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It’s not that Jungkook is spoiled per se. 

He has honestly worked hard for a lot of things in life. His career for one, something that did not, nor still doesn’t, come easy. Of course, there are the technicalities that come with that, like learning to be a respectable, normal-ish human while still growing up underneath the harsh spotlight, balancing work life and his personal life, developing new skills to further himself and the group, etc. 

Amongst about a million other little things, like how Jungkook’s worked incredibly hard to master how to make the perfect bowl of instant ramen, or that one dance move that nobody but Hoseok can seem to do—except now, thank you very much—there’s also his boyfriend, which strangely falls under the work category, too, because dating your fellow bandmate can get a little messy and requires even double the work that a normal relationship might. 

That’s neither here nor there, though. 

What’s here, however, is the way that they’ve been here, on their little mini, relaxing getaway for two whole days now, and Jungkook has yet to achieve the ultimate form of relaxation, which is Seokjin, more specifically, having sex with Seokjin. 

Jungkook doesn’t think Seokjin’s ever been this dense in the entire time that they’ve known each other. 

He thought they’d be on the same page, they usually are. Free time usually means Seokjin and Jungkook doing the goddamn deed time , and yeah, while maybe this is still technically work, they’re still entitled to do whatever they want, and if Jungkook would like to do his extremely handsome boyfriend, then he’s going to turn cameras off and they’re just going to have to deal with it. 

Seokjin doesn’t seem to get that. 

It was subtle hints at first. Teasing hands at Seokjin’s waist, getting into his personal space, announcing to the group that he was sooo tired— with a wink to Seokjin—before disappearing to his room where he, stupidly, waited for the aforementioned, aloof cutie to never show up. 

He tried harder after that. For one, quite literally embarrassed himself on national television by pretending he had no idea who Princess fucking Peach was because if there’s one thing that strokes Seokjin’s ego, it’s being smarter than anyone else in the room when it comes to literal video games. Jungkook still can’t watch anyone play Mario Party Superstars without thinking about that one time that Seokjin totally wrecked Jimin, who was ridiculously boastful that he was going to win, which in turn resulted in actual, beautiful victory sex. Something about 4D people just gets Seokjin going. 

Except for this time apparently. 

So Jungkook has had enough. 

He said his goodnight far too early for normal, but he truthfully has no cares left besides finally getting Seokjin out of his ridiculous matching pajamas and into him instead. It’s been a while since they’ve last slept together, with their schedule being so busy, so to say Jungkook is a little backed up is an understatement. He will take anything right now. A handjob, a blowjob, Seokjin to just enjoy a really good plate of food so Jungkook has enough somewhat suggestive audio to last him on his next one-on-one session. 

Of course, Jungkook doesn’t settle for less, though, so when he makes a beeline to Seokjin’s room, he does so with sheer determination. 

His boyfriend’s obliviousness ends now. 

“Jungkook-ah,” Seokjin greets him tiredly, voice with that tone he uses when they’re on camera. It’s kind of goofy, kind of endearing, but Jungkook doesn’t want to hear it right now; he’d much rather the softer, dirtier tone of voice that he knows Seokjin uses well, the tone that draws him apart just with each breath of a syllable. 

When Jungkook doesn’t respond, too lost in a horribly, horny haze, Seokjin goes back to looking at his phone, singing some song he’s making up on the spot about why did Jungkookie come to bother me, hyung is just trying to sleep. Jungkook has half the mind to giggle because Seokjin is a fucking nerd, but his heart lamely supplies that Seokjin is his fucking nerd, and Jungkook is so terribly in love. 

He quickly locates the singular camera in the room, and from that point, it’s go-time. One quick flick of the off button before Jungkook is turning around victorious, Seokjin still idly scrolling away on his phone. 

“Yeobo,” Jungkook’s voice is sickly sweet as he says it, the term of endearment startling Seokjin for a second because hello, are they not still on camera? “I want you to fuck me.” 

Seokjin, eyes still wide and disbelieving, glances over at Jungkook’s shoulder, scanning for the blinking light to let him know it’s recording. When he doesn’t see it staring back at him, his posture relaxes and he scoffs, shaking his head. 

“Not even a hi?” He glances back down at his phone and Jungkook almost lets out an honest to god cry. 

“Not even a—“ Jungkook is stammering, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Hyung!”

“Don’t whine, Jungkook-ah,” Seokjin tsks, “it’s not cute.”

Jungkook shakes his head, nearly furious. “Yes, it is,” he insists. “Because I’m cute. Aren't I cute, Jin hyung?” 

Silence, but Jungkook pays it no mind. 

“Exactly!” he continues. “So let’s have sex now. Please take off your clothes.” 

Jungkook’s settling himself on Seokjin’s bed now, making a show out of how he crawls over to straddle Seokjin’s slim thighs, trying his best to be extra seductive, because apparently, that’s in order for tonight. If Seokjin’s going to be hard to get, then Jungkook’s going to make sure he gets him. 

“Jungkook-ah!” Seokjin is whining, which never is too good, but he tosses his phone to the side for now, so it’s the little victories. “We’re still—“ he gestures around them, “we’re working!” 

“And?” Jungkook cocks an eyebrow with a pout. “I know for a fact that Jiminie and Taehyungie hyung have done it like—eighty-two times on this trip alone, even included Namjoon hyung one time, and—“ he turns slightly to point to the disregarded camera, “I turned that off! It’s like no one’s even here!” 

“Jiminie and Taehyung have no morals,” Seokjin says tiredly. “You can’t compare us to them, they have an abnormally high libido.” 

Jungkook pouts because he’s smart and knows Seokjin is very weak for his pouts. “Fine,” he gives up, except he doesn’t actually. After all, he knows Seokjin is just being a bit of an asshole about it all because he can be. “I’ll go then.” He starts shimmying down Seokjin’s legs to exit, making a very big show of it all while he’s at it. “You know, maybe now’s a good time to try out that new toy I got—you know the one, the pink one, since you don’t wanna be any hel—“

“Oh, here we go,” Seokjin mumbles, causing Jungkook to pause mid-descent from Seokjin’s bed, where he’s doing so, ass last, his behind very much in Seokjin’s direction. 

“Excuse me?” 

“You always do this,” Seokjin says, laughing at himself before he even can explain. Jungkook actually hates him. Maybe the pink dildo would be a better idea for the night, at least it wouldn’t laugh at him for—

“Do what?!” Jungkook demands, eyebrows furrowed. He sits back on his feet, the very cute way that he does that he knows makes Seokjin coo no matter the occasion. 

“This!” Seokjin gestures, still laughing. “The minute you don’t get your way, you pout. Just like a baby would. Ah, Jeon Jungkook, I don’t know why I let it surprise me anymore.” 

“I do not!” Jungkook argues although he knows there is maybe some teeny, tiny truth to that. It can’t be entirely his fault, though. He is a product of his environment and grew up with six doting hyungs. Sue him. 

“Lying is just about as cute as whining, baby,” Seokjin tells him, voice switching to something subtly condescending, which admittedly stirs up something akin to pleasure in Jungkook’s stomach. He watches as the elder sits up, hand reaching out to delicately trace Jungkook’s cheek, tender. Then, like the son of a bitch he is, “If you wanted me to fuck you so bad all you’d have to say is please.” 

“You’re the worst person I have ever known,” Jungkook is telling him, though his actions betray him as he pushes Seokjin back into the mound of pillows on his bed—one of which includes RJ because of course, it would include RJ. “Seriously, once we’re finished, I don’t want to see you ever again.” 

Jungkook slips back into his seat on Seokjin’s thighs, making Seokjin laugh his ridiculous squeaky laugh once more. 

“I pretended I didn’t know who Princess Peach was so you would feel so smart and mighty that you’d throw me around a little!” Jungkook explains, the admittance sounding more pathetic than Jungkook intends. “And yet! Nothing! Not even the tip.”

“Oh, gross.” Seokjin makes a face, hands slipping to Jungkook’s thighs instinctively. “And was that really what all that was about? I thought Fiona and Rachel were a little far off, even for you, but—never did I think that would be you trying to seduce me.”

“You love being right! Especially when it comes to video games,” Jungkook is explaining. “It’s not a proud moment of mine, but sometimes the Hot Boyfriend card is the only one to play.” 

“Hot Boyfriend card?”

Jungkook hums. “Like Hoseokie hyung pretending he doesn’t know things that Yoongi hyung explains just so he feels a little smarter.” 

“Ah,” Seokjin nods, knowing. “Nice move.” 

“Except it wasn’t,” Jungkook points out. “Because I still had to come here myself and throw myself at you. Like some kind of desperate freak.”

“Isn’t that what you are?”

Jungkook scowls, his hands however making themselves at home, bunching up the soft silk of Seokjin’s pajama top, thumbs teasing at warm skin. 

“You’re mouthy tonight,” Jungkook says, unsure if he loves it or hates it. His hands are wandering off on their own now, slipping down further and palming Seokjin through the matching pajama pants. 

“I’m trying to pull the weight,” Seokjin informs him. “Considering you’re already tugging at my dick and haven’t even kissed me yet. Where’s the romance, babe? Where’s the dirty talk and foreplay?” 

Jungkook falters for just a moment, suddenly very aware of the way he’s been feeling Seokjin through his bottoms, far too eager. He straightens up, shrugging, however not pausing his movements. 

“Calling me desperate is foreplay?”

“Depends what you’re into.” 

“Yeah,” Jungkook says with a roll of his eyes, “you are way too fucking mouthy tonight.” 

Seokjin snickers before Jungkook’s shutting him up with a kiss, one that has way too much force off the bat, but it’s good, because every kiss with Seokjin is good, especially after Jungkook’s been deprived of him. His lips are urgent in the way they kiss the elder’s, quick, but bruising kisses that he slips out a myriad of delighted noises in, especially when he feels the way Seokjin’s hands tighten at his hips, pinching slightly. 

“I missed you,” Jungkook tells him, sincere, rushed between kisses. “It’s been too long.” 

And it has. Because, sure, Jungkook and Seokjin see each other every day, but not as Jungkook and Seokjin, boyfriends, but as BTS’ Jungkook and Jin, two members of the world’s biggest group, who are coworkers, who are just friends. And it’s different when they get to exist as just them, they both know that. 

“I missed you ,” Seokjin returns, letting Jungkook trail down his neck, small kisses leading up to his exposed collarbones, the one place Seokjin will allow him to actually mark if he’s feeling especially generous. Seokjin figures he wears enough high-neck shirts to offer his boyfriend this one thing, especially when said boyfriend definitely has an oral fixation that neither of them is pointing out. 

“The way you ignored every single one of my advances could say otherwise, you know,” Jungkook says, bitter, glancing up at Seokjin through his bangs. 

Seokjin rolls his eyes. “You weren’t as obvious as you might’ve thought you were. Plus, you hate mixing work and us. That’s like, your golden rule.” 

“The rule doesn’t count when it’s been over a week since we last fucked and you’ve been walking around this place like you have,” Jungkook counters, hand reaching out to hold Seokjin’s cheeks, pushing his lips out. He’s so fucking cute, Jungkook thinks, right before he internally debates on either kissing or licking or biting said lips. 

He doesn’t get the chance to do any of the above when Seokjin swats his hand away, laughing. “Like I have?”

“Mhmm.” Jungkook nods. “Pretty face. Tiny shorts. Pretty legs. And your hair, it’s long.” Jungkook’s leaning in again, smile smug as he adds, “You’re so cute. I can’t wait until you’re inside me.” 

“Ah, my Jungkookie,” Seokjin sighs out. “Always so charming.” 

“Yup,” Jungkook says, peeling his shirt off because he’s kind of tired of how slow things are moving and would’ve liked to have had Seokjin about three days ago. “Yours.”

Seokjin sighs, content, hands reaching up to roam Jungkook’s bare torso. “Lucky me.” 

“I know.” Jungkook giggles, a chaste kiss to Seokjin’s lips. “Wanna eat me out?”

Seokjin laughs, honest to god laughs right in his face, shaking his head. “Shameless.”

“You taught me it.”

“I never intended to create a monster.”

“The deed’s done,” Jungkook says like it’s final. “That’s a no then?”

Seokjin slides a hand down to Jungkook’s ass, squeezing gently, leaning up with another quick kiss to his lips. “Don’t put words in my mouth. Scoot over.” 

Jungkook smiles, because, ok, fine, maybe he is a little spoiled and he’s finally getting his way, which is his gorgeous boyfriend’s gorgeous lips all over him. He slides off Seokjin to the side between the older and the wall, watching as Seokjin graciously slips his top over his head, leveling with Jungkook with the amount of bare skin showing. 

Seokjin corners him for a quick kiss, Jungkook’s hands wrapping around his neck, loving the feeling of the warmth of Seokjin’s soft skin under his hands. He elbows the wall in the process, cursing into Seokjin’s mouth before they pull away. 

“You had to get the twin bed, didn’t you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Seokjin scoffs and doesn’t sound sorry at all. “Had I known some anal was on the table I would’ve taken a bigger room? Which you have, by the way. A simple invite could have easily avoided this.” 

Jungkook huffs, scowling, as he slips his sweatpants off in one swift motion. 

“It’s fine,” he says, shrugs. “You can make it up to me.” He wiggles his hips and his eyebrows, letting Seokjin cage him in with strong arms and wide shoulders. 

Seokjin hums, kissing his lips again before he leans up. “Turn around,” he instructs, which Jungkook listens to almost immediately. He feels Seokjin’s hands at his waist, lingering for only a moment before he slides his boxers down, cool air hitting the newly exposed skin. 

“Ah,” Seokjin hums appreciatively. “It’s been a minute.” 

Jungkook glances over his shoulder where Seokjin is pulling down his underwear the rest of the way, lips brushing against his cheeks, making Jungkook’s face heat up. 

“Are you talking to my ass?”

Seokjin pauses, looking up. “Yeah. You have a problem?”

“You’re embarrassing.” 

“And you have the cutest little butt in all of Seoul,” Seokjin says easily. “Help me out, will you?” He gestures to the boxers caught halfway down Jungkook’s thighs and the younger maneuvers himself so he’s free of them entirely, laid out before Seokjin completely nude. 

“Pretty,” Seokjin says absentmindedly. “Call me a Pick Me, but I’m actually excited to eat your ass right now.” 

Jungkook scoffs, followed by laughter. “You’re talking to a guy who pretended to not know about Super Mario to try and get your attention. Super fucking Mario. Like the entire human race isn’t born just knowing him.” 

Seokjin snickers, rolling Jungkook back onto his stomach, reaching up to retrieve a pillow to place beneath him. 

“You had good intentions,” Seokjin tells him, deciding on the RJ pillow of all the pillows up there, handing it to Jungkook expectantly. 

“You’re kidding me right?” Jungkook says, incredulous. 

“If you’re laying flat I’m gonna break my neck trying to do the damn thing.”

“Right, because that’s what my issue is right now.” Jungkook frowns. “I’m not leaning on RJ while you stick your tongue in my ass.”

“Why do you have to be so literal about it?”

“Don’t avoid the problem!”

Seokjin sighs. “What is the problem?! It’s a pillow.”

“It’s RJ!”

“It’s comfortable!” 

“He deserves better,” Jungkook says solemnly, and Seokjin seems to take that as a legitimate excuse, because he tosses the smiling alpaca to the side then, opting for one of the scratchy, plain white ones instead. 


“Yes,” Jungkook confirms, settling the pillow under his hips. “Now continue, please. Put your big mouth to good use, hyung.” 

Seokjin laughs to himself, however settling between Jungkook’s legs, pushing them further apart with gentle hands at his thighs. His lips brush against the soft skin there, Jungkook’s skin pebbling beneath his lips before he feels the warmth of Seokjin’s mouth nearing his entrance, breath hot and hesitating. 

“Fucking tease,” Jungkook swears. “C’mon, hyung.”

Seokjin finds his eyes when Jungkook turns around, practically mocking him as he presses another kiss to the top of Jungkook’s right thigh, tongue peeking out just slightly as he trails closer towards where Jungkook wants him the most. 

“Really?” Jungkook whines, knows he’s whining, and knows Seokjin hates it, but with each press of Seokjin’s lips he can feel heat pooling up in his stomach, and if he doesn’t get Seokjin’s mouth where he needs him the most, he might just die. 

“You really are getting spoiled,” Seokjin laments, however leaning in, tongue finally licking over Jungkook’s hole, hot and wet and exactly what he’s been needing right now. 

“Fuck, fuck,” Jungkook’s already panting, worked up from days of just waiting for Seokjin to finally take him. “More, hyung, more.” 

Jungkook glances back at Seokjin just in time to see him roll his eyes, but then he’s leaning back in, determined in the way he moves his mouth, hands holding Jungkook in place by the sturdy grip on his hips. Had it not been for the way Seokjin was holding him, Jungkook probably would’ve leaned into the touch, desperate to feel as much of his boyfriend as possible, starving for it. 

“Feels so—ah!” Jungkook eloquently supplies, somehow managing to wriggle from Seokjin’s hold enough to rut against the sheets. “Feels so good, Jesus, fuck.”

Seokjin hums against him, the vibration almost tickling Jungkook, which would make him laugh maybe if not for the way Seokjin feels so good all he can do is let out a pathetic string of whines. Distantly, Jungkook worries if he’s being too loud, if any of the others can hear, Yoongi maybe, considering how he and Seokjin are essentially sharing a room again when—

“Yeobo,” Jungkook calls out, voice sounding way weaker than he’d like to admit. Seokjin just hums again, keeps doing this one thing with his tongue that has Jungkook teetering on the edge, so close to coming he thinks he may start crying. “‘s there—there a washing machine here?”

Seokjin pauses almost immediately, the lack of warmth of his mouth jarring. Jungkook glances over his shoulder to where his boyfriend’s already looking at him, perplexed. 

“I’m eating you out and you’re thinking about washing machines?” He sounds confused. He sounds scared. “Jungkook-ah, I know you’re very good at doing laundry and everything, but this is not what a guy needs to hear right now—“

“No!” Jungkook groans, because Seokjin is the smartest man Jungkook knows and also the stupidest. Or maybe he’s just trying to be funny. It’s hard to ever tell with him. “I’m… it’s sticky,” Jungkook admits, embarrassed. The sudden realization of the sensation between him and the mattress was a bit startling. It really has been a while for him and Seokjin. “How are we gonna wash these once we’re done?”

“Oh.” Seokjin’s eyes get a bit wide before they narrow, evilly. “Already making a mess of yourself, baby?” 

“Hyung!” Jungkook hides his face back into the sheets, somewhat wishing he could disappear in it altogether. “Don’t use that voice, please, anything but that voice.“

“What voice?” Seokjin asks, and Jungkook doesn’t have to be looking to know he’s smirking, swollen lips quirked into that stupid, satisfied grin he always has when he’s pushing Jungkook’s buttons. 

“The sexy one!”

Seokjin hums as if he’s thinking. “I always talk like this.”

“Oh, sure you fucking do.” Jungkook hates him. “In fact, I think I heard you greet Namjoonie hyung this morning in the same tone. Like it doesn’t subtly say ‘I want to put a baby inside of you.’

“I can’t biologically do that to you, you know.”

“The sentiment is the same.” 

Seokjin just hums again, rolling Jungkook over onto his back, and Jungkook momentarily hates himself for making a scene about the washing machine because that means that Seokjin’s tongue going to town on his ass is over with until he’s leaning back down, lust clouding his pretty brown eyes. 

“You are messy,” he says idly, one of his hands grabbing the base of Jungkook’s dick, his hand way too cold and way too dry, but somehow, so fucking good. “So wet already.” 

He drags his hand up to the top, gathering precum from the head and sliding back down, this time with more ease. All Jungkook can do is whine, wonder how Seokjin is an actual person, and how he ever got so lucky to be able to call the latter his. 

“You’re so hot,” Jungkook says, sounding still like the lovesick twenty-one-year-old version of himself, who told past-Seokjin the same thing, but meant it this time, not like a joke, hyung, but serious, and some years later here they are. 

Seokjin, always humble and ever the charmer, smiles, kissing Jungkook’s nose with a, “I know.” Jungkook doesn’t have it in him to poke fun or argue back for a returned compliment, not when Seokjin is tucked between his legs again, lips smearing across his thighs, sucking and biting until there are bound to be pretty purple marks there for them to find tomorrow. Sweatpants for the rest of the trip it is. 

“Hey, hyung,” Jungkook interrupts, Seokjin’s kisses getting closer to the throbbing between his legs, unable to take the teasing touches for much longer. 

“Hey, babe,” Seokjin looks up, casual, so casual like all of this always is. Jungkook runs a hand through his long hair, loving the feeling of it between his fingers, soft and silky. 

“Wanna fuck my mouth?” 

“It’d be rude of me not to,” Seokjin says, which, idiot, Jungkook thinks, however smiling once Seokjin leans up, finally shimmying out of his pajama pants. Jungkook’s pleased to see he’s not wearing any underwear underneath, his cock hard where it’s freed from the confines of whatever ridiculous character is on his pants. 

Jungkook gets himself situated on the bed, doing his best to prop himself up without the support of the still lingering RJ pillow, which quite honestly might be of good use right now. Jungkook doesn’t want to stoop that low, yet, though. RJ really does deserve better. 

He watches with heavy-lidded eyes as Seokjin kneels above him, hand pumping his cock once, twice, before he’s in front of Jungkook, who looks up at him expectantly. His mouth is open lazily, tongue lulling just slightly, hands gripping the sheets beneath them as if to brace himself. 

“God,” Seokjin sighs out, “I’ll never get tired of you. A goddamn dream, baby.” 

Jungkook can feel himself blush a bit because it’s one thing for the world to compliment you, but it’s another for Seokjin to, even if it’s just the two of them. 

“Good,” Jungkook says, smiles slightly. “I don’t want you to get tired of me.”

Seokjin smiles back, thumb skimming over his cheek, to his jaw, over to his lips where—

“Wait a fucking second.” 

Jungkook frowns. “What is it?” 

“How am I supposed to—“ Seokjin’s thumb trails over the ring decorating Jungkook’s bottom lip, tapping slightly. “It’s gonna hurt!”

“Hurt you?”

“No, you!” Seokjin points out. “Though, maybe me? Is that thing gonna cut my dick?”

“I feel like sticking your dick in the direct vicinity of someone’s teeth is more dangerous than a little piercing, yeobo.” 

“Touché, maybe,” Seokjin ponders aloud. “Have you not sucked my dick since you pierced it? Because I’m terrified right now for both of us.” 

Jungkook thinks for a minute, hands at the back of Seokjin’s thighs comfortably. “I guess not. We haven’t really had time for the whole dick sucking, ass eating, etc. We normally fuck fast until we just fall asleep.” 

“Oh, wow,” Seokjin marvels and Jungkook thinks he’s finally understanding that it has been a while since they last did this. “We’re like an old married couple.”

“Except I’m not old, so fucking watch it.”

“Yah!” Seokjin slaps one of his hands away. “I’m not either!” 

“You refusing to put your dick near a hardly dangerous piercing is saying otherwise, old man.” 

“You’re really asking for it, huh?” 

“I’m good at asking for it.” 

“Shut up.”

“Make me.” 

Seokjin bites back a laugh because Jungkook is nothing if not ridiculous, hand coming up to circle his dick again, a warning sign that face fucking is definitely back on the table, lip piercing be damned. 

“I will,” he says, the tip of his cock rubbing against Jungkook’s parted lips, awakening something almost primal within the younger. “Ready for me, pretty?”

“Ready,” Jungkook says with a nod, closing his eyes as he feels Seokjin slowly slip in, not stopping until he feels the back of Jungkook’s throat, an awkward gag-cough throwing his eyes open again. 

“Good?” Seokjin asks, not moving anymore until Jungkook nods, evening his breath. Blowjobs are never as pretty as they feel, Jungkook always thinks. 

But, Jungkook wants this, knows Seokjin wants it, too, and not only that but thinks Seokjin deserves it. There are very few things that Jungkook knows that Seokjin likes less than Jungkook’s mouth, and honestly, Jungkook likes using his mouth. Not to be a total weirdo, but he likes sucking dick, specifically, when it’s Seokjin’s. The way Seokjin falls apart when using Jungkook’s mouth is just different than all other things they might do together, Jungkook likes it. 

“That’s it, baby,” Seokjin is saying, dirty and hushed, moving his hips at an even pace, trying not to get too ahead of himself even though Jungkook can tell it’s killing him not to immediately feed into the warmth of Jungkook’s mouth, to fuck into him fast and hard. 

There’s not a long list of people Jungkook had been with before becoming exclusive with Seokjin, but he doesn’t think any of them compare to Seokjin when it comes to sleeping together. Seokjin is just nice— in all the right ways and when he should be—always attentive, always making sure it’s good for both of them. 

Seokjin’s hands are tangled up in Jungkook’s hair, pushing his bangs from his forehead as he quickens the pace of his hips, drawing out that kind of terrible noise that comes with sucking dick, the kind that admittedly really turns Jungkook on. The idea that it’s Seokjin that Jungkook’s choking on—Seokjin, big and beautiful and the best Jungkook’s ever had in his entire life—well, it makes him feel a little less gross about it. 

“Good boy,” Seokjin tells him, head dropping back in bliss. It’s a really fucking gorgeous sight, Jungkook thinks. He feels bad for everyone that doesn’t get to experience this Seokjin, but selfishly maybe, is very glad that it’s just for him. “Being such a good boy, Kook-ah.” 

Jungkook whines at the praise, an unfortunate favorite of Seokjin’s because while in the bedroom, it’s very hot and makes Jungkook very much want to do even more to Seokjin, but the older sometimes carries it out of the bedroom, too—where it just becomes awkward and scary that Jungkook has to risk a raging boner when Seokjin calls him a good boy for doing something stupid like helping him off the practice room floor. Jungkook makes a mental note not to do anything else for Seokjin this trip, especially if it involves anything for Seokjin as he’s wearing the blue pajamas that he can see out of the corner of his eye still. 

Jungkook can feel tears at the corners of his eyes, mouth burning in the best way and throat filled with the constant in and out of Seokjin before it all stops, Seokjin slowly pulling out with a deep breath. 

“I need to fuck you,” he’s saying, and Jungkook can’t argue with that, especially when it’s the whole reason he came in here in the first place. Everything else was just a bonus because Seokjin never half-asses anything when he has the time. 

“Please,” Jungkook practically begs, voice hoarse and throat going to be burning tomorrow, along with a lot of other body parts probably, but it’ll be fine, he’ll be fine. That’s tomorrow-Jungkook’s problem. Present-Jungkook is about to get the dicking of the century. 

“Thanks for not damaging my dick with your death metal ring, by the way,” Seokjin says, scrambling off the bed to rifle through his bag. 

“You’re welcome,” Jungkook deadpans, hardly amused at the amount of sincerity in Seokjin’s voice. 

“Imagine you had a tongue piercing, too?” Seokjin wonders out loud, tossing a few things around before he finally locates a miniature bottle of lube, taking two quick steps back to bed. “Kissing it would be cool, but I think it’d make my dick cold.”

“You’re giving me ideas now, hyung.” 

“Please slow down,” Seokjin groans. “I’m still not over—,” his hands run along Jungkook’s bicep, down to his hand, all covered in ink, “this. How you managed to get so many in so little time still scares me.” 

“High pain tolerance,” Jungkook says, cheeky. “You of all people should know.” 

“I do,” Seokjin sighs out, cradling Jungkook’s face as he holds his lips in a tender kiss. “Beautiful son of a bitch.”

Jungkook hums. “Such a way with words.” Another kiss. “Now about you putting your dick inside me?”

“Impatient,” Seokjin scolds lightly. He holds up the lube, raising an eyebrow. “Can I?” 


“Good boy.” 

Jungkook thinks he just chooses to say that on purpose now. The bastard. 

He’s laid out against the top of the bed again, watching as Seokjin holds the bottle of lube over his fingers before he takes his place between Jungkook’s legs once more, like he fucking belongs there. Jungkook thinks he might. Maybe that’s just the horny part of his brain talking, but he’d like to think it’s more romantic than that. 

“You know,” Jungkook says, “for someone who previously claimed they didn’t know ‘some anal was on the table,’ I think it’s very convenient how you happen to have lube immediately on you.” 

“I use it as a moisturizer.” 

“That’s disgusting.”

“You’re right,” Seokjin admits easily. “I’m holding it for Jiminie.”

“More believable, but equally disgusting somehow.” 

“Whatever;” Seokjin dismisses, waving a hand. “You want me to fuck you or what?” 

“Yes,” Jungkook huffs. “I’ve only been embarrassing myself trying to get you to do it for two days now.” 

Seokjin laughs to himself, eyes squinting in a quick smile before he’s pressing a quick kiss to the crook of Jungkook’s knee, gentle for no reason. He teases a finger at Jungkook’s hole next, chills spreading throughout the younger’s body, followed by a weak moan. 


“Obviously.” Jungkook swallows harshly around nothing. “Now, please.”

“Since you asked so nicely,” Seokjin is saying, followed by the slow slide of two fingers, because fuck one, it’s two, always has been two because Jungkook does have a high pain tolerance and likes the burn of the immediate stretch. 

Jungkook let’s out a pleased sigh, one hand reaching for Seokjin, trying to ground himself somehow, while the other lazily moves along his chest, attempting to tease at a nipple. 

“Love that,” he tells Seokjin, voice dreamy and eyes fluttering shut. 

“Yeah?” Jungkook can feel Seokjin lean up a little, knows his suspicions are true when he feels a hand swat away his own, replacing it instead. 

“Yeah,” Jungkook confirms, eyes opening when he feels Seokjin’s mouth on him, wrist bent in a ridiculous position as he manages to slip another finger inside, tongue flicking over the sensitive bud at his chest. “Oh, yeobo—“ he cuts himself off with a short moan, his body wiggling against Seokjin’s hand, subtly fucking himself deeper on his fingers. “Now. Need you now, please.” 

Seokjin doesn’t say anything this time, not snarky nor teasing at least, just pulls his fingers out with a nod and a close-lipped kiss to Jungkook’s. 

“Turn around again, yeah?” Seokjin asks against his skin, this time Jungkook nodding as he rolls over, propping himself up on his elbows. He hears the lube uncap and cap again, the silence in between no doubt alluding to the way Seokjin squirts it over himself, the anticipation twisting knots in Jungkook’s stomach. 

A gentle hand to the curve of Jungkook’s ass before Seokjin pulls it back, only to drop back down, this time with a resounding smack. 

“Fuck,” Jungkook swears, unbelievably hard now. “Do it again.”

“Kinky fucker,” Seokjin mutters, fondly, however obliging, Jungkook moaning before Seokjin’s hand even fully comes in contact with the soft skin. “Didn’t know that got you going so bad. What else are you hiding from me?”

Jungkook groans. “Not now, hyung. We can have kink exploration later.”

“It’s a date,” Seokjin says lamely, giving his ass a final squeeze. “Kind of wanna take a picture of your ass right now, to be honest. It’s just—well, that’s my handprint.” 

“God,” Jungkook nearly moans, glancing over his shoulder. “Is it wrong that I’d let you?“

“Probably,” Seokjin says, shrugging. “We can just use a mirror next time.”

“I’m holding you to that.”

“Good.” Seokjin straightens up, hands grabbing at Jungkook’s hips before he lines himself up. “I’m going in.”

“Don’t say it like that,” Jungkook says, “you sound like a fucking—secret agent or something when you say stuff like that.”

“I’m on a mission—to make you come.”

“I’m flaccid.”

“You’re no fun,” Seokjin corrects. “Now look alive.” 

Seokjin slides in with little resistance, the sound of the copious amount of lube apparently on his dick something that’s going to star in Jungkook’s wettest of dreams for a while. 

“I missed this,” Jungkook moans wantonly, head dropping back between his shoulder blades. “Fuck me hard, hyung,” he’s instructing, “I can take it. I want it.” 

“Fuck,” Seokjin mumbles under his breath, hips however already picking up a fast pace. “Whatever you want, baby. Tell me what’s gonna make you feel good.” 

“That—“ Jungkook manages, the sensation already so fucking good inside him. “Just like this. So good, my love, keep going like this.” 

Seokjin just grunts in place of a verbal reply, hands everywhere, lips anywhere they can reach, as he keeps a constant force in, out, in, out. Jungkook’s sweating, thinks it has to do with the way Seokjin is draping himself over his back to kiss at his neck, but he doesn’t mind, thinks it’s making everything better, pushing him closer and closer to that white-hot pleasure building in his gut. 

“Could fuck you forever,” Seokjin tells him, teeth scraping at his shoulder, making him hiss out at the subtle pain. “So tight, Jungkook-ah, make me feel so good.”

It’s intoxicating, the way Seokjin seems to be everywhere around him, clogging his senses and filling them with desire. If Jungkook had been worried about how loud he was being before, there’s no way no one couldn’t know what they’re up to now. The sound of Jungkook’s ass slamming against Seokjin’s pelvis, the cries spilling from his lips, the creaking of this stupid, tiny bed that Jungkook thinks should definitely be sturdier considering how new this whole house is—

He just hopes there aren’t any lingering cameramen nearby, trying to get some last-minute shots in of the other members, accidentally picking up any of this audio in the process. 

“You think—“ Jungkook tries, blinking a few times as if to regain his conscious thought, “you think anyone can h-hear us?”

Jungkook thinks Seokjin must be glancing at the small alarm clock at the nightstand, because then he’s saying, “It’s late. I doubt anyone that matters is around.” Then, with his hands drifting down to arch Jungkook’s back, he adds, “You want them to or something?”

“I want them to what?”

“Hear us,” Seokjin says, deadly. “You want everyone to hear how good you are for me? How well I fuck you? How much you like it?”

“Fuck—!” Jungkook gasps, genuinely starting to get a little sick with how Seokjin seems to know how to push every single one of his buttons. “Jin hyung—“

“You’re so dirty, Jungkookie,” Seokjin says like he’s ashamed or something, like he doesn’t start to fuck into Jungkook a little bit faster after that. 

“It’s not like that, I—“

“Hang on,” Seokjin’s saying with a warning squeeze to Jungkook’s hip before he pulls out, flipping Jungkook back over with ease, so the younger is on his back again. “Wanna see you.”

“Are you in love with me or something, Seokjin hyung? You think I’m pretty?” 

“Unfortunately, yeah,” Seokjin returns, no bite to his words at all. He’s gently pushing to get between Jungkook’s legs again, lifting one over his shoulder before he slides in again, deeper. “You are pretty.” 

Jungkook hums, eyes lulling back in pleasure as he reaches his hands out blindly. “Kiss me? Since I’m so pretty.” 

Seokjin, of course, leans in, a slow kiss that matches the way he’s slowly moving his hips now, a contrast to the way he had just been driving into Jungkook, the way that will no doubt leave bruises tomorrow. He flicks his tongue into the younger’s mouth, a taste that’s a mixture of both of them, but mostly a lot of Seokjin, a taste that Jungkook has grown to love more than anything else in the world. 

Seokjin’s hand finds its way to Jungkook’s cock, having been neglected nearly all night, dripping with precum and so close to finishing that the immediate contact almost causes Jungkook to spill over the edge then. 

“Hyung,” Jungkook whines out, trying to meet Seokjin’s thrusts, to take him deeper. “I’m so close. Help me.” 

“I will,” Seokjin promises him, captures his lips in another kiss. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” 

He drags his mouth down his neck, hot and warm, lips closing around the dips of his collarbone, the muscle in his chest. Seokjin’s hand jerks him off slowly, keeping time with his hips. Jungkook would be embarrassed if it were anyone else, but Seokjin looks like a god and Jungkook’s been waiting a long time for this, so he doesn’t have it in him to be self-conscious over how obnoxiously he may be moaning right now. 

“There, there, there,” Jungkook says, breath getting caught in his throat as Seokjin picks up the pace, newfound determination in his movements. “I’m gonna come.” 

“Me too,” Seokjin tells him, always right there with him. “You’re perfect.” 

Jungkook whines, a weak sort of sound, sloppily kissing Seokjin as he does. “I love you,” he tells him, means it even though it comes out tired and spent. “Fuck—hyung, fucking—“ 

Jungkook comes then, body tensing and then letting go, spilling over into Seokjin’s fist, between the two of them, a gasp leaving Jungkook’s lips as he does. 

“So fucking hot,” Seokjin tells him, pushes Jungkook’s other leg up to angle himself better, so close to feeling complete pleasure. 

“Come on, yeobo,” Jungkook is saying, whispering more like, his hands tugging at Seokjin’s long hair again, serving as another reminder that he should never cut it. “Want you inside. Wanna feel you fill me up.” 

“Dammit, Jungkook,” Seokjin is muttering, face hidden in Jungkook’s neck as he feels the younger clench around him, only taking one, two more thrusts until—


“That’s it,” Jungkook coos, hands dragging over the expanse of the skin of Seokjin’s back, nails scraping just lightly. “That was so good, pretty. Feel so good right now.” 

Seokjin huffs out a laugh, picking up his head from its hiding place, immediately holding Jungkook’s lips in a searing kiss. Too much teeth, too much tongue, their mouths desperate for each other, but Seokjin likes it. Likes the way they seem to get lost in it, so much that Jungkook starts to grind back down onto Seokjin, before they both wince, still too spent and satiated for immediate stimulation, which Jungkook cutely apologizes for. 

Seokjin just hums, lazy, slowly detaching himself from Jungkook, rolling onto his back next to the younger. 

“You know,” he says, “you were right about the twin bed. It’s super fucking small. I’m sleeping in yours tonight.” 

“No shit,” Jungkook says, laughs, way too loudly probably, but it’s also not the loudest thing that’s gone on in here in the past hour or so, so he digresses. “I’m also covered in so much cum. Like, it’s just oozing out of everywhere.”

“I’m gonna throw up on you,” Seokjin tells him, complete seriousness in his voice. “Why would you use the word oozing?”

“Because that’s what it’s doing,” Jungkook says like it’s obvious. “It’s like a fucking horror movie.”

“That’s funny,” Seokjin muses. “Because I distinctly remember you asking me to come directly inside of you, like, I don’t know, three minutes ago?” 

“I didn’t say I disliked the oozing.”

“You’re the worst thing to happen to me.”

“Good,” Jungkook snickers, turning on his side to face his hyung. “I love you.”

Seokjin turns over, too, facing him for good measure. “I love you back.”

Jungkook knows he’s spoiled.