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Future Presents for the Past AU

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unknownlostie asked:

Thank you for asking my orevious ask! But,now im wondering about something else.Is Yuulis dead in the future ? Cuz the F!Boys r acting like they are to me

Hello! 😊🌸

You’re welcome! I am glad that I was able to answer your question 👏👏👏 and you’re more than welcome to ask anytime ☺️☺️

MC is not dead in the future. In fact, I headcanon that MC had the chance to go back home, but chose to stay. MC saw the trouble the boys, well men at this point, were going through and chose to stay to help them. I want to say that Malleus or maybe even Lilia with the help of some other powerful characters had found a way to send MC back. But MC used that magic to help their cause against the Great Force.

In fact, MC was the catalyst used to allow the F! boys to travel back in time. Between the past and the future, what was one commonality that they both had? It was MC. [This could also imply that some future TW characters had died as well] The Twisted Wonderland boys of the past and the Future have strong bonds with MC and that was why was MC was used as a way for the F! Characters to communicate with the past characters.

[My mind is now also thinking about what ifs, like what if it was another character used as a catalyst to go back in time? What if it was someone like Lilia or Malleus or maybe Leona or Deuce or Ace?? Can you imagine the potential Hurt/Comfort??? but I am rambling now lol]

In fact, initially, F! Characters can only communicate with MC. As time went on, MC was able to grow stronger and their magic was able to build. Which allows the F! characters to eventually take form and communicate outside of MC. MC was also able to use the powers of the F! Characters at one point as well.

I hope that made sense? If not, please let me know. Maybe I can explain it in another way. ☺️☺️☺️