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Sinful wishing

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“I don’t enjoy meeting you this way.” The acting grandmaster kneeled before the nun, who was currently sitting on the couch in the blonde's office. Sister Rosaria had just returned from an undisclosed visit with an unnamed man, her body covered in what Jean assumed to be the man's blood.

Rosaria stayed quiet as Jean began to clean her, gently dipping and ringing out the cloth into the bucket beside them. Jean was well known for being soft and gentle, Rosaria had assumed early on that it was simply an act to please the people she served. After being in this situation more than once however, she realized her mistake.

It took everything out of the woman to not focus on her, how she held her bloodied face, how softly her words were spoken. It drove the nun insane. She so calmly took her in and nursed her, as if she hadn’t taken a life moments before.

The bucket now stained red, along with the once white cloth, were moved to the side. Jean herself had spots of red on her once white clothing. Rosaria felt guilty, not fur the murder that had occurred, but for the way she had taken up the blondes time. She had taken out valuable work time and managed to ruin the woman’s clothes at the same time.

“I’m sorry.” Jean walked back to the couch with bandages in hand, worry knitting her brows.

“What for?” She held her hand out, signaling for her injured hand. Rosaria did as she was told, nearly shivering at the hand to hand contact. Jean was warm, it was no surprise that the cryo user had an unusually low body temperature.

“For causing you problems.” She avoided the blue eyes searching her face. Not daring to meet her head on.

“You aren’t causing me problems.” Jean spoke simply, finishing up the last knot on the bandage.

Jean stood up before she could respond, she took one of the blankets along the couch and wrapped it around the nun.

“I’m going to dispose of this. You should stay here until nightfall, You shouldn’t walk around with blood stained clothes.” Rosaria nodded, unable to find anything to say.

Rosaria laid back against the couch, taking in the hint of dandelion lingering in the air. She watched Jean clean up the mess she had created, finding it increasingly hard to keep her eyes open.

“Thank you.” Her words are uncharacteristically soft, a tone only Jean would come accustomed to. Jean turned back, smiling just as softly as before.

“Of course. Try to sleep some while I'm gone.” She gave the woman one last look before leaving.