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Yet More Belated WildeHopps Halloween Specials/No (Yes) Knot November Everyday

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A Bewitching Halloween Night


A black cauldron boiled and bubbled behind a pretty gray bunny dressed in traditional witch garb, pointy hat and all.


Witch Judy, read from her spell book to see what the next ingredient to her brew was.


"Let's see, frog legs and the lively petals of a freshly bloomed rose."


Judy carried the ingredients over to her cauldron and poured them in. A light puff of green smoke rose from the cauldron when the items made contact with the solution.


Judy took a large wooden staff and stirred the solution a bit. "Okay, what's next?" she pondered as she returned to her grimoire.


She turned the page to see the next ingredient for her experiment -- she wanted to create a potion that would make carrots grow ten times their size in an attempt to end world hunger. It would figure that even as a witch, Judy Hopps had a big heart.


As she turned the page to see the final necessary ingredient, she gasped. 


With a paw to her mouth, she saw that the next ingredient was going to be a tough one to get her paws on. If she could even live long enough for her paws to get near it in the first place that is.


It was the semen of a Werefox. 


"W-Werefox semen?" She read aloud. Judy groaned frustratedly. "No bunny witch has ever been able to successfully extract the semen from a werewolf, let alone a werefox! Most of them get eaten alive!"


Judy was in a real pickle now. If she had known that her potion required the semen of a werefox, she would've never tried it! But she's gone so far in her experiment that it'd be ludicrous to not finish it! Because if there's one thing Judy knew how to do better than anyone -- even more so than the other witches from the Sorcery Academy -- it was that she didn't know when to quit! Even in the face of certain death.


Judy thought and thought. Maybe there was a way around this, or maybe the book had some suggestions on how to extract the semen without dying in the process.


Judy looked back at her spell book and skimmed through the page. 


The book primarily suggested either one of three options. The first one was the simplest solution -- locate a masturbating werefox and collect his cum once he ejaculates. Option two was poisoning the werefox with a sleeping potion and then manually stimulating him until he would release. And three was a brutal one, which was to once again use the sleeping potion but to then cut off the werefox's testicles.


Each seemed like a decent idea, but none were without their shortcomings.


The third option was simply a no go for Judy. Bunny eating werefox or not. It was just too cruel. Not to mention the very dangerous risk of the werefox possibly waking up in the middle of the procedure and being flat out furious. It was actually surprising how most bunny witches actually tried option three as their first choice. Perhaps it explained the high death rate among bunny witches who had tried werefox semen extraction.


The first two options were definitely the better ones, but which would be better given their shortcomings?


Werefoxes, much like werewolves, were known to be extremely sexually active creatures. So finding a masturbating werefox would not be a difficult task, but collecting a cum sample would be, considering that they were feral animals when transformed and unable to comprehend what a witch’s motives were. The risky tactic that most bunny witches would use would be to run out of their hiding spot once the fox would cum and try to collect the sample while in mid air. Nine times out of ten however, the werefox would chase after the bunny witch and kill her once he’d spot her in front of him. Magic could help guide the sample over to the vial, but it required a lot of concentration to do so and without the werefox’s cooperation, there was a near 100 percent chance of failure.


The second option was technically the safest option, but more often than not most bunny witches would hesitate at the last minute as their fear and disgust at sexually arousing a werefox or werewolf would overcome them. It wouldn’t be long then until werewolves and werefoxes would smell the fear on them and discover them despite the sleeping potion having been administered. Lycans had an excellent sense of smell and in their drugged and confused state they could end up becoming aggressive and end up killing the bunny witch trying to stimulate them.


"Hmm?" Judy pondered her options, then noticed a fine print. It read: 


Note: The semen sample does not need to be pure as it is potent enough on its own. Hence its desirability in spells. But it must be a semen sample from the fox while he is in his transformed state, not his normal state.


The small text continued on the next page and Judy turned it. Her eyes found themselves bulging at the sight of a very detailed drawing of an erect werefox penis.


On the next page, the text read: If the aforementioned options do not function in obtaining the necessary sample, there is one other equally risky option.


Judy read the next part aloud, "One must be willing to mate with the creature?!" Judy's ears and cheeks flushed red in shock. "I have to have sex with a werefox?!"


Judy glanced back at the text to re-read it. She wanted to be sure that she didn't read it wrong. "One must be willing to mate with the creature by first seducing it according to the mating habits of a werefox. One must then have the werefox ejaculate several times in order to collect a large enough sample for the potion to work. The sample must fill at least three large test tubes. A witch bunny's vaginal fluid or saliva should not interfere with the solution, if anything vaginal fluid may enhance its potency as it contains the necessary materials to create life." 


Judy swallowed hard. Would she really have what it takes to mate with a werefox? How would she even be able to get near it without it wanting to attack and eat her? Would it even be able to think in its primitive state? Would it even find her desirable enough to mate with? And how would she ever be able to seduce it? What were the mating habits of a werefox, anyway?


Not to mention...would he even fit inside her?!


Judy groaned frustratedly again and thought for a moment. She took a deep breath, taking a moment to truly think about her fourth option. She took another look at the image of the werefox cock in her spell book and felt herself blush and bite down on her bottom lip.




Dealing with the werefox in its conscious state was a better option by comparison to sneaking up on him and risking angering him in an unconscious, drugged and confused state. She wanted to live to see the fruits of her labor after all and if the best solution was to have sex with a werefox, then she’d do it!


Okay, but how to seduce him? She hurried over to her bookshelf and selected a book titled: Lycanthropy and Other Werecreatures. Judy skimmed the book and stopped on the chapter covering werefoxes. “Okay, let’s see. Aha! Werefox mating habits!” 


The book, much like her grimoire, displayed an equally detailed image of an erect werefox penis and once again, Judy felt her cheeks heat up. Strange, but the more she looked at the picture, the more she began to feel a warm pressure start to build up between her thighs. Guess getting in the mood might be easier than I thought, she thought to herself. She shook her head, she had to focus. 


Judy started reading aloud, “Male werefoxes, as any lycanthrope that regresses to a monstrous and feral state, have a strong desire to mate. Their sexual urges are often so powerful that they can become painful if left unsatisfied.” Judy surprisingly couldn’t help but feel a little bad for werefoxes. “Poor things, that must be tough.” She read on, “Male werefoxes are usually receptive to mating, regardless of their partner’s species, as it will help relieve the near painful urges that their extreme state of heat creates. If a female wishes to attract a male werefox, she must express her interest in him by performing some or all the following mating rituals."


Judy glanced down at the list, seeing what she could do to attract a male werefox:


It is recommended to approach a male wearing absolutely nothing or wearing revealing clothing. This will allow the male werefox to become aroused by a female’s mere presence and will allow him to smell her heat better.

Scent Marking. A female must be aroused and urinate where a nearby male might be so he can locate her and immediately know her intentions.

DO NOT SHOW FEAR! Perhaps the most important rule to keep in mind. A female must be fully aroused and willing to mate, so that a male can truly smell her heat and for the female's own protection. Werefoxes, like any canid, can smell fear. The smell of arousal must overpower the smell of fear. It is a matter of life or death for a bunny witch.

Presenting and Masturbating in front of a male can be helpful as it will immediately let him know what her intentions are.


"Sweet cheese and crackers!" Judy groaned mortified. "Masturbating and not showing fear?! How aroused should I be so he won’t want to eat me?! And the size! Does it mention anything about the size?!"


Judy tugged at her ears again, frustrated and blushing bright red. She sighed after a few seconds and let go of her ears. "Okay, focus. You can do this. Think of it this way, it's just sex. That should be fun right? And you saw how big his penis should look and how nicely shaped it is warm it must be." Judy felt a moist trickle escape between her legs. She blushed again, "Guess I'm already getting ready for him," she giggled, a little embarrassed.


“Okay let’s see, Semen Extraction,” she then glanced back down at the book to read information about the size and other important details for the actual extraction.


Females, particularly witch bunnies, must ensure that they are truly aroused, otherwise mating with a werefox could prove to be extremely painful due to their size. Their penises become two to three times the size they normally would be in their normal state. 

It is vital to stimulate the bulbus glandis, ie knot, in order to achieve maximum ejaculation! Keep in mind that the two participants will be stuck together between 15-60 minutes until the male's knot deflates.

Werefoxes, just like werewolves, are very sexually aggressive creatures and once engaged in sexual activity, can mate for hours. 


"SWEET CHEESE AND CRACKERS!" Judy repeated louder. Things just kept getting worse! Or better? It was hard to tell at this point.


"Okay, it's okay. Just remember to do everything the book says, so you’ll enjoy it and so he'll see me only as a mate and not a food source while we're knotted. Confidence Judy! Remember that or you'll get eaten."


Judy looked down at her clothes. "I guess I should get ready."


The bunny removed her long purple cloak, but left her witch hat on which had a downward tip and a carrot pendant attached at the tip. Underneath her cloak she wore elbow length fingerless gloves, purple thigh high toeless stockings, and a very form fitting and revealing one piece hooded bodysuit with a broach decorating the front of the collar. The front of her bodysuit had a wide opening running down from her small round breasts to above her belly button. The sides and bottom part of her inner breasts were visible from the opening as was a good portion of the white fur on her belly. She looked at herself in the mirror, posing. “Yeah, I think this should do. I hope it’s sexy enough for him.”


Judy then grabbed the three large test tubes (and a couple of extras just in case) that she needed and placed them in a small bag over her shoulder. She took a deep breath and exhaled. “Okay, ready.” 


Judy stepped out the door with her broom in paw, ready to attract a werefox and possibly mate with him for hours if her book was any indication to go by. She only hoped she would enjoy it and that the werefox would not be too aggressive. She wasn’t sure if she could handle him, but she had to try if she wanted to complete her potion.


Once outside, Judy hopped a top her broom and flew above the woods. It was All Hallow’s Eve, and the moon was full. The perfect time to scout out a werewolf or werefox. 


Judy hovered over the woods for about fifteen minutes and so far there was no sign of a werefox anywhere. She hadn’t seen or at the very least heard the scream-like howl of a werefox yet.


Then, not a minute later, she at last heard the feral, deep howl of a werefox.


Judy perked an ear, pinpointing his location. "Good, he's not too far off. I have to get his attention." Judy swooped down nearby where she had heard the werefox. She knew that it would’ve been easier to land in front of him, but Judy wanted to take her time. She needed to properly prepare for him.


Judy landed in a nearby clearing and noticed an abandoned wooden cart there. “What on earth?” She approached the cart and set her broom beside it. A soft looking quilt covered the bed of the cart and there were a few carved pumpkins on the cart as well. Some of the pumpkins appeared to have fallen off the cart and were splattered or sitting perfectly fine on the ground. “Jack O’Lanterns? And...candy?” Judy had just noticed that there was a barrel filled with candy set beside the cart. There was also something written on the side of the cart. It read, Nick Wilde’s Jack O’Lanterns and Treats! “Whoever this Nick Wilde normally is, he must be a candy and Jack O’Lantern sales mammal. Makes sense during the All Hallow’s Eve season.” She noticed that there were quite a few candy wrappers strewn all around the ground near the barrel. “Looks like he may have been feeling hungry before he started to turn. Just hope these candies helped.”


The cart itself was a pretty big cart for a regular sized fox to pull. But then again, animals afflicted with lycanthropy did possess supernatural strength, even in their normal state. That just proved it, the fox that was pulling this abandoned cart was in fact a werefox. In that case, he couldn’t have gotten far.


Knowing how strong his sense of smell must’ve been, Judy approached a nearby tree and placed herself before it, unbuttoning the two buttons at the crotch of her bodysuit. She had a mission to accomplish and she couldn’t afford to get side tracked. 


Once her crotch piece was open, Judy crouched under the tree and spread her legs. She trembled a little as a warm, clear stream exited between her legs. 


It was strange how even urinating and marking her scent felt strangely sexy. Perhaps because she now felt twice as wet or because it reminded her that this was also how female rabbits used to attract bucks to let them know that they were ready to mate. It all felt so primal, attracting a mate this way, even if the mate in question was a werefox.


Judy stopped mid stream and approached another tree across the way and released the rest there. Judy shook her bottom to dry as much as she could.


With the scent marking out of the way, she buttoned up her crotch piece again. Judy sat on the cart’s bed, wondering how long she would have to wait for him to notice the smell. 


A few short seconds later, she heard his feral howl again and what sounded like heavy growling and grunting.


"Wait a second," Judy muttered as she perked her ear. She could hear that he was still as far as he was before. He hadn’t moved from where she had initially heard him. But Judy only now realized that he was actually a lot closer than what she had originally imagined. 


Curious, Judy decided to follow the noise. She feared the worst as she wondered what was causing him to grunt so loud. Maybe he was currently devouring some poor defenseless villager?


Judy shook off the idea and hid behind a tree. 


Across from where she was hiding, she saw him -- the werefox. Judy gasped quietly as she took him all in.


He was huge and had the same reddish-orange fur that most foxes had. Though he was certainly much bigger than an ordinary fox -- at least twice the size. He was slender, but ripped with lean muscle. His paws, feet, ears and tail all had brownish-black tips. And unlike normal mammals who stood on the soles of their feet, he stood on his toes which made him look all the more huge.


“Oh carrot sticks…” Judy breathed in awe. She had to admit it, he was actually very sexy for a werefox. 


Judy’s attention moved from his muscular frame to his face. He had bright green eyes that shined like emeralds in the dark of night. He kept closing his eyes and bearing his large fangs, grunting and whimpering as if he were in pain. Why is he…? Judy’s attention trailed off as she finally noticed that he was pressing his crotch against a large stone in front of him. 


Is he humping that stone? Judy thought as she watched him desperately press himself against it and scrape his larger than average claws on it. He seemed so desperate to pleasure himself, in pain even. As if he had an itch that he needed to scratch but nothing could satisfy.


He kept whimpering, until he stopped humping the stone. He stood up and leaned back against a tree behind him.


That’s when Judy saw it...


Judy's paws immediately shot to her mouth as one of his large paws sank into the bark of the tree behind him, while the other one was on his erect penis, stroking himself. "He's... masturbating."


"Rrrghmn!" He grunted as he massaged the underside of his burning red hot cock. Judy had to admit that she didn’t know much about werefoxes, but she was more than certain that fox penises were not that red. He was clearly very horny and desperate to satisfy his physical desires if the bright red of his cock was anything to go by. “It must be very hot to the touch,” Judy uttered quietly.


She then shook her head and scolded herself, “Focus, Judy!” She pulled out one of the large test tubes, which was pretty thick considering that she couldn't get her fingers around the whole thing. It was certainly a large test tube and she needed to fill three of these? "I wonder, if he's that turned on, then maybe I can just wait until he releases and I won't have to mate with him anymore."


Judy watched how his thick, soft, yet firmly round balls bounced up and down with each stroke. His dick and knot were at full mast and his tongue lolled out of his mouth. Oh yes, he was so, so eager for sex.


Judy felt an almost painful pressure build between her legs, causing one of her paws to quickly dart between her legs. Then again, maybe mating with him would be the best option, she thought with lust. She pressed her thighs together, pressing her clothed crotch against her arm.


The werefox stood with his legs parted wide and he leaned against the tree. His paw stroked up and down his entire length, first fast then oh so slow. He slid up then down, bathing his cock in his precum. After a slow upward movement he stroked all the way down again, tightly gripping his inflated cock. “Rrrrrgh…” he whined, then moved down below his knot, lightly stroking the lower base, rocking his dick in a steady rhythm. The way he hissed and moaned, Judy was certain that the underpart of his knot must’ve been a very sensitive spot.


Judy watched him intently, her eyes glued to that magnificent cock and that thick pair of balls that he lightly stroked with his fingers each time he stroked the lower base of his knot. He kept the same steady rhythm for both. 


Judy licked her lips, she wanted to taste his cock and wrap those testees between her lips. Unable to resist the erotic sight anymore, Judy subconsciously unbuttoned the crotchpiece of her body suit. “Aha--”


Judy quickly covered her mouth as she trembled and moaned quietly once her middle finger smoothed over and between her soaked lips. 


The werefox rocked his cock with steady tugs at his knot. His tongue never stopped lolling out of his open mouth. He looked down at his dick, then pushed his back against the tree, shutting his eyes and pulling his ears back, taking in the sensation of pleasure. “Mmm…” Judy whimpered between buttoned lips as she circled her clit to the rhythm of his knot strokes. 


Judy didn’t know how long he had been touching himself -- or even how long she had been touching herself -- but after a couple of more strokes, the panting werefox’s cock began to pulse. He looked down at it, knowing full well that he was about to cum. The fox gave the bottom part of his cock a hard tug, “Grrn...AAHaaa…!” The werefox rolled his eyes back and lolled his tongue completely out of his wide open maw. He pushed back and tugged his knot upward while he shut his eyes and cummed a thick string of cum.


Judy gasped, she hadn’t stopped playing with her clit, but the part of her that was conscious knew that she had missed her chance to collect his semen because she was too busy being horny! The werefox gave heavy passion filled groans as he cummed a second thick stream of cum and then another. Judy reluctantly pulled her paw away from between her legs and accidentally showed herself behind the tree. “No!” she shouted as she missed her chance yet again.


As the werefox was coming out of his high, he lifted his exhausted head and noticed the bunny standing there in front of him. 


Judy stiffened, “Uh-oh…” The werefox snarled at the bunny intruder and his feral instincts kicked in. Judy! You dumb bunny! How could you have forgotten to not show fear?!


The werefox’s cock was still semi-erect but that didn’t seem to matter at the moment as he eyed the bunny with drooling jaws. So much for collecting her sample. Who knew if she would even be able to reach her broom in time and escape before he could devour her.


Judy slowly put the test tube back in her bag then stepped away, getting ready to run. She made sure her footing was right and dashed off as fast as she could. The werefox wasted no time and immediately charged after her. 


Judy ran, looking back over her shoulder as she reached the clearing. He was gaining up on her and Judy was so busy looking back at him that she did not notice the splattered pumpkin guts on the ground, “W-Whoa!” Judy slipped and fell. She caressed her head and picked up her hat, realizing that it had fallen off her head. She put it back on before realizing that he was standing a few feet before her in the clearing.


Judy gasped quietly, her legs parted as she sat back with paws to the ground behind her. This was it. She couldn't finish her potion and now she was going to be devoured by a werefox. Her eyes shifted down to his semi-erection, and her mind quickly flashed back to when he was masturbating. She regretted having shown fear, maybe things would've worked out if she hadn't been a dumb bunny.


Judy closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable as the werefox approached her with heavy footsteps. She swallowed hard, ready to meet her doom when…


Nothing happened, she looked up and saw the werefox sniffing the air. Judy wondered what he was smelling when she suddenly remembered her scent markings. He must've caught the smell of my scent markings!


As the fox took deep inhales, she heard a soft, yet rumbling growl echo down his throat and he trembled. Judy caught a glimpse of something stirring by his hips and her jaw dropped.


She realized that his penis was starting to grow again. Judy gasped and pressed her thighs together, catching the fox's attention. He looked between her legs and saw a fresh stream leak down from her vagina and spread down towards her butt cheeks.


The werefox rumbled a lustful growl in his throat and he grew to full size, knot and all.


Judy glanced down between her legs and realized that she forgot to button up her bodysuit. "Sweet cheese and--whaa!" 


Judy was interrupted when the werefox pulled her by legs towards him. Her bag of test tubes slipped off of her shoulder when he pulled her. 


He continued to sniff the air, and then sniffed her, wanting to find the source of the female's heat. He smelled her all over, stopping at her breasts. He licked his lips and Judy blushed. She was about to say something when he gently pushed her back, making her lie down on the grass. He purred softly with curiosity and placed a paw over the opening of her body suit, lightly pushing the tight fabric away from her chest, exposing one of her breasts. 


Judy gasped quietly and trembled when he gave it a curious lick while simultaneously cupping it as lightly as he could. She grew wetter and that delicious smell invaded the fox's nose again.   


He continued his search for it until he reached her crotch. He sniffed the air again to be sure that it was her same smell all around him. It didn't take him another second to realize that she was the female he smelled. Still very horny, the werefox spread her legs and pulled her closer again. Judy's breath hitched as his nose moved close to her wet femininity and he took a deep inhale, pressing his cold nose hard against her opening. 


"AAH!" Judy moaned, she was so frightened but so turned on and sensitive down there. She hoped him sniffing her like that was a good sign.


The fox looked up from between her legs and seemed to give her a smug smirk all the while his nose glistened with her juices. He licked it off with one slow fluid motion and Judy felt a new stream replace the one he had just cleaned.


Something the fox noticed with his strong sense of smell. His head then disappeared between her legs again and she felt the long moist muscle that was his tongue, clean up her most recent leak. "Ohhhmmnn!" 


Her legs hiked and she gripped the grass beneath her tightly. Yes, she thought as she realized that despite coming close to death, her plan was back on track. He was willingly desiring her, so now she'd be able to collect his cum. "Oh God…" she trembled as he gave a loooong hard lick at her clit with the entirety of his abnormally long tongue.


He licked her again and again, finding absolute bliss in his desire to drink up her natural nectar.


"Ahhm, mmm! Mm! Mm! MM!" She grew louder still when she felt his tongue enter her. "AAHhhmMmN!" He circled his tongue for a round or two until he pulled out. A string of her juices and his drool clung together, connecting them.


"Ahh…" Judy moaned quietly, feeling herself become all the more turned on and just simply wanting more. The desire for pleasure was once again relieved when the fox pressed his lips down on her clit, dabbing his tongue quickly on it and suckling hard on it before releasing it. I know all I'm trying to do is collect his semen, but I-I don't want this to end. It feels so good…!


Judy relished in the sensation, arching her back and losing herself in the pleasure. 


Though she had lost her focus for a moment, she then shook her head, reminding herself that as good as it felt she was on a mission. 


Maybe if she convinced him to let her return the favor she could give him a blow job or a pawjob so he could cum. "W-Wait…" she began out of breath as he gave her a couple of new licks. "Ah...C-Can I--Whoaa!" He pulled her by the legs again to his crotch.


The werefox couldn't wait any longer. His burning red hot cock needed sex. And he could tell that she desired it as much as he did given what he had tasted. He pressed his burning hot cock and knot hard against her soaked pussy. "Wait, what are--Ahhhhaaaa!" she trembled.


The werefox restrained a low growl and wasted no more time, he parted her thighs with his paws and aligned himself.


"W-Wait a second," Judy hesitated for a moment, fearing his size might be too much for her now that she saw it up close. But before she could say any more, her voice crescendoed into a high pitched moan and she felt the most wonderful and pleasurable firm cock spread her wide open. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhmmmmnnmn! Oh sweet cheese and…"


He was so big, and she was so slick that he managed to push half way inside in one fell swoop. Even then, she felt as if she had already taken in all of him. Surely half of him must’ve been the full size of a regular sized fox.


The werefox trembled and he looked like he was in pain, she was so tight. He whimpered in pleasure, loving how moist and warm she felt. He touched her breasts again, exposing them both at the opening of her outfit.


After a second of relishing in the tight sensation that was her vagina, the werefox pulled out agonizingly slowly, only to push back in, hard and fast, but still only half-way.


"Ahha, ah, ah, ah, haa, ah!" The bunny witch gasped as he thrust with all his might. Not letting her shut her legs as he held them open. "It's so hot…ohhh..." Judy whimpered.


The werefox thrust desperately into her, wanting to push a little more of himself inside her each time. He kept his eyes closed the whole time and was panting and whimpering relentlessly, relishing every bit of sensation she provided him. He had been so desperate for sex and this bunny was relieving him of that painful urge so perfectly. She felt so good! She was driving his dick wild with her tight warmth.


"Ahh!" Judy moaned loudly when she felt a bit more of him push in. The werefox opened his eyes, meeting hers. "Mmm! You're so big!" she huffed while cupping one of her breasts.


Seeing the lust in her eyes, the werefox felt himself stiffen up more than he already was. He needed more of her. He had to push deeper into her, he wanted his whole dick in her! Every last inch! 


He grabbed one of her calves and pulled her closer, elevating her hips a bit as he started thrusting harder and faster in her, going deeper and deeper each time. “Mmmphhh…!” the werefox huffed and whimpered. Everything felt so much tighter and wetter, the more he entered her but he was still only a little past halfway. 


The werefox pulled out all the way, causing a mixture of their juices to splat out on the matted fur of their crotches. Judy gasped at the sensation, “Wait, no…don’t stop,” she whined softly, unsure if her desperation came from the fact that he had yet to cum or because she simply didn’t want him to pull out. She felt so empty without him.


The bunny squeaked as the werefox lightly dug his claws on the front flap of her body suit, tearing it clean off of her to be able to work better. He pressed his cock on the exterior of her juicy pussy, causing a trembling exhale to escape the bunny witch. He started grinding on her, lubricating himself all the way up to his knot. Once he was well lubricated, he stroked her juices all over his cock and knot. Judy watched him with curiosity, amazed that he seemed to have some sort of control despite being in a transformed and feral state.


The werefox’s control appeared to have wavered again however, as he lowered the bunny’s arms at her side, sinking his claws into the ground while he lined up again. He pushed as hard and deep as he could before giving a series of rapid fire thrusts into her. 


The bunny witch stuttered a moan as she felt him inch further and further into her. He was certainly savage with lust again! Judy gave tiny gasps as he kept on hammering repeatedly into her.


She looked down between them where they were connected and saw how moist she had left his dick. She loved the sight of it! Each time he pushed in and out, she could see the shine of her juices bathe his cock closer and closer to his knot.


She felt her cheeks flush and her desire grow from simply watching their sexes interacting. Cum sample or not, she loved what he was doing. She pushed her head back and arched her back, blushing bright red, gripping the grass beneath her with both paws and moaning louder, "ah, Ah, AH! Ah! Ah! ah!"


The werefox pushed and pushed, whimpering. He had yet to push his full dick sans knot into her, but he could feel that he was close. Her small bouncing breasts didn't help as he caught himself staring at them. Then before he knew it, he scraped his claws down hard on the ground as the pleasure was too much for his sensitive cock and he cummed.


He felt the bunny grow stiff and far tighter than she already was when her breath hitched with still, trembling legs that tightened at his sides. "....Aaahhh...Nnnn…!" 


She whimpered as she felt the full gush of his warm liquid rush inside her, Ahh...yes! she moaned internally at her success. It was all certainly worth it for the sample.


Now all she had to do was collect it. The werefox above her restrained some painful groans as he gave her light little humps. He had yet to pull out, but Judy needed her sample. 


Once her high started wearing off, she tried pulling her hips back so she could dump the sample into the vial. Judy truly believed that she would have her full sample then and there as she could feel his hot seed seeping out from the sides of their joined organs.


He cummed so much. Guess I didn't need to stimulate his knot, Judy thought as she started to pull away. Before she could even get past his tip however, she immediately felt his dick slide right back in, "AaHAaa!" she gasped and moaned when she saw the werefox hover over her again. 


"W-Wait, I need to collect--Ohh!" she huffed passionately when he began moving. The werefox lifted her hips, elevating her waist with just one paw while he pulled her to him and thrust into her simultaneously. Judy's paws immediately gripped the grass again, while her legs continued to tremble. "Wait, I-I'm... I'm still sensitive down there... I'm not done o-orgas--MmminnnN!"


Unlike before, the werefox slowed his thrusts to give her deeper, more calculated pushes. He hovered over her, panting passionately. With his current rhythm and Judy's current state, he finally managed to push in all the way, until his knot kissed her wet lips. "Oh! Ohh..oh my…" Judy shivered when she felt the mass right at her entrance.


The werefox closed his eyes, living the moment as he grinded his knot against her. "Haa...Haa...Haa!" His tongue lolled the more he rubbed his knot to her. He opened his dazed eyes, locking them on her small breasts and started licking them.


"Ooohhh…" Judy exhaled as he did so, feeling his warm breath against her.


He would lay his muzzle between her small mounds, panting between them. Then would lick her chest again, giving them one long lick, then individual attention to each one. 


He lapped at her right breast, twirling his tongue in circles over her pink nipple before he did something which made Judy yelp in surprise. He softly bit down on her breast, holding the whole thing in his mouth, while his tongue continued its licking and his hips continued their slow deep thrusts. "Aaahhh!" Judy gasped, a part of her aroused at the bold move, but the other part of her terrified that he was literally biting down on her chest. She felt the pressure of his teeth against her skin, but she didn't feel pain. 


It felt good, but she did hope that he didn't feel tempted to bite harder and then eat her once he would taste blood.


As if he had read her mind, the werefox looked up at her, noticing that she was staring at his jaws with what looked like fear. Perhaps because he was so lost in his desires, he did not feel the urge to attack her, despite sensing her fear. Instead, he released the cup of her breast and moved his maw up to give her reassuring licks under her neck. 


Judy gasped quietly, Is he... trying to be affectionate? she wondered as he continued gently dabbing his tongue at her neck. His nose was wet too, so it started to tickle a bit. Judy giggled, surprised at her response to his behavior, but relieved that he wasn't trying to hurt her.


The werefox yipped happily and wagged his tail as he continued to lick the bunny, moving up to her cheek. "Heeheehee!" Judy giggled before the fox moved towards her mouth and started licking her lips. The witch bunny opened her mouth, allowing her smaller tongue to dab against his in return in a sloppy feral kiss.


With both their passions elevating to newer heights, the werefox slowly grinded his knot as deep as he could to lubricate it. He knew he might not end up knotting her before he cummed again, but he definitely wanted to get it nice and juicy once he got his third wind. 


The werefox’s pushes and his tugs at the bunny started to become more desperate. He rapidly pumped his erect cock into her until her moans drawled into hitched gasps. He gave two more mighty thrusts until he pulled his head and ears back and howled, “Awoooooooo!!!”

The bunny’s eyes rolled back, digging her claws into the dirt as she felt his hot seed spray the inner walls of her vagina. His knot had yet to enter her, but it kissed the mouth of her pussy, expanding it a bit, but not pushing it in quite yet.


The werefox whimpered, a shiver running down his spine and frizzing his tail from pure satisfaction. Unlike his first orgasm, he was a bit exhausted and in need of a minute to catch his breath. Realizing this, the bunny decided to take advantage and managed to pull away before he could push back in. 


“Mmmm!” She huffed as his cock popped out of her, leaving a string of cum attaching them together. The string detached once she closed her legs lying on her side to catch her breath for a second before she attempted to stand up. She managed to stand on her feet with quivering legs. Some of that very same semen started running down her legs. There was so much! 


The bunny witch grabbed her bag off the floor and took one of the test tubes. The werefox curiously watched her the whole time. Judy spread her legs, holding the test tube beneath the matted fur of her crotch. Most of the cum immediately seeped out of her and landed in the tube the second that she spread her legs. 


The werefox licked his lips as he saw his male fluids drip from her body. He didn't know why she was collecting his semen like that, but it made him grow aroused yet again. Judy noticed him staring and thought to tease him. She brought to fingers at her entrance, spreading her hole to allow more of his fluids to leak out of her, "You left me so full," she teased as a thick batch of cum dripped from her. 


Judy stood, realizing that a werefox was certainly good at cumming. One large test tube was already filled to the brim with what he ejaculated into her. And that was only from 2 orgasms! Poor guy must've been so pent up. She imagined that it would take a normal fox at least four to maybe five orgasms to cum as much as he did. Not that she'd mind, considering that rabbits naturally have a lot of stamina.


With one test tube down and two more to go, she needed him to keep going. Lucky for her, he seemed pretty aroused already. He had excellent recovery. 


Judy placed the ready cum sample back in her bag.


Doing her best to be cute and sexy, she approached the werefox with swaying hips. He stood to greet her. His erection just a few inches away from her face due to his increased height.


The sultry bunny pressed her paws on his toned stomach, running her fingers through his fur and muscles. "You're so well equipped and...potent," she said, moving one paw down to his heavy testicles. The werefox rumbled a growl and pushed his head back, enjoying how her small paw weighed and stroked his balls. "I can tell you're getting full again," she whispered lustfully, "I'm concocting a little experiment, but I need more for it to work. Would it be okay if I could drain these full testees again? Please?"


She batted her eyes at him, while the fox was stunned looking down at her. His quickly swelling knot and cock were the only response he could give her. Judy giggled coquettishly. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she could tame a werefox. "I'll take that as a yes."


Judy gently shoved him back and he fell back on the bed of his wooden cart. His legs dangled slightly from the bend of his knees while the rest of his body rested on the plush blue and white checkered quilt that covered the bed of his cart.


He watched the bunny saunter over as she climbed up, straddling him. Her warm, wet pussy rested on top of his pulsing dick. "Grrrrhhh…" he growled with lust. He reached for her hips, minding his claws and started grinding her against him, tearing off the remaining back flap covering her butt. Her body suit now reached her just above her hips all around. 


Though Judy was enjoying his attention, she stopped him from grinding her against him any further.


"No, no," she said, holding up a finger to him. "Let me be in charge for now, okay?" The werefox tilted his head, not understanding. "Just lay back for now and let me make you feel good."


The werefox appeared to understand and reluctantly released her hips. "Good boy," Judy said with a wink. She gave him a couple of grinds, which he enjoyed, then repositioned herself over him.


The bunny witch leaned back, placing her paws on the werefox's muscular thighs. She spread her legs, giving him a good look at her still wet pussy before reaching down to grab his firm erect cock and sliding it inside of her, “Ooohhh…”


He sank right in her without any sort of resistance from his size. “Hhhmmm-mmm…” she moaned with her head back before locking eyes with the fox. Judy rested her feet on the fox’s firm stomach as she repeatedly elevated and sunk herself right back on his dick. “Aaahhh…” Judy sighed in pleasure, keeping her gaze firmly focused on the werefox. She watched as his large paws gripped her smaller calves and he kept his head back. Growling and moaning softly in ecstasy. He hiked his knees up, resting his feet on the edge of the bed of the cart. Judy kept her paws rested on his knees.


“Ah...ah...ah…” she huffed quietly, her eyes still on the fox, relishing every satisfied reaction he gave. She quieted down a bit to hear his feral huffs and gushing sounds of their wet organs interacting. She loved hearing both sounds so much.


The werefox looked up between them, staring how his cock went in and out of her and how she was the one who was willingly pleasuring herself on his dick. 


Judy blushed when she realized that he was looking where they were currently connected. He certainly had the perfect lewd view from there. And she loved knowing that. She bounced harder and deeper on him then circled her hips around, twisting his dick in her pussy and lubricating his knot. Getting it nice, juicy, wet, and slippery. 


Judy repositioned herself in an attempt to find a better position that she could take in his swollen knot. She crouched over him, placing her feet at his sides. She pressed her paws on her knees, gripping the fabric of her stockings as she sank herself up and down, pushing deeper than she could in their previous position and taking in more and more of his knot. “O-Oh! O-Ohhh!” Judy moaned loudly. 


The werefox couldn’t keep his paws down. He gripped her soft plush rear and motioned her hips up and down on his hard soaked dick. His claws lightly scraped all the way across her other plump cheek. “Oh!” Judy moaned loudly as he motioned her repeatedly. First in a steady rhythm, then slowly increased it more and more. “Oh! Oh!” After the werefox helped her motion rapidly a couple more times he thrust his hips up and pushed her down hard. There was resistance from the swell of his knot as he simultaneously pushed up and pressed her down. “AH! Mmmm-ghnnn….” Judy groaned in a mixture of pleasure and light pain. “OH!” she gasped loudly when the knot finally squeezed past her butt cheeks and the lips of her pussy -- given the angle she was in. “Oh-ha...ahaaa….!” she exhaled and trembled in pleasure, resting her paws on his broad chest and curling her fingers on his fur. “Nghhh…” she tightened immediately and rocked her hips back and forth on his knot. She felt a little bit of his cum leak out as she tightened around him, but not to the degree he did before. Though she did feel him tremble under her.


After a couple of seconds of being tied together, the werefox gently pulled from her and lifted her simultaneously. Judy braced herself, realizing that he was attempting to pull his knot out. “Mmmmmmffff!” she pressed her lips together in a mildly pained groan as he pulled. “Ah!” she exhaled, when he pulled out. They rested for a second before he began moving her hips up and down on him again. “Ahhhh...that feels so good...Ah!” her breath caught when she felt him puuuush his knot right back in.  


“MMM-nnn gggghhhh!” Judy pressed her paws against the werefox’s firm abs and pulled herself off his knot again. “Ahh…”


The werefox was about to start lifting and pressing her back down on him again, but she placed her paws on top of his. She looked him in the eyes and pressed down on his chest. Feeling bold, she leaned forward and pecked a kiss on his lips followed by a small lick to them. She ran her paws down his arms, letting him know to keep them down and let her take over again.


Judy kept her crouched position over him, paws pressed on his rock hard abs. The werefox initially assumed that she would simply keep sinking herself repeatedly on his dick, but much to both his surprise and pleasure, she did something better. 


The bunny witch bounced up and down on him, sinking herself all the way down to his knot. She was so wet and had been stretched out enough to take in the bulk of his knot at its current swollen state. The werefox huffed, desperate to throw his arms back to her hips and thrust upwards into her, but he obeyed like a good fox and let her have her way with him while he just laid back and enjoyed every second of pleasure.


“Grrrrrrr….” he growled quietly under his breath. He could tell his cock was soaked. It glistened in the dark of the night from her juices. Their huffs of passion, the wet sounds of her entrance swallowing his knot whole, along with the creaking of the cart from their constant love making echoed throughout the empty woods.


“Ohhhh...oh...ah...ahaaa!” Judy moaned with every juicy kiss her pussy gave to the entirety of his exceptionally hard dick and knot. With every motion of her hips, she tugged his knot upwards and his round firm balls gave their own tiny bounce each time. His dangling legs, which were bent at the knees down the edge of the cart, subtly moved around. They appeared relaxed but equally tense at the same time. He very lightly spread them wider, allowing his bouncy balls room to move. “Nnnnhhh!” he whined, hiking his knees upwards ever so slightly. 


He was so drunk in the thralls of pleasure that it was becoming harder and harder to resist the urge to just thrust up and take her like the wild animal that he was. But she was knot fucking him so perfectly that he didn’t dare change a thing until she chose to. If she kept up this way however, he certainly would not last much longer.


“Oooommm!” Judy groaned when she noticed that it was becoming harder to continue swallowing his knot. She could feel that his knot was twice as swollen as it had been before. It surely wouldn’t be too long now until he would cum again. 


Unable to sink herself past his extremely swollen knot anymore, Judy repositioned herself again. She did not pull off from him, unwilling to part with his dick. So she just pushed her legs back, resting her ankles on top of his thighs.


Judy moved her paws up to his chest and started rocking herself back and forth on him. The werefox lolled his tongue out and panted repeatedly as she rode him. She trembled a gasp. She was getting close to her own release. 


“Mmm-ah! Mm-ah! Ah...ah...AH!” She rocked faster, tightly gripping her fingers between the cream colored fur of his chest. The werefox’s testees started to pulse and his knot started to swell against her. She quivered as she could feel his cock getting warmer and his knot inflating near her cheeks. But perhaps what she found most amazing is how he had obeyed all this time and allowed her to take charge of the situation. She was sure to let him know that and gave him a sultry, passion filled whisper as she continued to rock her hips “Ha-Ah! Mmmmm-yeah...haaa, yeah...ah good boy.” 


The werefox whined and wagged his tail. He liked being a good boy to this bunny that was satisfying him so perfectly. She was beautiful and so, so tight. The panting fox rested his muzzle and forehead between her small breasts all the while she continued to ride him.


Judy rested her paws around his head and shoulder, riding his dick with passion filled exhales. “Ah...Oh my gah...nnn...mmmmphh...haa…” she hissed, while his paws rested on her firm rear. She elevated herself and he laid back down on his back. Given the way he pushed his head back and whimpered, he was close. Judy had to really take it up a notch if she wanted him to ejaculate. The bunny held on tight to his muscular chest and bounced on his dick, faster than before. “Ahhh...ah!” she rocked her hips while the werefox placed a paw on her tiny waist, while the other one gripped the quilt beneath him. 


The werefox rolled his eyes back, dazed with pleasure. His ears fell back and he whined. The sensation was becoming too much and he was doing his best to not flip her over and rut her. He wanted her to lead him to sweet orgasmic bliss. He looked down at their crotches, feeling himself blush. He pulled his head way back with a long winded whimper, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnhhhhh!” It made him so horny watching his thick long dick disappear into that tiny bunny pussy. She was tight before but he could feel her growing tighter and tighter, but still so warm and wet. The bunny wanted to drive him wild, as not only was she really going faster and moaning louder, but she was also allowing all of her weight to sink her down on him with each rock of her hips. 


The werefox placed his other paw on the back of the bunny’s shoulders and lightly pressed her downward. He really wanted her to stay as sunk in as possible on him, he needed her all around him. “MMmmmnn...mnn...mnnn...mmnn….mmmnnnnn….” the werefox whined the more she moved while remaining sunken in on him. The werefox’s eyes meanwhile glued themselves back to their crotches. “Mn, mn, mn, mn, mn, Mn, Mn, MN!” he whined louder and louder while she moaned loudly with bouncing breasts. 


His cheeks burned hotter when he saw one of her paws dart down to her clit and started violently circling it. “Ah, ah, ah, ah, Ah!”


That did it for him. He shut his eyes before he exploded inside her, “Nnnagh….RrrrRAARGHNNNN!” 


“Aohaaa…HAAAaaaa!” Judy whimpered and huffed as she sunk down to his thick knot, swallowing it whole. “Haaa...haaa…” she breathed as she felt a clean thick stream of his cum seep out of her. It was perfect bliss. The bunny witch felt the werefox caress her plump cheeks while he continued pumping jet after jet of his warm seed inside her. 


The werefox’s cum leaked out, dripping down between the small division of his testicles and down onto the quilt beneath them. “Ha...ha…haa,” Judy reached back and gripped his large balls in her paws causing him to whine and tremble. “I really drained you didn’t I, foxy?” Judy teased, resting her body on top of his and petting his stomach. She chose to have a small break before collecting his cum. “Good boy. Good boy, Nick.”


The fox’s eyes bulged in surprise. Nick? He looked down at her and locked eyes with her when she gave him a lazy smile. What had she called him? That name was so familiar to him. Was it his name? It was his, wasn’t it? He was sure of it! 


He let out a low grumble and felt his limping penis hardening again. He didn’t know why, but hearing her say his name turned him on. He wanted to hear her say it again. He wanted to know that he was the one satisfying her. This beautiful bunny that was freeing him of his intense pain and desire for sex.


His bunny! He wanted her again. He needed her again! He needed to hear her say it again!


Before the bunny could try to pull up from his knot, he hugged her to his body while she still lay on him. “Nick?” the bunny asked, confused.  


She said it again! He wagged his tail and started to slowly thrust upwards at her. “Haaaaaa….Oh-ahh! N-Nick!” she moaned loudly while he kept shooting jet after jet inside her. His knot was covered in streaks of cum. She was so well lubricated to the point that his knot pulled out of her. Though...rather than leaving it out, the werefox named Nick, kept thrusting upwards. Pulling his knot in and out of her. “Ah! Ahhhnnn! NNgh! Oh…!”


The werefox ceased his thrusts for a moment to grind her hips hard against his, then continued hammering up at her all the while grinding her to him. The witch bunny’s eyes rolled over, unable to let out a coherent sound with the exception of short quick whimpers and huffs. She stiffened and pushed up, trembling and writhing from yet another body-wracking orgasm. 


Judy breathed heavily, pressing a paw to her stomach. She felt so full. 


The bunny was so thankful that the fox had pulled her off his knot. She enjoyed being knotted to him, but she needed to collect her samples before he grew aroused again and filled her beyond the brim. The bunny lifted herself off of him while he recovered on the cart. She slid off him and grabbed another test tube. Just like before, she opened up her entrance to allow the werefox’s semen to seep out of her. 


The werefox lazily stroked himself as he allowed the remainder of his cum to run down his cock and balls. The bunny managed to fill about seventy-five percent of the tube. Judy needed more, but her legs required a longer break. It didn’t matter though. She had an excellent idea on how to make him cum again.


The bunny witch climbed back up on the cart and grabbed the werefox’s testicles, causing a feral yelp to escape him. She ran the test tube up the length of his dick, collecting the semen that had run down his cock. He watched her before she ducked her head to start licking between the small divide between his balls. “NNNnnnnggghhh….!” 


The werefox spread his quivering legs and pushed his head back. Judy felt her clit tickle when she saw his reaction. She wanted to see him do that again. Judy placed a cork back on the test tube. She set it aside and grabbed his balls with both of her paws. Judy continued licking the cum clean off of them and fondling them. The werefox restrained a low growl when Judy realized that a fresh bead of cum appeared on the tip of his dick. “Yes...good boy...good boy, Nick.”


“Nnn...nnn...nnn...nnnggghhh!” he whimpered, wagging his tail under her.


It finally dawned on Judy that he would get even more turned on whenever she mentioned his name. If that was the case, then he truly was the owner of the cart they were currently making love on. 


The bunny then had a truly naughty idea to drive him...Wilde, she giggled internally at her own pun. 


The bunny witch straddled herself over his soft bushy tail, rocking her hips and wiping her cum stained pussy on it while her paws reached for his large stiff cock and started licking it "NNnnMmNnn!" The werefox whimpered loudly. He had no idea what he had done to deserve this naughty bunny witch, but he loved every minute of it!


"Does that feel good? Nick?" she asked in a sultry voice.


He responded the only way he could. "Haa...haa ..haa...haaaa!" He panted wildly when he felt her put her mouth over the head of his cock and started suckling on it like a lollipop. He blushed hard and dug his claws deep into the cart, tearing at both his quit and the wood beneath it.


The bunny alternated between massaging the length of his throbbing penis and his pulsing testicles -- all while stroking her moist crotch on his tail. When Judy felt him release a bit of precum, she pulled her mouth off of him and opened the test tube to gently spit what she had collected. It added to the overall sample but it still wasn't enough, she needed him to explode again.


The fox's face felt hot as he watched her suckle up his nectar and spit it into a test tube. His eyes rolled back when she dug her head back on his dick. He panted while staring up at the stars. His mind blank and focused only on the sensation that he felt at his hip region and tail. 


Judy changed tactics and chose to take it up a notch. She turned around and trapped his cock between her butt cheeks. The fox yelped in surprise with wide eyes when said eyes caught sight of his leaking dick sandwiched between her soft plump cheeks. 


Judy slapped her cheeks together, causing said cheeks to ripple and vibrate. Judy slapped them again, squeezing them nice and tight around his dick and moved them up and down. She kept his tail trapped between her thighs so she could continue rubbing her pussy against it. "Ohhh...Nick…"


Nick's tongue fell out of his mouth again and started wagging his tail to give her more pleasure. Her breath hitched at the sensation, but continued her wet attack on his fluffy tail.


They were both bright red in the face and huffing. Nick's testicles were pulsing like crazy. He was going to cum, he could feel it!


Before he could however, he did something that made Judy's jaw drop. He reached forward and grabbed Judy by the waist with one paw, then grabbed her test tube with the other. He popped the cork off of it and had her lean back on his stomach, while he kept rocking her cheeks on his cock. He put the test tube on his tip and shot a thick batch of cum right into it. "NNNNNMMMMNNN!"


He shot another heavy jet, then another and another, until the test tube was overflowing with his last release. Judy slid off him when he let go of her and turned to look at him. He lazily handed the now full test tube to her. 


" filled it up for me?" Judy asked, in awe.


The werefox gave her a happy whine and pant. 


Judy placed a paw over her heart and exposed breast. She was touched that such a vicious creature could be so sweet and unique. She never knew werefoxes could be so gentle yet aggressive in all the right ways.


Judy hopped onto his chest and brought his head forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, Nick."


She hopped off to place the second test tube in her bag and pulled out a new one, resting it on the ground beside her. "But…" Judy whispered seductively as she leaned forward on a large jack o'lantern. She spread her legs and raised her rear, wagging her small puff of a tail. "I need one more hefty sample. If you don't mind, that is."


Nick's receding cock immediately grew back and hardened like a rock when he saw her bent over for him. It was the most primal presentation she could've given him and he wasn't going to deny her offer.


He rushed over to her and grabbed her hips, aligning his erection to her entrance. Nick pushed in with all his might and sunk straight up to his knot. The sight was beautiful from his angle. He could watch his knot rest right outside her perfect heart shaped rear any day.


Once settled, he began his rapid assault on her pussy. “Ah..ah..ah..ah..ah..ah!” Werefox Nick pulled the bunny to him with each of his hard thrusts. “Y-Yes! Yes Nick! Give me all your cum!”


Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!


Judy writhed her paws all over the pumpkin, desperate to grab onto it in any way possible. His legs were so strong that with every thrust of his hips, he pushed her forward. Practically moving her up on the pumpkin itself.


He did eventually move her up on the pumpkin, pressing down on her head with one large claw and elevated her rear to give him better access. Judy gasped loudly, sinking her blunt claws on the pumpkin. “Ahhh...Haaaa....NNnnaaahh...Nick!”


The werefox pushed faster, then slowed way down, sinking and circling his cock in her. Taking in the tight wet hug her insides gave him and letting her feel every inch of his length and girth. He wanted to ingrain her insides into his memory.


He leaned forward, gripping the pumpkin over her smaller paws and thrust only his hips into her. "Aaahhh...ohh-ahh...ah! ah! Ohh…" she sighed in pleasure. This certainly had to be the best way she had ever had to collect ingredients for her brew ever! She wondered why or how no other witch had ever taken the risk of having sex with a werefox to extract his semen. It truly was incredible! And she loved how his heavy moans rumbled in his throat. She really doubted that he minded her collecting his semen this way. Judy could tell he loved the feeling of her insides squeezing his huge, well endowed cock. 


"MMMmm!" Judy trembled when she felt him pull her back up. He pressed her to his ripped stomach and bent down to grab her test tube. "Already?" Judy teased between pants. 


The fox responded with a lustful growl and stood her on the pumpkin while he opened the tube. He placed it under their crotches as he pressed her to him with one paw. He spread his legs and rapidly pumped his dick up inside her, “Ahh! Ahh! Ahnn!” 


After a couple of pushes, Nick pulled out halfway, leaving half his cock inside her and pumped out a huge load of cum that leaked out of Judy’s sex in a clean even stream into the test tube. Judy’s legs shook, causing her to almost lose her footing. She blushed so hard, that was so erotic! 


Judy pushed back to him, wanting him to do that again and he did not disappoint!


They kept up this way for a good while until Nick changed position. 


Nick had Judy in a stand and carry position where Judy now held the test tube beneath her opening while her other arm held onto Nick’s muscular arm for support. “AAAHHNNNN!” Judy moaned loudly as his fluids dripped out of her overflowing hole and down into the test tube.


They tried numerous positions, letting their passions burn and control their every instinct and desire. They had been fucking for nearly three hours now and were both extremely close to their ultimate orgasm.


Judy had her back pressed to Nick’s chest and he had one large paw holding up one of her thighs while the other one gripped her left breast. He pushed upwards into her. The third test tube lay there beside them, completely full -- overflowing really. Judy had her samples, but now had decided to simply mate with him for the sheer pleasure of it. “Grrrrrrrnnnnnhhhh!” The fox groaned, pushing his head back while the bunny moaned. 


“Yes! Yes! YES! Nick!” Their bodily fluids lightly splashed and rained all over the cart. With all the constant sex they had been having it was no surprise that they were covered in their own bodily fluids -- particularly their crotches, hips, and legs. The werefox’s eyes were lost on the full moon for a moment, then looked down to the bunny on his stomach. She felt his eyes on her and stared back up at him. He hissed in pleasure, then...with half lidded eyes, slid his long tongue across her face and mouth. A slobbery kiss, but Judy wasn’t complaining. She licked his tongue right back and he pumped harder. “AH! Ah! Ahhhnnn! MMM-Nick!” She was getting tighter and tighter! “AHH! Nick! Nick! Nick! Knot me! Cum in me! Cum in MMMMEEEEE!!!”


Nick knot pushed deep inside, causing the tip of his cock to kiss the roof of her womb and fill every last bit of it with splashing cum that managed to somehow still splatter right out of her entrance! His knot swelled twice the size it had before. 


The bunny hiked her legs up and pressed them together. Her jaw slacked open in an inaudible and continual gasp of agonizing pleasure. “.........Aaaahhhhh………...ahhhhhh…….” she panted while the werefox continued to lightly hump her, draining every last drop of semen from his balls.


The two let out exhausted pants as they both slowly recovered from the stars and high of their mega orgasm. Perhaps because he had allowed his feral state to be satisfied at its fullest, Nick grabbed the bunny witch -- who's witch hat had fallen off at some point during their most recent rutting session -- and turned her over so she could rest properly on his abs.


Judy sighed and tiredly ran her fingers through the fur and muscles of his stomach. "Thank you," she said suddenly. "I don't know if you can understand me, but thank you so much for not hurting me and even helping me get my samples. I promise you they'll be put to good use." She rested her head against him and yawned. "Sorry, I guess I'm a little tired. Who knew werefoxes had so much stamina." 


Unable to speak in his transformed state, Nick simply nuzzled the top of her head as she slipped off to dream land. He stared quietly at the sleeping bunny for a moment before giving the full moon one last look and yawned himself. Before long, he was fast asleep too.




Some hours later, the sun came up and Nick was the first to wake up. He stretched an arm and yawned, letting the bright sunlight settle on his eyes.


Still tired, he closed his eyes for a moment then opened them as he turned his head to the left. His tired eyes immediately popped open when he saw a gray bunny sleeping on his chest. "Wha--?!" He gasped shocked, but quietly so as not to wake her. 


He looked around at his surroundings and realized that he was on his cart and was completely naked -- which was not really a shock since he knew full well that he had transformed the night before and always woke up naked in the woods. Though he himself being naked wasn't a shock, seeing the female bunny lying beside him with exposed breasts and torn clothes was! 


What did I do last night?! He asked himself internally in a panic. Then suddenly remembered everything -- which was normally not at all common whenever he transformed. That's right...we had sex…


He looked at her crotch and sure enough the fur around it was completely matted with dry cum. Not to mention her legs also had dry streams of cum running down them.


The now normal fox groaned miserably. He remembered the sex and collecting his semen in a test tube but he didn't remember why or if she was aware of everything or if he took her by force. 


He certainly hoped he didn't. He'd never be able to forgive himself if he did anything to hurt her. He was more than sure that it was consensual given that he remembered her eagerly riding him, but he was so scared that he might be remembering wrong since it really wasn’t a common occurrence for him. 


Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t immediately notice that Judy was waking up. She yawned and stretched in his arms. The fox froze when he glanced down at her. The bunny blinked and rubbed her eyes awake. She looked up at the fox, then closed her eyes and nuzzled back on his chest…...until she popped her eyes open and stared back up at him. 


“W-Waaa!” Judy yelped once she saw him and covered her breasts with one arm and covered her matted crotch with her other paw. She was blushing bright red with embarrassment, “Who are--!” The blushing Judy was about to scold the perverted fox invader and ask him about what happened to her studly werefox, but then she caught a good glimpse of his green eyes.


Recognition dawned on her, “N-Nick? Nick Wilde?”


The red fox’s eyes widened in shock, “H-How do you know my name?”


The bunny felt relieved. He was the same werefox she had been with the night before. She gave him a once over and noticed that much like her, the fur at his crotch was also matted. Something else she noticed, which she viewed as a plus, was the fact that he was still very handsome in his normal state. 


“It says your name on the side of the cart,” she answered.


“Oh, oh right…” Nick looked away from her, looking very down.


“What’s wrong?” Judy asked, leaning close to him to inquire and no longer covering herself. 


Nick couldn’t help but look at her small breasts and blushed. He pulled his ears down, fully ashamed of himself. “I’m...I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I remember mating with you and I’m more than sure that you were okay with it, but I don’t remember if I hurt you or forced you into anything,” he groaned, completely frustrated. “I know how dangerous werefoxes can be with both our appetites and...sexual appetites. That’s why I always wander out here to the middle of nowhere so I can avoid ever hurting anyone. Unlike most werefoxes though, I tend to get really horny,” he sighed miserably, “I’m really, really sorry if I did anything to hurt you.”


Judy gave a sincere smile and placed a paw over his arm, “You have no need to feel ashamed Nick. You didn’t hurt me. Honestly, maybe in hindsight, I should apologize to you. I actively came out here looking to have sex with you because I needed the semen of a werefox for this potion I’m brewing.” Judy put on her witch hat to let him know that she’s a witch. “You were actually going to eat me, but you smelled my scent markings around you and you realized what I wanted and well know.” Judy blushed and nervously fidgeted with her paws. Her smile then faltered and said with a sincere frown, “I am seriously sorry though, if I may have taken advantage of you in a vulnerable state when you're not in control of yourself. I’m really sorry.”


Nick’s mouth gaped, he was amazed to hear her apologize. Perhaps it wasn’t an appropriate thought at the moment, but he thought that she looked really cute the way she fidgeted and blushed in shame. He felt a mild stirring in his sheath, but quickly shook it off. Not the right time, Nick!


Nick took a deep breath before he spoke, calming himself. He took one of her paws in his. “Believe me my lovely witch Carrots, I was fully in control when it came to that part. Actually, that was the first time I was ever in control. I usually don’t remember anything when I’m in my werefox state, but somehow with you, I remembered everything! You didn’t hurt me either. If anything, you really helped me out. You have no idea how painful the urge to mate is when you’re a werefox, so thank you,” he gave her a sincere smile. 


Judy smiled relieved and held his paw in both of hers. “Thank you too, for helping me.” Judy leaned closer and gave him a peck on the cheek which caused him to blush bright red, despite his fur color. "Is...Is it okay if I use your semen sample? Do you remember helping me with that?” she asked curiously.


“Like I said Carrots, I remember everything. I’ll admit, I think I missed the part about what you need it for. You’re not going to try to raise the dead with it, are you?” he asked jokingly. 


Judy playfully rolled her eyes, “No. I wanted to make carrots grow bigger to end world hunger.”


Nick snickered, then full on burst out laughing, causing the bunny to scowl embarrassed. “Really? Who knew my cum could make vegetables grow bigger? Hahaha! By the way, how does that help predators? Oh wait, it did help one predator considering that I just ate a tasty Carrot last night.”


Judy rolled her eyes, “Har, har. My name is Judy Hopps by the way, not Carrots. And…” she leaned on his chest, pressing her breasts on his chest and spoke with a sultry whisper, “I suspect, it takes a big carrot to create a bunch of bigger carrots.”


Nick swallowed hard and felt the tip of his penis pop out of his sheath. Judy noticed and Nick blushed embarrassed, rubbing the back of his neck, “Heh, heh, sorry about that.”


“You know,” Judy said, the sultry breath still in her voice, “There are plenty of other potions that I’ve been meaning to try out that require werefox semen, if you’re interested. That or, whenever you have those pesky urges bothering you again, I live pretty close by here. I wouldn’t mind helping you out with that.”


Nick’s eyes widened in surprise then gave her a confident smirk, “Oh really? Well, with such a tempting offer, how can I say no? And I don’t mind helping end world hunger with my potent werefox seed.”


Judy blushed, brushing her ear with her paws, bashfully. “Before we do that however, I would really like to get to know the fox behind the werefox, if you don’t mind.” Judy placed her paw near his erection.


“Not at all,” Nick gently rolled her down on the bed of the cart. “I’d really love to get to know the bunny behind the witch who’s so interested in growing big carrots with my semen.”


Judy giggled and reached up to bring his lips to hers. They kissed and made love yet again.