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take your time (and i'll take mine)

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"raspberry or peach?"

artemis eyes the jars, arms crossed on her chest. the constant beep of the cash register is annoying her and the hoodie she had to wear because, quote, "you can't go grocery shopping in armour", is beneath her.

she spares a look at jason, who is leaning on the shelves, eyes closed and brows furrowed.

"little one."

the nickname works like a charm and his eyes snap open towards her. he looks at the jars of jam and shrugs, swallowing.

"whatever you want, artie."

"do not call me that." she reaches for the pineapple and cinnamon flavoured one and jason makes a face.

"what else do we need?" he's whining again, looking around the empty isle and artemis raises an eyebrow, trying to suppress a smirk.

"i don't know, jason. what else do we need?" she takes a step closer, propping the basket on her hip. she can faintly hear the humm now, the way it gets louder and quieter in a cycle. jason's face is flushed and his gaze is somewhat distant. he keeps licking his lips and chewing on his cheek and she wants to push him against the shelves and kiss him until he's begging her to touch him, but-

she just smiles, amusement clear on her face. she reaches into her pocket and brings the vibrations down with the remote. jason takes a deep breath and tips his head back in relief.

the cashier is a teenager, dressed in black with ridiculous raccoon stripes in their hair. jason would probably think they looked cool if he was concerned with anything but the mess in his pants, so he thanks them profusely and bolts out of the store with the bags.

artemis just sighs and pays, picking up gum and condoms at the register as well.

she reaches into her pocket and ups the frequency again, exiting the corner store and turning into the alley next to it to see jason slumped against the wall, hips jerking in a way only her or a trained detective would even notice. he looks at her, face defenseless and nearly whining, and she melts. not that anyone would ever know, but to see jason so destroyed and needy for her makes her weak.

she corners him, presses him against the dirty wall and kisses him, one leg pressing between his. he moans into her mouth and artemis uses the opening to slip her tongue in, noting the way jason's body inches towards her involuntarily, the way he's doing everything to get to grind against her thigh.

but they can't fuck in a dirty gotham alley and their little adventure is already crossing some lines, so she makes herself take a step back and grab his hand. they're home faster than ever, jason nearly tripping multiple times as the vibrator inside him still works him at nearly full power. they stumble into the hall, shut the door behind them and then jason's on her, kissing her, hands trying to get that stupid sweatshirt off of her and she has to stop a smile growing on her lips.

she lets him have it, bends down and raises her arms so he can take it off in a not so smooth move. he's jittery, nearly losing control and she gives him exactly five seconds to look at her bare chest before she kicks off her shoes and makes quick work of her stupid jeans, which he also insisted were a must if they were to look like civilians. she's sure he just wanted to annoy her.

they move into the bedroom quickly and jason takes off his jacket and shirt in the meanwhile. she's the one who gently tugs his binder off in a practised move and unbuckles his pants, hands strong and precise. she doesn't bother taking them off before her hand makes its way down into his boxers.

they're soaked through.

she sighs, satisfied, holding jason upright with one strong hand while the other gently swipes at his clit, spreads the wetness around and finally reaches his hole. it's so easy to spread him open with one and then two fingers, artemis taking her time. only when he's keening into her ear she reaches in to grab the still vibrating toy. he shudders and shakes as she slowly fucks it in and out of him and starts kissing and sucking at his neck. he throws his head back and moans, hand holding onto artemis' hips.

she purposefully moves away, leaving the skin under his jaw red and wet to watch his face as she takes the vibe out of him and presses it against his clit.

his knees buckle and her hand is the only thing keeping him from falling as he breathlessly convulses against the blinding pain and pleasure of direct stimulation. she drinks the view up and takes mercy after too many slow, agonizing seconds, her hand leaving his pants. she pushes him onto the bed, throws the toy on the floor and looks down at her soaked hand, glistening in the dim light of the room.

jason watches her lick her fingers, pop them into her mouth and suck with an expression like he might just faint any second.

"what do you want, jason?"

he licks his lips, staring at her with the same expression as every time she asks the question. like it's surprising that she wants to make him feel good, that she's willing to listen to his needs.

"just you." he holds his hand out and artemis rolls her eyes, but takes it, climbing into bed. "just you, fucking me, that's all i want right now."

she totally doesn't yelp when he pulls her closer and onto him and kisses her again while his hands pull her underwear down to her thighs and his hand immediately goes to her dick.

she sucks air in through her teeth when he touches her, barely moving his calloused hand along her dry length.

"take off your pants, gods" she groans, rolling off of him. she lays there for a few long minutes as he hopelessly takes his combat boots off with shaky hands, and then kicks the rest of his clothing off. "you needed to wear the combat boots to the corner store, jason? really?"

he nods, a playful smile on his lips, and she reaches to her discarded clothes to look for the condoms she tucked away in one of the pockets. she throws the packet at jason, who knows she can't stand any kind of modern, plastic packaging, and unpacks it for her.

she slowly reaches down and strokes herself lightly, gazing at jason as he rips the packaging open with a furrowed brow. she can't stop the hitch in her breath as she looks down at his body and she's pretty sure her dick nearly leaks when she sees his thighs glistening.

she looks back at his face to see him doing exactly the same thing. he's looking her over with that annoyingly adoring and hungry look.

they exchange a glance and he gently reaches to roll the condom down onto her cock.

"what do you want, jason? don't make me ask again." she lets her hand travel along his toned stomach, down to his hips and thighs. she wants to fuck him, but she needs to know what he's thinking first.

he looks at her for a long moment and catches her hand, intertwining their fingers.

"i just want to see you."

she stops herself from jokingly calling him a sap and starts sitting up. "do you want to ride me? or do you want to let me fuck you, baby? it's your choice."

it always is, but he still blushes at even being considered, even more at the pet name.

"...fuck me." he decides, and she leans down to kiss him one more time, before moving her attention to his dripping hole.

he doesn't need any preparation, not after being stretched by the vibe fucking into him and all of his cum dripping out of him for an hour straight before that, but she still fucks him with her fingers for a while, making sure to reach three before lining up her cock.

she watches him as she sinks in. his mouth falls agape, soft gasps accompanying the pulsing clenching she feels. his hand tries to cover his mouth but she catches it in one smooth move, then the other, and pins them above his head. she bottoms out with just her thighs supporting her, sinks further in when jason spreads his legs more and more, chest rising and falling erratically.

he feels godly. he's tight, and hot and wet and she nearly loses her mind because it feels like he's trying to pull her in, somehow.

"gods…" they're nearly chest to chest and jason reaches up to kiss the words out of her mouth and she finally moves.

long, slow strokes leave jason whimpering after just a few seconds. artemis shuts her eyes closed, rests her forehead on his chest and focuses on fucking him, on keeping the steady rythm. she finishes every stroke a bit faster and stronger, making jason choke out a moan every damn time she buries herself deep inside him. his hands never move an inch and she's sure she could let go and they'd stay in place, locked above his head by pure will, but she keeps her hands around his wrists, grounds herself from the need to start fucking him in earnest. she remembers his request, of wanting to see her, and finally moves, exerting her muscles in order to see his face.

the moment their eyes and hips meet, he moans her name, his gaze heavy and lost and her pace wavers for the first time.

"say it again." she looks into his eyes, gently tugs at his hands to get him to focus and wills her hips to move again "say it again, jason."

she fucks into him and his eyes roll back as he manages to choke out "fuck, artemis-"

"jay- jason." her pace picks up, just barely, but jason's hips rise to meet her and he keeps saying her name, intertwined with "fuck" and "harder" and she has been too weak to say no from the start, so she rights herself and fullfils his wish.

the slap of skin meeting skin is intoxicating and she can't stop her breathy gasps as she fucks jason, who can't stop saying her name, can't stop moaning so sweetly, twisting his wrists against her hold, spreading his legs impossibly further to take her all in, delirious with pleasure. she watches his face, feeling like she might have fainted if she wasn't an amazon, but even her pace is stuttering when jason starts clenching around her, arching up and gasping loudly. he scrunches his eyebrows and his mouth opens in a silent scream as he comes, body convulsing, a low whine escaping his throat. she fucks him through it, watches him nearly jump out of his skin from overstimulation and she feels like a taint wire. she's on the edge, buried deep inside him, feeling him shake, oversensitive, and it takes everything in her to slowly pull out.

he blindly tries stopping her, hips following her dick and she stops, breathing heavily.

it takes a few tries, but jason manages to look her in the eyes and say: "it's okay, finish in me. i can take it, please, i wanna make you come."

and she's never been able to say no when he asks this sweetly.

she gently lets go of his wrists and instead grabs his hips, taking a grounding breath.

then she fucks into him, hard and fast, watches him moan in shock and still keep his hands up, even though he's definitely done for the night. she looks down on her cock disappearing inside him, watches his abs work as he tries meeting her thrusts, she bites her lips at the sight of his perked up nipples, bouncing with his pecks. she finally breaks at the sight of his face, fucked out and blacking out with pleasure and she barely hears him asking her to come before her pace stutters and she releases an indignant yelp, hips fucking into him quickly, cum shooting into the condom. she stills deep inside him and tries to breathe, her eyes clenched shut. she only hears jason saying something after a few moments.

"artemis, honey, look at me." he's slurring slightly, still in post orgasm bliss, and she works on letting go of his hips, only now realising how hard she's been gripping them "baby, you're alright."

she nods, finally pulls out with a gasp and feels his hands on her wrists, pulling her down onto his chest.

she closes her eyes and buries her face into his shoulder when he gently tugs the condom off of her and ties it off, then throws it into the trash across the room. she can't stop the shivers and she feels stupid, because she's a giant, magical warrior and she's hiding from the world, overwhelmed, in her boyfriend's arms. but jason just lets her curl up into him, throws a protective arm across her shoulders and kisses her hair.

"we should clean up." she mumbles into his skin and feels him hum in response "i should be taking care of you right now."

"bullshit, artemis. we're both taking care of each other. just because i was the one getting fucked doesn't mean you should drop everything and run me a bath."

he's whispering into her hair and she can't help but smile "i would never run you a bath unless your life depended on it, little one. but really, are you okay?"

she lifts her head to look him in the eye and finds nothing but warm loving.

"of course. you could never hurt me if you tried."

"that's debatable."