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Candid Photographs

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Kait pulls her car up to the already unfolding scene, a large scale drug and underage alcohol distribution bust. A joint effort between many divisions. Opening the car door, clad in her business suit, Kait climbs from the car and absently runs a hand along the side of her hair and tucking it behind her ear. “Medcalf, where are we?”


Having noticed his superior’s vehicle approaching the crime scene, Robbie stands not far from her parking space to walk with her toward the commotion, “we already have several of the kids from more...affluent families lawyering up. We’ve been splitting them into age categories. Eighteen and over in one area, under that age in another. Further categories in each are intoxicated above the legal limit, high, both, and some requiring medical assistance. We’re waiting on more ambulances to take everyone.”


Nodding as she glances around, she’s pretty happy with the progression of things. Kait swallows, “any sign of-”


“Unknown. I gave a description without mentioning names, but that description could fit roughly thirty girls.” Robbie shrugs, “I’m sorry, Chief. I wish I could be more helpful. There’s many kids.” He exhales slowly, shaking his head as he does, “do you want me-”


“I need you to look into the-” Kait thinks a moment about the discussion that was had the other night about Cole’s findings, where she found it difficult to contain her knowledge that there would be a raid on the exact location mentioned in Cole’s evidence. “Uh...Westwood-Adkins...did you find anyone with that surname on the premises?”


“You mean like the owner of the entire wharf?” Robbie starts to chuckle incredulously, finally glancing at his boss when she doesn’t laugh along with him, letting his chortle subside. “Uh...yes, actually. His...uh...”


“His son?” Kait maintains a neutral expression, seeing Robbie’s subtle nod, “fantastic. After arresting him, take him to the station. I want him in an interview room, regardless of what he tries to pull before you get there.”




“I have it on good authority to suspect that he’s either solely responsible or participated in the disappearance of Charlie’s niece. I need to see what he knows and I need his charges to stick for as long as possible...regardless of him lawyering up.” Kate responds simply, “because we both know he’s going to lawyer up as soon as possible. Am I understood?” She pauses, then says something before he has the opportunity to speak, “as a matter of fact, I want to see him alone, in a tent, here on the premises.”


Robbie nods a little, glancing around at the busy scene as he speaks, “Ma’am, are you sure that’s-”


“I’m sure that I’m your department superior. I’m sure that I gave you an order that I expect you to follow through on. That’s what I expect.” Kait slides her hands into the trouser pockets at her hips, “So, I want that young man in the tent...on the double.” She watches as Robbie walks away as she still takes in the scene around her. Feeling her mobile vibrate from the belt clip on her hip, Kait removes a hand from her pocket, bringing the device to her ear, “Warne.”


“It’s your favorite soon-to-be stepson.” Cole makes a few clicks on his computer, a single wireless earbud in his ear to allow him to speak on his mobile while accessing the information in front of him.


Kait smirks a little, but bites her lip doing so, “something the matter, Cole? I’m a bit busy at the moment.”


“I’ve tracked her mobile signal.”




“Gwennie’s mobile signal.” Cole replies confidently, “If there’s one thing she likes to do other than writing and asking too many questions, it’s photography. She has apps on her mobile that she loves to be rather...artsy with in posting. Not only that, some locations will also show up.”


“She posted a picture?” It’s as if Kait’s ear perks up, her brow raising in interest, “and-”


“No, no. I’m saying, there are various apps, not just that one, that tracks her location. As if checking-in to certain places-”


“I’m listening.”


“She’d gone quiet for a bit. Few days. Usually means one would be a location that wouldn’t have a ping . Private residences, private nightclubs, etcetera. Locations one wouldn’t want to be found or need to be interested in...whatever have you.” Cole nods, “however, ten minutes ago, her mobile just checked in at Holby City Hospital.”


Kait furrows her brow, “she’s taking photos at hospital?”


“No, just pinged.” Cole exhales slowly, “look, I’m telling you about this first. You take credit for it. Figure out what’s going on for the Wolfe Pack, please?”


“You call your mother and grandmothers the Wolfe Pack ?” Kait tries to keep a chuckle from leaving her lips, “or are you included in that as well?”


“We all are. We’re the Wolfe Pack.” Cole glances around, almost sure he can hear footsteps approaching, “you too. It’s our family.” He nods a little, “but when I use it in the initial connotation, yes, I mean the Grands and Mum.” He sighs softly, “alright, I need to go. Much luck...I’m sure you’ll need it.”


Kait hears the other end of the line click, placing her own mobile in her pocket. “Well,’ve helped more than I think you know.” She smirks a little, moving over toward the tent.