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Take It Off (Ah Ah Ah)

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Kara watches Lena chase her shot of vodka with a swig of her Old Fashioned and swallows, trying to ignore the warmth that has been coiling in her chest from whenever Lena walked into Rialto looking the way she does. Alex and Kelly are off to dance, and she cheers them on when the rest of the table starts clapping. Lena turns to follow the newly engaged couple with her eyes and suddenly, there is nothing more she wants to do than to gently rake her fingers through Lena’s hair and follow the pattern of that braid, and -

“Okay well, I’m going to go dance,” Lena announces, getting up and quickly pulling at her dress, “because what’s the point in saving the world if you don’t get to enjoy it sometimes, especially on a day as momentous as this.”

She definitely doesn’t follow Lena’s oddly particular hand movement to her chest, definitely doesn’t look away when green eyes catch her gaze, definitely doesn’t stare when Lena walks over to Kelly and Alex, her hips swaying to the beat and her arms up over her head as she approaches them. Kelly whoops and Kara can only imagine what the front view is like but she reckons it’s good.

And that is bad.

“I know I told Alex to take the night off but,” Kara says gently, “but I can’t.”

“You can,” J’onn stresses, “I mean, the Tower is auto-scanning for Nyxly and Lex and I’m keeping a psychic overview of everything.”

Kara can’t help but smile. “Of course you are.”

She watches her sister shimmy to Rain on Me, and Alex is dancing with Lena and Lena looks… She’s not sure whether it’s the shots of vodka or the fact Lena has decided tonight would be the night to wear a dress that hugs her curves so tightly, but Newton’s law of universal gravitation has got nothing on how badly she wants to be near Lena right now.

“Go, go,” J’onn urges her as Lena bursts out laughing after a dance move that even Kara deems too ridiculous to try, “go!”

She goes, and she goes for broke. If she uses her worst possible dance moves on purpose, it’s only because she wants to make Lena laugh again because she wants her to be happy, because that makes her happy, and Rao, the way Lena’s giggling and dancing makes her forget about the impending reign of doom her new arch nemesis and Lena’s brother are about to unleash upon the city she holds so dear.

Brainy and Nia join in with the dancing and for some reason, that makes Lena move closer to where she is standing and before she knows it, the dark-haired woman reaches for her hand and pulls her in closer, mimicking the way Alex and Kelly are dancing and Brainy and Nia and she feels warm, so warm.

Lena smiles, “Hi,” and pulls her in closer, arms around her neck and it takes her less than a second to put her hands on Lena’s waist and gosh, this feels weirdly intimate. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Kara smiles, not wanting Lena to let go any time soon, “just thinking about stuff.”

Lena arches a brow, smirking. “Fun stuff?”

Rao. “More like wondering how Esme is doing at the Tower.”

“I’m sure she’s having a lovely time teaching William how to bake.” Lena says gently, “Do you want another drink?”

“Do you want another drink?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

If Kara waves over the bartender to order two Old Fashioneds because that’s Lena’s favorite, that’s a coincidence. It makes sense, really, because the alcohol doesn’t do much for her anyway - Lena, on the other hand. She tries her hardest not to grip the edge of the counter too tightly because damaging Lena’s friend’s club property is probably not the best thing to do, but she can’t help denting it slightly when Lena suddenly pops up behind her and rests her chin on her shoulder from behind.

“What did you get us?”

Us. Kara realizes Lena must be wearing heels because of course she would, it’s a party, “Old Fashioned, is that okay?”

“Perfect.” Lena says gently in approval, wrapping her arms around Kara’s waist from behind, “You’re so tense,” she shifts, and Kara swears she could spontaneously combust at this point, “let your hair down.”

“It is down.” She mumbles in return.

To her amazement and slight shock, Lena giggles and just like that, the bar gets another tiny dent in its polished metal edge. The bartender puts down their drinks in front of them and before she even gets the chance to pick one tumbler up and pass it to Lena, the younger woman lets go of her waist and reaches for her drink.

“Thanks darling.” Lena says chirpily, pressing her lips against the side of her face, “Grab yours and come dance some more.”

There’s something to be said about her level of self-restraint as Lena dances flush against her during some songs, laughing and giggling as she grinds up against her like it’s the most casual thing in the world. Kara digs her fingertips into the soft flesh of Lena’s waist each time the younger woman pushes up against her too close for comfort, gently pushing her off far away enough not to lose herself in the motions but close enough to make sure each gyration of Lena’s hips can still be felt. It’s a version of very breakable heaven and she tries her hardest to keep a cool head, does her best to hide hands that are shaking from holding back from all this.

She dances with Lena until she can’t take it anymore. She gets away with a ruse, telling her friends that she really has to go check in with J’onn about safety precautions and luckily, Lena simply shrugs and doesn’t catch on when Alex looks at her suspiciously.

“Are you having a good time?” J’onn sips from his Coluan rum Brainy smuggled into Rialto when he and Nia joined the party, “All good?”

“Yeah,” Kara slides into the booth, patting her friend on the forearm, “I’m fine, just need a breather for a few minutes.”

“I can imagine,” the Martian laughs, “who knew Lena had actual dance moves, right?”

She can’t look him in the eye. “Yeah, who knew.” Kara mutters, getting herself a generous pour of vodka before topping it off with the orange juice from the pitcher, “She’s having fun,” she nods, taking a large swig, “she deserves some fun.”

Lena deserves fun and Kara, Kara deserves mercy. There’s another song blasting from the speakers that Lena obviously really likes because she squeals and grabs Kelly to dance along to it with her. Kara shifts slightly, trying to get a slightly better angle at the duo when Lena starts swaying her hips again, laughing and throwing her arms up in the air before dropping lower to the floor. Kelly is in hysterics as Lena comes up again and she watches Lena turn her back on Kelly, bumping her hip against her friend gently as she starts swaying to the music. Brainy walks past and breaks her line of vision for just a second and when Kara blinks and focuses on Lena again, her gaze catches her best friend’s as Lena keeps on dancing by herself.

It feels like a little fleeting secret moment, just Lena dancing and looking over at her and Kara just looking back. Lena breaks out in the little smile Kara knows is reserved for when she does something the younger woman finds funny, and it hits her like a freight train that she is just blatantly gawking at her friend and that -

She hastily slides out of the booth, “I’m gonna go get some fresh air.” She mumbles to no one in particular, “Be back in a sec.”

Kara is out of the private suite before J’onn or anyone else for that matter can say something about it. For a second, she contemplates making her way through the actual general admission zone of the club to go grab some fresh air outside, but the thought of having to push through a sweaty crowd of people in her current state doesn’t sound great so instead, she takes a left and walks down the hallway until she reaches the private bathroom. It’s quiet and clean and Kara uses the privacy to splash some water onto her hot cheeks and take a second to recuperate.

“Get a grip,” she says softly, looking at her reflection in the mirror above the sinks, “she’s your friend, you’re at your sister’s engagement party. Get a grip.”

She’s too caught up in chastising herself to notice the slight croak of the door, only realizing someone has joined her in the bathroom when she suddenly spots Lena’s reflection in the mirror, looking at her worriedly.

“Are you okay?” Lena asks when she turns to face her, “You were just gone all of a sudden.”

“Oh, yeah, eh,” Kara lies, adjusting her glasses just slightly, “just needed some fresh air.”

“And you’re getting that in a bathroom?” Lena doesn’t sound too impressed as she takes a step closer, “Why are you wearing these?” she adds, reaching up for Kara’s glasses, “You’re with friends.”

“I, eh,” she swallows, “I don’t know.”

“There,” Lena softly coaxes, lifting her glasses off gently and putting them onto the counter, “I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact how those fooled me.” She grins, “Kara, what’s the matter? You’ve been off.”

“I’m fine, truly,” she lies, and she tries to lie with conviction, “I promise. I’m sorry you felt you had to come after me, you looked like you were having fun.”

“I was,” Lena grins, “I eh,” there’s a temporary silence as Lena looks down at Kara’s hand that is desperately holding onto the counter, “I saw you watching me dance.”

“It’s the dress,” Kara blurts out, “it’s just a very nice dress.”

“Is it?”

She feels pathetic. “Uh huh,” she manages to say, “I like it.”

The admission seems to perk Lena up because suddenly she stands up slightly straighter, eyes glinting mischievously as she takes a step closer to Kara and places her hand right next to hers on the sink counter. Lena’s pinky flexes just a bit to brush against Kara’s and the blonde knows that if she isn’t careful, the counter is the second club property tonight that’s going to get dented. Lena lets out a soft sigh and brings up her other hand to Kara’s waist, rubbing her thumb against the fabric gently.

“That’s good,” the youngest Luthor says softly, “’cause I only bought it so you could take it off.”

It’s a joke. It has to be a joke. Kara waits for the admission that it is, hopes for a punchline she didn’t anticipate, but there’s nothing but calm green eyes looking into hers, a hand that’s inching closer to hers and the soothing little circles Lena’s thumb is rubbing against her waist through the fabric of her dress.

“What are you saying?”

Clarity. She needs clarity.

“I don’t want you like a best friend, Kara,” Lena admits, “I was watching Alex and Kelly earlier and they are so convinced, so sure that they are each other’s people and I realized - that is what I feel like, too. That’s what I want. And I want that with you,” she adds in a whisper, “I want you.”

The bathroom falls silent. Lena looks at her and it strikes Kara just how patient Lena seems to be, pining and desperately waiting but patient nevertheless, ready for Kara to say something, anything. That’s an issue, Kara thinks, because this is not how she ever thought it would go if it were to happen. There are flashbacks and echoes of evenings where she laid alone in bed, wondering whether she’d ever have the courage to confess to Lena what exactly she felt around her, there’s vague memories of friend dates and overthinking what looks, and little eyebrow arches and slight touches meant. There are hopeful make-believe scenarios she had imagined time and time again, timelines where she would casually propose a date and Lena would shrug and agree and there would be a handful of those dates before she would gather the courage to say something, or kiss her, or -


Lena says her name, and everything just stops. It all suddenly feels so very inescapable, so Kara decides she is not even going to try anymore at this point. She just nods, frantic suddenly, and closes the gap between them. Lena lets out a breath that sounds like she’s been holding it for a while and leans in closer, her hand sliding to the small of Kara’s back to pull her in.

Lena kisses her and now they’re both drunk on whatever this is, so Kara cups the brunette’s face and kisses her back harder. There’s a hint of a gasp when she sucks on Lena’s bottom lip and without much thinking, her hand slips lower, runs along the side of Lena’s neck and down her collarbone, down the V-shape of the dress, her fingers darting over warm skin until she daringly, brazenly slips them beneath black fabric and runs them over the swell of Lena’s chest.

“Wait, wait,” Lena whispers as Kara moves her other hand down as well, “hold on.”

She’s gone too far. Maybe Lena has had a few too many and only now realizes what they are doing. Maybe she has not quite reached the point of no return and she can backtrack this to the safety of being best friends who had a few too many drinks.

Kara lets go, “I’m sorry,” she tries to step back, “I have no idea what came over m-”

“Not here.” Lena drags her bottom lip between her teeth, “Not - come on.”

Before she realizes what’s happening, Lena’s intertwined their fingers and Kara lets herself be led out of the bathroom, down the hallway, past the private suite and toward a metal door with a neon green sign next to it. The storage? Lena briefly swipes her watch against a small panel next to the door and swings the door open as soon as it unlocks with a metallic buzz.

“Where are we going?” Kara asks as she trails behind Lena through the narrow hallway, trying her best not to let her eyes wander, “How did you -”

“Let’s just say,” Lena says matter-of-factly, “Erica and I are friendly enough for her to give me all-access in the building.” She looks back at Kara with a grin, “Including the private storage.”

“The private storage.” she echoes.

“Nobody can walk in on us in the storage room.”

Nobody can walk in on us in the storage room.

They go through two more doors before Lena drops her hand and hits a light switch. Almost immediately, the room basks in dim light and Kara takes in where Lena has actually brought them. There’s a couple of baroque sofas on one end of the room, a few cabinets stacked against the furthest away wall and then just crates upon crates of booze.

“Kara,” Lena looks at her in a way she doesn’t quite recognize and then turns around, grabbing her braid and moving it out of the way to bare her neck, “take it off.”

Her hands definitely do not shake as she reaches for the zipper and pulls it down, trailing down the pale skin of Lena’s back, and stopping inches short of where she knows the tattoo is. As soon as the zipper is down as much as it will possibly go, Lena turns around and kisses her, gasping slightly as Kara tugs at the top, pulling the dress down more and more until she realizes -

“You’re not wearing a bra.”

“Dress too tight,” Lena mumbles, pulling Kara in closer to kiss her again, “careful,” she chastises as Kara’s downward pulling becomes slightly more frantic, “don’t rip it.”

It takes her all but twenty seconds to take off the dress, slipping it down Lena’s legs and helping her step out of it. She’s not sure what it is but Lena looks more like she did before they fell out, before the Phantom Zone, before the couple of bad decisions they both made in a moment (or months) of madness. If anything, Lena looks more confident than she’s ever seen her.

“You’re staring.” Lena states, although she makes no effort to cover herself up.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Such a charmer, Zor-El.” Lena laughs, “C’mere.”

She willingly lets Lena pull her toward one of the couches and even more willingly straddles her the second Lena sits down. She captures Lena’s bottom lip between her own, pushes her against the back of the couch as she pulls her own dress up higher, letting it sit bunched together at her waist as Lena slides her hands up her thighs. With nowhere to put her hands, Kara rests them on Lena’s shoulders as the latter digs blunt fingernails into the skin of her thighs, before moving one hand between their bodies and slipping it under her dress.

The soft curse in Kryptonian seems to Lena off-guard for just a second before she pulls back from frantic kisses and purses her lips together. She skids her middle finger over the center of her underwear and Kara resists the urge of bucking against her hand, instead leans her forehead against Lena’s and whimpers.

“Get up,” Lena sounds husky as she kisses her again, “I wanna do you first.”

Lena hooks her fingers in the waistband of her underwear and tugs it down her legs the second she gets off her lap. Kara feels like saying something, anything but instead just settles back on top of Lena as the dark-haired woman brings one hand to the back of her neck to pull her in closer and the other slips between them once more.

“This is okay, right?” Lena murmurs against Kara’s mouth as her fingers run up and down her soaked slit, “You good?”

“Yeah,” Kara moans gently as deft fingers drag up against her clit, “holy -

“Hey,” Lena whispers between kisses, “look at me.”

She looks down into green eyes, albeit heavy-lidded, and immediately Lena slips her fingers inside of her. The thrusting at the angle she’s in, combined with how turned on Lena looks while fucking her, makes her unravel faster than she would expect.

“You’re so hot like this,” Lena mutters between panting, “so fucking hot, Kara.”

In the end, it takes less than a minute of well-angled thrusts and Lena whispering expletives against her lips as she flicks her thumb over Kara’s clit for her to tense around her friend’s fingers and collapse on top of her. There’s a soft chuckle as Lena withdraws her hand and wipes it onto her thigh, careful not to accidentally ruin Kara’s dress. She climbs off Lena’s lap and in doing so, moves against her in a way that causes the younger woman to moan and just like that, Kara decides the engagement party will have to wake a bit longer.

“Hair tie,” she breathes, holding out her hand, “give me one of yours.”

Lena, understanding the implications, moans again, quickly takes out one of the hair ties that held the braid together (Kara thinks she’ll have to redo it, anyway) and hands it over before leaning back, letting one of her hands wander to her chest as she looks at Kara while she ties her hair up.

Fuck,” Lena mutters as Kara sinks down onto her knees between Lena’s legs and unceremoniously reaches for the waistband of the lace underwear that’s positively ruined by now and yanks it down pale legs, “oh my fucking God.”

The state of her underwear is nothing compared to what Kara finds when she leans in and runs her tongue up slick folds. She’s faintly aware of how Lena arches her back to push herself up into Kara’s mouth so she wraps her arms around the youngest Luthor’s thighs, holding her in place while she drags her tongue up and swirls it around Lena’s clit.

For a few minutes there’s nothing but Lena’s softly whispered expletives and the obscenely wet sounds of her tongue-fucking Lena. Then, without warning, one of Lena’s hands is suddenly on her head, desperately grabbing her hair and yanking gently. Kara stills, resting the flat of her tongue against Lena’s throbbing clit as she feels her nails scrape over her scalp. Lena bucks upward and then again, and again, and Kara doesn’t move for a couple of strokes, enjoying the way Lena is desperate to fuck herself on her tongue. Only when the grip on her hair intensifies and Kara thinks her hairdo is going to be ruined by the time they get back, does she lean in and suckles down on Lena’s clit, flicking her tongue over it until Lena tenses underneath her and curses louder than she has before weakly pushing Kara’s head away.

“Stop, stop.” Lena moans, “No more.”

Kara obeys, pressing her lips against the inside of Lena’s thigh gently before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and getting up. Lena smirks at her and she looks too hot to ignore so she kisses her, then tries to kiss her again when Lena laughs and pulls back.

“Help me get dressed, darling. We have to get back.”


Lena doesn’t let go of her hand until they’re back in front of the private suite door. There’s a moment of hesitation before she lets Kara’s hand slip from hers and when Kara looks up, there’s an almost apologetic look in Lena’s eyes.

“They’ve got no idea about me and you,” Lena offers as an explanation, “and maybe tonight is not the right time to tell everyone.”

“Lena,” Kara tugs at the younger woman’s sleeve as she goes to open the door, “hold up - tell them, um,” she swallows, “are we telling everyone?” She pauses, “That we…”

“I was serious when I said I don’t want you like a best friend, Kara.”

“So you want,” Kara fights back the smile, “you and I to -”

Lena cuts her off by pressing their lips together. “A Luthor and a Super, darling.” She smiles, “Go get your glasses.”

“Wha -” Kara frowns, before realizing Lena took them off her what seems like an eternity ago, “Right. Okay, yeah, you go in, I’ll catch up with you.”

“Kara?” Lena calls after her when she’s already halfway down the hallway. She turns around to see Lena peak from behind the open door, the noise of their friends audible in the hallway, “Come home with me tonight?”

“Of course.” She smiles, “Go, I’ll be there in a bit.”

Lena grins and then she’s gone, the door closes, and Kara is left alone with nothing but the taste of Lena on her lips and the thoughts about what this means running through her head. If they are not telling anyone tonight, Kara reasons, she definitely also should not tell Lena that she would like to come home with her tonight, and tomorrow, and every night after that. For the second time this evening, she walks into the dim-lit bathroom and splashes some water in her face before putting her glasses back on.

“You got this,” she mumbles, “you got this.”

She repeats it quietly to herself, as a mantra, all the way back to the private suite. She swings the door open and walks through, only to see Lena leaning against the bar, drink in hand with another one waiting for Kara on the bar. The others are still dancing, Alex looks like she’s about to take a selfie, but Kara cannot tear her eyes away from Lena as the latter takes a sip from her drink and winks at her.

She has not got this. But she has got Lena, and maybe that is really all she needs