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Photographer For A Day

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AD: “you still down for what we planned today?”


As soon as the reply came though, Danny squealed excitedly, jumping up from his bed. He was finally going to see his Willow in his new house. After Danny had seen pictures of Roy’s beautiful and spacious back yard, he absolutely fell in love with the idea of getting a house for himself. All the instagram photos he imagined taking there made his creativity spike immensely after being stuck in his own boring apartment by himself for months. But since miss rona made it nearly impossible to look at homes, he’d have to live vicariously through Roy for the time being.

After much begging, Roy had agreed to play photographer for a day so Danny could do a little photo shoot in the garden.

Putting his hair in a messy bun and throwing on some short shorts paired with an over-sized black t-shirt with little white stars and moons all over it, Danny then got in his car and headed to Roy’s.

After a few knocks, the door opened to reveal Roy with a huge smile on his face.

“Pussyface! It’s so good to see you!” He says before pulling Danny into a big hug.

Danny hugs him back, contently breathing in the scent of his favorite person.

“Come on! Let’s go out back” Roy tells him, grabbing the younger‘s hand and leading him out to the yard.

“It’s so beautiful B, thank you for doing this.” Danny said, twirling around in the middle of the yard, taking everything in.

“It better be. I spent more than double my drag race check on it.” Roy joked.

Danny rolled his eyes fondly. “Where do you want me?”

Roy led Danny to sit on a large rock with flowery vines decorating the wall behind it.

“Now look down like you’re thinking or something.”

Danny complied and Roy snapped the first photo.

“Okay, that’s enough thinking for now. Your brain isn’t used to having this many thoughts.” Roy joked, earning a genuine cackle from Danny.

He snapped another picture as Danny laughed, admiring how beautiful his best friend was.

“Let’s do a couple more over here.” Roy said, pointing towards the pool. He directed Danny to put his feet in the water and look off into the distance. Roy then snapped the photo.

“Can we do some with the dogs?” Danny asked with a pout.

“So that’s the real reason you wanted to come over…” Roy teased, giving Danny the side-eye.


The two walk into the house and Roy releases the animals. “Go say hi to Auntie Danny!” Roy tells them as they run excitedly into the living room.

“Hi babies!” Danny exclaims happily, laying down on the tan colored carpet and letting the dogs lick all over his face.

Roy enters the room soon after and pulls his phone out, snapping a few more pictures.

After the final pictures were taken, Danny and Roy spent some time playing with the dogs and just catching up with each other. A few hours later, they were settled on the couch with Danny’s head resting on Roy’s shoulder as they scrolled though all the photos they had taken earlier.

Danny was very impressed with Roy’s photography skills and Roy was becoming more and more astonished by Danny’s pure natural beauty as they continued looking through the photos.

They scrolled upon the one of Danny sitting on the rock, laughing at a joke Roy had made. The sunlight hit Danny’s smooth skin so perfectly, almost making him glow. And the look of genuine happiness on his face made Roy’s heart swell with admiration.

“Don’t you like this one?” Danny asked with insecurity lacing his voice, after Roy had been silently staring at the picture for a few moments too long.

Roy gently pushed Danny away so he could look him in the eyes. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” Roy told him in the most genuine voice Danny had ever heard come from him.

“Oh, I-“ Danny blushed. “You really mean that?”

Roy nodded, holding Danny’s hands. “I really mean it. You’ve always been beautiful but today it’s….it’s just really good to see you happy again.”

Danny’s pout began to tremble as tears welled up in his eyes.

“No, don’t-“ Roy started, words getting cut off as Danny threw himself fully into his arms.

“I love you so much Willow. I’m so fucking grateful I have you.” Danny whispered, trying not to let his emotions get the best of him.

“The feeling is mutual, angel. I love you.”