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Candid Photographs

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Serena shys away from the beam of sunlight through the windows of the Spanish resort. Bernie had surprised her with a trip to Menorca for a romantic extended weekend holiday. Lifting her head, she realizes her face is resting in the crook of Bernie’s neck. Serena smiles softly to herself, not necessarily wanting to move from the embrace of her wife, but knowing she needs to out of fear of a sore neck.


Sitting up slowly, Serena gingerly swings her legs around the side of the bed in order to sit on the edge. She tilts her head from side to side, stretching her arms in the air before feeling a hand on her nude lower back. “Our mattress is far more comfortable at home.”


“Didn’t notice.” Bernie responds, a smirk in the corner of her mouth, “you, on the other hand, seemed to sleep just fine.”


“It was nice not to...worry.” Serena answers honestly, smiling softly as she exhales, just looking to the window as she feels her wife continue to gently stroke her lower back. “I don’t to worry about every single thing...especially when it comes to the grandchildren.”


“Agreed.” Watching her wife’s form through the sunlight, Bernie raises an eyebrow, “you look like one of those beautiful marble Roman statues. The ones with an ethereal fluidity to them that have no business in being forged in stone. A work of art to behold.”


Glancing over her shoulder onto the mattress to the face of her groggy lover, Serena exhales a soft chuckle, “well, you’re in a mood this morning.”


“No hustle or bustle from wayward grandchildren. No shouting or playful sounds of children in the garden. Just...the warmth of the sunlight and the sound of the sea waves through the window.” Bernie’s face displays an expression of bliss, “and you...I can’t ask for anything more.”


Staring at Bernie’s face for a moment, Serena finally lowers herself to kiss her lover tenderly, “thank you.”


“The thanks is all mine.” Bernie nods a little, pecking another softer kiss to Serena’s lips after a moment, “especially seeing you like this...comfortable in your own skin and...” She keeps a hand on Serena’s arm, “’re perfect.”


Serena feels the heat of a blush filling her face, “it’s only just morning and you’re...already buttering me up as you are.”


“Is it working?”


Humming an affirmation softly, Serena inhales deeply in thought before nodding a bit, “completely unnecessary though.” She raises her brow, “as was this holiday...not that I don’t appreciate it, of course, but...are there ulterior motives?”


“Ulterior mo-” Bernie pauses, “such as?”


“Don’t know. Thought you’d spring it on me while we were here.” Serena sits back up again, “do we have an itinerary? Or shall we venture around the city?” She pauses, “walk along the shore?”


“Whatever you want to do.” Bernie answers simply, “truly. I want this short holiday to be...relaxing and whatever you’d like to do. Have amazing things to eat, feel Spanish sand between our toes, and interact with the people in my very broken-Spanish capabilities.” She pushes herself up to sitting against the headboard, “when we...first moved to Nairobi, when we made that plan and...” Bernie shrugs a shoulder, just watching the back of her wife, “do you remember what we said we wanted to do?”


“Besides travel?” Serena turns in her seat to better face Bernie, thinking as she takes a moment, “have experiences...and do things we otherwise wouldn’t do because we’d rather do them together.”


Bernie nods slowly, “all the things we just...haven’t done yet. I don’t want to lose those opportunities with you.”


“And you won’t.” Serena responds quietly, reaching a hand over to place against Bernie’s cheek, her thumb tracing along the cheekbone affectionately, “all those things that we’ve...wanted to do, we will. You don’t need to go to extravagant lengths either, darling, as you have with this. I know you love your surprises though.”


“I thought about a holiday property near the sea.” Bernie shrugs, “enough room for family to visit and-”


“Make memories.” Serena finishes her wife’s train of thought, nodding after, “I think it would be a lovely idea. However, we should also keep in mind what Jason may require.”


“I’ve actually got an idea for that.” Bernie replies cleverly, a cheeky smirk forming in the corner of her mouth, “actually, I believe it will only require a single bell, but I’d rather handle business in person and we’re currently on an extended weekend holiday.”


Serena furrows her brow, not believing her wife would have the answer that simply, especially when it has been an issue for Jason and Greta for many years. Though, Serena always suspected that it was more that Jason and Greta were comfortable at their flat than they were any properties they surveyed. “I trust you, but I am interested in your I often am.”


Bernie nods, lifting her hand to place on the back of Serena’s, resting on her cheek, “this holiday is all about us...and what we’d like to do while surrounded by...some of the most beautiful scenery known to humanity...with the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met.”


“You know, you aren’t too bad yourself.” Serena blushes, “I think...we just have a lie in. We’re able to do what we want, when we want. Let’s have a lie in and head out later for dinner and...tomorrow we’ll visit the sea. How does that sound?” Serena lies back down, tucking herself under the bed quilt, holding onto her wife’s nude body with her own.


“Fantastic.” Bernie grins broadly, loving every bit of this trip already.