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Future Presents for the Past AU

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Note 1: Thank you @zackcrazyvalentine for helping me choose the name for this AU and letting me talk about it and giving me advice. Thank you, Zack 🥺🥺💝💝💕💕

Note 2: I’ve been hearing things like time loops and theories in the twisted wonderland fandom lately, so I thought this would be the perfect time to release this AU. 😁😁 

Note 3: While I may use female pronouns/titles at some points, you are free to use any you are comfortable with.


  • F! or any Brothers = Future Twst Boys
  • TW = Current Twisted Boys
  • YN & MC are interchangeable in this, I just use whatever I am comfortable with.  

Rules for the Event/AU:



I am very new to hosting events, so rules might change as time goes on.

  • For asks/requests/ideas: Please keep it to 1-2 characters at most.
  • I do not write nsfw at the moment.
  • Some characters might not be listed in the outline, but you are welcome to ask about them. 
  • You can ask for clarification about certain events or quotes or anything really, don’t be afraid to ask. I might not always have an answer but I’ll try my best. I am also happy to hear any headcanons, suggestions, or ideas you might have as well.
  • More will be added as needed.

Summary of the Future Presents for the Past AU: You suddenly remembered a future that has yet taken place, and you try to prevent that future from happening. You have the help of the Twisted Wonderland boys and their…Future Selves?! This might be harder than it seems.    

·   The Future:



o   A great force caused world-wide destruction.


o   This force brought about disaster in all the lands.


o   Many countries and nations had come together to fight this force.


o   In the end, it was all for naught.


o    Many lives were lost.


o   With the magic powers of those left, a time spell was cast.


o   To stop the force from awakening and gaining power.

·  Current day Twisted Wonderland:



o   The overblots had already happened.


o   School life was running normal.


o   YN and the first-year gang were trying to finish off the rest of the school year without any more incidents.


o   One day, YN remembered the future and the events that had taken place.


o   Turns out YN was chosen as the person to help stop the future events from happening.


o   YN would use the knowledge of current and future events to find out about the great force and how to stop it.

·  Destruction of the Great Force:



o   While YN could not stop the great force from awakening.


o   YN was able to stop it with the help of friends.


o   But also


o   Due to the powers from the future, because YN was the catalyst for these powers.


o   YN had access to the Future Twisted Wonderland boys’ powers.


o   Which in turn, allowed the Force to be destroyed.


o   But that was not all, YN was also able to communicate with the Future Twisted boys.


o   YN wanted to make it so before they disappeared, these beloved boys would not have any regrets.

·   Farewell Dearly Beloveds:

o   Some ideas:

§  F! Sebek meets his past father and hugs him.



·      Apologizing for the way he treated him


·      Proud to be his son

§  F! Leona taking YN to his kingdom.



·      Having YN given the official title of sister and name on the family register


·      Brother Leona and TW Leona shenanigans.


·      YN bids Brother Leona farewell, but won’t let him leave alone.
·       Future Cheka is waiting to leave with him. “Ouji-tan, I was waiting for you.”
·      “Don’t you know Brother Leoma? Lions live in packs. And since I know you are stubborn and think you can be alone; I couldn’t let you leave by yourself. Cheka waited for you, and I know I can trust him to keep you company.”

o   Or alternatively: Jack and Ruggie leave with him.



·      TW Leona comforts YN as Brother Leona disappears.


·      Promising to protect his family.

§  F! Malleus as a brother.

§  TW Malleus introducing MC to his grandma.



·      MC is nervous.


·      Brother Malleus makes embarrassing comments


·      MC yelling at nobles and council on behalf of TW Malleus  


·      Titles of “Best friend” given to MC

§  Brother Malleus and TW Malleus vs Brother Leona and TW Leona

§  F! Deuce wants to see his mother.

§  F! Ruggie visiting his grandma and home.

§  F! Idia not staying in his room



·      Treating YN like a sibling.


·      TW characters are surprised.


·      MC has a new pet? Cerberus? Grim is forever jealous and protective.  

§  Epel wants to eat his mother’s apple pie.

§  F! Vil and MC bonding, helping them deal with stress.



·      “Dear sweet potato, out of all of us. You have suffered the most. Let us comfort you.”


·      “My dear, you deserve the world for what you have done and suffered.”


·      “Let me help you, if any of the unruly potatoes or your brothers tries to disturb you; they will answer to me.”      

§  F! Jack comforts Mc



·      In his wolf form


·      MC needs sleeps and he helps with it.