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Future Presents for the Past AU

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·      YN walked down the hallways of NRC.

·      “YN.”

·      “Hm?”

·      “Let’s continue that game.”

·      She smiled to herself, turning to the figure next to her.

·      Well, the figurative figure.

·      Her powers had not accumulated enough for her boys to fully manifest physically yet.

·      Or for others to see them

·      But they were no longer voices in her head

·      Instead, they had transparent forms

·      Today seemed to be Sebek’s day to spend time with her.

·      “The game where we find the other people’s weakness and whoever finds the most wins?”

·      She saw the way Sebek’s smile widened.

·      She knew he was confident.

·      “Yes.”

·      “I’m just going to beat you anyway.”

·      “Lies! We tied last time.”

·      “We’ll see Seb, we’ll see.”

·      Their first target was Deuce Spade.

·      Deuce was talking to Professor Crewel, most likely about extra study material so he could do better in the next exam.

·      “Five.”

·      “I agree.”

·      On the way to the library, Riddle was passed by.

·      After YN greeted him, she leaned slightly towards Sebek.

·      “Three.”

·      He smirked.

·      “Four.”

·      YN gasped, turning towards him.

·      “Which one? I got back, left side, and right arm.”

·      Sebek raised a finger, “You forgot his legs.”

·      YN turned around and stared as Riddle rounded the corner, staring at his heels.

·      She huffed, “Fine.”

·      At the library, you weren’t surprised to have met Sebek.

·      The current timeline Sebek.

·      “Human.” Sebek nodded at you.

·      “Hello, my dear crocodile.”

·      “Crocodile!”

·      “You call me human.”

·      YN laughed as Sebek became flustered.

·      “Well, that doesn’t matter now. Make sure you don’t keep Waka-sama out too long when you see him.”

·      “I’ll try not to.”

·      YN watched as Sebek left.

·      She smiled fondly before turning to Seb.

·      He was quiet.

·      “He has three.”

·      “He has too many to count.”

·      “I disagree.”

·      “He’s a fool.”

·      “That’s my best friend you’re bad-mouthing. I won’t let you keep doing it.”

·      YN huffed at him.

·      Seb smiled, saying no more.

·      YN ran into Lilia as she was returning home.

·      “YN, dear, have you seen Malleus.”

·      “Tsunotaro? Not recently.”

·      “What am I going to do with that child?”

·      Lilia shook his head and turned to head back to his dorm.

·      “Love him as your son.”

·      She saw Lila turn around and smile at her softly in acknowledgment before vanishing.  

·      “Master Lilia has no weakness.”

·      YN could only shake her head.

·      “He has one, his heart.”

·      YN felt Sebek wrap his arm around her and felt a soft kiss on her forehead.

·      She closed her eyes and willed the tears away.

·      Before YN went to sleep, she asked Sebek one last question.

·      “What about me?”

·      “You have one.”

·      “Which is?”

·      Sebek ran a hand over her hair.

·      “You love too easily and too many.”

·      YN smiled at him.

·      “Someone has to love the idiots in my life.”

·       Sebek pulled at her cheek.

·      She tried to bite his fingers.

·      He made a face at her before softly smiling at her.

·      “That’s why you are the most precious in Twisted Wonderland.”