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The New Present

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The TARDIS was groaning and wheezing as the Doctor fiddled with the dials and switches on the console. Yaz was sitting alone, holding the magazine in her hand as she listened to the Doctor chatting away. She stopped trying to understand the Doctor a long time ago, especially the scientific jargon the Doctor spewed out on a regular basis. The pulled the lever and pressed some buttons before turning a valve.

The Doctor deep in thought before she glanced at Yaz “Yaz, can you come here please?” she asked as she lay down and slid under the console. The Doctor fiddling beneath the console as Yaz moved to her side and set her magazine on the console. Lipping out from under it, the Doctor looked up at the human with a beaming smile “Okay, first I need you to hand me the hydro spanner” she said as she reached up “3rd from the left” she said.

Looking around, Yaz smiled as she picked up the tool and handed it to the Doctor. The Time Lady sliding back underneath the console with a hum as she continued to work under the console. Leaving Yaz alone with her thoughts as she glanced at the console, the red flashing light drawing her attention. Tilting her head to the side, Yaz observed the flashing light for a moment before looking down at the Doctor’s legs “Doctor” she called.

Sliding out from under the console, the Doctor looked up at the human “Yeah?” she answered. Holding the hydro spanner against the bottom of the console where she had just been working.

Yaz pointed to the light “What does that light mean?” she asked.

Looking confused, the Doctor pushed herself to her feet and turned to the console. Looking at the flashing light that Yaz had just pointed out. Glancing at the human, the Doctor moved to the light before tapping it “Well it’s bad, but the cloister bells aren’t ringing” the Doctor said, glancing upwards.

“What does the light mean?” Yaz asked, she had never seen that light flashing before until now.

The Doctor slid back out from underneath the console and popped back up. Looking at the console, the Doctor spotted the light before her eyes moved up “What the?” she wondered.

“Problem?” Yaz asked as she looked up, trying to spot whatever had the Doctor worried but nothing was there.

Looking back to the console, the Doctor ran over to the other side “That light, it’s to warn me whenever a temporal collision is imminent” The Doctor revealed.

“A small red light?” Yaz raised an eyebrow, doubting the Doctor would even notice it.

“The cloister bells sound too, that’s the problem… the light and the bells sound whenever the TARDIS is about to collide with something” The Doctor explained, walking around the TARDIS.

Only the bell wasn’t sounding.

“Faulty light?” Yaz suggested as she looked at the TARDIS.

“Possibly, could be a faulty reading on the scanners” The Doctor ducked down, and she began working under the console.

Only when she did, the cloister bell sounded

Jumping back to her feet, the Doctor moved around the console “Temporal collision, very imminent” Yaz clung hold of the pillar as the TARDIS shook violently, she watched as the Doctor struggled with the TARDIS before they were both thrown to the ground hard.

A few minutes of silence, the Doctor struggled to her feet as Yaz did the same. Brushing themselves off as Yaz hissed painfully. She had hit her head when she was thrown to the ground. The Doctor checked the instruments on the console before she moved to Yaz’s side and looked at the bump to her head. Checking the human over, the Doctor sighed in relief as she patted her cheek “You’ll be fine” she assured.

“Thanks” Yaz replied, smiling at the Time Lady before following her around the console “So, what did we collide with?” she asked as stood beside the Doctor.

“That, my dear Yaz is what I am trying to find out” Looking down at the scanner, the Doctor tapped the switches before she beamed “Ah, good girl” she rubbed the console.

“Well?” Yaz asked as she looked between the Doctor and the console.

“The TARDIS’s emergency materialisation protocol kicked in” The Doctor announced.

“Oh, so we landed safely” Yaz replied, happy knowing they had landed safely. Something in the corner of her eyes though drew her attention and when she looked, her eyes widened “Doctor”

“You know, last time I had a time collision was back in my 10th incarnation” The Doctor gabbed away without a care in the world, flipping switches and checking the scanner “I met my 5th incarnation then, 10 loved that Doctor… I find myself partial to the 4th hence the scarf” motioning to the scarf on the hanger behind her.

“Doctor!” Yaz exclaimed as she glanced at the Doctor before looking at what it was that had her attention.

Turning around the Doctor opened her mouth to speak but words failed her as eyes landed on what it was that had Yaz so concerned.

In front of the door… was a Tardis.

Yaz looked at the Doctor “What’s going on?” she asked.

The Doctor brushed her hair from her eyes “We collided with another TARDIS; 2 of the same TARDIS at different points of the time stream collided inside the time vortex” The Doctor stepped closer to the blue police box, and she ran her fingers over it “Emergency materialisation kicked in and both TARDIS’s materialized inside the other” The Doctor explained.

The Doctor returned to Yaz’s side as Yaz looked at her worried “How bad is this going to be?” she asked.

“If we don’t separate both TARDIS’s, then we’ll create a black hole powerful enough to swallow all of creation” The Doctor revealed.

Yaz nodded her head “Yep, that’s bad” she agreed.

Looking at the TARDIS as the door opened; Yaz and the Doctor watched as a very familiar face poked his head out of the other TARDIS. Looking around, the pinstripe wearing 10th Doctor looked at the 2 women and beamed “Hello, I’m looking for the Doctor?” he asked as he looked around the console room “I say, interesting desktop” he commented as he stepped out of his TARDIS.

The current Doctor smiled as she stuffed her hands into her pockets and stepped forward “One wrong work; Dick Van Dyke” she warned.

Yaz snorting back a snicker as she slapped a hand over her mouth.

10 looking at the blonde with wide eyes “You’re not?” he asked as his mouth hung open “We’re a woman now, I say that is new” he grinned as he stepped outside.

The current Doctor looking over 10’s pinstripe suit “Where are you now then; Donna and Agatha Christie, Martha and the Daleks?” she asked as she rubbed her hands together.

“Doctor, what’s going on?” a voice that the current Doctor hadn’t heard for a very long time.

Eyes widening, the Doctor glanced past 10 and looked at the TARDIS “Rose?” she whispered.

10 looked back and a solemn smile curled in the corner of his lips “How long has it been?” she asked.

“Over 1’200 years… not including the amount of time that the Time Lords had me locked in the confession dial” The current Doctor answered.

Looking at the current Doctor, 10 went to speak but instead he remained silent as she recognised the look in the Doctor’s eyes.

Rose looked between the 2 confused before looking at 10 “Doctor… who is that?” she asked as she looked at the woman.

“That Rose… is me” 10 answered as he looked the current Doctor over.

Rose’s eyes widened as she looked at 10 before focusing on the current Doctor.

“So… you can be a woman too?” Rose asked.

“Yeah” 10 replied as he grinned “I must say, I love the style… and blonde; I wonder where that came from” he glanced at Rose before focusing his gaze on the current Doctor “Regeneration?” he asked.

“13th” The current Doctor answered as she rubbed the back of her neck “But 2nd of the new regeneration cycle” she answered.

10’s eyes widened “Wait; new regeneration cycle?!” she asked.

“Long story, so where are you going?” The current Doctor asked.

“Oh… we’re taking Rose home to see Jackie” 10 replied as he patted the blonde on the shoulder.

Rose beamed as reached into her pocket “I found this in the market” she showed the current Doctor what it was she was taking home.

The Doctor recognised it and she paled “I remember” she forced a smile which 10 noticed.

“Why don’t you go and introduce yourself to the young lady over there” 10 suggested as he nudged Rose towards Yaz.

Rose looked between them suspiciously before she nodded her head.

10 and the Current Doctor shared a look before walking away to someplace more private.

Rose and Yaz shared a look before following them.

Rose and Yaz listened in as the current Doctor told 10 about the battle of Canary Wharf. About how they had lost Rose twice, how the 2nd time 10 had left Rose behind on a beach with a clone of him. Rose listened to everything, and she was not happy about what she was hearing. 10 asked about the Time Lords but the current Doctor was not going to tell him about them.

“You’ll find out… the long way around” the current Doctor smiled as she nodded her head. Revealing that both 10 and Rose would forget anything of this had happened as soon as the TARDIS split and return to their own time streams” Rose wasn’t going to let anything happen. She returned to the console room and wrote herself a little note about what was coming for her.

10 and the current Doctor got to work of splitting the TARDIS’s and eventually returned to their own time streams without interference from the Time Lord. Standing outside 10’s TARDIS, the Doctor and Yaz said their final goodbyes to Rose and 10 before he stepped back inside. Rose and the current Doctor stood there in silence as Yaz decided to give them some privacy.

Rose tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she looked at the Doctor. The time lady shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she shyly ducked her hair. The human grinning at her, tongue between her teeth as she reached out and ran her fingers through the Doctor’s hair. The Doctor leaning in as she felt Rose’s fingers grazing her skin, she placed her hands on Rose’s hips.

Tugging the human closer to her, Rose let loose a squeak as the Doctor hugged her tight. Smiling to herself, Rose wrapped her arms around the Doctor and buried her face in the Doctor’s neck. Closing her eyes as she savoured the warmth of the Time Lady as the blonde squeezed the human tight. Pulling apart, the Doctor smiled though the smile never reached her eyes.

“Goodbye” The Doctor said as she stepped back.

“See you soon” Rose replied cryptically, a smirk on her lips as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

Confused by the response, the Doctor watched as the TARDIS vanished from sight.

“I am not the man I was” The Doctor said to herself as she turned to Yaz “Thank goodness for that”

Yaz snickered as she nodded her head.

The Doctor returned to the console when without warning, she doubled over and clutched her head.

Her memories began changing.

Canary Wharf, The Master, Davros and the Daleks, The Timelords and the Master, The Pandorica, Meeting River, Meeting Clara. Trenzalore and so many more memories. All the Doctor’s memories began to change and in everyone of the new memories there was one constant. Rose was there, never aging as everyone of the Doctor’s memories continued to change.

And soon new memories appeared; the wedding of Rose and the Doctor, travelling and kids who were right now on Gallifrey at the academy. By the end of the memory, the Doctor rose to her full height and looked around the console room as a little girl ran into the console room “Mommy!” she squealed as she launched herself into the Doctor’s arms and the Doctor gathered her up into her arms.

Rose stepping into the console room with a smile “Careful, mommies still bruised from the encounter with the Sycorax” Rose said, walking to the Doctor’s side and pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Setting the little girl on her hip, the Doctor pulled Rose close and her lips eagerly claimed Rose’s earning a squeak from the blonde before she sank into it. The little girl with golden blonde hair stuck her tongue out in disgust at her parents before snuggling into her mother’s arms.

Breaking the kiss, Rose smiled as she wrapped her arms around her wife “Not that I’m complaining… but what was that about?” she asked.

“Just happy to see you” The Doctor replied as she pressed her forehead against Rose’s.

Rose closing her eyes.

Nothing could ever compare to the life she has now.

She was glad she changed history.

Though she had brought on the Wrath of the Timelords when she changed time.

But that… is for another time.