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Carrying a Torch for the Guardian and the Warden

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Amelia was pacing around her office, her body was jittery and didn’t understand why. Something with a case wasn’t making sense, a witness or her so-called source were being silent hiding something, or at least being vague at best. Something wasn’t adding up something was missing, a critical fact about the case to make it all make sense.

Or she hoped something was missing so it meant she wouldn’t have to go home, and that it wouldn’t be an open-shut case, that it actually was. She hit her desk with her fist while cursing silently, as she saw her phone vibrate indicating a text message. She hovered over the notification, not clicking on it so she could read it from the notification.

“I haven’t unpacked, the boxes are still full in my room… So that’s most likely why they’re contacting me, not because I haven’t been back much this month” Amelia muttered to herself, trying to downplay the reaction her heart had to the text.

They had been living together for three months now, Amelia was unsure how she fits into their equation, the last few days she had started to wonder if it was a mistake. She liked both of them, that wasn’t the issue, no that couldn’t be the issue. The issue was she felt like she was opposing them whenever she came home. Like she was interrupting them.
So for the past month, she had only gone back twice, taking spare clothes with her to the office.

Amelia stared at her watch, Kronii would know if she used it to go back in time. But only if she changed something, she would know. It was tempting to travel, to not have to deal with what was going on currently. She knew better but dang if it wasn’t tempting. Running away is easier than dealing with them head-on as of currently.

She moved to sit down on her chair, pocketing her watch deciding to look through the files again. She must’ve missed something, she was sure.


“She’s not answering the text… Well, it doesn’t say ‘read’ either” Mumei muttered, poking the food on her plate, while staring at their group chat, waiting for a sign from the detective.

“Might be deep in a casefile” Kronii started nonchalantly while eating slowly, “Also put your phone away while we’re eating, please”.

Mumei groaned, pocketing her phone, “She hasn’t been back for a week, I know she said she either wouldn’t be here and stuff… but she hasn’t even unpacked, Kronii”

Kronii froze, her body language unsure but when she looked up at Mumei, she couldn’t sense a lie. “She hasn’t?”

Mumei shook her head, leaning back on the chair, half of her face poking over the table. “Do you think we’ve made her feel unwelcome?” she muttered.

“I don’t feel like this is something we should worry about Meimei, when she comes home next time, let’s ask her then” Kronii stated after she had held silent for a few seconds.

As the girls finished eating, Kronii took the plates to the kitchen, preparing to wash them off.
“Do you have a stream tonight?” Kronii aired, as she glanced at the brown-haired girl.

Mumei took up her phone, checking the calendar before answering, “I don’t, oh! You don’t either, do you wanna see a movie?”

“Yeah, I thought it had been a while since we had a movie night,” Kronii said, smiling as she washed the dishes.


Kronii felt something soft cover over her, another warmth than the warmth that Mumeis’ body provided. She wanted to open her eyes, and thank her, question her about her cases. Her energy level, however, was zapped completely.
The light that had been hitting her eyelids disappeared, hearing the remote control being placed on the table, while shortly after she felt the weight of another blanket being placed over them.

“Sleep well, both of you” Amelia whispered, ever so quietly. There was a softness to the voice which Kronii had heard once before, a tone full of care and adoration.
Kronii heard the footsteps fade from the living room, she heard Mumeis’ breathing, slowly falling back into a slumber.

Amelia entered her room, she noticed some boxes had been opened, she scoffed before remembering they had asked if she had a screwdriver or something similar and had told them to go take a look.
She went to her table, picking up a picture frame, it was of the three of them. They were at Callis’ place, enjoying their first offline collab together, all of them together - Myth, Hope and Council. She let out a sigh as she recalled the day, relishing in a time where her crushes were just crushes and not causing her heartaches. She placed the frame face down on the table as she let out a deep sigh.

She now knew that it was a mistake to move in with them. As far as she knew they weren’t together or hadn’t placed on a label. But seeing them every day for the first two months made everything that much harder. She thought maybe moving in together would remove them, and they’d be friends once more in her heart. Oh boi, was she wrong.

She laughed to herself, as she gripped her shirt in front of her heart. She gritted her teeth trying to control her breathing as the pain in her heart continued. She sighed shakingly, slamming her table, louder than she expected to. She silently cursed to herself, before slowly going around the room looking for clean clothes.

“Hey Ame” Mumei started, she spoke with a voice full of sleep.

Amelia jumped as she turned around, “Jesus Mumei, you scared me”

“I heard a noise from your room, I thought someone had broken in,” Mumei said, as she tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

“Ah… Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you guys up, you seemed so peaceful on the couch so I just turned off the TV and gave you a blanket” said Amelia as she scratched her neck.

Mumei nodded, she looked around the room, “What are you looking for?” said Mumei as she leaned against the doorframe.

“Umh, just some clean clothes and a notebook... “ Amelia said, turning back to her task at hand. Rummaging through a box she had opened.

“When are you arranging your stuff?” Mumei asked quietly.

“When I’ve finished these cases” Amelia stated absentmindedly, as she continued to look for an unused notebook she was sure she had packed.

Amelia jumped as she felt two arms go around her waist, “Uh Mumei?”

“Thank you” Mumei mumbled squeezing tightly, before slowly letting go, and stepping back.
“I’ll go wake Kronii up, and we’ll help you look for it!”

“No, I already found it, no need Mumei” Amelia stated, as she held it up.

“Oh…” Mumei pouted, fiddling with her blouse.

Amelia took a step forward ruffling the girls’ hair, her heart aching in her chest “Go back to sleep, I’ll be back when these are over”.

Mumei nodded showing Amelia a smile, it made Amelia a bit worried as it didn’t reach her eyes, but decided not to pry. She took a step back, placing the notebook into her bag, along with some clothes. She heard footsteps, and a quiet “good night” from Mumei as the girl left.

“This has to get easier” Amelia mumbled incoherently.



A month had passed, Amelia was done with most of the cases she had taken on. She could feel how sleep-deprived she was, having not felt the time to get the recommended sleep.
She leaned back in her chair, looking up at the ceiling as she placed her feet on the table, sighing quietly to herself.

“You look like a wreck” Kronii stated as she opened the door, looking directly at the detective.

“Gee thanks,” Amelia said sarcastically, glancing at the girl.

“So how much do you need to finish? Mumei told me, that you told her you needed to finish some cases first. So here I am, I can help” Kronii offered, as she sat down in the chair in front of the desk.

“No, I’m good, if I’ll need any help I have Ina” Amelia stated, declining the offer turning her gaze back to the ceiling, breathing slowly trying to calm down her heart.

“Oh, I just thought tha-” Kronii started but got interrupted by the blonde.

“This isn’t something the Warden of time needs to worry their perfect head about” Amelia stated, as she placed her feet on the floor, placing her elbows on the table, as she leaned her head on her hands.

Kronii rolled her eyes, “I know what you’re doing Amelia, that doesn’t work on me. But if it’s like this, I will wait with Mumei at home for your arrival”.

Amelia bit her cheek, as she looked at the dark-haired girl, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything, rather she didn’t trust her voice so she just nodded and waved at the girl.

Kronii let out an exaggerated sigh and left the room not feeling up for the task if the blonde was just going to try and push her away.

Amelia eyed the girl as she left, drumming her fingers on the table. As the girl closed the door she slammed her head onto the table cursing quietly.

Amelia awoke to the sound of buzzing, she groaned as she looked around confused, “must’ve fallen asleep by accident” she mumbled quietly.
Glancing at her phone she saw Mumeis’ picture appear along with her contact info on the screen. She groaned quietly, turning off her phone as she got up. She looked around slowly before making her way out of the office.
“Good as time as any to talk a walk around” she mumbled to herself quietly, she placed her phone on an open file, before walking over to take on her coat.


The clouds were rumbling, as their colour changed to a dark greyscale, obscuring the moon. Amelia was sitting on a rock at the beach looking out over the sea, staring blankly as the rain slowly started to pour down.

Paying no mind as her clothes slowly absorbed the water, clinging slowly to her body. The girl's hair soaked from the rain, as her eyes continued to wander the ocean, she let tears flow together with the water running down over her. She needed it out of her system.
Sitting still bearing no mind to the weather.
The girl slowly got up, her eyes still glued to the ocean. She moved her hand through her hair, shoving back her bangs. She let out a weak laugh as she glanced upwards, before turning around away from the ocean.

She walked mindlessly around and suddenly found herself in front of her friend's door. Standing still wondering to knock. She shook her head, turning around taking her leave.
Her brain continued to turn off and on, her mind being occupied, with the different thoughts going miles a minute, while her heart felt like it was about to explode after seeing Kronii earlier that day. She was back to square one, she had hoped that burying herself into cases for a month would somehow help her move on, yet once again she found out that she was wrong.
When she came back into consciousness she found herself sitting in a park, the rain still pouring down, her clothes fully soaked, understanding the outcome of tomorrow, would be a bad cold, where ‘bad’ would most likely be an understatement.

The blonde sneezed bringing her back to the present, she slowly got up, ignoring her bodys’ plea for warmth. She shivered as she slowly started to make her way out of the park. She glanced towards the entrance, a familiar umbrella insight made her jolt, it made her stop in her tracks, she wanted the person to continue walking. Not to bump into her in this state. a few seconds passed and she saw the umbrella wander off, out of sight, she sneezed before slowly beginning to walk again, her mind seemingly fighting to stay alert.

She came to, leaning against a building, her breathing staggering as her body felt cold but her head immensely warm. A headache slowly made itself known, her vision clouded.
She glanced towards the hand holding an umbrella over her as she felt the water no longer hitting her over and over like a whiplash.
The purple dressed girl under the umbrella gave her a worried smile, and took her arm around the girl, smiling softly at her state. The blonde slipped from reality once again.


When she came to, she was laying in a bed, she opened her eyes slowly, glancing around slowly. Coughing as she sat up, a towel fell from her forehead. She found herself in her friends’ room.
She glanced at the girl in a purple outfit entering the room, her eyes glazed with worry, hurried over to sit by her side. The purple dressed girl, wrung the towel, placing it on the girls’ forehead once more while guiding her to lay down.
The room was quiet, the only sound source was their breathing and the rain pouring against the window, showing no point of letting out soon.
The purple dressed girl moved to get up but stopped as the girl gripped her wrist, silently the blondes’ instincts wanted her to stay. It felt like a silent plea as the two girls stared at each other. The blonde slowly let go, moving to stare blankly, at the bedroom ceiling. The purple-haired placed a water bottle on the bed table, before moving to lay herself down beside the girl. Running her fingers through the girls’ hair, letting her nails scratch her scalp, the blonde, letting out a sigh of relief. Surprising the priestess off guard.

“You don’t have to talk to me... You can speak with my bedroom ceiling.. I’ll be here to look over you... Let it out Ame” The priestess whispered, as she continued to scratch the blondes scalp.

"Okay," the blonde stated quietly, closing her eyes, as she tried to compose her thoughts, trying to put them into boxes, like the boxes in her room at the apartment. To get the order correctly, yet she found herself lost for words at her inner turmoil, she felt her eyes sting, she cleared her throat, preparing it to let her words come out in a barrage.

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Amelia had been staying at Inas’ place for the past week, surrendering to the priestess to take care of her while getting over her cold. Ina had told her the evening she was outside she was indeed looking for her, as Mumei had called in a panic, stating that the blonde wasn’t answering and as she had shown up at her office to check, the phone was turned off on the desk while there was no detective with in sight, she expected the worst.

Amelia had awoken in the morning, her fever had subsided and her body was once again healthy. Ina sat down beside her, handing her a cup of coffee smiling gently.

“Time to head home today, detective,” Ina said quietly.

Amelia sighed before taking a sip of the cup, gripping it tightly.

“You can come here any time Ame if it gets too much you’re always welcome” Ina added, as she placed her hand on the blondes’ shoulder.

“Thanks, Ina… I don’t want to impose on you and Kiara, I have to try and deal with this… somehow” Amelia stated, wafting one of her hands in the air, sounding a bit defeated just by thinking of going back.

Ina let her hand slide to the blondes’ back, caressing it lightly as she nodded. “Just don’t be a stranger, none of us wants you to hurt too much Ame, you deserve to be happy”.

“You don’t impose on us Amelia, I’d be rather happy to hear you out when you’re down, as you’ve don- as you still do for us” Kiara stated warmly, as she entered the room moving to sit on the other side of the detective.

“You know what I mean Kiara, I just need to be careful that I don’t catch the hanahaki disease, it might double since it’s two people” Amelia jokingly said, laughing quietly. Though stopped as she turned to look at Ina as her hand was still on her back.

“Please don’t joke about that Amelia, I know you’re trying to do something to lighten the situation, but please…” Ina whispered as they got eye contact.

Amelia turned her gaze to the floor, mumbling a quiet apology suddenly feeling guilt in full force festering itself in her stomach. She saw a hand take the cup from her hands, her eyes followed it as it was placed on the bedside table. She didn’t have the time to react as she felt the sudden burst of weight against her. Kiara had pounced on her and Ina, making them lay down on the bed.

“Let’s lay like this for a while, then we can follow Amelia home, I talked with Mumei and Kronii, we’re invited for dinner as a reward for both finding and getting back her health!” Kiara stated in an overly happy tone.

“Can you please go cuddle with your girlfriend more than me though?” Amelia groaned at the weight of the girl on top of her.

“I’m cuddling both of you! And sometimes it’s good to cuddle with your friends” Kiara stated, as she brought her arm around the priestess bringing her closer to the blonde so she was close to the both of them. “With the amount of thinking your brain is doing about going back, you need this, it can bring comfort Ame, let’s collect some energy together, nothing is wrong with needing comfort” Kiara quietly added, as she rested her head on Inas’ shoulder.

Ina moved her hand to the blondes’ hair, moving some out of her face, “Comfort before a battle” she whispered, with a smile of empathy.

Amelia just sighed, feeling defeated there was no way she was going to deny that what was happening gave her comfort and energy for the time to come. “I’m going to war, are you going to be there if it gives me pts- I’m sorry when I get heartbroken?”

“Of course” both the girls said in unison.


“Can we say I caught something else? I’ll just stay at the office” Amelia asked, both girls’ had their hands on the blondes’ back, as they were making their way towards the shared home.

“C’mon Amelia, we shouldn’t make them more worried than they already are” Kiara stated in a firm tone, as she slapped her back gently.

“I know… I just… I feel like I’m about to throw up” Amelia confessed.

“You’re nervous, that’s normal Ame,” Ina said.

They continued walking towards the shared home, as they could see it in the distance Amelia stopped. The two girls’ glanced back at her as they felt their arms drag them back.

“Why is she waiting outside? Why couldn’t this be easy and she would wait inside with Kronii” Amelia whispered quietly, she breathed shakingly before throwing on something both Kiara and Ina had dubbed as a default smile, a service smile.
Amelia slowly started walking again, looking straight ahead towards a brown-haired girl who was staring at the ground, with her back against the wall.

“Hey, Mumei!” Kiara called out loudly as she waved energetically.

The brown-haired girl turned her gaze towards the sound, as she recognized them she smiled warmly, waving back as she hesitantly began to walk towards them, only to make the blonde stop in her tracks as she saw the girl suddenly sprint towards her.

Kiara and Ina moved their arms to their own sides, as they saw Mumei collide with the detective, not wanting to end up on the ground as well. Amelia groaned as she landed.

“I missed you” Mumei whispered quietly against the blondes’ shoulder, embracing the blonde tightly.

Amelia awkwardly patted the girls’ shoulder, “I’m sorry Mumei, I didn’t intend to get sick”

“Then what were you doing in the rain?” Mumei whispered questioningly as she leaned back, to look at the blonde.

“I’ll explain later” Amelia mumbled quietly, as she tried not to get lost in the brown-haired girl’s eyes.

Mumei was staring at her like she was searching for a lie or something, but slowly after a while, she nodded understanding standing up.
Amelia slowly got up, taking the hand to which Ina had offered her.

They slowly made their way up the stairs to the apartment, Amelia trying to slowly ease the way her heart was aching. Mumei was walking in front of her talking with Kiara about something she couldn’t quite catch the drift of.

“Don’t worry too much, you’ll make your fever come back” Ina whispered quietly as she glanced at the detective.

“I’m trying” Amelia whispered back as she placed her hands into her pockets.

“This is the first time you guys have been to the apartment, isn’t it?” Mumei asked turning to look at Ina when they were a couple of doors from the home.

“It is! I’m excited to see it” Ina replied, smiling warmly.

Mumei nodded, smiling widely excited to show the place to her friends, as they made it to the door, she opened it and let them enter first. Amelia made sure to slow her movement so she would be at least the second or third to enter the room, not wanting to drag more attention to herself than she needed to. Alas as she entered she felt the eyes of the Warden on her instantly, it wouldn’t have mattered what her position of entering would’ve been.

“Welcome home, Amelia” Kronii said in her usual tone.

Amelia couldn’t bring herself to get eye contact, so she looked a bit behind the girl and thanked her.

The evening came and went, the girls were eating dinner and playing a few games before it was time for the priestess and the phoenix to go home. Both of them gave the detective a longer hug than she thought was necessary but welcomed it nonetheless.

As she had closed the door after them, it was like it finally dawned on her. She was staying she wasn’t going with them, she breathed in and slowly exhaled quietly.
Slowly she went towards her room, she heard the conversation lull in the living room as she passed the door, but continued on to her room.

She stood in the doorway, sighing as she looked at the boxes but slowly got herself to work.
She didn’t know how much time had passed but as she was about halfway with the number of boxes, she felt eyes on her back. Glancing behind her, she saw the girls standing there, quietly watching her.

“Uh, guys, not creepy at all” Amelia stated as she turned towards them.

“It’s just nice to know, that it’s not a ghost renting this room” Kronii stated, as she glanced around the room. Mumei nodded in agreement with the statement.

“Hah… yeah sorry about that” Amelia said, as she scratched her neck.

“You wanna talk about why you took a random walk in the rain?” Mumei questioned, changing her gaze to the blonde.

“Sure,” Amelia said unconsciously scratching her cheek as she started to walk towards them, “in the living room?”

The girls slowly turned walking towards the living room, Amelia caught Mumei turning her head towards her as if making sure that she was coming along and not trying to run away, because that’s something they knew she could do, and she was damn good at it. But she didn’t.

Amelia sat down on the furthest end of the couch, as Mumei sat down almost on Kroniis’ lap. Amelia felt her heartache at the sight, not because she was mad or anything, but she felt jealous of both of them, being too close to each other when she felt her heart almost exploding of just a mere small hug from one of them.

“It’s really nothing serious, I just got caught deep in thought about a case when I went out you know how I get, Kronii” Amelia tried, as she moved her feet to the couch, moving her legs in front of herself.

“So that’s half a truth” Kronii stated, after a few seconds when she was done searching the detectives’ eyes and her body language.

Amelia groaned as she leaned back into the couch, to be fair the girls weren’t the only reason for the bad heartache last week.

Mumei looked down at her hands, which fumbled with her blouse for a few seconds before she looked up at Amelia. “On one of the calls we had with Ina, we could hear you… yeah, you were sick, but you sounded a bit… broken?”

Amelia felt like she wanted to dig a hole and disappear into it, never to get back up from it again. Yet there she was, talking to them she didn’t want to worry them more than necessary. She scratched her cheek, she didn’t enjoy talking or explaining herself, running away was always her first instinct.

“It was… it was the anniversary of my grandpas’ death” she whispered ever so quietly, she moved the hand over her face, trying to control the emotions which just the mention and thought brought immense sadness to her.

It was quiet for a while, it was as if time froze she didn’t realize that tears were escaping her eyes, till she felt warm fingers gently drying them. Mumei had moved towards her, leaning against her legs to gain access to the blonde’s face.

“I’m sorry Ame” Mumei whispered quietly, as she continued to wipe away the tears.

Amelia shuddered, leaning her head back changing her posture inhaling and exhaling slowly, getting control over her emotions. “I’m okay,” she whispered, as she got eye contact with the brown-haired girl. “I’ll be okay” she added quietly.

They sat in silence, while Amelia was trying to calm down the storm of emotions inside her brain. As it slowly died down, she glanced at Kronii who was staring at some spot on the floor intensely.

“What about you guys?” Amelia aired giving them a warm smile as they turned their confused gazes towards hers.

“Have you guys figured out yourselves?” she added, pointing at the both of them.

“Oh” was the only thing Kronii could get out.

“You knew?” Mumei’s words fell out of her mouth as her eyes widened, which caused the blonde to laugh.

“What do you mean ‘you knew’? I’m pretty sure everyone knows… well Kiara and Ina asked me about it” Amelia said between laughs, disguising the shudder her body made involuntarily.

Mumei’s face flushed a deep red, shortly joined by Kronii’s which Amelia found adorable. She mentally slapped her thoughts away as she looked at the two girls awaiting their answer.

“Y-yeah, we figured it out” Mumei mumbled quietly.

“Congrats, I’m happy for you” Amelia stated as her gaze turned to a fond look.
“Thank you… It feels embarrassing to know everyone noticed before we did” Kronii whispered quietly.

“Don’t worry too much about it, it was that way with Kiara and Ina as well” Amelia stated with a smile.

“You don’t need to worry Ame, we live here together, it’s your home too” Mumei stated, as she turned her gaze to meet the detective.

Amelia nodded affirmingly as she moved to get off the couch. Stretching as she stood up “I think I’m going to call it a night, but I’m truly happy for you two” she stated, as she looked at them fondly.

She walked to her room, after saying good night. As she closed her door, she leaned her back against it and slowly slid down burying her face into her knees as she hugged them close.

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A few weeks had passed, Amelia had switched up staying at the apartment and her office. To not make neither of the girls’ worry, her feelings though hadn’t changed in the slightest. Every time she would walk into their apartment and Mumei running to greet her back with a hug, she knew her feelings were back to square one. So she simply gave up in trying to make them disappear, and just accept defeat. They would disappear on their own at some point. Hopefully.

This time when she stepped into the apartment it was the dead of night, one of her cases had gone in a way she hadn’t been prepared for which resulted in her arm being forced to be in a swing for the next couple of weeks. She chose to come back late, at a time she expected both girls’ to be asleep.

As she had locked the door and slowly took her shoes off, she heard footsteps emerge from the living room to which her body froze, hearing it stop a few feet behind her.

“Welcome back Amelia” Kronii spoke.

“Thanks, I erh… thought you would be asleep” Amelia stated, as she took off her shoes.

“I was waiting for you, you didn’t respond to our texts when you had promised you’d join us for dinner-” Kronii started,

“Dinner at the restaurant” Amelia sighed deeply, moving her hand in front of her face. “Oh my fuck, I forgot I’m sorry”

“How was the case?” Kronii asked, something lingering in her tone as if she knew something.

Amelia sighed deeply again, slowly turning around “I won’t be having as many cases for the next few weeks” smiling as always.

Amelia studied the girls’ body language but couldn’t depict it.

“Is it broken? or?” Kronii asked, her tone void of any hints.

“Yeah, I was a bit overconfident and something went wrong- but don’t worry! a few months and I should be just fine, don’t worry about me” Amelia stated taking off her jacket carefully.

She hung up her jacket, but as she went to go past the girl she was stopped in her tracks as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“If you need anything just tell us” Kronii stated in a quiet tone.

“I’m not a kid! I’ll be fine” Amelia grinned widely but nodded in appreciation.

She continued the walk to her room as the hand was removed from her shoulder, “what the hell was that” she whispered quietly as she laid down on her bed. “She’s usually not that unreadable… I need to apologize properly for missing out on dinner… hell I got the next few months to make up for it”, she gripped the blanket with her hand tightly, sighing as she made herself as comfortable as she could get in for her current situation.

She groaned as the sunshine attacked her face, she moved the blanket over her face trying to get herself to sleep. She finally felt her consciousness fade slowly, only to wake slightly at the knocks on her door.

“Ame are you awake?” Mumei’s voice arose from behind the door.

“Now I am” Amelia groaned, as she moved to sit up as the girl opened the door.

“Wassup Mumei?” Amelia asked as she tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

“Kronii said you broke yourself” Mumei stated in a hurt tone.

“Mumei, I broke my arm, I’m not a robot” Amelia stated letting out a laugh.

Mumei sat down on the edge of Amelia’s bed, looking at her as if she was as fragile as glass.

“Mumei a couple of months and I’ll be back to health” Amelia started as she tried to smile but couldn’t find the energy so her lips only curved in the corner. “I don’t want to plague Ina to heal me, I’ll feel bad”.

“She’s on a trip with Kiara, right?” Mumei asked, as she tilted her head, to which Amelia nodded.

“I don’t want to ruin their vacation” Amelia slowly laid down again, smiling at the thought of her friends enjoying themselves.

“They’re coming home tonight or tomorrow I think” Mumei whispered.

After a few seconds of silence, Amelia glanced at Mumei who was fiddling with her blouse while staring at something on the ground. “You okay?” Amelia whispered quietly.

Mumei tore her gaze from the floor to the blonde, “I don’t like it when you get hurt” she whispered ever so quietly, Amelia felt as if something had tugged strings around her heart.

“I’m a detective, sometimes it happens but don’t worry I’ll be fine,” Amelia said as she sat up, as their gazes locked. “Even if something worse happened, Calli would say my last words” she joked, wanting to lighten the mood, though stopped when she saw the frown on the brown-haired’s girls face.

“Too soon?” Amelia grinned.

“Too soon” Mumei sighed, as she got off the bed, “What do you want for breakfast? Well, lunch in your case”

“It’s that late?” Amelia asked, taking her phone from the bedside table. “Oh woaw, 3 pm I suppose I was more exhausted than I thought.”

Amelia slowly got out of the bed, making her way to the door where Mumei stood, she passed her and made her way towards the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Mumei called out as she followed the detective, “I asked what you wanted”

“I’m not broken, I can prepare my own food” Amelia stated, as she reached the kitchen, entering she was met with a dark-haired girl who was staring at her as if, she had grown an extra head.

“Alright you two, I’m a big girl a broken arm doesn’t automatically mean that I’ll break something else when I’m moving around” Amelia stated as she sighed deeply, she moved a hand to her face, as she tried to control her breathing as she felt Mumei’s worried gaze.

“Let us take care of you” Kronii whispered, the sentence did something to Amelia’s heart. Her flight or acceptance appeared in her head but waved it away as soon as it appeared.

“I don’t need that, I’m not a broken toy” Amelia stated, as she took a step back and went towards the front door.

“Ame? Where are you going?” Mumei asked as she followed her.

“A walk, I know you think you’re being nice by offering me to look after me. But I don’t need it, I can look after myself” Amelia stated, as she took on her shoes, her heart was screaming, and she needed to get out, her heart couldn’t take their actions and their resolve.

“You clearly can’t, you got hurt!” Mumei’s tone increased slightly, making the detective turn to face her.

“I don’t need the looks you guys give me, I’m not broken, I can still move, I can still cook, I’m not as fragile as glass” Amelia spat, as she looked at them, her heart was hammering in her chest, “I’m human, yes, but just because I’m human doesn’t mean that I’m weak”.

She saw Kronii come closer as she finished, but she just took her jacket and hurried out of the door, not wanting to stir it up more than she did. Her heart, felt like it was going to burst if she stayed there any longer, the look on Mumei’s face, the way her eyes shifted to the ground as she had spoken, broke something inside her.

“You need to get your shite together” She mumbled incoherently to herself as she walked, to somewhere she wasn’t quite sure.


Mumei was staring at the closed door, “I’m sorry Meimei, I should’ve known she would react like this” Kronii whispered as she embraced the smaller girl.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong” Mumei mumbled, as she started to fiddle with her blouse.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, her walls are high we hadn’t broken them down as much as we thought we had” Kronii whispered, as she started to caress the smaller girls sides.

Mumei sighed shakingly as she turned around burying her face into her lover’s body.




“What the fuck happened Watson?” Calli muttered as she opened the door, the detective waved while laughing at the reaction. The taller girl invited her inside.

As they stood there, Amelia could feel the reapers gaze. “Don’t treat me like I’m made of glass”

“Nah dude, but did you lose concentration or something?” Calli muttered.

The blonde stretched her back, “I’m not sure… but mistakes can happen Calli”.

“So what happened? You sounded furious on the phone” Calli walked towards her fridge as they left the entree, “Were they treating you like glass?”

“A bit, or at least Mumei did, Kronii just looked at me as if I had grown like four extra heads” Amelia sighed, as she slumped down on the couch. “I know I’m human, but like sheesh”.

“Or maybe your heart just couldn’t handle it” Calli responded as she handed the blonde a soda.

Amelia almost snapped her neck as she looked up at the pink-haired girl.

“I noticed, or Kiara might’ve let that slip. Can’t blame her though, when she updated me on your walk in the rain, I kind of wanted to beat you up” Calli stated, as she sat down beside the blonde.

“I… umh…” The blonde sighed and looked at anywhere other than Calli.

“It’s okay Watson, stay here for a few hours and then go back home, alright?” Calli started, as she got up slowly, patting the blonde on the shoulder. Calli left the living room shortly after and went to her room, slowly Amelia could hear music being played, Amelia’s stomach felt guilt starting to infest.

Two hours had passed, with Amelia playing a game on her phone, she smiled as she saw the notification of a message. She pressed the call button and it was picked up immediately.

“AME!” Kiara yelled into the phone.

“Sheesh, Kiara” Amelia muttered, “I think I lost eighty percent of my hearing there”

“Awh~ How’d it go with your case? You weren’t able to stop speaking about it last time we were speaking” Kiara questioned.

“How far along are you guys?” Amelia started, wanting to direct the topic elsewhere. “Isn’t it in two days that you’re returning?”

“We’re on our way home to the apartment now, we’re in town” Ina stated as she took the phone from the phoenix. “Did you hit your head, Amelia?”

“Wha- no, I must’ve gotten the dates wrong” Amelia laughed dryly.

The line was quiet for a while, but she heard the clinking of keys and a door being opened.

“umm, yeah let’s just leave it there, I can’t be bothered to unpack now… Are you still there?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m present” Amelia mumbled.

“How’d the case go?” Ina asked, “You couldn’t shut up about it before and now you avoid it like the plague, did things not pan out?” she added quietly.

Amelia took a breath, thought over a few sentences before she spoke, “The case went fine, it wasn’t what I expected it to be, but case closed”.

“What is it you don’t want us to know, Amelia?” Kiara asked, in a tone laced with worry.

“what? It’s nothing guys, I’m perfectly fine, the detective is whole, a whole detective that just mixed up some dates” Amelia blurted out, stumbling over her words.

The line was quiet for a few seconds, a sigh then a disappointed voice spoke, “You got injured didn’t you?”

Amelia bit down on her lip, as she let out a shaky sigh.

“How bad?” the girls asked over the phone.

“Just a broken arm, sorry, I didn’t mean you make you worry” Amelia whispered. “I’m at Calli’s place, I kinda lost it at the others…”

“Ah, ‘Glass detective’, I suppose?” Ina whispered. “Come to our place, and I’ll heal you, Amelia”

“No, I want you guys to relax, you just got home and tending to me is not relaxation in the slightest” Amelia muttered as she got up from the couch.

“You’re building up your walls again, detective” Kiara started, “I talked with Calli, we already got the information we needed… What’s going on?”

Amelia fell silent, unsure what to answer, she hadn’t realized.

“Amelia?” Ina called out.

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna hang up… I’ve been hanging out in Calli’s apartment too long and I should go back” Amelia started, “Thanks for calling, and I’m happy you made it home, let’s go for lunch or something next week when you have time”.

Amelia hung up the call, placing the phone into her pocket, as she went to take on her jacket and shoes Calli emerged from her room. “Don’t rebuild your walls, Amelia, let us help you”.

“I’m fine Calli, I didn’t realize… I’ll do better but right now I… I just need to heal back up on my own” Amelia stated, as she glanced at her friend.

Calli nodded, she didn’t look like she understood but acknowledged it.

“Thanks for letting me hang out and collect my thoughts... I’m heading back now”.


The walk home wasn’t far, they lived pretty close. Her gaze was glued to the ground, the whole way, her head filled with thoughts, trying to figure out what she was going to say when she returned. She didn’t want them to worry, she needed to apologize but she also needed to tell them she wasn’t made of glass, and she didn’t appreciate the looks that she was given.

As she entered the apartment, she took off her shoes and jacket slowly like she always did. Then went to stand in the doorway looking at the two girls at the dinner table.

Mumei turned her head towards the detective. Kronii didn’t react, concentrated on something on her plate.

“I didn’t mean to storm off, I apologize. But please treat me normally, it was my own fault that I got injured. I’m not a ‘glass detective’ I’m Amelia H. Watson…” She stated as she leaned against the doorway.

Kronii straightened herself in her seat, took a deep breath and turned to look at the detective. “I shouldn’t have given you the looks that I did, I apologize as well”

Amelia nodded, sighed shakingly and started to walk towards her room. A sound of a chair falling onto the ground made her turn around, in time for a brown-haired girl hugging her tightly.

“I’m sorry, we’ll do better” the girl whispered into the blonde’s body. The detective froze before she patted the girl’s head. “Me too” the detective whispered quietly.

Mumei slowly let go, and smiled brightly, “Have dinner with us? There’s enough for a plate more”

Amelia shook her head, “I ate at Calli’s but thanks though” she lied. She ruffled Mumei’s hair before she went to her room.

Chapter Text

“Do you think Ame dislikes us?” Mumei mumbled as she cuddled closer to Kronii.

“I don’t think so, she looks like she has a hell of a workload though” Kronii replies, as she moves her hand in circles on the girls back. “She has fewer cases before the time where she took a walk in the rain and ended up getting a bad cold”

Mumei nods slowly, “Do you think… maybe she’s heartbroken? I thought she liked Ina-senpai”

Kronii places a kiss on the smaller girls temple. “I don’t know, I don’t think so, she seemed to be the one who got them together, and that happened before we joined”.

The smaller girl lets out a sigh of frustration, “I know we can’t make her open up to us, but it’d really help to understand what’s going on with her, she doesn’t want to contact Ina to heal her arm, she doesn’t want us to treat her even though she’s hurt”, she mumbled as she pressed her face into Kronii’s body forcefully.

“We can’t force our way in, the walls would only get higher, sorry Meimei but the only thing we can do is wait” Kronii whispered as she moved back to see the girls face.

“Yeah... I know” Mumei pouted slightly, but her eyes showed worry. “It’s just weird… that they all just brush it off, that it’s just ‘Amelia being Amelia’, I thought we did well when we were collabbing together, and you guys too… thought maybe her walls wouldn’t be that guarded”

“If you guys are awake, I’m going to Ina’s place! She’s not taking a ‘no’ to not fix my arm” Amelia talked loudly at their door.

Kronii squinted her eyes, eyeing the time, “O-okay, say hi!” Mumei yelled back in hopes the girl would hear, which she did, as she got a confirmed ‘ok’ before the detective left.

“She’s up early” Kronii started, “well early for her”, which makes a giggle escape the smaller girl’s lips.




“It’s not that I don’t trust her to heal up on her own… I just want to make sure… that it’s healing properly and-” Ina started, but was interrupted by Kiara.

“It’s okay! I understand, I get what you mean” the phoenix stated after she laughed at her girlfriend’s inner panic. “If you think it’s for the best, then I trust you”.

Ina nodded, before cuddling closer to the phoenix, burying her face into the crook of her lover’s neck, letting out a pleased sound.

“Oh, comfy are you?” Kiara giggled as Ina nodded, “Don’t get too comfortable Ame will be here soon”

Kiara caressed the girl’s back carefully while pressing gentle kisses to the priestess temple.
“You could’ve waited a day more though, I love cuddling with you here on the couch”.

“You’re saying you’d rather have Amelia’s arm continue to be broken for another twenty-four hours so we can cuddle?” Ina whispered teasingly.

“Oi oi, don’t make me sound mean! I just-” Kiara started but got interrupted, as her lips got covered by Ina’s kissing them gently.

The phoenix sighed against the lips, as her eyes closed. The priestess withdrew a bit, “I was just teasing you” she whispered against her lover’s lips, before gently taking her lover’s lower lip between her teeth, biting down gently. A soft moan escaped her lover, the priestess let her hand travel up to Kiara’s neck bringing her closer before sharing a heated kiss.

The priestess pulled away catching her breath, as there was a visible glint in her eyes, Kiara looked at her confused, through half-lidded eyes. The priestess got off the couch and went towards the kitchen, leaving her lover dazed on the couch.

“Wait! Where are you-” Kiara started but stopped as she heard the knocks on their front door, she groaned as she threw herself down to lay on the couch. “You’re such a tease Ina!” she cried half-heartedly.

Amelia entered the living room, grinning at the phoenix who was hiding her face in a pillow.
“Did I interrupt anything?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Kiara mumbled into the pillow, nuzzling her face against it.

Amelia aired a laugh as she continued to look at her miserable friend.
Kiara removed her face from the pillow, only to look at Amelia with a small frown.

“Inaa~ Amelia is bullying me” Kiara cried out. Only to make Amelia clutch her stomach, as laughter erupted from her stomach.

“Oh no~ What a bad girl” Ina started as she placed her hands on the Detectives shoulders. “What should we do with you?”

Amelia fell onto the floor clutching her stomach, “No guys… Seriously… Stop”.

Kiara moved herself to she was sitting on the edge of the couch, looking down at the detective that was currently dying on the floor from laughter. She glanced up to the priestess who was giggling while having one of the fondest of looks as she was watching the detective. Kiara smiled to herself as she stared at her.

Amelia heaved for breath, letting a giggle escape every fifth second, as her laugh attack died down. “Awh man… that’s been a while, I really thought that one-liner didn’t work on me anymore Ina” the blonde stated as her breathing returned.

“A detective’s laughing stomach clutching moments, those are the best laughs and moments” Ina stated, as she sat down onto the floor beside the detective.

“I’ll let you have the title for today, Ame” Kiara teasingly stated, as she glanced at the priestess grinning, which only prompted another laugh from the detective.

The laughter died down from the group after a few minutes, Kiara shifting her gaze to the floor, for a few seconds then back to the priestess and the detective.
“So are we going to take the cast off before you heal her arm, or after?” Kiara asked curiously.

“I think it’s best I do it with, we can always get it off later” Ina stated quietly.

Kiara nodded, as she glanced at the detective who still had a smile plastered on her face.


“Kronii? You wanna take a shower together before we prepare dinner?” Mumei asked as she stood at the door to the living room.

“Sure, oh, are you helping with dinner today?” Kronii asked as she got up from the couch slowly, eyes still on the TV.

“We can wait a bit if the show is really interesting” Mumei stated, letting out a quiet laugh, as she went to the couch to sit down.

Kronii glanced at Mumei and smiled widely, “thank you” she whispered quietly, as she sat down beside the smaller girl, placing her hand on her lap, moving her gaze back to the TV.
Mumei moved her hand to hold and interlace their fingers, leaning her head against the girl’s shoulder, as she tried to pay attention to what was going on, on the TV. To no avail, her mind filled with worrisome thoughts of the detective, which in turn confused her but also made her somewhat happy.

Mumei turned her head to look at Kronii’s face, she let her eyes wander her features, she unconsciously moved her thumb over her lover’s knuckles. Why is the feeling the same, it’s different when it’s the other girls’.

“Is there something on my face, love?” Kronii asked as she glanced at the brown-haired girl.

“Yes, you seem to have cute on your face” Mumei stated, grinning widely as the dark-haired girl pressed a soft kiss on her lips.

It can’t be the same, what I feel for Kronii and what I feel for Amelia are two different kinds, Amelia is a friend, yes she’s a special friend.

Chapter Text

Amelia was laying on her bed, with her arm outstretched in front of her. It’s been a week since her broken arm got unbroken, Mumei hadn’t said much to her since she got back from Ina’s place, Kronii seemed to be very self-aware of her behaviour.
Amelia drew out a sigh, as she let her arm fall onto the bed, she directed her gaze to the ceiling, losing herself to her thoughts.

Coming back to reality she turned her head to look at the clock on her bedside table, she pushed herself to sit upright as she placed her hands over her face. Her body shivered as she heard muffled laughter from the living room, causing a smile to form on her lips, though it disappeared as soon as it arrived.

She got up slowly from her bed, stretching as she stood up fully. She went over towards her desk, writing something down in a notebook quickly before taking on the hoodie, which she had left on the chair. For a few seconds, she stood still as she glanced around the room, looking for her phone and earbuds. She placed her phone in her pocket after choosing a song, she wasn’t able to find her earbuds, so she instead settled for her headphones, and quickly placed them over her ears.

Sighing deeply before making her way outside her room. She walked towards the kitchen, as she drummed on her stomach to the beat of the song.
She was looking in the fridge, then slowly laughing to herself realizing she hadn’t been to the store in a while. She continued to drum on her stomach as she went to the front door, taking her wallet from her jacket, placing it into a pocket in her jeans.
She lowly sang along the lyrics as she took on her shoes, completely forgetting about the world around her.

Slowly stretching out her back, moving her arms in the air groaning quietly, as she rolled her shoulders she got eye contact with Kronii who stood in the doorway to the living room with a smirk on her face, Amelia could feel her cheeks heat up, slowly taking off her headphones, she apologized if she made to much noise.

“Oh, no don’t worry. I just wanted to check on you, it seemed odd to have to laugh at the open fridge” Kronii responded, a smirk still present on her face.

“Yeah, sorry for sounding like a crazy person, I forgot I hadn’t grocery shopped for a while… So I’m going there now, anything you want me to buy for you guys?” Amelia asked, scratching her neck in embarrassment.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Kronii asked.

“Of course not, for your sake I won’t take on my headphones again” Amelia grinned as she replied.

“Alright, give me two minutes. I’ll just wake Mumei and say we’re going then I’ll be ready” Kronii stated as she went back to the living room.

Amelia took her phone from her pocket choosing to scroll through Twitter and stop the music as she waited for Kronii to be ready.
After a few minutes, Kronii joined the blonde in the entry, taking on her shoes before putting on her jacket, then continued to eye the girl who only stood in a hoodie.

“I’m good with just this, the weather app said it wouldn’t be raining” Amelia stated, placing the phone back into a pocket, as she noticed the girl staring at her.

“Don’t blame me if you get sick” Kronii stated as she shrugged her shoulders.

Amelia let out a laugh as she opened the door, letting Kronii leave first before going out after her.

The walk to the store was quiet, it wasn’t tense like she usually felt when she hung out with the dark-haired girl… it was rather pleasant.


"You seem more joyous recently, did something good happen?" Kronii asked, as they were looking for some chips Mumei had requested.

"Mmh, I can't say. But I got a good ol' talking to from Calli, Ina and Kiara" Amelia informed as she giggled sheepishly recollecting the conversation.

"Oh? 'downer detective'-talk?" Kronii asked as she lifted one of her eyebrows.

"Eh, apparently I had started to rebuild my walls again, which for the record I didn't realize." Amelia stated, as she picked up a bag of chips "was it this one?"

"No, it's not that one…" Kronii stated after looking at the bag for a while. "If you go around singing to your tunes and use your stomach as a drum, I'd love to see how you are when all your walls are down" kronii stated absentmindedly.

Amelia laughed dryly, causing the dark-haired girl to give her a worried look. She paid it no mind as she picked up a bag of chips and threw them in the cart.

"I think the chips she wanted is sold out, you wanna call her real quick to ask if she wanted anything else?" Amelia asked after having looked for what felt forever.

"Yeah, you can finish picking up what you need" Kronii replied as she took out her phone.

Amelia nodded and slowly started to walk through the store. She picked up a few essentials and some toiletries. When she returned to Kronii, the girl looked at her with a confused look.

"What?" Amelia asked.

"You forgot food Amelia" Kronii replied as she tried to withhold her laughter. Amelia wanted to dig herself a hole and jump into it.

"Dang it, I'll be right back-" Amelia started but got interrupted.

"I'll go with you, so you won't get sidetracked" kronii stated, laughing as she lightly tugged on the blonde’s arm.

Chapter Text

Mumei was sitting on the couch, staring at the TV she wasn’t sure what was being shown, she just needed somewhere to hold her gaze. Kronii and Amelia had made it a Sunday event to go to the grocery store together, she didn’t feel like joining in on something they had deemed as quality time. It had been three weeks since the blonde’s arm got healed.

I haven’t talked much to her, does it bother her? I shouldn’t worry too much… I have Kronii, Whatever that this feeling I’ve been having about Amelia will stop. Yes.

She sat there nodding to herself, deeply concentrated on the thoughts in her head.

“Are you secretly listening to rock?” Amelia questioned as she stood in the doorway, with a smile plastered on her face, while she held a gentle gaze.

Mumei felt herself freeze up, she hadn’t heard the door, “No-no, When did you come home?” Mumei asked as she got up from the couch, to walk towards the kitchen.

Amelia moved her free hand to the brown-haired girl’s shoulder, “We’re cooking today, a surprise for you so no peeking” Amelia said.

Mumei stopped up, then looked at Kronii confused who came to meet her in the doorway.
Kronii placed a gently kiss on Mumei’s temple.

“We’re making you food, you’ve seen a bit tired lately, so Amelia said we should make dinner today so you can relax” Kronii stated, as she moved her hand to the girl’s cheek.

I don’t need it, I just need you Kronii, I don’t need Amelia to make my food. Just you make it.

Mumei mentally slapped herself as the thoughts arose. Involuntarily her cheeks flushed, feeling mad at herself for the thoughts and her two-second feelings. Mumei turned her head, placing a kiss on Kronii’s hand, then slowly went back over to the couch.

As she laid on the couch, she felt like a gaze continued to linger longer than another, as she looked in her peripheral vision, she saw blonde hair, leaving the doorframe last.

We’re just friends, she only worries because she cares. She cares… that’s a different Amelia from when we just moved in… but it’s the same Amelia from our collabs. I need to enjoy our company, she might do stupid like she did last, was it my fault? Whose fault was it? Was it her grandpa that was the main reason for her walk, or was it also the case?

Mumei sighed deeply as she returned back, seeing the TV was shut off, she sat up confused. Looking around she saw Kronii with the remote, looking at her with her worried gaze.

“That sounded more exhausted than it should’ve” Mumei grinned.

Kronii sat down next to her, placing the remote on the coffee table, she continued to look at Mumei, suddenly feeling unsure of what to do. But after a couple of seconds, she dragged the girl into a hug.
Mumei buried her face into her lover’s neck, breathing in her scent.

You are all I need. All I deserve.

“Table is set, food is ready when you guys finish making out on the couch!” Amelia yelled from the kitchen. It took the girl’s a few seconds, but they broke their embrace laughing quietly, Kronii placing a gentle kiss on Mumei’s lips.

The girl’s got up from the couch, making their way to the kitchen, to sit down at their dinner table. Mumei took her designated chair next to Amelia, while Kronii sat down on the other side.

“I hope you like it, I hope you’ll feel better,” Amelia said, as she smiled.

Oh, don’t look at me like that, I can feel the butterflies.

Mumei smiled, taking her utensils. “Anything you guys make tastes the best! For sure I’ll feel better”. She slowly started to dig in, while feeling gentle gazes from the two girls.
She smiled with her mouth full, with a satisfied smile.

The girls’ started eating, sharing some casual banter back and forth, Amelia sometime during their dinner had catapulted a pea at Kronii, for a bad pun which she had heard Ina use recently.

Amelia got up taking her plate towards the kitchen, placing it near the sink. Then slowly collected the items they had used to prepare it with and placed them near as well.

“You guys can go to bed, or relax in the living room, I’ll do the dishwashing tonight” Amelia smiled, as she went over taking Kronii’s empty plate.

“Oh, are you sure? I don’t mind helping out” Kronii asked, turning her gaze to the blonde.

“I’m sure, don’t worry about me… I won’t flood the apartment” Amelia stated, as she took the empty plate in front of Mumei.

“It was one time, where I forgot to turn off the water in the tub… You’ll never let me live this down, will you?” Mumei muttered as she glanced up at the blonde. Who bore a smile and a gentle gaze.

“Never” She simply stated, walking back to the kitchen counter, starting her assignment.

Kronii turned her gaze to Mumei, “So, what do you wanna do?” she questioned.

Mumei got up from her chair, going towards Kronii, placing her hand on her cheek as she reached her. She placed a soft kiss on her lips, and whispered ever so quietly, “To bed”.

Kronii smiled, as she got up taking the girl’s hand before going towards their room.

I just need to fill my head with everything but you, then I’ll be fine. Kronii doesn’t need to know.

Chapter Text

“You know I might not be the smartest, but I think this one is an open and shut case” Amelia stated, as she continued to stare at her case file, which she and Calli had gone over at least a hundred times.

“I don't know what you mean Watson, you’re pretty smart” Calli stated, as she looked up at the detective with a worried look.

Amelia raised her head, and pointed at the girl with her index finger. “just because I know a lot about a lot of different things. Doesn’t mean I’m smart, just means I have a good memory”.

Calli let out a defeated sigh, leaning back in the chair. “Suit yourself, but that’s what the rest of us thinks”.

Amelia stares at her friend as she placed her hand down on the case file while leaning back in her chair.

“Is there something on my face Watson?” Calli asked as she felt a knot in her stomach from the blank stare which had erupted from her friend.

Amelia shook her head, turning her gaze back to the case file before moving it aside and starting to type on her pc.

Calli leaned forwards to slide the case file towards herself, to see if the detective realized something, they had been looking at this the past four days and nothing in the case seemed to make sense, or even somehow they had been in every nook and cranny. She looked at the familiar paper, trying to decipher what the girl had learned.

“Don’t knock yourself out, I’m not searching for something for the case” Amelia mumbled, as she had glanced at her friend’s movement.

Calli furrowed her brows, as she turned her head. “Then what are you looking at? Going to tell the client that it’s open and shut?”

“Mh... I should do that” Amelia stated after a few seconds. She clicked around before slowly starting to type once more.

“What were you doing before?” Calli asked, staring at her friend in confusion.

“Don’t worry about it” Amelia stated in a tone void of any hints, which was a tone she tended to use often when she didn’t want to be interrogated by her friends.

Calli sighed deeply before leaning back in the chair, taking her phone out of her pocket.

The office was engulfed in the silence between friends, the only noise coming from the detective’s keyboard and from the clicking of her mouse. They shared this silence together, till the door opened. Calli turned her head to look at the person entering.

“Are you planning to sit here all day?” Ina asked, looking directly at the detective who was still glued to the screen.

“I am, I was, the lunch we planned isn’t till tomorrow,” Amelia said, as she continued to click and type on her keyboard.

Ina glanced at Calli, who in turn shrugged her shoulders.
“You sure you’re not hiding out, because you don’t wanna attend the dinner party in two hours, with everyone?” Ina stated as she walked towards the desk, placing her hands on the edge.

Ina inspected the detective as if she was evidence for a case. Yet there was no hint given, just like their current case, it was open and shut, not giving any indication of either.

“I was planning on coming, I forgot we planned to meet up three hours ahead… This case has been giving me a headache, though I just told the client we can’t be of help as nothing has come up at all, however, told them, it won’t be closed, I will keep an eye out on it”, Amelia stated as she turned off her pc, leaning back and stretching her back.

Calli glanced at Ina as she got up from the chair, gently patting her shoulder before going to leave the office, “I’ll go ahead and go to my place, I need a shower this case was a load of garbage hints” she stated as she left.

Amelia laughed at Ina’s reaction to the statement and nodded as the girl looked at her, “Yeah, we had to go dumpster diving”.

Ina sighed, and looked at the desk “I’m so happy it wasn’t my turn today” to which Amelia only started to laugh harder as they heard ‘I heard that’ from the hall, Calli not being out of the place just yet.

Amelia got up from her chair, to walk over to take her coat but stopped as her friend placed a hand on her shoulder, she turned her head confused.

“Don’t you dare take on your coat when you stink” Ina whispered in a low tone as if holding her breath?

“Umh, I have to mull it down while I go home?” Amelia stated, taking a step back to make sure her friend breathes.

“Don’t you have a hoodie you can take on instead, as you’ll be wearing that tonight, right?” Ina asked while pointing at it.

To that Amelia only nodded, then understood what she was insinuating. Walking over to the couch in the corner of her office, taking a hoodie that was laying in the corner of it, which had often been somehow mistaken as a blanket.

“Kiara and I will pick you up” Ina stated, as she let out a breath.

“Umh, I can just go with Mumei and Kronii?” Amelia looked at her friend confused.

“I believe they went to hang out with Baelz and IRyS” Ina informed as she glanced at the detective confused, “Didn’t they tell you?”

“Oh, they probably did… must’ve forgotten” Amelia laughed dryly, before walking over to take her coat, placing it over her arm.

“Amelia, don’t build up your walls” Ina stated, keeping her eye contact with the girl.

“What kind of shoulder pat did Calli give you?” Amelia asked, her tone once again void of any hints, her body language as relaxed as ever.

“I don’t have the energy for this today. We’re meeting at the restaurant” Ina stated, before turning to leave the office.

Amelia didn’t respond, she stood still watching her friend leave. She wasn’t ready to talk and wished her friends would understand, she hadn’t gathered enough to be sure.

“I’m sorry” Amelia whispered under her breath, before leaving and locking up her office.


“If you had brought a coat like I suggested you wouldn’t freeze this much… you knew we would be outside while waiting for the others” Kiara whispered into Ina’s ear, who was in her embrace.

“Why would I bring a coat, when I have a hot fiancé?” Ina whispered amused, letting out a giggle as the girl tightened the embrace.

“Cheeky, I see what you did there” Kiara whispered while nuzzling her face into the crook of the girl’s neck.

“Get a room you two” Amelia said as she approached them.

“Oh! What’s this? The busy detective decided to join us anyway” Kiara said in a teasing tone.

“We half expected you to be late or not show up at all” Ina supplied as she saw the detective roll her eyes.

“I didn’t have anything else going on tonight anyway, might ditch when all the couples start to make out though” Amelia stated while shrugging her shoulders.

“Think they’re gonna be official?” Ina asked, glancing at Kiara then at the detective. “I mean, I don’t know. They’ve already been divorced a couple of times”.

“Ina! That’s just for entertainment” Amelia laughed, as she shook her head. “As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters”

Amelia almost fell forward as someone ran and hugged her from the back, “Ame-senpai~”

“Sheesh, hello Bae,” Amelia said, as she turned to hug the girl.

“Hello, Bae” Ina greeted, leaning back further into Kiara’s embrace.

“How far are the others?” Amelia asked as she pulled away from the girl.

“We can go in, they should be here in a minute or so, Kronii and Mumei had a bit of a bicker” Baelz stated, “Nothing too serious! Don’t worry about it, we’re having fun tonight! No drama allowed” Baelz added in a louder tone.

Amelia felt gazes on her as she knew as she had frozen her body upon the information, noting it into her mental notebook. She turned her head to smile at the couple, before following Baelz inside.

“How are you and IRyS by the way? If you don’t mind me asking” Amelia whispered, as they walked to their reserved table.

“We’re good, I left her with the situation so I’ll have to make it up to her later” Baelz stated while grinning widely.

“For the embodiment of Chaos, you still like to leave behind hope, huh” Ina mumbled absentmindedly, causing the girls to sigh.

The girls sat down at the table, holding a little small talk while waiting for the others.
Amelia was leaning her head on her hand, silently gazing down at the table while tracing circles, going over information in her head.

“-melia?”, Amelia jolted looking up at Kiara then smiled sheepishly “Sorry kinda spaced out there”.

“Are you okay?” Baelz asked with a worried gaze.

“Yeah, just some tough cases lately but it’ll turn out okay” Amelia smiled.

“Hey, guys, sorry for being late” Sana apologized as the other girls came in tow after her.

The girls joined them at the table, and talk soon erupted from the group, Amelia had expected that she would be mostly silent, but sitting next to Chaos it would seem impossible.

A few hours went by the girls having a great time, unprepared puns and jokes leaving their mouths. Laughing and further bonding together as a group, as they had to leave they chose to go to Fauna and Sana’s place to continue the evening, everyone not ready to call it a night.

Amelia walked beside Baelz and IRyS planning for a collab together, as they neared a date she felt a tug on her arm which directed her attention to a dark-haired girl.

“When are we going to collab, Amelia?” Kronii asked.

“When you have time? Ah, you’re right, we haven’t collabed since we moved in together” Amelia grinned awkwardly at the realization.

“We could all four do a collab!” Baelz announced, smiling widely at Kronii.

“If you’d have me I’d be happy to join” Kronii stated, linking her arm with Amelia’s.

“You guys don’t have to ask for anything to take unless it’s my bed, or Sana” Fauna stated as they entered the house.

Kronii unlinked their arms as she entered the house, Baelz looked at the detective who stood outside still.

“You okay Ame?” Baelz asked quietly, as she shooed IRyS inside.

“Yeah, I just want a bit more air, before going inside” Amelia smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

But Baelz just nodded, taking the hint that it wasn’t a topic that was up for debate, just gave her a short hug, before joining the others in the house.

Amelia sat down on the outside steps, placing her hands behind her while glancing up at the sky, sighing to herself quietly. She went over some information in her head, as she gazed up at the stars, combining the constellations. She felt the presence of someone, she didn’t turn glance till the person sat down beside her.

“Hey, Mumei” Amelia whispered, glancing up at the stars once more.

“Not going to come inside?” Mumei mumbled, gazing at the detective, moving her knees up against her own chest.

“Mh, I was supposed to… but just look at these stars” Amelia whispered peacefully, as she continued to stare and line them up.

Mumei didn’t move her gaze from the detective, she couldn’t yet anyway she replied quietly “Yeah”.

Mumei hugged her knees closer as the detective’s eyes glanced at her, causing her to direct her gaze to the sky avoiding eye contact. She felt a small blush appear on her cheeks as she heard the detective let out a quiet giggle.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Kronii you insinuated that I’m a star” Amelia whispered teasingly, only causing a deeper blush on Mumei’s cheeks.

Amelia got up after a few minutes, “I’ll go inside now, are you gonna come in?”

“No… I’ll stay out a bit longer, the stars are pretty” Mumei whispered.

“Alright,” Amelia stated, she stood still for a few seconds before she took off her coat placing it on the brown-haired girl’s shoulders. “I’ll see you inside” Amelia added quietly.

Mumei nodded, staring at the blonde tightening the embrace around her legs, but released a little as she saw something in the detective’s eyes. It was fast, an expression that rarely made its appearance in front of others, something vulnerable. But before Mumei could ask, the detective had headed inside, leaving Mumei alone with the stars.

Chapter Text

Something I’ve thought about for a while, what if Mumei and I never met. If we hadn’t started to collab as much as we did, or if we weren’t part of the council together, if our feelings never changed from friends, and continued to be so… would I have chosen you? I would have, wouldn’t I? Just one glance at you, I know many have tried to get close, yet no one is close enough.

We’re both acquainted by time, it is weird that we’re not together? That is it not us, that it is Mumei - The guardian of Civilization - and I - The Warden of Time.

Amelia H. Watson the Timetraveler, the person I have been looking for, the one that went back to the past several times to undo and ‘correct’ to capture people before they could do harm, or save people before they could be harmed. I admire you for your choices, but are you truly happy now? I have advised you to not change the time, and you haven’t done so since I arrived here… I thought we bonded after a while, but as we moved in together you seemed further away than you first were, you were closer when you were farther away.

When we started to break down your walls, you build them up as if they were never broken down in the first place. Were they ever down? Or am I just hoping I can get closer? Why am I hoping that I can get closer? You keep everyone at an arms-length, no one can ever get close enough. Even our senpais, Ina, Calli, Kiara, Gura and IRyS has tried to pry you open. Is it all false hope? Can we truly never get you to open your heart? What does it take, to get a crack in your ever so steady walls?

When your grandpa passed, I watched over you from far away. I saw you break, close yourself off to the world. You witnessed loss, you witnessed the pain of losing someone close to you, you felt like you lost your purpose… but even then, you got up and took a step forward, for you Amelia H. Watson are no coward, nor a weakling… whenever there is no hope, nor it seems like there’s no way out, you take that step forward, you spread your shoulders as if you have wings, and jump… you jump directly ahead, for you, for your friends, or for people who seem to have lost their way.

I hope there will be a time for me to show you, how important you are for your friends, for the people you have yet to meet… how important you are to me, but I can’t that would betray what Mumei and I have. So instead, I will have to settle for Ina and our senpais to show you. I do not know, what I should tell you if it would show too much.

I admire you Timetraveler, I admire the passage you take. But is it out of that moment, that you truly don’t want to become one, or want people to become close to you? You are a mere mortal, you won’t survive long, you don’t want people to grieve you, you want to be a memory on a greyscale… nothing too happy, nothing too sad to remember.


“Kronii!” Baelz called loudly, “Are you listening?”

“Oh sorry, Bae” Kronii answered, changing her gaze from the detective she seemed to have stared at for a while.

Something in Baelz eyes glinted, Kronii know she noticed but chose not to address it. She hoped it wouldn’t be addressed.

“Did you get too much to drink?” Baelz asked, tilting her head to the side.

“No, I think I just zoned out for a minute there. Didn’t get enough sleep last night” Kronii answered, letting an awkward laugh go.

“Amelia! Were you raging too loud, when you were playing last night?” Baelz yelled, turning towards the detective.

“What?! Don’t blame me when couples don’t sleep enough” Amelia yelled back, flipping her off before turning back to her conversation with Sana and Calli.

It was as if something clicked in Baelz mind, Kronii saw it happen like clockwork, the girl turned to face Kronii, who breathed deeply and let out a deep “No, don’t look at me like that… none of that happened”, but as it came out, her cheeks flushed.

“You don’t have to hide it Kronii~ It’s normal to do when you have a girlfriend” Baelz grinned, petting the girl’s shoulder.

Kronii shoved Baelz in a playing manner while rolling her eyes. “Right, I don’t believe you and IRyS are much better”.

Baelz face flushed, the sentence went through her ears and landed on the Nephilim who was sitting beside Ina, completely lost in a conversation.

“Yeah, you’re not good at hiding that” Kronii stated, laughing quietly as she saw the rat trying to move her shirt a bit over a mark on her neck.

Kronii smiled while looking at her friend who was giving her a death glare when she caught some blonde straws of hair that caught her attention. She glanced to the side, flinching back as the detective were so close, it wasn’t her face that was close.

“Can I help you?” Kronii asked, trying to collect her brain cells.

“I’m going to head back, are you gonna be alright handling Mumei?” The detective asked, pointing at the grinning owl, who bore a devilish grin on her face sitting between the phoenix and reaper.

“Yeah, leave her to me,” Kronii replied, she leaned back on the couch before getting up after a second going after the detective. As she got outside, the detective looked back at her with a confused look.

“Going back where?” Kronii stuttered out, her head feeling stuffed.

“I’m going to the office- I… got some leads on a case and I need to look into it” the detective replied with a moment of hesitation.

“Where are you going?” Kronii asked again.

“Hah- I really can’t hide anything from you. I will travel back in time… but not yet, I need to find some more clues before I can go there, nothing will be changed, just information collection… don’t worry I won’t affect the timeline more than I already have” the detective explained, scratching her neck as a grin was present on her face.

“Don’t get lost in time, detective” Kronii whispered.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, I’ll most likely let you know before going. Unless it happens on a whim” Amelia stated quietly with a laugh.

Kronii waved to the girl, before heading inside again, choosing this time to sit down beside her partner.


I don’t love you the same way, do I? I love Mumei, but I fear you have the equal amount of my heart that Mumei owns. I won’t be able to stop worrying about you, but the way I love you can’t be erased either. I have loved you for a long time detective, and I fear those feelings will never disappear, I have wished for them to do so… for a long time but they have yet to react to my wishes. I will never act out on them, I will never betray Mumei, but I know deep down that I am greedy to be wanting you both.

I need to be happy and treasure what I have, and not be greedy to be wanting more. You wouldn’t be reacting to it nicely. I only take what I deserve, and I don’t deserve more than I already have. Time with Mumei and time with friends is enough. I won’t be greedy.


“Kronii?” Mumei whispered, caressing the warden’s cheek, trying to bring her out of her headspace.

“Sorry, I’ve been tired tonight” Kronii mumbled, leaning into the girl’s touch.

“Let’s go home, so you can sleep and get well rested for your collab tomorrow with Ina senpai” Mumei whispered, placing a gentle kiss on the dark-haired’s nose.

“We don’t have to go home if you don’t want to Mumei, not for me, if you’re having fun we can stay” Kronii closed her eyes.

“If you’re exhausted and you want to go home, then I’m not having fun. I don’t want you to be near passing out from exhaustion because we chose to stay for longer” Mumei stated sternly, slowly moving to stand up. “There’ll always be the next time”

“Okay, let’s go home for today” Kronii mumbled, leaning back to stand up, to say goodbye to their friends.

Chapter Text

“There you are!” Kiara called out, as she sat herself down next to the blonde, “we’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“Oh, I thought I didn’t have a helper today” Amelia stated absentmindedly as she looked at the calm ocean.

“You don’t? We wanted to take you out for lunch and you weren’t in your office… and your phone was off… we got a bit worried since last time you did that, it was raining cats and dogs and got the worst cold we’ve ever seen”

Amelia’s body tensed at her friend’s answer, she let her hands fall from her hips and placed them behind her leaning back, “it’s not raining though, so no need to be worried” she mumbled, continuing to stare at the ocean, as she let the sand caress her fingers.

Amelia could feel her friend’s worried gaze on her, “What is it?”

“We saw… we didn’t mean to but we saw you had looked for other places, are you planning to move?” Kiara asked quietly, almost like she were afraid of the answer.

“I was looking into it a while back… but I think it’d worry Kronii and Mumei too much, so no I’m not moving” Amelia responded, then turning to tear her gaze from the ocean she looked at her friend, with a glint in her eyes “Sorry for disappointing you”.

Kiara just nodded, deciding not to jump in on the banter. She scooted a bit closer, mumbling quietly, "heard you might travel back in time".

Amelia nodded, turning her gaze back to the ocean, "yeah, sometime today… I need to go back to track something and I promised not to change the past, so don't worry".

"I will always worry, you haven't travelled for a while…" Kiara breathed as she held in a question she knew she'd get a negative response to, "take someone with you? I don't want you to get lost in time".

Amelia sighed as she fell down on her back. "Nobody trusts me, huh" she muttered quietly, glazing at the white clouds above them.

"No, no I trust you!" Kiara stumbled out as she looked worriedly at the detective. "I just don't want to lose my friend" she added quietly.

Amelia sat up, placing a hand on her friend’s shoulder, "you won't lose me, dummy. How about we have dinner today and you guys will see me off?" Amelia asked, trying to keep on a friendly smile.

Kiara studied her friend’s expression for a couple of seconds, before nodding slowly. "Okay"


They sat in silence for a while just enjoying each others company. A few minutes passed before Amelia got up.

"You'll text the others, to say I'm okay? In case you panic called everyone" Amelia asked, glancing at her friend, offering a hand to get up.

Kiara nodded as she grasped the hand.
"I'm thinking dinner at Ina’s place at 7?" She questioned.

Amelia laughed quietly, then waved her hand as she saw the worried gaze on her friend's face.
"You're at her place so much I thought you guys had moved in together."

Kiara’s cheeks blushed slightly, before mumbling quietly, "I haven't… I mean we haven't I don't want to force her to live with me, of she doesn't want to".

"Kiara, honestly? You proposed to her, and you have most of your stuff with her… I'm sure your closet at your apartment is empty" Amelia laughed while placing a hand on her friend’s shoulder, trying to imply some comfort.

Kiara scratched her neck looking at the ground trying to collect her thoughts.

"She loves you, Kiara, ask her I'm sure she wouldn't say no" Amelia gave her friends shoulder a gentle squeeze. "I'm a detective, remember?"

Kiara continued to stare at the ground, before catching the detective off-guard with a hug.

"Sorry you have to console me" Kiara whispered.

Amelia laughed quietly patting her friend on the back, "I kicked your butt to ask her out. Of course I'll kick your butt again to ask yourself in".

Kiara pulled away, "that makes sense... somehow".

Amelia laughed quietly, receiving another hug from her friend before they parted ways.


The detective looked around at the scenery as she walked towards the apartment. As she got to the door she started to rummage through her pockets, before a realization hit her, causing her to curse to herself quietly.
She inhaled sharply as she rang the doorbell.
After a few minutes, she pressed again, facepalming.

"Maybe they're not here," she let out a deep sigh. As she turned to leave the door unlocked and was opened, Mumei stumbled out of the door looking at the detective confused.
Mumei’s hair was ruffled while her clothes were a bit crinkled.

"I erh, forgot my phone and keys at the office… sorry if I interrupted something" the detective muttered as she scratched her neck, shifting her gaze to the floor.

Mumei blushed slightly, "No! You didn't I was just sleeping on the couch. Kronii is out to buy an ingredient for dinner that she forgot", Mumei blurted out, letting the detective enter.

Amelia took off her jacket and shoes, then slowly realized her dinner plans, "oh, I erh… won't be joining dinner tonight".

Mumei stared at the detective with a worried gaze, "what?".

"I promised Kiara and Ina I'd join them for dinner today" the blonde stated as she left the entrance.

"When? You can still sit with us till you have to go" Mumei rushed out, as she followed the blonde.

"At 7, I just wanna relax and take a shower before I go" the blonde stated, as she took a pitstop in the kitchen to take out a water bottle from the fridge.

Mumei stood still at the kitchen counter fidgeting with her blouse, staring at the girl.

Amelia sighed glancing at the time, "Alright, how about I go take that shower now… and we can watch a movie till I have to go? You guys usually eat at 630".

Mumei gleamed, "yes! I'll go find one" she stated enthusiastically and went off to the living room.

Amelia took a sip of the bottle her gaze lingering on the doorframe where the brown-haired girl had just run through, before going to her room to find a change of clothes to bring with her to the bathroom.


Amelia sat down on the couch with a towel on her shoulders while still drying her hair with one hand.
"So found one?" She asked, looking at the brunette who sat on the other end of the couch.

Mumei pressed play on the remote and scooted herself a bit closer to the blonde.
"A bad comedy" she replied simply.

Amelia just leaned back, changing her gaze to the TV, trying to calm her heart. A few minutes passed by, well Amelia wasn't quite sure how much had passed, as she awoke to a sudden question.

"Do you have anyone you like right now?" Mumei asked as she continued to stare at what she had chosen.

"Comedy makes you think of romance?" Amelia asked, laughing quietly as she stretched her back, "sorry for falling asleep, I'm more exhausted than I thought".

Mumei turned to look at the blonde, "just curious" she replied simply.

Amelia scratched her chin, pretending to think it over, "not currently no" she lied.

Mumei just nodded slowly, before turning her attention back to the movie.

"When did kronii leave? The line must be very long" Amelia said quietly.

As if on queue there were noises and cursing as a door was opened, causing both of the girls to stand up and go to check.

"Was there a sale or something?" Amelia asked as she saw the dark-haired girl with more than one ingredient.

"Yeah, I bought unnecessary things again, hope there's space in the freezer" kronii stated as she handed a bag to Amelia to help carry it into the kitchen, to which the blonde happily did.

Mumei stood at the counter watching them put the food away, kronii noticed and smiled.

"I found the chips too that you haven't had for a while" kronii stated in a gentle tone as she handed the bag to the brunette. "I bought a few more, but you can have that one now if you want to".

Mumei gleamed as she saw the bag, hugging kronii tightly.

"Be honest it's the chips’ fault you were gone for so long" Amelia stated with clear amusement.

"Maybe" kronii replied simply while hugging the small girl closer.

"I'll let you choose the movie tonight!" Mumei’s stated before she ran off to the Livingroom.

"Seems I took your time to choose" kronii smiled softly as she looked at the detective.

"Oh, uhm. I won't be here, or you know I will be maybe" the detective’s words fell out.

"Oh, you're travelling today?" Kronii asked, her tone laced with a disappointed tone.

"Yeah, I'm having dinner with Kiara and Ina, then I'll be going" the detective stated, as she folded the now empty bag.

"If you get lost-" kronii started but got interrupted.

"Does no one really trust that I won't get lost?!" Amelia blurted out a bit louder than she anticipated. She sighed deeply, placing her hands over her face, "sorry that was way too loud".

Kronii didn't say anything, she just stared at the girl, she heard footsteps approach the door to the kitchen.

"Oh would you look at the time… seems like it's time for me to leave" Amelia stated, avoiding looking at everywhere but the girls. She walked to the entrance rushing to take on her shoes and coat.

"I trust you" it came quiet and unprovoked, Amelia turned around and got eye contact with the brunette who was standing a bit away. " I trust you'll make it back you won't get lost" Mumei stated, keeping the eye contact intact.

Amelia bit her cheek while placing her hands into her pockets, "you don't have to lie Mumei, it won't make me feel better" she stated before leaving the apartment.




Kiara was fiddling with her phone in one hand while turning the ring on her finger with her free hand. She was looking at the dark-haired girl who was standing near the television, putting some things away steadying her thoughts with cleaning.

Ina slowly turned her head as she had placed it into a cabinet, smiling sweetly noticing the slight blush on her lover’s face.

“What got you thinking so hard?” Ina asked quietly, as she walked to sit next to the orange-haired girl on the couch.

“Hm?” Kiara looked confused, as she locked her phone in reflex.

“Are you watching something you shouldn’t be watching~?” Ina whispered quietly, as she moved herself to straddle her lover, grinning as the blush grew a deeper red.

“No! I wouldn’t watch that... “ Kiara stumbled out, as her eyes went over her lover’s features.

Ina placed a soft kiss on Kiara’s lips, “If you want we can be quick before Ame arrives” she whispered against the lips.

Kiara buried her face into the crook of her lover’s neck, “I… there’s something I wanted to ask you”

Ina hummed a bit taken back, but let her fingers go through Kiara’s hair.

“If you don’t want to, it’s fine you know, no pressure” Kiara mumbled, tightening the embrace.

“You would never pressure me into something I wouldn’t want to do, what’s on your mind love?” Ina whispered as she pulled back to look into the girl’s eyes.

“If you want… do you” Kiara bit her lips, she moved her hands to her lover’s thigh as she straightened her back. “Would you like to move in with me? Or I move in with you?”.

Ina smiled widely as she placed a soft kiss on Kiara’s lower lip, “you’ve been living here part-time for a while, but I’d happily have you here full-time” she whispered quietly.

Kiara grinned as her shoulders fully relaxed from the prior tension, pulling the dark-haired girl in for a passionate kiss.

“We can be quick” Kiara whispered lowly, as she stood up placing her hands under the priestess’s legs, as she carried her to the bedroom.

Chapter Text

“You’ve been awfully low on any kind of hints of your travel” Ina mumbled, as she laid down a card.

“Pardon? At least this time you know I’m travelling” Amelia responded, as she picked up a card from the stack, grumbling quietly.

“Ah! She doesn’t have red!” Kiara wistfully commented as she placed down a card “Uno!”

“That’s not what I meant, Amelia” Ina stated, as she placed down a +2 card.

Amelia could see the phoenix smirk, but it vanished as soon as Amelia placed one of her own, “Sometimes picking cards from the stack can be a good thing” she grinned teasingly.

Kiara just grumbled while picking up four cards from the stack.

Amelia could feel Ina’s gaze, causing her to change her gaze from the phoenix to the priestess, “What?”

“How long will it be for you?” Ina asked in a quiet tone, causing the phoenix to freeze as she was reaching for her last card, as she hadn’t thought the detective’s time would be different from their own.

Amelia bit her cheek, as she shifted in her seat, “This is the first time you’ve asked, why are you so worried about time now?” she whispered, rearranging some of the cards in her hand.

Ina placed down a card, as she spoke “because this time, you seem like you have nothing to lose, or you act like it… and I don’t want to know you go back in time for a one time travel”.

Amelia pondered over both her response and card choice, she chose to stay silent as she placed her card down.

“How long will it be for you, Amelia?” Kiara asked in a stern tone, looking at her friend with a worried gaze.

Amelia let out a sigh, placing her cards face down on the table, drumming on the table with her free hand, as she looked up at the ceiling. “If my calculations are correct, for you it will be five minutes or ten, for me it will be six or seven months…” she mumbled quietly, holding a staring contest with the living room ceiling.

“six?!” Kiara blurted out as she stared at her friend in disbelief, “Why so long? Is the information gathering really going to take that long, which case are you going back for?”

Amelia turned her gaze to her friend, the gaze of them empty, Kiara placed her cards on the table as her mouth opened, but closed again, speechless.

“Are you running away, Amelia?” Ina asked, causing the blonde to shrug her shoulders.

“I might be, but if I’ve fallen this far for the two girls, I can’t really run away from them, Kronii… is the warden of time, I will run into her no matter where I go, and she will know me… she knows where I will travel and will know if something in the timeline changes. Mumei is the guardian of civilization, I can’t avoid them, I have a feeling they’ll know me, no matter where I travel” Amelia mumbled, as she laid her head on the table, staring off into the distance.

“So are you running away or actually working on a case, Amelia?” Ina questioned silently.

“Case, the case that has silent leads, and literal trash clues, might have some information a couple of years back, so I’m travelling to confirm,” Amelia says quietly after a while.

They sat in silence around the table, the card game being forgotten and abandoned on the table, cards lying around which had been dropped from the topic, and a sour expression being formed on their faces, the tense air around them as the silence grew heavier.

“Can we uh… relax on the couch before you guys call it a night?” Amelia asked in a tone so quiet, almost not cutting through the already heavy silence in the room.

Ina slowly got up from her seat, “Let’s all just enjoy each others company for a little while”.

Slowly the others got up before making their way to the couch, Amelia sat down next to Ina leaning her head on her shoulder, as Ina was leaning against Kiara, with her arm around the detective. Kiara turned on the television as background noise, and they all sat in comfortable silence.


Amelia blinked slowly as she opened her eyes, unsure of how much time had passed. She moved slowly and patiently as she discovered her two friends who had fallen asleep on the couch as well. She carefully moved her friend’s arm from her, as she got off the couch, as she stood she took another look at them before slowly walking towards the entrance. She took on her coat along with her hat, before finding a paper and a pen doing quick writing and placing it on the kitchen counter. As she took out her watch from her pocket, she adjusted her hat as she heard small footsteps from the living room, she counted every step under her breath, she breathed deeply feeling her hesitation but ultimately pressed down on her watch, after having pre-set the coordinates.




“I trust her to find her way back” Mumei mumbled quietly as she tried to cuddle closer to the dark-haired girl.
“It’s not that I don’t think she will. It’s that I’m worried she won’t” Kronii muttered under her breath as she embraced the brown-haired girl a tad tighter. “When I talked to her about it last Sunday, her eyes seemed like she had nothing to lose by going back… I don’t know how to explain it…” she added quietly.

Mumei just hummed in response unsure how to fully grasp what she heard Kronii state. She slowly caressed the girl’s back, to try and soothe the worry somehow, she nuzzled her face into her neck, trying to desperate move herself impossibly closer.

“How long would it be for her… do you know?” Mumei mumbled against Kronii’s skin.

“I forgot to ask… but I’m sure we’ll know when she returns” Kronii responded, then quietly added in a tone that was below a whisper “I hope…”

“You don’t think she’s gonna talk about it?” Mumei whispered.

“She doesn’t talk to me about her cases, she only talks to our senpai’s about them... “ Kronii muttered, “when I wanted to help her once, she outright told me it wasn’t something I should worry about”.

Mumei hummed in response, placing soft kisses on her lover's neck.

Chapter Text

Amelia exited the motel room, she had been renting for the past two months, she ruffled inside her pocket before finding the card while making sure the door was locked. She held her notebook tightly in her hand, grumbling as she headed towards a park in the area.


Maybe it was a blast coming to this time… I travelled a bit further than I originally planned, as it’s a grey area, but the information I’ve gathered in the past weeks feels weird. It’s certainly odd, to be in a time where Council haven’t joined us in Hololive yet.


Amelia sat down on the grass while taking off her hat to place it beside her. Enjoying the warmth of the sun hitting her skin. She opened her notebook while taking a pencil from her pocket to try and decipher what she had. As she lined something in her notebook, she noticed a shadow appear on the book, making her glance behind her.

“Oh, hey Fauna” Amelia greeted tiredly.

“Hey, Ame” Fauna replied, as she sat down beside the blonde, a bit too close to the blonde’s liking.

Amelia turned her gaze from the girl, turning it back onto her notebook, “What has brought you to this part of the park today?” She asked as she turned a page.

Fauna leaned onto the blonde’s shoulder, whispering quietly “You”.

The blonde chuckled and mumbled “Save that for Sana, would you?”, she laughed as she felt the girl freeze.

The detective leaned back, closing her notebook “Cat got your tongue?” she asked before noticing the red tint on the girl’s cheeks.


Oh they even loved each other before they joined, but never got the time together, they needed? Or maybe they’re just afraid to lose what they have. I can get behind both cases, as I’m in kind of the same situation.


“I always did wonder, every time I did time-travel, you or Sana was always one of the first people to find me ‘accidentally’, Mumei would find me after, and the last to find me before I’d travel back would be Kronii,” The detective thought aloud, looking at the green-haired girl.

“Kronii always told us-” Fauna stopped herself, as she flinched, “I shouldn’t have said that… I didn’t say anything” she added quietly, as she rolled her wrist, before letting her hand go through her green locks.

Amelia turned to look at the girl, placing down her pencil. “You and Sana seem so happy for each other, what’s holding you back?” she asked quietly.

Fauna sighed, in slight relief yet not completely, “You won’t let this go will you?” she asked quietly.

“Information, for information. I see, I’m a bit in the same box currently. But I want to know if we’re in the same kind of box” Amelia explained, gesturing a box with her hands.

Amelia noticed the girl’s eyes sparkle, at the information, “Can I know who managed to catch the detective’s heart?” she leaned back, with a small giggle.

“No spoilers, you’ll know in time” Amelia stated, watching the girl continue to giggle, who had fully known the answer but wanted to dig, in case she would get an answer. “I’m still the same, I don’t know why you’d ask” Amelia added quietly, raising one of her eyebrows.

“Sometimes one has to think, you’d let us inside those high walls, detective” Fauna replied sheepishly, smiling brightly.

Amelia scratched her chin awkwardly at the statement from the girl. Causing Fauna to raise her eyebrow, “You still won’t let anyone in?” She added slowly.

“No! No I’m trying… at my own pace, it just seems my pace is snail pace for everyone… I can’t count the number of times, they’ve told me to not build up my walls again” Amelia stated quietly, as she let her fingers travel through the grass.

Fauna placed her hand on the detective’s shin, “everyone opens up slowly, sometimes love makes us open up faster, sometimes slower. You’re allowed to take all the time you need” Fauna whispered, in a warm tone.

“Everyone seems to not share the same thoughts. I’m ‘human’ I’m ‘fragile’ I haven’t travelled for a while and everyone, told me to NOT get lost” the detective sighed, as she poked Fauna’s palm a few times before caressing it.

“Even Mumei?” Fauna asked quietly, in a tone stained with disbelief.

“No… Mumei said she’d believe that I would return to the right time… but I was so mad, that… I told her not to lie,” the detective leaned over to place her face onto the grass, “I need to apologize when I get back”.

A hand was going through the detective’s hair, making the blonde quietly purr at the gesture, slowly leaning back up again after a while. “You’re skilled at removing worry from my mind, a few minutes of friendly cuddle time with you, have saved me more than I thought it would” the detective confessed, sighing contently.

Fauna caressed the detective’s cheek before pulling away, “Don’t say that sentence in front of other people, they’ll misunderstand” she stated, giggling quietly.

The detective let out a quiet chuckle, after having thought over the sentence. “I’ll try and come by to some tea, I currently don’t know how long I’ll be here, but most likely a lot longer”.

“You’re always welcome. You’ve been here for two months already no? Seems like a tough case…” Fauna replied.

“Yeah It’s… quite something, I might have something but I’m not sure” Amelia stated quietly, tapping on her notebook. She sat still for a few seconds, before stretching her back, “Well if you need practice confessing your love, or just someone to rant to, you know who to ask, to find me” Amelia grinned.

“Thank you” Fauna smiled, leaning to hug the detective before she stood up to leave the detective to her case.

The detective sat silently feeling a spurt of motivation to continue to look, at her findings in a new light.


The afternoon ended quite earlier than the detective thought, raising her head from her notebook noticing the evening slowly overtake, with the sun further to the west than it was just a ‘few minutes’ earlier for the detective. She closed the book, as she placed the pencil back into her pocket, she got up slowly, dusting off her pants, deciding to take a stroll through the park.

Walking slowly she passed a creek, walking over a small bridge causing her to bear a smile with pride, glancing around nature feeling inner peace at her core. Then she saw some red-ish horns in the distance.


What are IRyS doing here? She hasn’t joined Hololive yet, what would make her descend at this time? I don’t think I remember something happening quite yet in this year.


The detective slowly closed the distance, the Nephilim looked glum, her eyes focusing hard on something on the ground. “Hey, there stranger” the detective greeted, as she sat down next to the Nephilim.

IRyS jumped at the sudden interaction, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, sitting down once again, as soon as she recognized the detective, “Oh hey Amelia” she quietly greeted.

The detective studied the girl, noticing her shoulders which were slumped, just the overall body language outright screaming that something was off.

“I’m no genius, but you don’t look alright” the detective stated, as she placed her hand on IRyS’ shoulder, “Hope descended a bit early on this one?”

IRyS stared at the detective, but slowly nodded to confirm the girl’s suspicion. “Yeah… I descended early, though I suppose, earlier is better than later, y’know?” she spoke quietly, as she reminisced at their first meeting.

The detective nodded slowly, “Earlier is better than later” she echoed.

“You being the first one I see, must be fate but please don’t tell me I’m too late again” The girl tried to joke, but the tremble was evident in her tone.

Amelia shook her head, letting out a quiet chuckle “Amelia from the future compared to this time of current, says no. We haven’t fallen to scrambles yet”.

The Nephilim smiled weakly, moving to let her head rest on the detective’s shoulder. “Thank you, for the hug in that timeline, it really helped me pull through…” she quietly confessed.

“You know where to find me when you need another one, I’ll gladly be a vending machine for hugs,” the detective stated quietly, “… don’t tell anyone I said that though” she added quietly.


The Detective was walking around, amongst the rubble - broken buildings crashed cars and fire in almost every corner of the eye. As far as she could see, there was no proof that it was the ancient ones who had gone rampant, no overtaken priestess insight.

The only thing you could classify as people were either laying on the ground lifeless, running around screeching madness or holding their head tightly crying for death to overtake them.
She was taken aback, “It has to be the Ancient Ones but… There’s no proof or sign that it’s them”.

She walked towards what seemed to be or at least used to be a park. She didn’t know why, but it drew her to it like this place held something for her to find.
She was answered, she froze as she saw a body on the ground a phone loosely hanging from the hand, the screen cracked.

The detective shuddered to notice the clothes, their similarities before her eyes travelled upwards to the face. Her body started out into a cold sweat as her knees buckled under her, grabbing her shirt hurriedly to calm her heart. “I’m dead... no I’m not dead... Amelia in this timeline is dead…” Her breathing staggered, she moved to sit on the dead grass, trying to keep her guts inside, feeling nausea overtake her senses.

As her breathing evened out as much as she could, she was still staring hard at this timeline’s Amelia’s dead body. She got up shakingly, her detective side wondering why she would have her phone out, a last-ditch effort to contact someone?
She pressed something on the phone, reading the unsent text. Surely the death taking her with them, as her hesitance was surely on the same level for almost every Amelia Watson. She freezes as she reads the message.

“I love you two, more than you know” she mumbled under her breath, astounded that this Amelia had faced the last of her life, but typed it out. She wasn’t sure who it was meant for but decided not to pry further into this Amelia’s unlisted life. She felt like however, she couldn’t leave the message unsent, something within her wanted something for this lost detective, to at least let her lovers know that she loved them. She manoeuvred to press send, before slowly retreating, to escape to go somewhere else. Everywhere else but next to a dead Amelia Watson.


As she was continuing her walking, contemplating to opt back to her own timeline, she saw a figure in the distance, standing amongst the rubble cursing to herself, standing while flailing her arms around in the air, clearly distraught.

She walked over to the figure with her guard up, “Umh, hello?” She squeaked out, still stressed out about her previous discovery.

The figure turned around at such speed, the detective was worried the person would fall.

“You’re… you’ve not gone mad?” The girl sputtered.

“I’m... I’m sorry I don’t belong in this timeline” Amelia stuttered in her reply.

The girl’s face turned solemn, as her knees buckled. Amelia rushed to the figure to catch her before she could face plant the ground.

The girl gripped the detective’s clothes while muttering quietly “I sincerely apologize, I’m IRyS, I descend when the world is in dire need of hope… but it appears, that my descend is too late” IRyS muttered in a stained tone.

Amelia caressed the girl’s back gently, pulling the girl close, a part of her needing the comfort herself. “I’m sorry, I sparked some false ‘hope’ for you for a second there… I travel around, and decided to check this out… I just found this timeline’s version of me dead… and I’m so sorry” she rambled out quietly.

“Would you mind if I hugged you back? I believe both of us need a little reassurance” The girl whispered as she hesitantly moved her arms around the detective.

“Go ahead IRyS” the detective whispered softly, tightening the hug trying to bring the girl a tad more comfort.

The Nephilim hugged the detective tightly, burying her face into the shoulder. Her body shuddered, then slowly let out a dry chuckle. “I’m the harbinger of hope, yet it seems you have brought me some”.

“Hugs can do that, I’ve learned” the detective replied quietly.


The two girls stayed in a tight embrace for a while, the Nephilim was the first to slowly retreat from the embrace. Causing the detective to slowly let go, and study the girl.

“There might be some who still have their senses in this timeline. I thank you very much for bringing me to my senses, it brings me sadness that you no longer exist in this timeline. But I’m sure we’ll meet once more. I’ll discover some more of this timeline” The Nephilim muttered as she got up.

The detective stood slowly, a smile slowly making its way on her face, “You really are the harbinger of hope IRyS. You’re not leaving a timeline, where everything seems forgotten and ridden with madness, but want to make sure that you don’t leave some people behind” the detective spoke, “I admire you, I will look forward to our next meeting”.

The Nephilim smiled at the detective’s words, taking a step back.

The detective brought out her watch, to travel back to her own timeline, and left the Nephilim to her mission.


IRyS elbowed the detective in the ribs, “reminiscing without me?” the Nephilim asked in a joking manner.

The detective rubbed her side, grinning widely, “sorry just kinda happened, you really did bring hope back into me… after I had seen that Amelia timeline’s dead body in that park…” she confessed.

The Nephilim’s gaze softened as she pulled the detective into a hug, “I can’t tell you enough, how much that hug nearly saved me, from entering my own madness… your hug made me brave, and just simply remembering our conversation, and our meeting I believe it was meant to happen… That it was fated, remembering you makes me brave, to take on what’s to come.” The Nephilim spoke softly, “Meeting you, is fate. I would be happy to call you a friend, and I will surely come to your aid as well, whenever needed…” she finished.

The detective was frozen as she listened to the words but slowly hugged the girl back. “I would like to call you a friend, don’t think I cry on just anyone’s shoulder though”, the detective joked lightly.

They slowly broke their hug, the detective noticing the now smiling girl in front of her. Her shoulders height, her body language and her overall happy outgoing facade, “you look prettier smiling y’know” the detective spoke with a joking tone. Making the latter giggle quietly.

They sat on the bench just enjoying each others company while watching the sun slowly descending. As it did, the girls got up, hugged once more before going their separate ways.


Amelia woke up to the sounding calling of her phone, she picked it up not bothering to look at the caller ID.

Information J is correct, clothes are robes, in a dark colour - Park 4 am” the voice on the call stated, before hanging up the second the sentence was finished.

Amelia jolted up, taking her notebook which was on her bedside table. She flipped through the pages as she tried to get to the information that was mentioned. She hurriedly let her eyes gaze over the page, flipping the page, unsure but clutching onto it. “It’s not much, but it’s enough” she mutters quietly to herself.
She throws herself to the side, to pick up her phone which she found was still in her hand. She checks the time, “3:30 am, I have to go now”.

Amelia got up from the bed, notebook in one hand and her phone in another, she threw her phone into her pocket taking the card from the desk and hurried out of the door making her way to the park.

She wasn’t running, but she certainly wasn’t walking slowly either, she entered the park, looking around cautiously before making her way to a bench. She slowly places her notebook into her pocket, as she glances around, feeling on her head for her cap, her eye widened as she realized it was forgotten in her hurry.

She turned her gaze upwards, hearing footsteps she stood up. “What else couldn’t you inform over the phone? she stated in a hushed tone.

The figure wore dark clothes, it was quiet sizing her up. Before simply stating “Don’t meddle, any further”, pulling a gun from their back holster.

Amelia jumped to the side, moving her hand to where her holster should’ve been, she mentally facepalmed herself as she heard the shot rung through the park. She felt the pain as she punched after the figure, she landed a hit but for some reason, they opted out of the fight. Amelia questioned but welcomed it, as she turned to run out of the park.

She clutched her hand to her side, knowing she had to return to her motel room, but her vision blurred, “I brought damn fists to a gunfight, why the heck did I forget it… I need to get back” she muttered to herself quietly, pushing against her wound.

She leaned against the wall in the alleyway, crouching down continuing to press on the wound. “I need to fix myself up” she muttered quietly.

As her vision flashes, and her consciousness slowly disappear she hears a low, terrified whisper, “Code red, Ina…” causing her trying to grimace, as she loses all the strength in her body.


Amelia woke up in a jolt, her eyes opened wide as she looked around to deduct her surroundings. She groaned quietly, as she tried to move her body. Recognizing the ceiling calmed her nerves, but feels her shoulders tense as loud talking was happening outside of the room. She breathes in roughly as she gets off the bed, making her way to the door. As she opened it, she saw two heads turn as soon as she made it through the door.

“You should NOT be up” Kiara stated sternly, walking over to the detective taking her by the shoulder, dragging her back towards the bed.

Amelia groaned at the pain as she landed on the bed, “Why..?” she muffled against the pillow her head landed on.

“You were shot, stay,” Kiara stated, as she sat down on the edge of the bed beside her. “Why did you not inform us about the case you’re working on? Who shot you?” she blurted out, staring at the detective, awaiting answers faster than the girl could give them.

The detective breath staggered, groaning as she turned to make herself a bit more comfortable, “I did tell you, I just haven’t told you yet.”
She slowly moved to sit up, as Ina came inside handling her a water bottle.

“What do you mean, you told me but you haven’t told me?” Kiara questioned, placing a palm on her face. “Be less cryptic”

“You’re time-travelling again” Ina quietly stated, staring at the detective who was silently drinking water, neglecting eye contact.

Kiara sighed deeply, as she massaged her temples. The detective notices Ina’s worried gaze shift to the phoenix.

“I didn’t want to intrude, and I thought I could handle this one alone. But I made mistakes, I fucked up alright. That’s why I got shot” The detective muttered quietly, lowering the bottle. “I forgot my hat, I forgot my gun when I got the call from my informant. I haven’t had a clue in this case for ages. I just, jumped at it, and I screwed up”.

I’m not perfect, I’ve ruined that image, I make mistakes, I almost get myself killed… almost like in that other timeline.

The girls were quiet, and it ate away the detective. “I make mistakes, I’m just human, I’m not fra-” The detective got interrupted as a hand landed on her shoulder, pushing her down onto her back.

“You’re panicking, Ame. Get some rest, I can see in your eyes that you’re going somewhere, seeing something else. Let’s talk about it when you wake up okay?” Ina stated quietly, taking the bottle from the detective’s grip.

I’m not panicking, I’m a detective, I see things, I deduct... I almost died… oh god I almost died.

“Get some rest, Ame” Ina whispered softly, pushing the bangs out of the detective’s face. “It’s a conversation for when you’ve rested” Ina added quietly, moving her fingers through the detective’s hair.

I need to write down appearance, I need to write down what happened.

“Get rest, Ame” Ina whispers quietly once more, trying to lull the detective into sleep.

The detective makes a noise, trying to acknowledge her friends, as her eyes close slowly her body relaxing to the gentle feel of the fingers going through her hair. She tried to mutter some words but slowly gave up as they came out inaudible, mind relaxing as she falls into sleep.


Amelia woke up the next morning, she checked her wound, as soon as her eyes opened.

Fully healed, Ina did a great job. Did I thank her yesterday? I didn’t, did I? I don’t think I did.

Amelia sat up on the bed, glancing around it wasn’t early by any means. As she slowly moved to get off the bed, the door opened.

“I don’t want you out of bed quite yet, stay where you are” Ina stated, as she handed the girl a mug, “Drink this”.

Amelia slowly drank the tea which had been handed to her, “thanks” she whispered quietly.

“You should thank Kiara, she brought you here” Ina mumbled, as she took a sip of her own mug.

“I heard her say ‘code red’ before I passed out… do you guys have colour codes for my stages?” Amelia mumbled quietly in a joking tone.

Ina was quiet for a few seconds, causing the blonde to steer her gaze to her. “We do… actually” Ina stated dryly.

I’m so screwed, my friends have a colour system?

“Don’t worry too much about it, we usually only use it when you’re cooped up in your office… this once, was the first time ‘red’ was used…” Ina elaborated, after seeing her friends reaction.

Amelia fiddled with the handle on the mug, “how’s you and Kiara?” Amelia whispered quietly.

“Changing the topic, huh?” Ina asked after a while.

“Y’know me, I don’t want to interrupt your dates” Amelia’s words stumbled out.

Amelia glanced at her friend, the gaze making her shake her head, “No Ina, I like someone else” she stated, fiddling with the handle.
“I’m kind of surprised you helped me, even after you discovered that I’m the future Amelia, and not your Amelia” she added quietly.

“Future Amelia, past Amelia. Time doesn’t matter, you’re our friend no matter which point of time you’re from” Kiara announced, as she entered the room.

Amelia slowly nodded, finishing off her tea. “Thank you” she mumbled quietly.

“So who is it you like?” Kiara asked, sitting down on the bed.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Amelia said quietly.

“That’s no fun, Ame~” Kiara stated teasingly.

Amelia slowly got up, “I should head back to the motel, I have to finish some things connect some dots about this person, who decided to bring a gun to a fistfight.”

“Correction, you forgot to bring your gun to the gunfight, and just brought your fists.” Kiara corrected.

“Close enough,” Amelia said.


Amelia sat around in the motel, she had cooped herself up in the motel room, trying to dot together with the clue, her informant and the ‘fight’ she attended.


Did my informant set me up for death? What happened there, they didn’t have the same voice. Maybe they were the same, but I can’t be sure, but I can’t disclose that they set me up-


Amelia groaned loudly, collapsing onto the bed. “It’s been six months since I travelled, and I’ve found out literally nothing that I didn’t already know”.

Amelia punched the bed before sitting up, “wallowing in this room won’t help… I’ll go to the destination and then go back to my own time…”

Amelia got off the bed, picked up her notebook placing it into her pocket. She made her way to the desk, slowly equipping her holster on, making sure it was secured to her. Glancing around as she took on her coat, looking if she was forgetting something. Grabbing her hat quickly facepalming and muttered a quiet curse to herself. She slowly left the motel room.


Great I brought no more cash, I guess I’ll just walk there. It’d be a pain to explain it to a cab driver anyway to drop me off somewhere secluded.


Amelia found herself spectating figures with the clothes design that matched her informant’s description, as she was hiding behind a tree.


They look awfully similar to the cultists that work for the Ancient Ones… but that can’t be… Ina would share if her cultists were abducting random husbands…


Amelia let her hand go through her hair as she slid down the tree, making her sit down on one of the roots poking out of the ground. “Nothing made sense before, but it still doesn’t make sense” she muttered lowly, as she took out her watch.

“I haven’t gathered anything useful, but I need to get back to my time… I’ll work on it as I get back” she quietly added, as she placed the coordinates on her watch.


Amelia looked around as she stood in her friends’ kitchen, placing the watch back into her pocket. Moving a hand to massage her temples, leaning against the counter. It’s been a while since she had travelled, and she could certainly feel it in her body.

“You couldn’t travel?” a voice asked, scratched with sleep.

Amelia sighed turning her gaze to her friend, “I just got back, go back to sleep… I’ll be at the office” she muttered, as she took a step from the counter but quickly realized her mistake as she staggered gripping the counter once more for stability.

Her friend had closed the distance holding her arm and by her shoulder, “Let’s wake Kiara up, you’ll be staying on the couch so we can keep an eye on you”.

Amelia just sighed as she leaned on her friend, making their way to the living room. “Don’t just stare at me all night, please” she whispered, sitting down on the couch letting Ina go, who went to the other end of the couch to wake the phoenix.

“Wake up Kiara, detective needs the couch” Ina whispered, as she gently touched the phoenix.

Kiara groaned quietly, as her eyes fluttered open. Gazing at Ina for a few seconds confused before turning her gaze towards the exhausted detective on the other end of the couch.


It is, in the middle of the night, but it’s certainly entertaining to see her cogs work slowly for once.


The detective waved slowly but grimaced at the pain leaning back into the couch.

At the gesture Kiara’s eyes opened wide connecting the dots, “You’re sore.”

“Yeah, I time-travelled, don’t get the wrong ideas” Amelia shot back at the phoenix.

“I’ll get her some tea, can you prop her up?” Ina asked the phoenix, pecking her lips quickly after.
Ina left the living room, as Kiara got up to help the detective move and sit as comfortable as she could with her sore body, on the couch. The phoenix was fidgeting on a chair nearby waiting for Ina to return back.

Ina handed the detective the tea, “Can you hold it yourself?” she whispered.

Amelia took the mug, grimacing but welcoming the warmth, “I’ll be fine, thank you” she responded.

Ina sat down on Kiara’s lap, as they avoided looking directly at the blonde. The detective noticed.

Are they ashamed? Or am I really that pitiful looking…


“If you’re worried about me now knowing you didn’t tell me that, I’d get shot… don’t stress about it, Kronii probably told you to keep quiet about it, no?” The detective mumbled as she looked at her friends.

“We were worried about it… it’s partly why we didn’t want you to travel” Ina responded in a whisper.

“Do you remember how I reacted… when I woke up?” The detective asked, staring at her friends, as they nodded slowly, she added “was I mad?”

“No… you felt bad rather… for needing medical attention” Kiara muttered,

“Exactly, it had to happen… so don’t blame yourselves for something that was out of your control. I could never blame you guys for a time-loop that has to happen” she stated, finding the energy to show them a soft smile as she saw the priestess shudder, small tears which had been held in. “C’mere so I can give you a hug Ina” Amelia stated, groaning as she moved to place the mug on the coffee table, opening her arms to her friend.

Ina got up and stumbled into the detective’s arm, crying softly into her shoulder. “There’s nothing to feel guilty over… we’re still friends, even if you do have a colour system for the stages I have” she whispered.

“You- you remember about the…” Kiara looked mortified.

“I only remember fully, because that’s around the time you guys, started to take turns to help me out on cases” the detective stated, “You need a hug as well?”

Kiara got up slowly and joined in on the hug.



Amelia sat in her office, she had cooped herself in there for days after having rested up fully at her friends’ place. She hit her desk in frustration, laying her head down on the desk, contemplating over her life choices.

Turning her head, letting her chin rest on the table as she heard the door to her office open. “Oh, hey Calli” she muttered, turning to lay her head on the desk once again.

“So travelling didn’t give you any clues, eh?” Calli asked rhetorically, as she sat down on the chair in front of the desk.

“What gave it away?” Amelia snapped back, as she ran her hand through her hair, gripping it lightly.

“If you’re not careful, I’ll call for Ina and we’ll all be going out to eat. Have you even told anyone else that you’re back?” Calli said as she picked up the detective’s notebook.

“For them, I’ve only been gone for five minutes, of course, Kronii probably knows I’m back… but no, everyone else is clueless… well unless Kronii told them” the detective mumbled.

Calli hummed in response as she flipped pages in the notebook.

“Y’know, can we invite the others out to eat?” Amelia started as she moved to lean back in her chair, “I feel like I’ve skipped too many meals already” she stated quietly.

“Sure, want to go to that new sushi place down the street?” Calli asked, placing the notebook on the table as she took out her phone from her jeans.

“Yeah, sounds fine… we should try something new now and again” Amelia muttered as she got up slowly from her chair.

“You want to go now?” Calli asked eyeing the girl.

“Yeah, unless they can’t?” Amelia stated confused. “It’s like five pm already if Kiara is at work, her shift should be over, Ina usually only work commissions till four, as far as I know, Ina has a collab stream with Kiara at eight pm, Gura has a resting day and you got a stream at eight, or seven right?” she finished, staring at her pink-haired friend.

Calli directed her gaze to her phone, texting that the time is in thirty mins, to which all agreed. “For someone who says she isn’t a genius you sure do have a perfect memory, or maybe you planned this beforehand”.

Amelia took on her coat and hat, raising an eyebrow at her friend. “Why would I plan it, when I’ve been absorbed by this case for so long? I checked your schedules when you were checking my notebook” the blonde stated.




“What’re you looking at?” Mumei asked, looking at Kronii who was standing with her phone at the kitchen counter with a solemn look.

Kronii locked her phone and placed it on the counter, “Nothing, just waiting for Amelia to contact us”.

“Is she back?” Mumei asked, walking closer to hug the warden.

“Do you want me to tell you or be surprised?” Kronii answered as she smiled at the small gesture, moving her fingers through the brunette’s hair.

Mumei hummed unsurely, as she was thinking.

Kronii was about to answer her own question when their front door opened. The detective entered, Kronii felt the brunette’s arms disappear from her waist as the girl went off to greet the detective.

“Welcome home, Ame!” Mumei greeted opening her arms, wanting a hug.

“Thanks, Mumei, no hug today. Sorry” Amelia stated, patting the girl on the shoulder after she had taken off her coat and hat.

“But hugs can help boost your mood, if you don’t want one now… you can come to me later for one?” Mumei said quietly, dropping her arms to her side, slowly fidgeting with her blouse.

“I will, just got a lot today… tomorrow sound okay?” The detective asked, squeezing the girl’s shoulder gently, bringing back the smile on the brunette’s face.

“Sure! I’ll go start my stream now, I’ll be streaming Animal Crossing… you can come to visit my island if you feel like it” Mumei stated, smiling widely before walking off to her room.

The detective watched the brunette leave, then turned her gaze to the warden. “Hello” the detective let out, as she went over to the fridge.

“Hey, Amelia… how was the travel?” Kronii asked, even though she partly knew the answer.

“You know, how it went… I can’t solve this case without changing something in the timeline. So I suppose it’ll be an ‘unsolved case’ for the rest of time” Amelia responded, taking out a water bottle from the fridge. “I don’t blame you, don’t get me wrong… it’s just a bit, frustrating” the blonde added quietly as she went towards the living room.

Kronii followed the girl, sitting down next to her on the couch, “I’m-” Kronii started but got interrupted.

“Don’t apologize, Kronii. There’s nothing to feel bad about” Amelia stated, as she leaned back on the couch, smiling softly at the dark-haired girl.

Kronii slowly nodded, leaning the side of her head against the couch, staring at the detective.

They stayed quiet for a while, as Amelia drank from the water bottle slowly, Kronii noticing the girl wanting to bring up a topic, but obviously nervous about it.

“What is it, Amelia?” Kronii asked quietly, as she placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder.

“I… reminisced about my meeting with IRyS while I was back there, and… it might just be a hunch, but you guys are the ‘same’ in time, and timelines right?” Amelia asked hesitantly.

“I am, not the others. Because I ward time I know what’s going on and I don’t normally show myself” Kronii responded, squeezing the detective’s shoulder.

The detective nodded slowly, gazing into Kronii’s eyes, going over her words in her head before speaking. “You know how I met IRyS… right?” Amelia asked quietly.

Kronii moved her hand from the detective’s shoulder to her own cheek, trying to recall if she did, slowly she shook her head.

“I met her in a timeline, where this place…” she moved her arms in front of her as she turned her gaze away from the dark-haired girl, “was gone, burned down or broken down… people were dead, or worse gone insane…”

The detective’s breath staggered as she went to massage her forehead feeling a headache incoming from starting to remember once again. “Before I met IRyS… I found… I found that timeline’s Amelia Watson, dead in the park... “ she added quietly.

Kronii nodded slowly, trying to piece together what the girl was saying.

“I think I changed something in time that day, or I changed something” Amelia stated, turning her gaze back to Kronii, “I sent her unsent message…” Amelia finished, as she studied the dark-haired girl’s expression.

Kronii froze for a few seconds as the puzzle completed itself, she covered her eyes with her hand, “What is it you want with this information? Blackmail?” she asked sharply.

“No… I just… I just want to know if you loved her, the way she loved you and Mumei… because I think you guys, are the “two” that was mentioned…” Amelia moved on the couch, to sit facing Kronii.

Kronii massaged her temples, staying quiet for a few minutes before lowering her hand, placing it on her lap. “If I did, what is it to you?”

Kronii gripped her own wrist as she saw the detective’s gaze soften, a small tear forming in her eye.

“I just wanted to make sure she was loved… from the way, you look at your phone sometimes… I puzzled together that it’s that message you’ve been reading from time to time, you haven’t moved on, have you? At least, not fully” Amelia leaned forward caressing Kronii’s cheek before moving to get up.

“I’m sorry for dragging up unwanted memories, I’ll leave you to it… Think I’m going to visit Mumei’s island” Amelia added as she started to walk towards her room.

“Amelia” Kronii called out, turning to the girl. She waited for the girl to turn to face her, “I’m-” she started, but got interrupted by the blonde.

“Don’t apologize for loving another version of me, it’s okay. I won’t tell Mumei, you don’t have to worry about it” The blonde smiled, with a gaze Kronii couldn’t place.

Amelia slowly left the living room, leaving behind a confused Kronii alone.

Kronii heard Amelia’s door close and noticed he breathed out deeply, a breath she had been holding in. She sat still for a few minutes, before going to her own room, as she entered she closed the door while throwing herself down onto the bed.

“Which is it I love, is it both versions, or is it the version I never got to experience mutual love?” Kronii muttered into the pillow, suddenly feeling a wash of emotions come over her.

Chapter Text

Mumei was sitting on the couch, staring blankly at the television, normally at this time she would be snuggling close to Kronii while watching a silly movie or not watching it at all.
Kronii had gone on a break, from one day to the other.

“Hey Mumei, you alright there?” Amelia asked as she entered the living room, with a worried gaze directed at the girl.

Mumei jumped, turning her face to face the detective. “Yeah, I’m fine” she responded simply.

Amelia eyed the girl, clearly showing her worry, as she did not buy that the girl was fine. “Sure… I’m going to the store before the office, is there something you want? If so I can drop it off here beforehand” she offered.

Mumei looked at the detective confused before she noticed what seemed to be a few case folders in her arms, “I’m… not sure…” she responded quietly.

“You can just text me if you figure you want something! It’s no problem” the detective stated, as she walked to the entrance.

Mumei got up, hesitantly making her way to the doorframe, “Amelia?” She called out quietly.

“What’s up?” Amelia responded as she was taking on her coat.

“How long will you be… at your office?” Mumei mentally slapped herself for sounding lonely, she had been in the apartment alone before, but usually one of the two girls would always be back shortly.

Amelia turned slowly to look at the girl, though her gaze was somewhere else as if she was far away in her thoughts. After a few seconds, she shrugged off her coat again, causing Mumei to grab the doorframe tightly.

“I’ll go there later” She muttered hanging up her coat once again. She stretched as she walked to the kitchen, “Do you want to order take out or make something?”

Mumei gazed at the detective confused, but quietly mumbled “take out”.

“Alright, so take out and a movie,” Amelia said softly, smiling at the girl. “I’ll order the food, you can go choose the movie” she added.

Mumei only nodded slowly, before letting go of the doorframe to choose the movie.


Mumei was now sitting in a wrapping of blankets, with two different pizzas on the coffee table in front of her, while the detective sat a few inches away, eating a piece slowly and focusing on the movie.

“y’know, you shouldn’t hesitate to tell me to stay if you’re lonely” Amelia quietly stated as she took her soda from the table, to take a sip. “But I should’ve noticed, sorry. Let’s go get try the cake, we saw on Twitter the other day” she added quietly.

“It’s only been two days, I thought I would be alright” Mumei responded, taking a slice.

Amelia hummed in response, as she reached for another slice and placed her soda onto the table.

Their conversation lulled down, as the movie went on to finish, as it did Mumei glanced at the detective, who just nodded in response. The brunette took the remote looking for another movie silently.

“I’m sorry Mumei” Amelia whispered quietly, Mumei wouldn’t have been able to catch the tone of it, if she had clicked play on the series she had been reading the description for.

“W-what for?” Mumei asked confused, turning her head to look at the blonde.

“I… just forget it” Amelia responded, burying herself further into the blankets and the couch.

Mumei looked at the girl confused as she placed down the remote, she crawled over to the blonde poking the girls side harshly.

“Ouch! What the-” Amelia started as she swung to the side letting her head escape from the blanket.

“It’s not anyones fault that Kronii is on a break, Ame” Mumei stated with a huff.

Amelia stared at the brunette, before moving her gaze mumbling quietly, “It sure feels like it… I brought up something I shouldn’t have, and twenty-four hours later she’s going on a break”.

“Was it twenty-four hours later precisely?” Mumei asked in a teasing manner.

“ but close” Amelia muttered, leaning back into place once more.

Mumei leaned to press play, before throwing her back against the blonde Amelia groaned at the impact. Mumei brought her own blankets tighter around herself.

“If you feel responsible, then let me lay here while this plays” Mumei whispered, tightening her blanket further to try and ease the tempo of her heart when she felt the blonde’s hand going through her hair.

Amelia didn’t respond but just gave in letting her fingers go through the brunette’s hair, the selfish part of her being happy in this current moment, while the compassionate part of her was screaming.

Mumei blinked, slowly bringing herself back to the present. The episode had paused noticing Netflix asking if they were still present. She heard small breaths of air coming from the other person in the room, feeling a hand resting on her cheek, her cheeks flushed.

Hesitantly she moved, trying her best to not wake the blonde at the same time. She turned off the tv while keeping her gaze focused on the sleeping girl, adoring the sleeping expression, while studying her face.

As she moved her hand towards the blonde’s freckles, she flinched hearing quiet footsteps, walking around, withdrawing her hand, it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. She got up slowly placing her own blankets over the blonde before going to check out the intruder, hoping it was just her girlfriend who came back early and just did not want to wake anyone.


Glancing from the doorway she saw Kronii pacing in the kitchen, Mumei smiled, she stepped through while slowly closing the door to the living room.

“Welcome back” she stated, as she walked towards the dark-haired girl.

Kronii jumped, as her eyes landed on her girlfriend, not expecting the girl to be awake, “Sorry, did I wake you?” she asked, placing her arms around the girl, embracing her tightly. “I missed you” she added quietly.

Mumei pressed herself closer to her girlfriend, inhaling her scent. “I missed you too” she responded.

“I know it’s just been, two days, but I’m still sorry I left on short notice” Kronii muttered, hugging the girl tightly.

Mumei hummed in response, just feeling at peace, with the girl home. After a few minutes of just enjoying each others embrace, Kronii spoke up with a question, “Can we talk?”

“Today?” Mumei asked, pulling away slowly, to direct her gaze upwards, she felt her body losing a bit of her temperature at the question.

“If you don’t mind” Kronii averted her gaze, but turned to the living room door, as it opened slowly and a half-asleep blonde came through.

“Good night Mumei” Amelia stated in a voice scratched with sleep, she wasn’t looking her way and hadn’t given any indication of seeing Kronii.

“Good night Amelia” Kronii responded before Mumei could, her grip tightened around her lover’s hand.

Amelia waved, then stopped, turning her gaze to the brunette, she yawned quietly before speaking, “Mumei, your voice sounds weird, you should rest up” then slowly turned again walking to her room.

As the door closed, Mumei sputtered out a laugh, holding her hand over her mouth to try and keep it down.

“So that happened?” Kronii stated, looking at the closed door confused, however before she could turn her gaze from the door, it opened friskily as a head popped out of the opening.

“Kronii?” Amelia called out, as her eyes searched for her. Amelia jumped and stood in her doorway while scratching her forehead. “Welcome back” she smiled, though the smile seemed exhausted while it did not reach her eyes
“Thank you, I know I said I would be gone longer, but I missed you guys. Let’s go out for lunch tomorrow.” Kronii stated, gazing at the blonde, who was averting her gaze.

“Sure, can we go to the cafe down the main street?” Amelia muttered, staring at a spot on the floor.

Mumei let go of Kronii’s hand, walking to the blonde briskly, giving her a tight hug. “Let’s go get the cake for lunch tomorrow! The one which we talked about earlier” Mumei stated, hugging the blonde tightly.

Amelia nodded slowly, returning the hug swiftly. “Have a good rest you two” Amelia stated, as she let go, nodding her head at something Mumei mumbled incoherently.


Mumei sat down on the edge of Kronii’s bed, swaying her legs as she looked at the dark-haired girl slowly coming in and closing the door behind her.

Kronii leaned against the door, as she stared onto the floor, seemingly collecting her thoughts.

“Amelia, felt responsible, that you left… It’s why I had my head on her lap” Mumei admitted quietly, she didn’t like to lie, but it was half the truth.

Kronii nodded understandingly, “It’s not what I wanted to talk about Mumei” she stated, as she moved to sit down next to the girl.

“Then what is it?” Mumei asked as she turned her gaze to the girl.

Kronii sighed, placing her hands on her temples slowly massaging them. “It’s…” she interrupted herself with a deep sigh, exhaustion clearly oozing out of her like a pipe with a leak.

Mumei scooted herself closer, leaning her head on Kronii’s shoulder, “you didn’t relax at all did you?” she asked quietly.

“No… I… too many thoughts roaming my head” Kronii responded hesitantly.

“You want to lay down, and talk when we wake up tomorrow?” Mumei asked quietly, “Maybe you just need to rest and your perfect brain will work better after you’ve gotten a perfect nights rest” Mumei added in a teasing tone while studying her lover’s facial expression, which didn’t change.

Kronii shook her head, before slowly leaning it onto Mumei’s, “I want to tell you as soon as I can, and talk it out with you” she started, “as it’s… it’s frustrating that I can’t just say it”.

Mumei moved her hand to her lover’s back, unsure how to bring her comfort, “I don’t mind, Kronii, if you haven’t slept the past two nights. Then let’s rest for tonight, and we can talk about it when you’ve caught a bit of sleep” She stated as she placed her hand on the girl’s cheek to lift her chin and get eye contact, “I can hear it’s important, but I want you to be in a state, where you’re not breaking to pieces”.

Kronii leaned in, resting her forehead against Mumei’s, “I understand, but we have to get up before lunc-” Kronii started but got interrupted.

“You know, Amelia’s sleeping pattern. Lunch is not till 3 pm” Mumei stated, pecking Kronii’s lips before pulling away, “let’s get some rest”.

Kronii got up reluctantly, before moving under the duvet, diving into Mumei’s arms, as the owl wrapped them around the girl tightly. Mumei placed a gentle kiss on the girl’s temple, humming a quiet melody, to help lull the girl to sleep.


Mumei woke up slowly, groggily she tightened the embrace around the girl whom she was embracing. Kronii let out a quiet groan at the sudden motion, moving closer to bury her face into the crook of the brunette’s neck.

Mumei hummed contently, before slowly letting go of the girl, to move onto her back, stretching her limbs, groaning as she felt her muscles release the tension.
Kronii tried to move closer in her sleep as if Mumei had moved more than two inches, causing the owl to smile sheepishly as she opened her eyes.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty” Mumei whispered hoarsely.

Kronii groaned quietly snuggling closer to the owl, mumbling incoherently.

Mumei moved one of her hands to the girl’s, intervening their fingers. “I missed waking up to you” she whispered quietly.

“I missed sleep and falling asleep with you” Kronii stated against the owl’s skin, causing small giggles.

“Do you want breakfast before talking or?” Mumei asked as she gently rubbed her back with her free hand.

Kronii let out a shaky sigh, before placing a kiss on the girl’s neck. “No, just give me, five minutes more to wake up” she whispered quietly.

Mumei hummed in acknowledgement, as she continued to rub her lover’s back in a gentle rhythm.

Kronii breathed in Mumei’s scent, as she squeezed the hand gently before pulling away. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she stretched her back, arching it slowly along with her legs, groaning before slowly diving back into Mumei’s embrace, making the owl giggle quietly.

“You really don’t want to get up today” Mumei whispered, as she moved her hand to the latters cheek, caressing it gently.

Kronii made a noncommittal noise, in response.

Mumei continued to caress the latters cheek, waiting for her to wake up fully.

Kronii stirred after a few minutes, moving to sit upright on the bed, “mornin’” she grumbled, as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, before stretching once again.

Mumei followed slowly, gazing lovingly at Kronii with a smile plastered on her face. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you this knocked out” she snickered quietly.

Kronii gazed at Mumei quietly, as if recollecting the last time she was this knocked out.

“You know, it was the first time, we-” Mumei started but got interrupted.

“I got it! Yes… I was indeed… very tired after that…” Kronii muttered as she felt her cheeks heat up, which only caused the owl to laugh out loud.

Mumei leaned on her fist as she smiled widely at the latter, “so, you want to get it off your chest now that you’re well-rested?”

Kronii let out a shaky breath, as she retracted her knees to her chest. “sure… you’re allowed to punch me, by the way” she stated quietly, which only caused the owl to look at her confused.

Kronii took a deep breath before she started speaking, “a while back, I spent a lot of time with a girl, from another timeline… as I joined Hololive with you guys, and settled down here… something happened in that timeline, something went horribly wrong…” Kronii hugged her legs closer, “I don’t blame myself, for not being there…I shouldn’t change things in the timeline…”
Kronii breathed out, as she felt the owl lean against her, “I received a text from her, but I just found out from our time-traveller the other day, that it was originally an unsent text… that I was never meant to receive… it just brought up old feelings and doubt” Kronii finished hugging her legs tighter to her front.

Mumei hummed quietly, calculating her thoughts to the information, “So Amelia sent a text, that shouldn’t have been sent? So she was right that she was responsible for you leaving” she mumbled quietly.

“She visited that timeline, and what she saw scarred her deeply, I think she saw the message and I suppose at least wanted the person to know” Kronii mumbled, unintentionally defending the detective.

“But why would she send a strangers text message? Even think to look at the phone?” Mumei asked, with no malice in her tone, just pure curiosity.

“Because it was that timeline’s version of her…” Kronii whispered into her knees.

Mumei’s breath stopped, as her eyes widened, the realization hitting her.

“I didn’t know what to do Mumei, so I ran… recollecting the memories of travelling to that timeline, to just see her… as soon as I saw the message, I travelled, just to see her body, with an un-beating heart… cold body on rotten g-grass… dried marks of tears on her cheeks…” Kronii bit down on her lips, as she dug her nails into her skin.

Mumei stayed silent, speechless, she had no clue how to choose her words - so she chose none.


Amelia was leaning against the wall outside the room, with a hand over her mouth. She gritted her teeth in tension as she walked away from the room. She paced around for a few seconds before going to take her coat.

“I’m only bringing her further pain, by staying in her sight. They both deserve peace.” Amelia stated to herself dryly, as she gripped her shirt tightly as her heart ached. Standing still for what felt like hours, she exhaled, leaving the apartment.


“I love both of them, Mumei… I’m sorry… I’m sorry for loving you both… If you give me some time, I promise I’ll-” Kronii started turning her head to look at the quiet owl.

Mumei was staring at her, with no malice. “I wondered, why you sometimes looked so longingly at your phone at times” Mumei started quietly, interrupting the latter as they got eye contact, she moved her hand to the latters cheek, caressing it slowly.
“We’re two sides of the same coin, I don’t know when it started, but I love Amelia the same way that I love you. That’s why… I treated her coldly for a period of time… but doing that only made me feel worse. Why should I punch you, when we’re both in the same situation?” she finished quietly, as a tear fell from her eye.

Kronii stared at the owl in disbelief, but noted no lies from the girl, only causing her to dive into the girl’s embrace.

“We’re both down bad, for the detective” Mumei whispered quietly, as she rubbed Kronii’s back.

Chapter Text

Amelia was leaning against the wall outside the room, with a hand over her mouth. She gritted her teeth in tension as she walked away from the room. She paced around for a few seconds before going to take her coat.

“I’m only bringing her further pain, by staying in her sight. They both deserve peace.” Amelia stated to herself dryly, as she gripped her shirt tightly as her heart ached. Standing still for what felt like hours, she exhaled, leaving the apartment.


As she walked she wrapped her coat around herself tightly while looking at the ground, to walking to where she was unsure.

“If I go to the office one of them will be there… but if I don’t go there they’ll be worried if they can’t find me they’ll lose their marbles…” Amelia muttered under her breath.

Amelia let out a heavy sigh as she lifted her head to look around, she had made her way to the office out of sheer habit. She rolled her eyes as she entered the building.

As she entered her office, she glanced to the side seeing her friends. Her body froze as her coat slid off her arms to the floor.

“So uh, is this an intervention?” The detective asked, eyeing at an orange-haired girl.

“Nope! Just more helpers today” Kiara answered.

“Yeah, right. What’s up?” The detective asked as she collected her coat from the floor, “oh, by the way, Kronii is back” she added quietly.

“Already?” Calli asked confused, as she leaned back in the chair with wide eyes.

“Yeah, came back last night” Amelia stated quietly, as she went to sit in her chair at the desk.

“Amelia, are you running away from something again?” Ina spoke softly as if she had been studying the detective ever since she entered.

“Probably… Most likely… Don’t want to talk about it, what case were you looking at?” The detective spoke, as she turned on the computer. “I know you mean well, that I should talk about it. But I don’t so please… respect that, just this once” The detective added as she had glanced over to the priestess.

Ina sighed as she scratched her arm, before slowly nodding. “Okay, but if you want to talk about it, we’re here”.

“I know and thank you” Amelia spoke softly, with a small smile tugging on her lips, as she turned her concentration to the case, calli was pointing at.


They sat like this in the office for a while, looking over information and clues. trying to decipher what happened. It was relatively easy but Amelia pondered if the girls just wanted to spend time with her.

Amelia’s suspicions had been confirmed when Ina and Kiara had left the office to buy refreshments after they had been cooped inside the office for a couple of hours, staring at the same case, going over the same leads and materials that were gathered to be sure, before going to deliver the client the state of the case.

“We finished the case, I suppose that’s it” Amelia stated as she stretched her arms above her head, groaning quietly.

“Watson, your phone is ringing” Calli stated, as she glanced at it. In fact, it had been ringing for the past two hours.

Amelia glanced at the phone, hesitantly picking it up. She waited for the call to end before texting a message to the caller, then placing it face down on the table again.

“Do you have a stream today Calli?” Amelia asked, looking at her friend.

“I don’t, wanna come over and have a drink?” Calli spoke.

“I’d like that, thanks for offering” Amelia stated quietly, as she started clicking around to turn off the computer.

Kiara and Ina entered the office with warm drinks and small cakes.
“Something sweet for our sweet friendship” Kiara announced as she handed out the drinks she held, while Ina placed the boxes on the table near the couch, to lure the detective and reaper away from the desk. Amelia moved her phone into her pocket before joining them at the couch, trying effortlessly to hold back her grin.




“She’s not picking up, but she wrote that a client had contacted her unexpectedly about a case, which she would have to work on, so she can’t join us” Mumei spoke as she leaned back into the couch, staring at the received message.

“Oh, well you still want to go or?” Kronii asked as she moved her hand to her lover’s cheek to caress it gently.

“I don’t know… it’s kind of something I wanted to experience with both of you” Mumei mumbled, as she leaned against the hand.

“We can wait then, I don’t mind” Kronii stated, as she placed a kiss on her lover’s temple.

“I… kinda also wanted to talk with her… but we’ll do that when you’re ready as well” Mumei stated, as she looked up to meet her lover’s gaze.

“I don’t know, she’s perceptive… I suppose she already knows Meimei” Kronii mumbled, closing her eyes.

“Then it’ll be easier, no? If she knows you love her, or the other version of you, and she still talks to you, it should be a good sign… right?” Mumei asked quietly.

“I could sense the guilt from her yesterday when she couldn’t meet my eyes… so I suppose you might be right” Kronii responded, moving to rest her head on her lover’s shoulder.

“We’ll talk it over when she comes home, let’s just relax till then and stop overthinking” Mumei whispered, as she let her fingers go through dark hair.

Kronii only hummed in response as she snuggled closer to her lover, letting the carding of fingers through her hair, calm the storm of thoughts inside her head, as much as possible.



Calli was relaxed on the couch with a glass of wine, at this point she had lost count of how many, while her friend was still sober-looking with a glass of whiskey, and half of a bottle on the table, the only sign of alcohol in her body was the red tint on her cheeks.

Amelia was leaned forward, swirling the glass, letting the liquid in it dance like a small whirlwind, as she stared blankly at the table. They had let silence take over after their dinner, and settled to enjoy each others company on the couch. Calli could see the lines of worry on her friend but knew better than to push her to talk at this moment when her eyes were distant and her thoughts even further away.

Amelia winced like she had taken a bite directly out of a sour apple, which was not yet ripe. She got up slowly as she went towards a door, which led to a small balcony, Calli stood up and slowly followed her, after placing her glass on the table.

As they went outside Amelia lit a smoke, causing her friend’s brow to arc.

“I thought you quit?” Calli asked quietly, as she leaned against the railing enjoying the wind soothing her face.

“So did I” Amelia quietly responded, her tone quiet, like she was still somewhere which wasn’t this current time.

There was silence once again, only broken by the gentle wind, and a bad habit.
The detective shook her head, as she extinguished the smoke and placed it into her portable ashtray. She leaned against the railing breathing deeply, readying herself.

“I know you all worry, and I try my best to… not make you all worry yourselves to death…” Amelia started, glancing at the reaper who turned her face towards her. “I heard something, and I found something out that I probably shouldn’t have… I didn’t sleep one-hour last night after Kronii had gotten back…” She quietly added.

Calli was unsure what to say but scooted closer to her friend, to place an arm over the detective’s shoulder.

“She loved or loves another version of me… who is dead, another timeline Amelia… she confessed it to Mumei this morning… Mumei didn’t respond… I’ve destroyed a relationship, Calli… I haven’t even confessed my feelings for them, yet I destroyed their relationship” Amelia shivered her voice quivering, crossing her arms in front of herself.

Calli moved to bring her friend into an embrace to bring the girl, if not warmth at least some comfort. Amelia complied resting her head against the pink-haired girl’s shoulder, as her body continued to shake.

Calli was afraid of stopping the barrage of words that was leaving her friend’s mouth and brain fast. The sentences were roped together, with hurt and heartbreak, hand in hand, knot for knot, the rope came out of her friend’s mouth, the knots damaging the sound of her voice, afraid of asking or saying something that would become a blockage to her feelings flooding out.

“If I never sent that text in that timeline, none of this would’ve happened… Kronii’s feelings wouldn’t have lingered, she wouldn’t look longingly at her phone… at a text, she was never meant to receive… feelings being like stark in her stomach… I wouldn’t have hurt her when I confessed what I did… I made her leave Calli…” Amelia was crumbling, her voice trembling but confessing all her thoughts at once, afraid or hoping it was just all one big nightmare, and she would wake up soon in a cold sweat.

“I hurt both of them so deeply… I can’t go back there Calli… I can’t” Amelia whispered hoarsely, as a sob broke through. Her knees buckled, and Calli slowly lead them inside to sit on the couch, while the blonde let out her deepest regrets in her embrace.

Calli held her friend close, tightening the embrace slowly unsure what to say but slowly coming to terms with a lifeline.

“I’m calling Ina and Kiara alright?” Calli whispered softly, as she reached for her phone.

Amelia gripped Calli’s shirt tightly as her hand turned into a fist, nodding was the only thing she could muster as a response. The pain which had been locked away after so long, the pain which had been thrown into boxes to never be talked about, oozing out of her like a dam that had finally held on for longer than it should have.

Calli dialled Ina’s number, it was in the middle of the night so she wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t picked up the first and the second time. She mulled it over before she decided to dial Kiara, remembering she had recently moved in with the priestess.
A bit of time and a second ring was needed, but as it was picked up Kiara sounded more scared than anything, a tremble in her voice.


“H-Hey Calli, what’s up?” Kiara uttered.

“Hey um-” was all Calli got out before Kiara took a sharp intake of air, and interrupted her.

“We’re on our way” Kiara stated before throwing the phone.

Calli could hear Kiara talk to Ina, hurrying her to go, as she hadn’t hung up. There was shuffling and then Calli could hear the phone getting picked up.

“We’ll be there soon, hold on Calli… hold on” Ina spoke into the phone before hanging up.

And hold on tightly to the detective Calli did.

Chapter Text

Mumei was laying on the couch, her head on the armrest with her phone in her hands and Kronii’s on the table. The screens were locked, but no hinder, what she was doing was waiting. It had become evening and yet no detective in sight, nor any messages since that one from the afternoon.
She felt her stomach turn with nerves, slowly becoming worried, something was wrong, it had to be.

“She would’ve sent a message by now” Mumei mumbled as she felt a hand settle itself on her head.

“Dinner’s ready, maybe they went to get something to eat” Kronii stated, placing a kiss on the girl’s temple.

“They?” Mumei asked confused as she sat up.

“You know, our senpais help her on cases, did you forget?” Kronii asked amused.

Mumei opened her mouth then slowly closed it, as she turned her back on the dark-haired girl.

“Mumei… she’ll write later, she’s probably just busy” Kronii spoke softly, as she let her fingers go through the brown hair.

“I know…” Mumei whispered as she turned around, “Let’s eat” she smiled as she received a small peck from the dark-haired girl.

Mumei moved her hands around Kronii’s neck, to hold her in place, stealing another kiss.

“Food… Mumei-” Kronii mumbled against the girl’s smiling lips.

Mumei hummed, letting her tongue enter the girl’s mouth, initiating a deeper kiss, smiling as she felt the warden kneel down feeling her hands on her hips.

Kronii slowly pulled away to catch her breath, smiling as she moved her hand to the latter’s cheek.

Mumei nuzzled her face against the hand, smiling brightly.

“We can watch a movie after we’ve eaten before you have to be on stream” Kronii spoke softly with a smile.

“Oh, that’s today?” Mumei stared at Kronii, with a dumbfounded expression on her face, her lover just laughed quietly at her question.

“Yeah, you’re going to play a horror game or something with Bae, if I remember correctly” Kronii answered, “So let’s get some food before you have to start”.

Mumei nodded as she unhooked her arms from her girlfriend’s neck, placing a gentle kiss on her lips, waiting for the latter to move so they could go to the table.


Kronii was trying to relax on the couch as she was watching the stream on the tv, trying to keep her thoughts silently at bay with Mumei and Bae’s energy, banter, jokes… to focus on anything other than what was going through her mind.

The detective had become better or at least texted them if she was going to pull a day more in the office, or if there were plans to go out after. But alas, now there was nothing, no text, no call.

“Maybe the case is just… frustrating like the last one…” Kronii mumbled to herself, as she tightened the blanket around her, staring blankly at the tv. She turned her face into the couch pillow and let out a muffled groan against it.
She laid like that for a few moments before moving to sit up.

“I shouldn’t sit here and worry… if something was to be off… she would text… yes… she would” She mumbled, pulling her knees close to her chest confidence slowly dropping.

She wallowed in her thoughts for a few minutes, before letting out a deep sigh. She moved to pick up her phone from the coffee table, she unlocked it to see her chat messages with the detective.

“Nothing new… maybe I should just try and call her,” her finger trembled as she pressed the call button, hearing the sound of it trying to connect.

“Voicemail… of course…” Kronii closed the call, cradling the phone in her hands.

She shook her head from side to side before she got up meanwhile placing her phone on the coffee table.

“Should give Mumei something to drink” She stated under her breath, as she started to walk to the kitchen, she glanced around as she pulled the blanket closer to herself, the apartment feeling slightly colder than usual.


Kronii was staring at the cupboard where they kept their glasses, leaning against the counter. She jumped when she felt a hand gently settle itself on her shoulder, she blinked as she turned her head.

“Welcome back, love” Mumei whispered softly, as she moved her hand to the girl’s cheek, caressing it slowly. “Wondering which glass to get me?” she asked in a soft tone.

Kronii grimaced, realizing she had zoned out succumbing herself to her thoughts instead of bringing her girlfriend something to hydrate her with.

“It’s okay, I can get it myself. You should go rest” Mumei spoke softly after studying her lover’s face.

Kronii leaned into the hand, closing her eyes for a few seconds enjoying the warmth. “I will, sorry I couldn’t bring it for you” she whispered quietly.

Mumei pecked the girl’s lips, “it’s no problem, I’ll join you soon”. She withdrew her hand slowly, “you’re a little cold, take the blanket with you to bed” she added quietly as she moved to pour herself a glass of soda.

Kronii opened her eyes slowly, she glanced at Mumei before slowly walking to her room. She fell onto her bed as soon as she entered. She bundled herself up in the duvet, but much to her dismay.

“It’s still cold…” she mumbled to herself, wrapping both the duvet and the blanket tightly around herself. She turned and rotated in the bed uncomfortably till she found a position to which was comfortable enough, and slowly felt her mind becoming quiet.




“Thanks for joining me, Mumei!” Baelz cheered as she finished the stream.

“No problem, thanks for having me” Mumei grinned, before taking a sip of her glass.

Mumei double checked if the stream was offline before she wanted to ask her question. “Do you feel like something’s off with Ame-senpai?”

Baelz hummed quietly discord almost not picking up the sound, “I don’t think so, I mean she seemed quite down when we had that dinner a while ago… but she didn’t want to talk about it”

Mumei nodded, fiddling with her blouse as she continued to take small sips.

“Why? Did you guys have a fight?” Baelz asked worriedly.

“No! No… we didn’t have a fight per se…” Mumei mumbled.

“You… you didn’t have a fight, but you had one?” Baelz asked confused, “I’m supposed to be chaos, but I… you have to explain that one, Meimei”.

“Bae~ Are you finished? I have some hot choco” IRyS sang, as she opened the door to Baelz room.

“Ah, IRyS sorry, give me a minute. I need to finish this conversation with Meimei. Then we can watch the movie you wanted to watch!” Baelz stated in a soft tone, smiling widely.

Mumei fidgeted her blouse, a feeling of guilt slowly settling in the pit of her stomach, “never mind Bae… I don’t wanna keep you here” she whispered into the microphone.

“IRyS doesn’t mind Meimei, do you mind waiting a few more minutes so I can finish this conversation with Meimei?” Baelz asked IRyS who was half out of the door.

“I don’t mind! I’ll just make more hot choco while I drink her share~!” IRyS stated loudly so it could be picked up by the microphone.

“See Meimei, she doesn’t mind” Baelz stated as she crossed her arms.

Mumei took another sip before placing down the glass on the table, “she just used to write when she would be in the office for more than a day, or if she would go eat dinner at our senpais places… but there hasn’t been contact today, Kronii is worried and so am I… but it’s like… it feels like something’s wrong, kinda” Mumei mumbled, as she continued to fidget with her blouse.

Baelz was quiet for a few minutes, before speaking “Mumei, did something happen between you… that you’re not ready to talk about? I mean, Amelia-senpai is herself no? I don’t… I don’t know how to explain it… but what did you mean with, you didn’t have a fight but you had one?”

Mumei hummed, glancing to the side as she breathed deeply. “Kronii and I… like… we like Ame-senpai… we haven’t told her… we wanted to say it today when we had eaten at the café, but… she left to the office before we got up this morning”

Baelz were quiet, she scratched her chin which made Mumei freeze. “I erh… I don’t think Amelia-senpai thought about much, maybe she fell into her old habits? Like when she and you guys just moved in together… weren’t she almost always at the office with almost no contact?”

Mumei turned her gaze to her screen, watching Baelz stare at her with her hand under her chin. “You… you knew?” Mumei whispered in disbelief.

“I mean… kind of? I honestly expected you and Amelia-senpai to tie the knot and not you and Kronii… but a lot of things makes sense now…” she trailed off.

“But I’m sorry Meimei, I don’t know anything. I haven’t talked with her for a while” Baelz said again, “don’t worry about it too much, you said Kronii was cold to the touch, no? Go snuggle with her, keep her warm, she’s probably worrying too much, or her time sickness has returned. Talk it over with her when she returns back, alright?”

Mumei nodded, then her eyes widened slightly, but shook her head quickly not liking the realization which had hit her.

“Thanks, Bae, go have fun with IRyS now!” Mumei chirped, as she waved.

“I will, call me anytime alright?” Baelz smiled, not wanting to force her friend to talk.

Mumei nodded, before leaving the call. She leaned back in her chair as she took her glass finishing it in one go, before turning off her computer. Glass in hand as she left her room, she walked to the kitchen. She took an empty water bottle and filled it with warm water, before going to Kronii’s room.


“Kronii? I brought you a warm bottle to help if you’re still cold” Mumei called out, as she went closer to the bed.

Mumei sat down on the edge of the bed, moving the duvet a bit out of her lover’s face, slowly she placed her hand on a cheek, and shivered.

“Kronii, wake up love” Mumei whispered quietly, as she moved the water bottle under the duvet and tried to manoeuvre it under the blanket into her lover’s hands.

Kronii stirred at the profound new heat, she groaned quietly when she felt the warm hand leave her cheek.

“I’ll just go get you the pillow to put into the microwave, alright? I’ll be right back, you’re cold” Mumei whispered, placing a kiss on her lover’s temple.

Mumei walked swiftly to the kitchen, took the pillow and threw it into the microwave, pressing the buttons to start it.

“Why is everything so slow…” Mumei groaned as she waited for the sound.

As the microwaved rang, she took out the pillow and walked back to her lover swiftly.

“No, no, no love, lay down. I have the heat pillow here” Mumei stated, as she crawled onto the bed while throwing the pillow into her lover’s arms. “Lay down, I’ll heat up your back, while that. Heats up your front” Mumei added, as she laid down on her side, sliding under the duvet.

Kronii held the pillow close to her chest, making sure her wrists was close to the warmth. She laid down slowly, sliding her back close to her lover as instructed, and hummed as she felt arms around her, while the duvet was pulled back over her upper body.

“Time sickness… because you were thinking too much, love” Mumei whispered against her lover’s neck.

“I didn’t realize, I just… I don’t know, feels like something’s changing… ended up thinking about it too much” Kronii muttered, hugging the pillow closer while trying to scoot ever closer to the warm owl. “Who knew, this would be used as a good warmer… and not only to dull neck pain…” Kronii muttered with drowsiness in her voice, clearly heading into a warm peaceful sleep.

“I did” Mumei giggled quietly placing a gentle kiss on the latter’s neck. “Sleep well” she added quietly, as she got herself even more comfortable, closing her eyes as she inhaled her lover’s scent.

Mumei took a sharp intake of air, before mumbling against her lover’s neck, “Ame never said ‘home’, she has always addressed it was ‘back’...”

“I know… thought about… it today…” Kronii muttered, not fighting against the drowsiness she was currently feeling, “‘s what… worried…” she added, her voice trailing off as she fell asleep.

Mumei snuggled impossibly closer, before trying to fall asleep herself.


Mumei awoke to shuffle in the bed, she groaned as she tightened the hold around who she was embracing. “Five…” she muttered, her voice dripping with sleep.

Kronii giggled, as she interlaced their fingers, humming one of her lover’s favourite songs.

Mumei groaned quietly as she retracted her arm, but not letting her lover’s hand escape hers, she laid onto her back, stretching her arm over her head, causing her to drag Kronii onto her chest, as she was stretching her limbs.

“Morning beautiful owl” Kronii snickered, as she pecked the sleepy owl’s lips.

“Morning love” Mumei hummed, moving their arms back down. “How’s the temperature? You warm again?” she asked quietly.

Kronii nodded, “the pillow really helped… thank you Meimei”.

“Anything for you, but… can we just cuddle today? I just wanna stay in today” Mumei muttered, as she caressed her lover’s knuckles.

Kronii placed a gentle kiss on her lover’s lips, “my body feels sore, so I would love to” she replied, as she shuffled to lay more comfortably on her lover.


A few days had passed, she found herself wandering into Amelia’s room. Everything was untouched, left as it was like the day she left. Nothing had changed, so what was it, that the warden felt that was changing?

Kronii unlocked her phone and called Ina. She would know, what’s going on. But alas, it went to voicemail. The warden started to feel ticked off, she wouldn’t allow herself to feel this, however, as the detective didn’t belong to her. She shouldn’t be feeling possessive to know what’s wrong, but being left in the dark was doing the number on her.
Amelia had gone on a small ‘vacation’.

Kronii took another deep breath before she dialled Kiara’s number. To her surprise, it was answered.

“Hey, Kronii!” She cheered

“Hey Kiara” Kronii greeted, a bit taken aback that her call was answered this time.

“What’s up? What can I help with?” Kiara asked, the background noises made it sound like she was picking up a glass or two.

“I want to talk to Amelia, or just hear if she’s okay” Kronii answered quietly.

The line went quiet for a few seconds, but a quiet curse word under the phoenix’ breath.

“I can’t talk for her, but yeah she’s here. How are you and Mumei doing?” Kiara asked.

“We’re doing fine? Kiara… look, I’m worried, we’re both worried… I need… I want to know what’s going on… so I can get my thoughts in check and maybe understand why my body temperature is acting up…”

“...Time sickness” Kiara muttered under her breath. “She’s… I can’t Kronii, I’ll talk with her. I can’t promise anything, but Ina and I will ask, if she can talk to you, or if we can say anything… but I have to respect her wishes Kronii” Kiara answered.

“I understand… thank you, Kiara… I mean it… Thank you” Kronii whispered her voice slightly trembling.

“Kronii… I know, that this is biased… but you’re both my friends if you ever need anything… I’m just one call away, if I don’t pick up, text me, and I’ll try and get to you in a hot minute, okay?” Kiara stated, in a warm tone, the way she said it was fueled with compassion.

“I know… I’ll leave you to it… I have Mumei, and the others… I’ll let Ame have you guys till she’s ready” Kronii answered quietly.

As she hung up, she felt arms reach around her waist, “it’s okay, we’ll be okay”. Mumei whispered quietly, as she nuzzled her face into Kronii’s back.