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2300 and Me

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Six months ago, Fort Tipoca near Kamino, Kansas, USA


As was tradition before a deployment, the four members of Special Unit 99 were gathered in their barracks on base.


“You cannot deny we all bear an uncanny resemblance to each other,” Tech said.  “And I for one would like to see the scientific results.”


“Yeah, Crosshair!” Wrecker laughed.  “What’s the worst that could happen?  We’re already foster brothers and brothers in arms!  And if we share DNA, even better!”


“This is ridiculous,” Crosshair rolled his eyes.  “I don’t need some DNA test digging up supposed family members looking to reconnect.”


Tech pushed his prescription goggles up his nose even though the strap held them comfortably in place.  “You are not required to engage in the social media aspects,” he said, handing each of his squad mates a saliva collection kit.  “Though your basic information would be entered into the database for anyone with shared DNA to search.  I personally plan to use the database for my own genealogy research.”


Hunter sighed as he took the kit from Tech.  “Cross, I know how you feel, but let’s humor him.  You don’t even have to look at the results when they come back.  Right, Tech?”


“Correct, Hunter,” Tech said.  “I will log in to check everyone’s results.  Assuming our resemblance is simply a matter of us all having a similar ethnic background due to originating in close proximity to one another, there should be nothing to worry about.  If there are any great revelations, I shall of course inform you all.”


“Fine,” Crosshair hissed as he flicked his toothpick into the trashcan.  “I’ll play along.  You said the boys from the 501st were doing this too?”


Tech nodded.  “Kix made the order for all of the kits himself.  And Captain Rex said the 212th are going to do it after they get back.”


“Yeah!!!” Wrecker cheered.


“Indeed,” Tech said.  “I am most curious to know the results.”


What were the chances that four soldiers who all grew up in foster care together were also biologically related, let alone dozens of soldiers across multiple units?  Surely they were slim to none.