into a gremlin-like cackle. She wants so badly to tell Walter that she, the goofy detective, managed to land the Priestess of the Ancient Ones!

Looking into Walter’s eyes, Amelia can still see a childish innocence and curiosity, one that she wasn’t about to take away from the young boy. Images of an angry Ina shake her to her core, helping to hold her tongue.

“I dunno, Walt, your mama might be better at answering those kinds of questions,” Amelia replies simply, taking another bite of her cookie.

“Oh, okay, thanks anyway.” Quickly collecting the two’s dirty dishes, Walter thoroughly cleans the kitchenware before running back and wrapping his mom in a tight hug. 

“Good night, Mom. I love you!” Dashing back up to the stairs, Amelia reminisces, thankful she’s able to be a part of this happy little family.

Ina’nis Watson stares lovingly into her son’s eyes. Storytime may be her favorite part of the day, away from the stresses of work or school. It’s just Ina and Walter, mother and son. Ina watches Walter's gleeful gaze as his imagination is stoked until the adorable little boy is gently lulled to sleep.

This time, something’s different. Even after the story, Walter stays wide-eyed and giddy. It could be the sugar Amelia gave the boy before bed, something Ina would not forget anytime soon. But, it seems that Walter has something on his mind.


Yes, my baby boy?” 

“Can I ask you something?”

“Humu humu. Watson your mind, dear?” Ina replies, with Walter giggling at her bad pun.

“Where do babies come from? I asked Mom, and she said I should ask you instead.”

Ina can feel herself become flustered, but she figured Walter would be curious about this kind of thing sooner or later. Secretly, she breathes a sigh of relief that Walter can hear this from her and not one of her wife’s inappropriate anecdotes.

“Well, you see, precious…” Ina stammers, as her mind goes back to that one fateful night.

“Oh, Ame, that’s wonderful!” Ina bubbles.

Even now, Ina knows she will always remember when Amelia asked to start a family. It may be the most uncertain Ina has ever seen her wife. Amelia struggles to maintain eye contact, fidgeting nervously. 

“I don’t know much about pregnancy, but I’d be happy to care for--”

“P-pregnancy?” Amelia stutters.

“Yes! I think you’ve become much healthier over the years and are plenty capable of carrying a child.”

“No, thanks,” Amelia replies flatly.

“What do you mean? Growing a child, a baby that we can love for the rest of our lives is one of the most beautiful things you can do. You would make a fantastic mother, Ame!”

“I know I will! What’s a Priestess without her Detective Watson? The idea of being pregnant just makes me… uncomfortable,” Amelia shudders slightly at the thought.

Ina ponders to herself. As far back as she can remember, she’s wanted to be a mom. Playing out this fantasy with dolls as a little girl, Ina had lost any hopes of becoming a mother when she was abducted into the Cult of the Ancient Ones. Now, free to live with the woman she loves, anything seems possible.

“Well, the Ancient Ones have chastised me about having an heir for some time now. I don’t think they’d care about the gender of my partner. They may not like you, but they can suck it up,” Ina reasons.

Summoning AO-Chan as a tablet, Ina scrolls until she finds just what she is looking for.

Amelia spends no hesitation in removing her stuffy detective uniform. Savoring the cool air on her bare body, only to rest eyes on Ina.

Even after years of marriage, Ina’s reaction to Amelia’s naked body always brings a smile to Amelia’s face. Cheeks beet-red, grey-blue eyes wide, Ina stands agape, hair flaps perk on her head, overwhelmed by her wife’s beauty.

Voluptuous and curvy, with large breasts, Amelia has always been confident in her body. However, the teases from schoolchildren about her “chubby” figure always hurt as a child, and it’s nice to see her reaffirmed as an adult.

Poor Ina stands hypnotized, frozen in place.

“Would you like some help undressing, my love?” Amelia offers.

“y-yes, please…” Ina murmurs.

Carefully removing Ina’s many ornate layers of clothing, Amelia finds no tedium or annoyance in the process. In her mind, it’s like unwrapping a present. Feeling the warmth of her wife pressed up against her, Ina trembles slightly, her heart racing.

Amelia always has loved Ina’s thin, delicate frame, almost like a gentle violet. Amelia proceeds with caution, treating her wife as a sacred relic of sorts. During this process, Amelia takes care to not harm the white, feathery wings encircling Ina’s waist.

It breaks Amelia's heart when Ina feels a need to cover herself outside of clothing, a hand resting on her small breasts.

“I’m sorry, I--I know it’s not much to look at,” Ina admits shyly.

“Don’t be silly, Ina. You’re the prettiest woman I know!” Clasping a hand on Ina’s large bottom, Amelia pulls the girl closer as her face flushes a deep red.

“Besides, you’re still packing in… other respects,” Amelia quips, squeezing Ina's ass firmly.

“What say I make you a mommy?” Amelia purrs into Ina’s ear, caressing her body, as it shivers with goosebumps and a breathy gasp.

"Motherfucker!" Ina chuckles.

Much to the pair’s surprise, Ina makes the first move, leaning in for a tender kiss. Amelia’s sky-blue eyes boggle slightly, Ina desperately running hands through blonde hair. Hoisting her wife in the air, the taller girl pins Amelia onto the bed, the smells of lemons and violets combine to create arousal in the two.

Taking a deep breath, the flaps on Ina’s head twitch slightly, as a litany of tentacles burrows forth. Amelia stands agape, in awe at the massive purple tendrils. What strikes fear into the hearts of many only fills the adventurer with burning desire.

“I’m going to insert these tentacles inside you. They will harvest genetic material within you to create a child. Will you comply?” Ina’s voice booms with a new type of confidence, filling her wife with lust.

Please,” Amelia begs.

Firstly brushing over her cheeks and grazing a stiffened pink nipple, one tentacle slowly slithers its way into Amelia’s wet entrance, her mouth opens with a breathless whimper. Feeling the appendage attach inside her, the tentacle pulsates with an unusual type of energy, sending waves of pleasure crashing through Amelia’s body as ripples from the tendrils make their way back to Ina.

A sultry moan escapes from Amelia’s lips, broken up by heavy panting as she shakes with sheer ecstasy.

“Ame, am... am I hurting you?” Ina frets, breaking her domineering persona.

No. K-keep going!” Amelia pleads, her breath hitching in her throat with a stutter.

Looking into her wife’s caring eyes, Amelia can’t help but feel selfish. Here Ina is, looking to mother their child and pleasing Amelia beyond anything she’s ever experienced, and all the detective can do is lie there?

Finding a new resolve, Amelia gently caresses Ina’s tentacle, occasionally poking and prodding at the different suction cups littering the outside. The tentacle inside Amelia freezes, Ina clutching desperately to the headboard behind her.

“Ame… w-what are you doing?” Ina whines.

“I--I want you to enjoy this too, Ina!” 

“No. You... work plenty hard as is, l-let me handle this!” Ina groans.

Amelia begins to crawl gradually, Ina having to retract the tentacle with her movements. The faster Amelia rubs Ina’s tentacle, the quicker it writhes inside of Amelia. Finally making her way up to Ina, Amelia slowly but gently rubs Ina’s squishy and sensitive purple-orange hair.

“Oh my goodness, Ame…” Ina yelps, flooding Amelia with pride. Pulling faster, with more strength, the tentacle inside her pulsates quicker, with more intensity. Heaving to catch her breath, Ina’s wings flutter against Amelia’s advances, desperate to find some reprieve from the intense, all-consuming sensations.

Amelia scratches at the wings, Ina’s neck twinges, her eyes rolling toward the back of her head, hips bucking and swaying with Amelia’s touch. Deftly caressing the soft feathers, Amelia gently tugs at some on occasion.

“Take flight for me, angel,” Amelia orders, inserting two fingers into Ina’s wet pussy. Ina wraps herself tightly around the Detective, with Amelia feeling fingernails digging into her back.

“A-Ame!” Ina squeals, the tentacle inside Amelia thrusting deeper, more roughly, as Amelia works vigorously to bring Ina pleasure in all the right places.

“Ina, I’m… I’m gonna--” Amelia’s eyes look up at Ina hungrily, the two mere seconds away from release.

“T-together, Ame?”

“Yes! Together.”

Both women’s bodies explode with endorphins, Ina smoothly retracting her tentacle as the two cry loudly with pleasure, saturating the bed with fluids. Removing her hand, Amelia examines a white, viscous substance now coating her fingers.

“I… think it worked,” Amelia hushes in a raspy voice, her tired, sweaty body falling back on one side of the bed.

Ina hums in agreement, doing the same.

“You… are such a dork,” Ina teases.

“Really? Who needed to read up before sex?” Amelia retorts.

It seems this remark cuts deeper than intended as Ina sits upright, her eyes filled with shame.

“Was I… unsatisfactory? I'm sorry, Ame, I know I’m inexperienced in such matters,” Ina sighs.

Gently placing a kiss on her wife’s palm, Amelia pulls her wife’s head onto her soft chest, tenderly running a hand through her dampened hair.

“Ina, this is far from my first rodeo, and you’re the best I’ve ever had!” Amelia gushes.


“Really! To honor you, my dear Priestess, is such a blessing.” Amelia smiles excitedly.

So the couple cuddles closely under the warm blankets, shielding themselves from the cold air.

“I hope our baby has your stunning blue eyes,”

“Well, I know the kid’s gonna have your gorgeous dark hair.”

Ina and Amelia talk the night away, gleefully predicting what features their baby will have, before the two fall asleep in each other’s arms.

“...and then a lovely stork placed you right on our doorstep!”

Looking into Walter’s eyes, Ina feels slightly queasy at the thought of lying to her son. It’s for his good, she decides. Walter is still a kid and deserves to live his childhood without having to worry about things like that.

“Wow, thanks, Mama!” Walter grins.

“Goodnight, my little blessing. I love you very much,” Ina coos, gently kissing Walter on the forehead.

“That’ll prove Clara wrong!” Walter yawns triumphantly, turning over to rest his head on a pillow.

Ina feels her body tense. Mori Clara is a sweet girl and a good friend of Walter’s, but Ina knows as much as anyone else what a troublemaker Clara can be.

“Oh? What exactly did Clara say?” Ina asks worriedly.

She said she caught her parents 'making babies' in their room!”

Mori Clara can’t sleep.

A harsh wind roars outside her room, rattling against her windows. Tossing and turning under her covers, Clara’s pink-cyan hair ruffles over her pillow.

Not to mention, the monster that’s in her parents’ room. 

Clara’s heard it bouncing on their bed all night, the creaky bed springing with its movements, she hears muffled noises from their room. They must be scared.

Climbing out of her bed in pink footie pajamas, Clara shakily balls her hands into fists, maintaining a defensive position as she shuffles her way to their door. Listening closer, Clara can make out the noises coming from their room. A clapping noise echoes through the hallway as if someone is being hit?

“Unh… Calli, Calli! CALLI~” Kiara moans.

She must be hurt.

“Fuck, Kiara! You have no goddamn idea what kind of shit you’re is doing to me right now,” Calli growls.

Dad never uses naughty words, at least that Clara’s heard. The monster must have hurt her, too!

Clara quickly bursts through the door before shrieking and covering her eyes. The poor girl walks in on the sight of her two naked moms, sweaty and with disheveled hair.

“Clar-Bear!” Calli yelps, red eyes wide, falling backward off the bed with a crash, pink hair fluttering on the carpeted floor.

Astonishingly, the two manage to somersault back on the bed, quickly covering themselves before Clara opens her eyes.

“W-we were just…” Kiara stutters but doesn’t get a chance to speak before Clara grabs her DS from the bedside table and dashes off, gently closing the door behind her.

“Now, where were we?” Kiara smirks, pink eyes feasting on Calli with a swish of her orange-cyan hair.

“K-Kiara! Clar-Bear just saw us! Shouldn’t we--”

Please, that DS will keep her distracted for the rest of the night. I know she hides headphones in her dresser drawer, we’ll be fine.”

“You’re so bad, Kiara…”

“I know I am, baby,” Kiara winks, as the two resume their lovemaking.

Clara lies on her bed, feet kicking in the air, as the sounds of her Pokemon game drown out the wild calls bellowing from her parents’ room. Clara giggles excitedly.

She has the craziest story to tell Walter at school tomorrow!