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Sleepy Surprise

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Quietly I approach the door, sneaking a quick look at James to ensure he’s filming. My knuckles kiss the door in quick succession, soft giggles filling the air as Hayley groans in response. I open the door eagerly, our giggles growing louder as she peeks out from under her arms in annoyance.

“And you say I sleep too much” I tease, watching in delight as she scrambles ungraciously off the couch, flinging herself towards me in a hurried blur.

The force of her body as it collides with mine, causes me to shuffle back slightly, her arms securing us together as they wrap around my neck, my shirt rising slightly with the tightness of her grip.

“You’re here”, she whispers softly, her breath hot against my neck as she relaxes in my arms, my hand drawing mindless patterns against her back as I revel in the warmth of her embrace.

“I couldn’t stay away”, I whisper back, her hands caressing my cheeks lovingly as we part, our eyes locking as we stare at each other, the glimmer in her chocolate orbs speaking volumes. I twine my fingers through her subtle curls, gently moving her lips to mine as we melt into each other, her hand gripping my neck as she deepens the kiss.

In need of air, we reluctantly part, our hurried breaths hot against each other’s lips as our foreheads meet. Her fingers grip my chin lightly, pulling our faces apart once more before pressing a delicate kiss to my lips, her smile contagious as she caresses my cheek.

“I love you” she whispers softly, burying her face into my neck as she wraps her arms around my shoulders, her scent filling my senses as I lose myself in her embrace. A contented sigh falling from her lips as our bodies mould together.

“I love you too honey” I whisper in her ear, looking back at James with a lovesick smile as he silently celebrates.