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Yearning For Company

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Sure it wasn't Yang's ideal job, but she needed the money, and a place where she could laze around most of the day didn't sound half bad.


Yang walked into the bookstore, the smell of paper, and some sort of baked goods, immediately hitting her nose. As she looked around she saw a rather grouchy looking girl sitting at the front desk, her hair almost as white as her skin.


The girl glanced up from her phone and huffed, "Can I help you?" She asked, as if Yang's very presence was inconveniencing her.


"I was looking for the owner, I saw the help wanted sign." Yang says, throwing a thumb towards the flyer in the window. "Is... Is that you?" Yang really hoped not, she had heard from Ruby that some cool mysterious girl owned this place, not some ice cold snob.


"No." The girl stated before turning in the chair. "Blake!" She hollered to a curtain that presumably led to a back room. "Someone wants to see you!" The girl said before turning back around and going to her phone not paying Yang any mind. 


"Weiss I told you, you have to be quiet in here!" Said another voice from behind the curtain. "So what's going on?" The girl asked as she came into view. 


Now this must be who ruby was talking about, she looked cool, and mysterious, long black hair and striking golden eyes, she also had a cute set of ears on her head.


"Hiya there! My name's Yang." Yang said in her most chipper voice. "I'm here to apply for the job." She said, putting on a wide smile.


She could see the girl look her up and down, eye momentarily stopping on her right arm. "Do you have any qualifications?" The girl asked, looking Yang dead in the eyes.


She didn't know there were qualifications, didn't she just have to sit around and sell books all day? "Well ma'am," She started doing her best to turn on the charm, "I haven't worked in a bookstore before, but I'm a hard worker and quite the people person." Yang said, bright smile never leaving her face.


Yang watched Blake stare at her, as if judging every part of her, she also saw the white haired girl, Weiss as the owner had called her, glance up.


"Blake just hire her, I don't want to spend my weekends here helping you out because you're too picky." She said grouchily. "Besides, look at her," Weiss said, pointing directly at Yang. "she's practically the embodiment of charisma." And on cue Yang cocked her head to the side. "I'm sure she could sell books better than me."


Blake sighed, leaning against the counter. "How did you hear about this place? It's pretty hidden away." She asked, still scrutinizing Yang.


"Oh well my little sister loves coming here." She starts, which seems to gain their attention. "Though she said she likes this place more for its cookies than it's books." Yang laughs a little. "No offense, she's just not exactly a big reader."


Weiss and Blake share a look before the white haired girl speaks up. "Is your sister Ruby by any chance?" 


"Yup!" Yang said, getting a little bit excited to talk about her baby sister.


"Yeah I can see it..." Weiss mumbled as Blake just stared at her.


"Alright fine," Blake said, "you can have a trial period and I'll decide after that."


"Sounds good boss!" Yang said, giving the girl a salute. "When can I start?"



"Ruby you up!?" Yang hollered walking past her sister's room. It was about six in the morning and Ruby didn't technically have to be up until eight, but she was known to sleep in. Yang heard a non-committal grunt from behind the door and chuckled. "Lunch is in the fridge, make sure you grab it before you leave!" She yelled back before grabbing her own and heading out the door.


As she hopped on Bumblebee she chuckled, the thought of working in a bookstore that doubled as a library, places known for a quiet atmosphere, and she's going to be riding in on a loud ass motorcycle.


She put on her sunglasses, despite it still being dark out it was a habit, started her bike and sped off to her new job.




She ended up there thirty minutes before she was supposed to, but she figured better early than late on her first day.


She got off her bike and walked over to the store, sliding her glasses on her shirt. 


It was completely dark as she peered through the windows, looking for any sort of movement. She saw something shift, but it was close to the ground.


"Blake!" She shouts, knocking on the glass loudly before realizing that it was only six thirty in the morning and people were probably still sleeping. "You in there?" She tries quietly, still knocking.


No answer. She sighed and walked back to her bike, leaning against it. Either Blake wasn't here yet, or she hadn't heard her, so Yang pulled out her phone and waited for any sign of the girl.


It wasn't until thirty minutes later that she saw the black haired girl round the corner right next to the bookstore, looking a lot groggier than she expected. Not a morning person apparently. Yang thought to herself.


"Hey there!" Yang said cheerfully, pocketing her phone and waving her hand.


Blake looked at her in disbelief. "How." Yang cocked her head to the side like a confused puppy. "How are you so energetic? It's seven in the morning."


Yang laughed, "Not much of a morning person?" She asked, receiving a deadpan stare. "Well usually I get up at like seven to make sure Ruby gets up for morning classes because she's," Yang pauses looking Blake up and down, "not exactly a morning person either."


Blake just glared at her before unlocking the door to the store.


"Oh! Hang on!" Yang shouted before being shushed by Blake.


"What." Blake snapped back.


"Let me go first." She said, rather seriously, for the first time, Blake just looked at her incredulously. "I saw something moving in there and I..." Yang pauses debating how much to say, "well I'm good at fighting, so if it's a burglar I can easily subdue them." 


Blake eyed Yang up and down before sighing and stepping to the side. "It's too early for this." She mumbled.


Yang quietly walked in, looking down each aisle for any movement. It was still dark, how could anyone see anything in this?


Yang stopped seeing a small shape shift, she immediately dove for it, but instead of grabbing cloth, she grabbed fur, and instead of getting punched, she got scratched.


"What the hell!?" Yang shouted, keeping a grip on whatever the thing was, bringing her other hand to her face.


Blake must have flipped the lights on because everything went bright and by the time her eyes adjusted she saw, in her hand was a black cat, held by the scruff of its neck, hissing at her.


She then heard laughter over her shoulder. "What?" Yang said, a bit confused.


"Did-" Blake was trying to get words out between her laughter. "-did you think Gambol was a robber?" She asked, wiping a tear from her eye.


Yang dropped the cat, which hissed at Yang and quickly scurried over to Blake. "Well how was I supposed to know there was a cat!?" Yang said, throwing her hands in the air. "I was just trying to keep this place safe." She groaned, slouching over a bit.


Blake stifled her laughs and put a hand on Yang's shoulder. "Thank you, but I doubt anyone would rob a bookstore." She said standing up straight. "Come on, we gotta open the store." Blake said, holding out a hand to Yang.


Yang sighed and reached up, metallic hand clasping Blake's, but she didn't miss the way Blake flinched, just briefly before letting her take her hand.


"Alright, what do we have to do?" Yang asked, wiping off her pants, watching the black cat trot behind the counter.




Turns out there was a lot less sitting around than Yang had thought, between stocking the shelves, taking inventory, and helping customers find books, then re-shelving the books they didn't want, there wasn't much time to sit around.


Yang was in the back room eating her lunch. There was a small kitchen and a few more doors down a hall she hadn't investigated yet, but the place smelled delicious.


"So you're the one who cooks the pastries Ruby's always talking about?" Yang asked Blake between bites of her sandwich.


"Yeah," Blake began taking a tray of cookies out of the oven. "people smell them on the street and are more likely to come in, even if it's just to buy desserts."


Yang got up and peeked over Blake's shoulder, going for a cookie which earned a smack to her hand.


"These are for customers." She scolded, "And they aren't cooled off yet, you'll burn your mouth." Blake said, turning back around to place the cookies on a plate.


Yang chuckled and reached into her pocket, pulling out a few dollars and tossing it on the counter, grabbing a cookie and jumping away, taking a bite before Blake could stop her.


"Ahh! Hot!" Yang gasped, sticking out her tongue.


"You idiot, I told you they were still hot." Blake scolded, not moving from her spot.


"But they smelled so good..." Yang said with a pout, before biting into it again, luckily it was cool enough now. "Whoa! These really are good!"


"Thank you, but you should get back to work now, and take these with you." Blake said, putting the last of the cookies on the plate. "And Yang," She looked at the blonde with stern eyes, "if you eat anymore I will sick Gambol on you." Blake said pointing to the cat lazing in a sunbeam on the windowsill, ear twitching at the sound of her name.


Yang simply let out a chuckle before giving Blake a salute, "Will do boss!" She grinned, grabbing the plate and heading back to the front desk.




Yang really hadn't expected the store to close so late, by the time they were done for the day it was already dark out.


"Sooo..." Yang started, hands shoved in her pockets as Blake locked the door. "Need anyone to walk you home? These streets can be dangerous at night y'know?" That wasn't true, this side of town had no crime, there was barely even any litter on the ground.


Blake cocked an eyebrow at Yang, "I think I'll be able to manage." She said with a hint of a smile.


Yang faked a gasp, hand going over her chest. "And here I was trying to be chivalrous and walk a pretty girl home." Yang let out a small laugh at her own display.


Blake's lips quirked upwards as she tapped her chin in thought, "Well, I suppose having some extra muscle around wouldn't be so bad, especially since it's so dangerous." She said with a grin. "Let's go." And Blake simply started walking.


Yang was shocked for a moment but quickly caught up as they rounded the alleyway of the bookstore. "So how far away do you live?" She asked looking around, gods even their alleyways were clean.


Blake didn't answer immediately, waiting until they got to a set of stairs off the building. "Right about here." Blake couldn't help but laugh at the confused look on Yang's face.


"Are you messing with me?" It was slightly less playful, but not mean. "You live in your bookstore?"


Blake pointed towards the sky, "The upstairs is an apartment." She said with a smile leaning forward. "Makes those dangerous nightime walks much safer." She teased.


Yang just stared at her before bursting out in laughter. "Okay, okay, you got me good there." She said with a bright smile. "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow!" Yang said with a wave before rounding the corner. She headed to her bike, letting it roar to life before speeding off.


Maybe this job wouldn't be so bad?



"Heya!" Yang smiled brightly while leaning against Bumblebee. She watched Blake round the corner of the shop, looking even worse than yesterday. "You okay?" Yang asked with a tilt of her head.


"No." Blake grunted out walking to the door, unlocking it and quickly stepping inside, heading straight for the kitchen.


"Y'know if you give me a key I can make coffee for you in the morning." Yang teased a bit as Blake went to start the pot.


Blake whipped around staring at Yang, who could now see the bags under her eyes. "No. Don't you have work to do?" 


Yang furrowed her brows, what had happened? They seemed to be getting along yesterday but now Blake seemed to be out for blood, and she was the only one around. "Right... I'll go start stocking then..." 


When she received no answer Yang left the small kitchen and headed towards the books, trying to think of any reason the girl might be so upset.


That day there was no smell of delicious desserts filling the small store, in fact she didn't even see Blake until it was time to close. Her only companion all day was Gambol, who sat in the front window, not paying her any mind.


As Blake locked up the building she walked away, ignoring anything her newest employee said.






"Hey Ruby!" Yang yelled into the house waiting for a response, hearing a muffled 'what?' She headed towards the room.


"Hey weird question, do you know Blake's coffee order?" Yang asked, leaning against the doorframe.


"No?" Ruby said in confusion, tilting her head to the side. "Oh!" Ruby whipped out her phone and began texting rapidly. "Weiss might know!"


Yang raised an eyebrow at her little sister, "Why do you have the Ice Queen's number?" She asked, teasing clear in her voice.


Ruby turned her head, though Yang could see the red on her ears. "We just have a class together, I asked for help with homework." She said stubbornly. "Also she's not an Ice Queen, she's very nice!" Ruby said with a pout.


Yang's smirk grew, "Oh my god you didn't go to the bookstore for the pastries, you went to see Weiss!" Yang couldn't help but laugh. "My baby sister has a crush, they grow up so fast." She said, wiping a tear from her eye.


Ruby let out a quiet 'shut up' and shifted away, making Yang feel a bit bad.


She walked further into the room sitting on Ruby's bed. "Hey you know I was just teasing you, I'm actually really happy for you." She said with a genuine smile. "Even if your crush is cold as ice." Ruby shoved her shoulder but laughed all the same.


They heard a beep and looked down at the scroll, Weiss had typed one word, "Black." Yeah that made sense, Blake didn't seem like someone who liked a lot of sugar, despite the constant baking.


This time Ruby furrowed her brows, "Why did you want to know Blake's coffee order?" She asked suspiciously.


"Well would you look at the time? We should both be getting to sleep!" Yang said, standing up ruffling Ruby's hair. "Oh by the way," Yang said, stopping at the doorway, "try not to stay up too late texting Weiss!" She expertly dodged the stuffed animal that was thrown at her, before making her way down the hall.


She briefly thought about Ruby's question, why did she want to know Blake's coffee order? She could just leave the girl to her own devices instead of buying her a coffee. Yang settled on the fact she didn't want a cranky boss.


Yeah. That was definitely it.




The next day Yang left even earlier, determined to keep Blake out of a sour mood today.


Yang swung by her favorite coffee shop, thankfully it opened even earlier than the bookstore.


"Hey Ren!" Yang said with a wave to the man behind the counter. "Is Nora here?" She asked. Not that Ren didn't make good coffee, he was just more of a tea specialist. Nora's coffee really gave an extra zing of energy.


"She's in the back, sleeping." He let out a sigh, they really were a mismatch of personalities, but somehow they made it work. "I'll go get her."


A few minutes later, after some groaning, Nora walked out, stretching before putting a smile on her face.


"Oh, Yang! Want the usual?" She asked, already moving to get it started. 


"Yeah but I also need a black coffee." Yang said, that was the whole reason she came here after all.


"Black? You sure?" Nora asked with a confused look. "Is Ruby trying something new to stay awake in class?"


"Please, you know Ruby wouldn't drink anything with less than thirty sugars." Yang said with a laugh. "It's for my new boss, she's a bit... Cranky in the morning and I'm hoping maybe coffee will make her wake up more." She said, elbows resting on the counter. "Especially your coffee, it's way stronger." She said with a grin.


"Flattery will get you nowhere, you still have to pay." Nora said with a laugh. "But you're buying your boss coffee? Without her asking you to? Got a crush or something?" Nora teased setting one cup in front of Yang.


Yang waved her off, "Nah, just would rather have a happy boss than one who's going to be a dick all day."


"If that's what you have to tell yourself." Nora said with a smirk setting the other cup down.


Yang threw a few bills on the table and grabbed the cups, "Hey if it works maybe you'll have another regular!" Yang laughed, heading out the door.




The ride to the store was a bit tricky, she hadn't thought about how she was going to get there without spilling the two coffee cups, but by some miracle, she managed to drive slow enough to make it, not spilling a drop. Arriving as Blake was rounding the corner.


Blake raised an eyebrow, not used to Yang being late but said nothing about it, heading to the door.


"Blake!" Yang shouted trying to hop off the bike and catch up with the girl in question. "I got you this." She said holding out the cup, wearing a smile that practically radiated warmth.


Blake eyed Yang, and then the cup that she held out to her, slowly taking it. "Thanks..." Blake took a sip, eyes widening. "Holy shit, this is good."


Yang chuckled, "I'm friends with some people who own an amazing coffee shop." A small grin formed, "Maybe I'll show it to you sometime." She teased.


Blake let out a small laugh, "Absolutely not." Taking another sip of the coffee before raising a brow. "How did you know my order?"


Yang tapped her finger to her chin, "Well long story short, Ruby has Weiss' number because she totally has a crush on her, so I had Ruby ask Weiss." Yang said with a shrug.


Yang cocked her head as Blake burst out laughing, confused at what was funny.


"You said Ruby has a crush on Weiss?" Yang nodded, waiting for her to continue. "Weiss has a crush on Ruby, it's the only reason she even knew who Ruby was, she doesn't care about the customers." Blake finished, finally pushing into the building.


"Huh." Yang thought, following behind her, "Think they'll ever tell each other?" Yang asked with a chuckle.


"Those two? Absolutely not." Blake laughed putting her cup on the counter in the kitchen, a smile stretched across her face. "What?" Blake asked when she realized Yang was staring at her.


"Huh?" Yang was confused before looking off to the side. "Oh I uh-" Yang cleared her throat, she was supposed to be smoother than this. "I was just thinking I like you more with a smile on your face than a frown." 


Blake raised a brow, smile still there, "You're a terrible flirt, you know that right?" Blake said with a laugh, giving Gambol a scratch as she hopped into the counter.


"Hey! I'll have you know I'm an amazing flirt." She said, crossing her arms with a pout.


"Sure, sure." Blake turned around, face going soft. "Thank you Yang, I know I was a bit... Distant yesterday, but you really did cheer me up." Blake said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.


Yang could feel her own face warm and she swore she saw a tinge of red on Blake's cheeks. "Haha, well I'm here to make people happy." Yang said awkwardly before turning around. "I should probably go do my job." Was all Blake heard before zipping out into the main store.



A few weeks had gone by at this point and it had become a routine, in the morning Yang would bring her coffee, they would laugh most of the day, Yang would get swatted at when she tried to steal the pastry of the day and then Yang would "walk her home". Yang loved this.


One night after a rather busy day Blake looked exhausted, locking the front door. Yang leaned against Bumblebee, simply watching her.


"Hey blake?" Yang called and Blake looked over to her. "When's the last time you took a day off?"


"Never." Blake said simply, pocketing the keys, walking towards Yang. "I own the place, if I'm not here, it's not open. She said with a shrug.


A plan grew in Yang's mind and she grinned. "Next week, I'll get Ruby and Weiss to run the store," Blake opened her mouth to protest but Yang held up a finger. "Don't worry they won't be allowed to cook and we'll do it on the least busy day."


Blake just stared at Yang like she had three heads, sure a break would be nice but she couldn't just leave the store.


"And y'know," Yang added softly, looking towards the ground. "I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to show you that coffee shop, or just anywhere really." Yang could feel her face growing warmer. "O-Of course you don't have to! You could just stay home and rest, that would probably be a better idea for your first day off huh?" Yang rambled out nervously, running a hand through her hair. "Actually I should probably just go." Yang said, turning to get on her bike.


"Yang," And the way Blake said her name caused her to freeze in place.


"Yeah?" Yang answered, daring a glance at the other girl.


"I'd love to." The smile on Blake's face made Yang's heart skip a beat. She looked beautiful in the moonlight.


"Cool, cool." Yang laughed, finally mounting the motorcycle. "Guess it's a date then!" She laughed turning on the bike. "Well I mean, not a date but-"


"Yang," Blake started, interrupting the inevitable rambling, "go home. You're probably going to have to use Ruby to convince Weiss to spend the day there." She said with a wave before walking to her apartment.


Yang waited for Blake to round the corner before finally coming to terms with it. She had a crush. Not to mention she was just super uncool in front of that crush.


She groaned, knowing that Ruby would prod at why she was asking for the favor, she wasn't looking forward to that.




Ruby sat cross legged on her bed with a smug smile. "So why exactly are you going off with your boss?"


"Ruby please," she now knew how Ruby felt a few weeks earlier.


"Nope! I'm not doing it unless you tell me~" she grinned, knowing exactly what she was doing.


Yang groaned before giving in. "Fine. Blake hasn't had a day off in years so I basically offered you and Weiss up to watch the store while she took a break and then sort of asked her on a date." She said preparing for the teasing that didn't come.


"I'll do it." Ruby said, a bit dazed.


"Huh?" Yang was confused at the lack of teasing.


Ruby's cheeks went a bit red, "You said that it would just be me and Weiss right? I'll do it."


Yang laughed, which caused Ruby to look at her, "We really are pretty hopeless huh?" That earned a laugh from her sister.


"So where are you taking her?" Ruby asked, more than happy to shift the subject off of her own crush.


Yang looked at her blankly, "I have no idea..." 


Ruby laughed, "Seriously? You set all this up and you don't know where you're taking her?" Ruby wiped a tear from her eye as she looked back at Yang.


"Ruby, I need you to ask Weiss what kind of things Blake likes." Yang says, almost wishing she could just text Weiss herself. "I mean, I know she likes books, obviously, but going to a bookstore on her day off seems a bit counter productive right?" Yang groaned, placing her head in her hands.


"I can ask Weiss but I'm really starting to feel like a middleman here..." Ruby complained but pulled out her scroll anyway.


Yang's head shot up, "Wait! I got it!" Yang said, jumping off Ruby's bed.


"Care to tell me?" Ruby asked


"Nope!" Yang shouted and ran off to her own room.




Blake rounded the corner, putting her back against the wall, and a hand over her chest. "Holy shit." She said softly looking up at the sky. "I need to call Weiss."


Blake darted inside, quickly tapping on her scroll to bring up Weiss' name, she hit call and waited. It rung once, twice, three times, until finally she heard a bleary "Hello?"


She almost felt bad for waking Weiss up, almost. "Weiss I need a huge favor." She said, heart still racing.


Blake heard some shifting before an irritated sounding, "What do you want?" Came out.


"Okay so Yang asked me out on a date-" 


"It's about time, you two have been dancing around each other for weeks, it was getting gross." Weiss said, cutting her off.


"I don't want to hear that from you." Blake shot back ignoring the indignant 'hey!' from Weiss. "Anyway, I need you to watch the store for me while I'm out." Blake finished, not very hopeful.


"Blake, I love you, but I'm not watching your bookstore on my own." Weiss said completely deadpan..


"I know that." Blake replied. "Yang is going to get Ruby to watch it with you." Blake tried to keep the grin out of her voice.


"Oh." Weiss let out an awkward cough. "Well I guess if there's someone else I could watch the place..." Weiss tried, and failed, to sound casual.


"Sure, that's the reason, not because you get to spend all day with your crush-"


"So! Where is she taking you?" Weiss asked loudly, trying to divert the subject. When she heard nothing but dead air she thought she lost connection. "Blake?"


"I have no idea where we're going..." Blake mumbled out. "Weiss, what am I supposed to wear!?"


"Calm down Blake, why don't you ask her?" She said as if it was the most obvious thing.


"I don't have her number..." Blake mumbled, receiving a cackling laugh.


"You two are going on a date before you asked for her number?" Weiss was absolutely going to tease her about this for years to come.


"Shut up, at least we're going on a date, unlike you two." Black shot back, there was no venom behind it though.


Weiss' "Hey!" Was only met with laughter this time.



The day finally arrived and Yang parked in front of the book store, same as everyday, but this time Ruby was on the back of the bike.


"Ready for this?" Yang asked Ruby as they got off the bike.


"Nope!" She answered, sounding way too cheerful.


"Yeah me either." 


Yang steeled herself before pushing the front door open, she saw Weiss sitting in the same spot she had met her in, though she seemed to be dolled up a bit more than that day, Yang almost wanted to tease her about it.


"Weiss, where's Blake?" Yang asked as Ruby bounded over to the desk like an excited puppy.


"Kitchen." Was all she said, focus staying on Ruby.


She chuckled, The Ice Queen sure had it bad she thought as she walked past the curtain. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight before her.


It was Blake pulling cookies out of the oven, presumably so the temporary employees didn't try to cook anything, but she looked beautiful. She had a modest looking sundress on, and somehow something so simple looked so good on her.


Yang grinned, sneaking up behind her and swiping a cookie.


"Hey!" She said about to swat the thief with the spatula she was using. "Oh, Yang." Her face softened into a smile. "Hi."


"Hi yourself." Yang said grinning, taking a bite out of the successfully stolen treat.


"Oh my god I'm going to throw up, will you two just go already?" She saw Weiss and Ruby peeking in, Ruby fake gagging.


Yang laughed as she walked out, Blake following behind her. "Sure, sure," she said, turning around looking directly at Weiss with a smile. "By the way, the other day I installed hidden cameras." Yang said, eyes not once leaving Weiss, who seemed to pale if that was even possible. "Just thought you should know!" She turned her attention to Ruby, ruffling her hair, "Have fun kiddo!"


Yang could hear Blake laugh quietly as they walked out the door.




"So you installed camera's huh?" Blake asked with a grin.


"Listen, someone has to put a bit of fear into Weiss. Besides now they won't like, make out at the front desk." Yang says with a laugh, climbing on Bumblebee.


Yang patted the seat and Blake swung a leg over, sitting flush to Yang, who realized this might have been a terrible idea.


"You know, this is my first time on a motorcycle." Blake said, directly into Yang's ear. Yeah this was definitely a terrible idea.


Yang laughed a bit nervously before starting the bike. "Just hold on tight and keep your mouth shut." Yang knew from experience, she had swallowed one too many bugs for her own liking. "Oh, here." Yang fished down the front of her shirt pulling out her aviators and handed them to blake. "Trust me, it makes a difference." Blake put them on and Yang wished she could take a picture, she looked adorable. "Alright hold on tight, here we go."


Yang waited a moment for Blake to wrap her arms around her midsection before taking off, heading towards their destination.




It took a bit to get there and over the ride Blake loosened her crushing grip to only a mildly painful one as they pulled up to a building with a giant rainbow and a winking cat on the side.


"Okay I'm going to warn you now, the owner is pretty irritating, but trust me you'll love this place." Yang said, helping Blake off the bike.


Blake stared at the giant rainbow painted on the side, a pink cat peeking over it winking. What even was this place? "If you say so." She gave Yang a weary smile.


Yang just laughed and tugged her towards the door. "Welcome to," Yang started as they walked through, "the cat cafe." Yang said eagerly, waiting for Blake's reaction.


Blake was overwhelmed, there was a lot going on. The walls were splattered with an array of colors, in weird combinations. But once she got past that she saw why this place was called that, there were cats everywhere.


Yang started to fidget a bit, unable to read Blake's face. "So? Did I do good?" Yang asked hopefully.


"Yang, it's amazing..." Blake said in wonder, as she watched a girl... Roller skate towards them.


"OMG! Yang, is that you!?" The mystery girl shouted.


Yang groaned and Blake raised an eyebrow. "Did she just say 'omg' out loud?" Blake asked quietly.


"Yup!" Yang gritted rubbing her temples. She could already feel a headache forming. She took a breath and turned around, putting on a forced smile. "Neon! It's been a while, I just need a spot for two."


Yang watched Neon skate right past her, circling Blake, her tail twitching in interest before gasping. "You! Me!" She said excitedly pointing from her tail to Blake.


Blake laughed nervously looking around, "Neon!" Yang shouted trying to get her attention, Blake letting out a sigh of relief.


"Aww upset I'm paying attention to your girlfriend and not you?" Neon teased skating by sliding her tail under Yang's chin.


"She's not my girlfriend," Yang said, maybe a bit too aggressively, stepping between Blake and the Faunus. "But we would like a table, please." Yang gritted out.


"Ooohhh so feisty," Neon said with a smirk, "you know I love that about you." Yang was about ready to explode. "But you've got to stop with this chit chat, you know I've got a job to do." She said as she grabbed two menus from the desk and simply started to skate away.


"Is murder illegal if it's someone really annoying?" Yang asked to the air, receiving a laugh from Blake that calmed her down a bit.


"Let's go slowpokes!" Neon shouted from the other side of the room, clearly disturbing other patrons.




Once they finally made it to the bean bag-like chairs and ordered, though not without a quip from Neon about Yang getting pudgy, they finally had a moment of quiet.


"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said annoying huh?" Blake laughed and Yang just groaned and leaned further back in the chair.


"Unfortunately she has some uses so we keep her around." Yang said absentmindedly.


"Oh?" Blake questioned, genuinely curious about any good points that girl may have.


Yang looked like she was mulling something over, before looking Blake dead in the eyes. "If I tell you you can't tell anyone."


Blake was taken back by the serious tone, but nodded anyway.


"She's... A good fighter." Yang said, and as she feared, Blake looked lost. Yang let out a sigh, absentmindedly petting a cute calico that had crawled up on her lap. 


"I'm curious but, Yang, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Blake said softly, putting her hand on Yang's arm.


Yang gave her a small smile. "Thanks, but I trust you." She moved closer to Blake, just to make sure no one else could hear them. "Basically underground fighting pits," she said, judging Blake's reaction which didn't waver. "I've always been good at fighting, and Ruby needed money for college somehow, so I joined." She said with a shrug.


"Why are you working at the bookstore?" Blake asked, if she was making money doing what she loved, then why go work with books?


Yang grit her teeth, the cat jumping off her lap as she lifted her metallic arm. "This is why." She stared at the arm before dropping it back to her lap. "I got into an accident, some drunk hit me head on on my bike. Really the doctors said I should have died but," She shrugs, looking back to the girl next to her. "No one will fight me now that I've got a metal fist."


"Yang..." Blake started but was interrupted but something screeched to a halt in front of them.


"Oh wow, you guys look sad, relationship turn sour already? You know what I always say, turn that frown upside down!" Neon exclaimed happily, setting food on the small table.


"Neon." Yang's tone was serious, and a spark of red flashed in her eyes.


"Righty then! If you need anything just yell!" She said immediately speeding off.


"Listen Blake I'm sorry, I didn't mean to tell you my sob story, we should probably just go back to the store." Yang said in defeat, moving to get up.


"Yang." Blake said firmly, stopping Yang in her tracks. "I don't care about your past," she says, putting a hand over the metal arm. "Besides, you took me here to pet cats and I haven't gotten to pet a single one." Blake smiled, trying to lighten the mood.


"Well lucky for you I am an expert with cats." Yang said, puffing out her chest.


Blake laughed, "Gambol would disagree with you."


Yang narrowed her eyes, "I will get that cat to like me if it's the last thing I do." Yang said, as if it was some great big exclamation.




Yang looked at the clock and jumped up, startling away the cute siamese Blake was playing with.


"Yang?" Blake asked, clearly confused.


"We gotta go, we'll miss our reservations." Yang said as she pulled out a few bills and tossed them on the table, waving to Neon as she dragged Blake out the door.


It was a bit later in the day, the sun being blocked by the buildings, Blake couldn't help the shiver it sent down her spine.


"Here," Yang said, shrugging off her worn leather jacket. "And don't even try to argue, I'm basically a natural furnace and you're in a sundress."


Blake huffed but took the jacket, it really was warm, and it smelled like Yang. She kind of didn't want to give it back.


"Alright let's go!" Yang shouted as Blake got on the Bike, assuming the position, and maybe getting a little closer than last time.


Yang revved the engine before speeding off to whatever their next destination was.




It took a half an hour to get there and Yang was enjoying Blake's heat on her back, though it did make it a little hard to concentrate on the road.


They pulled into the dirt parking lot of a little restaurant right off the ocean, sun already setting. Yang glanced at her phone, it was pretty late.


"Hey is it cool if I call Ruby and tell her that they can lock up and go home?"


Blake looked at her own phone, it was close enough to closing time, and hardly anyone ever stopped by this late.


"Sure. Weiss has a car so she can take Ruby home." 


Yang gruffed at the thought of her baby sister being alone with Weiss, but it was either that or walk, so she hit the call button and waited for an answer, which came on the fourth ring.


"Yang? What's up?" Ruby sounded out of breath.


"Why do you sound out of breath?" Yang asked, trying to keep calm.


She heard Ruby laugh from the other end, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."


"Right... Well Blake said you guys can go home, Weiss has a car so she can take you." Yang heard a squeak from the other end.


"You mean just us? Like alone?" Her voice suddenly whisper quiet.


"Yes. Alone. Don't make me regret this, and no funny business!" Yang gritted out. Of course she wanted Ruby to find love, but somehow the thought also made her blood boil.


She heard Ruby take a deep breath, "Okay Yang talk to you later don't wait up!" And immediately hung up.


Yang was halfway to calling her back when Blake put a hand on hers. "Weren't you the one who said we'd be late?"


"Ah damnit. Alright, fine." She said, shoving the scroll in her pocket. Yang straightened herself and held out an arm, "Shall we?" Blake laughed but took the arm all the same.


Walking in Blake saw a blue haired boy running around, the place was actually pretty busy. It wasn't very fancy, definitely went overboard on the nautical theme, but it seemed cozy.


Yang raised her free arm to get the boy's attention, who seemed to excuse himself from another table.


"Yang! You're late! I almost had to give up your spot." He said with his arms crossed.


"Sorry, sorry, we hit traffic." She apologized, hoping he would take it without too much of a fuss.


"You are so lucky we're busy." He said pointing a finger at Yang before turning to Blake. "Sorry about that I'm Neptune, and I don't believe I've met you before, after all I'd remember such a pretty face."


"Alright casanova, stop flirting with my date and show us to our table." Yang said with a laugh.


Neptune grumbled before grabbing two menus and heading off towards a table right by the ocean.


"Did you choose this table on purpose?" Neptune asked, standing suspiciously farther away from the table.


"Hey don't blame me for wanting to 'show a pretty face' a nice view." Yang said, air quotes mocking the boy. "Take it up with Sun." Yang laughed before noticing Blake tilt her head. "You okay?"


"Oh! Yeah no I just know someone named Sun, is all. I'm sure it's a different person though." She said with a smile waving it off.


Yang didn't push any further, instead looking at the menus, Blake following suit. Blake looked enraptured by the menu, which was a bit funny. Guess she likes fish.


Neptune came back after a few minutes, dropping off drinks, and taking their orders.


"Hey, wanna hear something funny?" Yang said, leaning closer to Blake.


"Sure?" Blake said, a bit confused.


"Neptune's afraid of the water." Yang said with a cackle leaning back in her chair.


Blake had to stifle her own laugh. "So his name is Neptune, he works at a seafood restaurant on the sea, and he's afraid of water? That's funny." Blake said, wiping a tear from her eye.


"Right? Oh and-" Just as Yang was about to continue she heard someone yell her name.


"Yang! Where are you! Let me see the hottie you hooked!" A blonde haired boy walked out from behind two doors, not even caring that everyone there was staring at him.


"Shouldn't you be cooking our food Sun?" She hollered back, turning in the chair to face the boy headed towards them. "Also it's not very nice to call my date a hottie, even if she is one," Yang said with a laugh wiggling her eyebrows as she turned towards Blake, who was stock still. "Blake? You okay?"


"I uh-" Blake looked like she was about to have a panic attack.


"Hey, hey, what's wrong Blake?" Yang asked, worry evident in her voice.


"I... Have to go to the bathroom." She said, not waiting for an answer, before darting off to the bathrooms.


Yang sat dumbfounded for a moment before turning to Sun who was also frozen in place. Clearly they knew something she didn't.


"Sun. Tell me what's going on." Yang's tone was serious as the boy snapped out of his trance, walking up next to Yang.


"Sooo don't get mad..." He started with a nervous chuckle, tail curling nervously. "Me and Blake used to date, and it was good and all but we didn't exactly end off on the best terms..."


"What did you do." It wasn't a question, it was a demand.


"Um..." Sun looked around nervously before leaning in. "I accidentally outed her to her family." He immediately jumped back, covering his face, expecting a punch. "But I really didn't mean it, you know me and my big mouth, once I start talking I have a hard time stopping." Sun peeked over his arm only to see Yang get up and walk past him, heading towards the door Blake disappeared behind moments ago.


"Blake?" Yang called out softly as she entered, seeing the girl grip the sink hurt her heart. "You don't have to tell me what happened, and we can leave if you want. I just want you to know that." Yang said as she gingerly walked towards Blake, leaning against the next sink over.


Blake took a few more deep breaths before finally speaking. "It's not... It's not Sun's fault, he's sweet but I know how he is." Blake started, not daring to look up. "He just thought my family wasn't supportive, and that's why I moved but-" Her breath quickened as the memories began flooding back.


Yang stepped in, pulling her into a hug, Blake was stiff at first before relaxing into the embrace, gripping the back of Yang's shirt. "We don't have to talk about it." Yang offered again, but Blake shook her head.


"My parents were so nice, so supportive, but they also thought that's how everyone was." Blake took a deep breath, staring at Yang's shoulder. "My parents told my next boyfriend, after Sun, and he..." Blake could feel her skin crawl at the thought of him, but she was brought back by Yang rubbing small circles on her back. "He was abusive, to say the least. Mentally, physically, I... I have so many scars." Blake said, gripping Yang's shirt tighter. "And whenever I see Sun I think of him." 


Yang waited a moment, making sure Blake was done speaking. "Tell me his name and I'll put him in a world of hurt for you." Yang was only half kidding, because she probably would beat the shit out of this guy given the chance. But it got a choked laugh out of Blake.


"That sounds nice, but I don't want my only employee getting arrested." She said leaning back with a half smile.


"Fair enough." She smiled back. "So do you want to leave? We can always go somewhere cheap and greasy." Yang said with a grin trying to lighten the mood.


"I-" Blake looked to be in thought for a moment. "Yeah, let's go." She said and Yang went to move but Blake stopped her. "But I want to make up with Sun one day... Will you come with me?" She asked and the way she tilted her head there wasn't a chance in the world Yang would say no.


"Whenever you want." Yang said softly and almost leaned in. It would have been so easy, but now's not the time, not after her gut wrenching story about a manipulative ex. "Let's get out of here." Hopefully there would be another chance.




They decided to go back to Blake's apartment and just order takeout, the day was too exhausting for anything more. 


They sat on the couch watching some crappy movie, takeout boxes on the coffee table and Blake fading in and out of sleep on her shoulder. Yang heard her phone buzz, looking at it she saw a text from Ruby, asking if she was coming home tonight. She wasn't actually sure, should she just stay over? Or leave without a word?


"Hey, Blake." Yang's voice was quiet as she shook Blake's shoulder. Instead of waking up she just mumbled and buried further into Yang. It was adorable, but she really had to ask. "Blake wake up." She said a bit louder, finally rousing the girl.


"What? Yang?" Blake rubbed her eyes, before looking at Yang who was indeed sitting on her couch. She immediately snapped back, sitting on her own side of the couch. "Sorry..."


Yang laughed, "I really didn't mind, you're cute when you snore." Yang teased with a smirk.


"Hey I don't snore!" Blake cut in, but it went ignored.


"I woke you up because Ruby wanted to know if I'd be home tonight. I wanted to ask you what you wanted me to say..." Yang really didn't want to leave, but it wasn't her house.


"I don't want you to go..." Blake said quietly, clearly a thought meant to stay in her head. "I-I mean! You can go if you want to, but I wouldn't mind if you stayed..."


Yang just smiled, typing back a quick 'nope' to her sister, before tossing her scroll on the table. "As you wish."


"Well then we should probably head to bed." Blake said, not realizing how her words sounded until too late. She expected teasing but when she looked over she saw Yang's face red and her eyes wide. "Unless you'd rather sleep on the couch..." Blake mumbled, eyes darting to the side.


"Nope! I mean, no the bed, yup bed is good." Yang wanted to slap herself 'bed is good' what was she a caveman? She took a calming breath before waving an arm. "Lead the way."


The short walk to the room was filled with awkward silence. When they got there Blake looked over at Yang.


"Hang on a second." Blake said rummaging through her drawers, pulling out some pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. "Here, it'll probably be more comfortable. You can change in the bathroom, it's right across the hall." Blake said, handing the clothes to Yang.


"Right, thanks." Yang said, heading out of the room.


Blake quickly changed into her own pajamas, taking a few deep breaths. She could do this.


"Um... Blake..." Yang said, walking into the room. "I'm afraid the shirt might... Get stretched out." This may actually be the first time she's heard Yang act genuinely shy.


Okay so maybe she couldn't do this, she thought as she stared at the overly stretched shirt that said 'Ninja Love' on it. It was way too big even on her and here Yang was... How big were... Blake shook her head, focus. 


"It's fine, it's just an old shirt, I don't mind." Blake said calmly. That was a lie, it was one of her favorites, but she couldn't help but be okay if it got ruined this way.


That seemed to reinstate some of Yang's confidence as she stood up straight, following Blake to bed, getting in the opposite side of her. The bed wasn't big, it was only ever Blake who slept in it so she didn't need something huge.


Yang wiggled down into the blankets and, now some might call her a pervert for this, but she loved how the smell of Blake surrounded her, she could definitely get used to this.


"So," Yang said, suddenly feeling awake. "What did you think of our date?" She asked, staring at the ceiling.


She heard Blake chuckle, "Well it was definitely one of the most interesting dates I've ever been on." She said with a smile even with the tragic backstories. "I had a lot of fun and..." Blake paused, turning to look at Yang. "I think we should do it again."


Yang's head snapped over, their noses centimeters away from each other. Yang glanced down to Blake's lips, and then back up to those amber eyes. "Yeah, I'd like that a lot." She breathed out, though it was barely a whisper.


Blake's heart was racing as she watched Yang, what was she some kid with a schoolgirl crush? Just go for it, her brain shouted as she steeled herself.


Unfortunately Yang seemed to have the same thought as they leaned in at the same time, smacking foreheads and bumping noses.


"Ow," Yang said, sitting up and rubbing her forehead. "Y'know, you're pretty hard headed." Yang laughed. Looking back at Blake whose arm was over her face, long black hair splayed across the pillows, oh wow she looked really pretty. "You okay?" Yang asked, turning around a bit. "I know I'm pretty hard headed too..."


Blake let out a chuckle and Yang swore she would be able to listen to that noise her entire life. "Yeah I'm okay." She said, taking her arm away from her face. Oh wow, her eyes were really pretty in the moonlight. "We sure did mess up there huh?" Blake laughed, but stopped after seeing a flash of worry in Yang's eyes. "Yang," her voice was soft as she reached upto Yang's cheek. "kiss me."


Yang's breath hitched for a moment before smiling and moving over her. "How could I deny a request from such a pretty face." And she laughed at Blake's groan.


Yang leaned down, lips barely connecting for more than a few seconds.


Blake smirked when she pulled away, "That all you got Xiao-Long?" She challenged, knowing Yang hated losing, and Blake wanted her fired up for... Wherever this lead.


Yang was shocked at first, before a grin grew across her lips. "Oh you are on Belladonna."



Yang was the first one to wake up, which wasn't really a surprise, she was fairly certain Blake would sleep all day if allowed.


Blake, the same Blake who was curled up, completely naked in her arms. She could get used to waking up like this. Yang watched her sleep for a little while, she really was adorable, her ears twitching every so often, the tiny bit of drool that Yang should probably find gross, but somehow didn't. She also really enjoyed the purple marks dotting her neck and collarbone. 


She tried to gauge what time it was, looking around but not seeing any clocks in the room. It was late enough that the sun was up though, peeking through the curtains, giving the room a bit more light.


She should wake Blake up, she knew that, but on the other hand, they could just lay here all day. Her mind wandered to what would happen from here. Were they in a relationship now? They never explicitly said anything about being girlfriends. Maybe Blake just wanted this to be a one time thing, or even a fuck buddies type of situation? She didn't want that. Thinking about it wouldn't do any good, she'd have to just ask.


"Blake." Yang said quietly, only receiving a grunt and Blake burrowing further into the blankets, which made Yang chuckle. "Blake, we gotta get up."


"Don't wanna." Blake's voice was muffled from under the blankets.


"So lazy." Yang grinned, going to lift the blanket, except she couldn't. Her arm wouldn't move. "Oh fuck." Yang groaned, voice no longer quiet.


Blake's ear twitched as she looked up to Yang, concern in her eyes. "What's wrong?" She asked, finally sitting up a bit more.


Yang lifted her right arm, well, where the metal connected to flesh. The arm itself was hanging limp. "I never charged my arm." She grabbed the base of the arm, twisting it and squeezing slighting until it finally popped off. She always felt awkward without it on, off balance, and she really didn't like other people seeing her without it. Unfortunately she couldn't just walk around all day with it not working. "Do you have a plug that'll fit this?" Yang asked, showing Blake the charging port.


Blake looked from Yang's stump to the metal appendage before shaking herself out of her thoughts. "Um, yeah I think so. In the living room."


"Well, if we're going to get our day going anytime soon I gotta charge this thing, so lead the way!" Yang tried to keep her voice light, but there was a tinge of irritation under it.


They both got out of bed and Yang admired Blake's nude form, now that she could fully see it in the light. She swallowed when Blake bent over, what was she doing? Oh. Clothes. Right, they should put those back on.


Yang followed Blake's lead, collecting her discarded clothes to put back on. The shirt was easy enough, but the pants were a bit harder. It'd been a while since she had to get dressed without both arms, she was out of practice.


"Do you need any help?" Blake asked, already dressed and walking over.


"I'm fine." Yang snapped, Blake took a step back, Yang finally managing to get the pants on. "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap." Yang sighed, looking at Blake. "I just hate being like this, being weak."


"Yang, you're not weak." Blake said, walking over to the taller girl.


"I can hardly put my pants on." Yang said with a wry laugh, grabbing the arm she had set on the bed.


"Yeah, but you did." Blake said firmly, looking at Yang when she turned. "I know it was probably hard when it happened, but you're still here, you survived." Blake sighed, cupping Yang's cheek. "That takes a lot of strength." Her eyes held an untold story, one Yang was pretty sure she could figure out without asking.


"Thanks Blake." Yang said softly, leaning down and kissing the girl directly between two fuzzy ears. "Let's go get this charged up and start the day." 


Blake just nodded, holding Yang's left hand to guide her out to the living room. Blake quickly found a plug for the arm, which Yang was thankful for.


Yang plopped back onto the couch with a sigh looking at the mess they had made the night before. Chinese food containers strewn about, along with various sauces. Then her eye landed on something.


"Blake!" She shouted, not realizing the girl was leaning on the couch behind her. 


"What's up?" Blake asked with a smile, cocking her head.


"We never ate our fortune cookies!" Yang grinned, reaching forward to grab them both in her one hand.


"I'm not a fan of the cookies, you can have them." Blake said simply.


Yang laughed. "It's blasphemy to eat Chinese food and not eat your fortune cookie!" Yang held them up to which Blake just raised an eyebrow, smile playing on her lips. "Okay, okay, how about you take the fortune and I'll eat the cookie."


Blake sighed dramatically. "I guess I can handle that." She said snatching one of the small packages.


Yang ripped her own open with her teeth, cracking the cookie open to pull out the little paper inside, excited to read it, even if they were usually nonsense.


The love of your life is right in front of your eyes.


As if the gods wanted to prove this particular fortune correct, Blake rounded the corner, looking her right in the eyes.


"So what'd yours say?" Blake asked, head tilted with a smile.


Yang could feel herself flush slightly as she shoved the small strip of paper in her pocket. "If I tell you it won't come true." Yang said, trying to make up an excuse.


Blake crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow. "Isn't that for wishes?"


Damn. She got her there. With a sigh Yang pulled the paper back out, holding it out to Blake who happily took it. Yang wasn't sure whether or not she wanted to see Blake's reaction. On one hand, the feelings could be mutual, on the other she could just want to be friends with benefits.


Yang chanced a glance, only to be met with wide eyes and a blush that probably matched hers. Blake looked up to Yang and then back to the paper before speaking.


"Mine was about mortgages..." Blake said quietly, and Yang wanted to laugh, she really did.


"Well they're just fun little things, not like they mean anything..." Yang trailed off, looking back up to Blake. "Right?" 


"Well I hope mine didn't," Blake said, finally getting some wits about her. "but I don't think I'd mind if yours did..." She whispered, walking right in front of Yang, pushing her back against the couch and straddling her lap. "Unless you do?"


Yang shook her head, maybe a little too hard, she definitely, absolutely, did not mind. "Nope, I am one hundred percent okay with it." Yang said breathlessly, looking up at Blake, bringing her one hand to rest on her hip.


"Good." Blake smirked, leaning down to kiss Yang, hands starting to roam across her abs, feeling them through her shirt.


Yang pulled away, panting. She was pretty sure at this point, but she had to ask, just to make sure. "So, does that mean you want to date me?" Yang asked hopefully. 


Blake let out a laugh, putting her hands on either side of Yang's face. "Absolutely." Yang could feel her heart soar as Blake leaned forward to kiss her, much more needy this time. She definitely didn't mind where this was going.


Unfortunately fate had other plans as her phone started ringing. She really wanted to ignore it, but what if it was Ruby? She sighed, shifting a bit so she could reach the scroll on the coffee table, Blake letting out a noise of disapproval before pulling away.


"Sorry." Yang said apologetically as she looked at her phone, it was indeed Ruby. "Hey, what's up sis?" She said cheerily, as Blake just buried her face in Yang's shoulder.


"Weiss forgot her phone in the store last night so we came to get it but..." Ruby trailed off for a moment. "The door's locked?"


Yang pulled the phone away from her face to check the time. She knew they were going to be late, but it was already eleven.


"Sorry about that, we'll be right- fuck..." Yang looked down at Blake who was smirking up at her, teeth digging into her neck.


"Yang? You okay?" Ruby asked from the other end. She sounded half concerned, but also suspicious.


"Y-Yeah, sorry. We'll be right down." Yang said quickly hanging up the phone and looking Blake in the eye.


"I am absolutely going to get you back for that." Yang pointed her finger at Blake, who just stuck her tongue out. "But Ruby and Weiss are at the door right now and it's already eleven."


That seemed to bring Blake back to reality because she jumped up off Yang's lap. "Fuck, we've gotta get down to the store." Blake said, grabbing a jacket, one that just so happened to be Yang's... Yang decided to let her use it, she was cute in it after all.


Yang went over to her arm, a little over halfway full. It'd be enough to get her through the day, hopefully. She unplugged it and resocketed it, flexing her fingers a few times to make sure it still worked.


Yang looked down at herself, oh. Still in pajamas. She should go put her actual clothes on. "Be right back." She said before darting off to get dressed, coming out a few moments later to Blake tapping her foot impatiently by the door.


Once she saw Yang approach she brightened slightly, opening the door and heading down the stairs, Yang following close behind.


They rounded the corner to see Ruby leaning against the wall, Weiss infront of her laughing.


"Finally." Weiss said , straightening up and looking over to the pair. "Do you know how long-"


Blake brushed right past Weiss, apparently she was on a mission. She stuck the key in the door, quickly unlocking it and entering. Yang looked at the two younger girls who looked just as confused, all of them following in after Blake.


"I'm so sorry, I swear it'll never happen again." They heard Blake's voice from the kitchen, and the sight before them was kind of hilarious.


Gambol was on the counter in front of Blake, giving her the cat equivalent of an evil eye.


"Blake, what's going on?" Yang asked, amused by the situation, but still confused.


"I was late." She started walking to the closet, grabbing a can of cat food and a small plate. Of course Gambol has her own plate. "Usually I feed her when we open, but I... Slept in." She said, trying not to give away to many details.


The three girls watched as Blake dutifully opened the can, putting the food on the plate so perfectly it rivaled the commercials. Gambol seemed content with that as she trotted over and happily began eating.


"So, Weiss." Yang said, turning to the shorter girl, giving her a quick once over. "Why is Ruby with you?" Yang watched the two girls flush and narrowed her eyes, standing up a bit straighter.


Ruby was the one who spoke up first. "She brought me home last night, and I asked if she wanted to watch a movie... We fell asleep." Ruby mumbled, looking off to the side.


Honestly, she believed Ruby, doubting anything went any further than that, she was even a bit happy for her. 


"Alright, but next time you have a slumber party just let me know, okay?" Yang said with a smile as Ruby looked up to her.


"But I did?" Ruby cocked her head.


Yang's brows furrowed as she pulled out her phone, and indeed there were a few texts mentioning Weiss staying over. "Huh, guess you did." She said quietly, Blake finally done gaining Gambol's favor and joining them.


Weiss glanced at Blake, then Yang, zoning in particularly on their necks before grinning. "So, did you guys have a good slumber party?" She looked at Blake, shit eating grin across her face. She knew.


Yang watched Blake's face flush slightly, before stepping in. "It was great, we ate chinese food and watched a few movies, also falling asleep." Yang said, staring at Weiss, challenge in her eyes.


Weiss just raised her brow. "Uh-huh." She looked back over to Blake, who was staring at a crack in the tile on the floor. "Well Blake, I have some makeup if you want to cover up those pesky bug bites." 


Before anyone else could say anything Ruby, thankfully, piped up. "I have no idea what's going on, but Weiss we gotta get to class." Ruby said, grabbing Weiss' hand to drag her towards the door. "See you tonight Yang!" She hollers back before they hear the jingle of the bell on the door.


"Well..." Yang starts, turning towards Blake. "That was an eventful morning." She says with a laugh.


"Weiss is never going to let me live this down." Blake groans, looking up to a smiling Yang. That smile really was unfair. "We should probably get the store ready to open, we're already late."


"Yes ma'am." Yang smiled, hesitating for a moment, before placing a quick kiss on Blake's cheek. "I'm going to go do inventory!" She said hustling out of the room, to the main store, leaving Blake alone in the kitchen.


Gambol hopped up next to her, meowing and butting her head on Blake's arm. "I know buddy, I've got it bad." And Gambol just gave another meow in response.



Yang was nervous, not like she should be, her and Blake were dating! Which was amazing! But still...


"Ruby, you sure it's not too much?" Yang asks, fiddling with the purple fabric tied around her bicep.


Ruby rolled her eyes, clearly irritated about being awake so early. "Yang, it looks fine. Shouldn't you go before you're late?"


Yang looked at the clock, letting out a quiet curse. "Alright, don't go back to sleep, I know you have finals today!" She shouted, receiving a grunt of affirmation before heading off to work.




"Hey Blake!" Yang said cheerily, leaning against Bumblebee, and Blake even seemed to have a small smile on her lips despite the early hour.


"You know, you could have come up and got me." Blake said, quirking her lip.


"Oh... I didn't even think about that." Yang nervously laughed, pushing off her bike to head over to Blake.


Yang had been in relationships before, good ones and bad ones, but she had never felt this way. It was new, not a bad new, but new. It was honestly a little bit scary and she couldn't quite figure out why. Was it the fact that after only a week of dating she decided to mark herself with Blake's color? What if Blake thought that was weird... She should probably take it off.


"Yang!" Blake waved her hand in front of Yang's face, who just stared at her.


"Huh?" She had been too in her own head, she missed whatever Blake had said.


"I asked if you were coming in?" Blake said, holding the door open.


"Oh! Yeah, sorry, I was just zoning out." Yang let out another laugh, before heading in, going straight through and to the kitchen.


"Yang, are you okay?" Blake asked, concerned, as she flipped the lights on.


Yang took a deep breath, this was a stupid thing to be nervous about, Blake wouldn't care. Really she didn't even have to tell her about it unless she asked.


"I'm fine Blake, thanks." Yang turned around, giving Blake a soft smile. "C'mere." Yang held out her arms expectantly.


Blake rolled her eyes but smiled anyway, walking over to wrap Yang in a hug. They probably would have stood there all day if Gambol hadn't started weaving between their legs, letting out a loud meow.


"I should probably-" 


"Let me do it, I still have to make her like me." Yang grinned, letting go of Blake. "The best way to a woman's heart is through her stomach."


Blake just laughs and it makes Yang feel all fluttery. She goes over to the cabinet, grabbing a can of food and Gambol's special plate. Gambol watched her as she places the food onto the plate with a wet plop. She tried to make it fancy, like Blake had the day before, but she was failing.


Yang moves the plate towards the cat, a hopeful smile on her face. Gambol looks unimpressed but still eats it, which Yang will categorize as a win. One step closer to gaining this fickle creature's appreciation.


"So, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Blake asks, leaning against the doorframe.


"Nothing's wrong, why would you say that?" Yang said nervously.


"Yang, please, tell me what it is. I want to help." Blake says softly, walking over to her.


Yang fidgets in place before sighing. "It's dumb though..." 


"Hey, if it's worrying you, then it's not dumb." 


"Okay, so um," Yang tried to figure out the words, when Blake gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "My side of the family, the Xiao-Long's sort of have this tradition, where we mark ourselves with the color of our partner." She said gesturing to the purple bandana around her bicep. "I know it's kind of weird, and I didn't know if it was like, too early because-"


Blake effectively cut Yang off with a kiss, pulling back with a genuine smile. "Yang, that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard." She says, running a finger over the fabric. "I love it."




"Yeah, it's cute." Blake's eyes wandered to the fabric, running a finger over it. "Besides, purple looks good on you." There's a tilt to Blake's voice, a small smirk on her face that makes Yang's brow raise.


Somehow she's not sure they're going to get much work done, especially if Blake keeps looking at her like that. Maybe dating your boss isn't the best idea…


As Blake's lips met hers she decided she couldn't care less.