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Future Presents for the Past AU

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Anonymous asked:


Clock anon here! I was just wondering about the AU; logically, MC in this AU would be much more mature and knowledgeable than they were in the OG game. Like, they would already know how to deal with the Overblots and likely would also know their causes, and they would also already know the content that is being taught in class. Unless MC tries to hide their knowledge, I bet some more observant students like Azul for example would start to smell a rat.

Hello Clock Anon! ☺️🌸

Yes, as you say. MC would be much more mature and have knowledge on how to deal with problems they dealt with in the past. In my outline, MC had remembered the future after the Overblots had happened, so MC could not have used that knowledge to their advantage to stop it.

But imagine if they had gone back in time before the Overblots? That would be very advantageous and somewhat fun.

  1. MC could talk Riddle about his problems. Feed him all the strawberry tarts.
  2. Catch Ruggie in the act of hurting the other players, maybe even set up a trap for him. Honestly, I would spray Leona with water and then run for my life after telling him how stupid he is for thinking he can get away with it,
  3. MC would not allow Ace, Deuce, and Grim to sign a contract with Azul. Would tell Riddle and then give Grim no tuna cans at all.
  4. MC would force Jamil and Kalim in a get along shirt. lmao Kalim would probably have fun.
  5. Rationally talk with Vil about his problems and misconceptions with Neige. Maybe Bonk Rook on the head because MC knows about the vote lol
  6. Seeing as we don’t know the reason Idia OBs, for now I will say that MC threatens him with his figures. lol Though we know it probably has something to do with Ortho, in that regard, family game night and pushing the meaning of family to him.
  7. Malleus gets ALL the invites. This dragon is invited to Everything. He is also going to get invited to family game night. This dragon will be happy damnit.

One of the aspects that I enjoy about Time Travel AUs besides the fluff and angst potential is the shenanigans characters can get into. Don’t we all wish we can go back in time? Get that high score in the test? Stop ourselves from doing something or getting caught. It is just so much fun.

MC remembers the future wether it is before the overblots or after, there is so much potential to mess with the characters. but let’s focus on if it was before the OBs:

  1. MC would stop Ace, Deuce, and Grim from being stupid and signing that contract. But because they also cherish their friends, they also help them study to get a high score. [Sometimes threatening them with Riddle to squeal on them; when the trio asks how MC knew, MC would smile at them evilly]
  2. Not only that, but to mess with Azul a bit, they go around helping other students on the down low. with ways to get them a high score on the tests.
  3. Suddenly, Azul doesn’t have as many signers. lolol Azul is frustrated. [F!Azul is having mixed feelings]
  4. For sure, MC would have to tone it down. Azul is suspicious and asking the twins to find out what is going on.
  5. MC can stop Leona from hurting the players in chapter 2. Whoops, Trey was caught when he fell down. Princess carry anyone? [F!Trey is blushing and F!Leona is smirking lolol] 
  6. Epel needing some time to himself? Rook suddenly lost track of him. What?? [F!Rook is having fun lolol]

They would at one point get suspicious. the commonality is always MC, but the problem is…would they be able to catch MC?

This was fun to imagine! Thank you Clock anon! ☺️☺️☺️👏👏👏