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One touch, that’s all it takes, for her to forget why she shouldn’t be here. It’s bad how much she craves the warmth his body on top of hers gives her. How secure his arms around her make her feel.

A flash of her face enters her mind, when he starts removing his dress shirt, the sun shinning so brightly on the ring that rests on his left ring finger, as if to mock her. She’s asked him plenty of times to take it off before he comes into this room, but he doesn’t bother. Not even while that hand is holding her hips so tight ensuring that she can’t get away from his punishing thrusts. She’s sure she can feel the steel burning against her skin, and yet that still doesn’t stop her from answering his calls or making her own.

“How long?” She demands as she moves forward and starts undoing his shirt buttons for him, his pace too slow for her liking. “Four hours, maybe five.” He murmurs as he tosses his shirt off. She wants to say it’s not enough time, that she needs more, but she can’t. She gave him up years ago. For all intents and purposes they have both moved on, and yet for the last year, this has become her new reality. Sneaking away in the late hours of the night only to return hours later, her body sated, but her mind in shambles.

She longs for the days that belonged to them, the nights of passion that made every argument between them worth it. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain and together they have found it. It’s why she doesn’t blink as he entangles his hand in her hair and pulls her lips roughly to his. He devours her mouth like a man starved for her essence. There’s no tenderness between then now. No, that’s reserved for the last few minutes they spend in each others presence. In those minutes he gives in and caresses her face, kisses the tears away and murmurs how good they are, how good she is. But that’s not now. Now he uses his grip on her hair to put her right where he wants her. Where she wants to be. On her knees before him, open and willing to do it all for him.

Now the tears flow because the line between life and death is being tested. Chocking on him is exhilarating it gives her the high that no other drugs ever could. “Good girl” he murmurs. She wishes she could tell him that she would give it all up for him if he asked her to. That these stolen moments are no longer enough for her. But she shoves the words down, swallows them while she swallows him, and as he buries his face between her thighs, she allows herself to pretend that this is all she wants, all she needs.

She cries out his name and tugs at his hair, feels her orgasm wash over her, hears the noise his mouth makes as he drinks her all in. She’s barely coherent when he climbs on top of her. A small whine escaping her lips when he thrusts into her. “Hmm you’re so wet baby,” he growls as he sets a punishing pace. She often wonders if he calls her baby because he forgets exactly who he’s fucking. It’s been so long since he’s called her name at his peak.

She hates when common sense intrudes into their moment. The nagging voice in the back of her head that reminds her that he’s married. That he’s probably dragging her lips away from his shoulder to his own lips to stop her from leaving a mark, even though he definitely left his on her inner thigh.

What exactly does this make her, a home wrecking whore or a mistress that’s willing to wait around for scraps? She doesn’t know and she frankly doesn’t care as he cuddles her close in the aftermath. For a moment she allows herself to pretend that the cold ring that sometimes bumps against her, is one she put there. One that symbolizes their union.

His phone vibrating on the nightstand breaks the spell; the alarm he set to remind him that he has to go home. He doesn’t hit snooze, he can’t, she’s waiting. “See you soon baby” her murmurs against her lips.

As she showers away all traces of him on her body, towels off and examines the new marks he’s left this time, she think’s, “I sure hope so” Because even if he doesn’t belong to her all the time, when he is here, he’s hers and there’s nothing and no one that can change that.