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Delicately, she moves the hair from your neck, her fingers brushing against your skin as she secures the clasp. Leaning back, she rests her palms lightly on your shoulders, your eyes meet hers briefly before your gaze falls to the diamonds that now grace your skin. With trembling fingers, you trace their beauty, their weight against your skin delightfully constricting. Her hooded stare meets yours in the mirror causing your breath to catch as her eyes darken sinfully. Shivering softly, your gaze follows her fingers as her palms slip beneath your robe, carefully urging the fabric from your shoulders. A soft gasp leaving your lips as the coldness surrounds your skin, her palms inching down your arms slowly, her fingers stopping to curl around your elbows in a tender grasp. You close your eyes, time standing still as her touch consumes you. Meeting her eyes, you watch as she leans in, the heat of her breath against your ear sending a shiver through your body as she whispers softly,

“you’re mine”