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The tickets are in his pocket, and there’s a far heavier weight in his chest. After this last party Banjo is flying out to Peru, to find Goo-Goo and tell her everything. It wasn’t fair that she just up and left and went to a different country bally miles away. So his only option was to buy tickets on the next ship out of Dover that would get him to Peru. Of course it turned out that wasn’t necessary. She had come home, in the middle of Pamela’s party and made everything better. And worse. Though the worse could be blamed on Elizabeth trying to write her book, rather than Goo-Goo coming home. And if the choice was between Elizabeth Delafield and Goo-Goo Garrick, Banjo would always pick Goo-Goo, unless it was something bad (like being blamed for an evening going wrong) in which case he would blame Elizabeth, a woman he doesn't know well enough to be blaming for anything.