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House of Anubis and the Secret Club of the Old Willow

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The sun was shining brightly when a car sped over a small path near the forest. It was driving way over the speed limit, but no police ever checked the area here. It was a deserted place here, the only civilization being a village with a school, supermarket and a town hall.   

   But the car wasn't heading that way, because hidden somewhere between the trees was a manor. It was meant for teenagers who were orphans or who had trouble at home that they couldn't stay with their parents.  

   Wild, a girl who had lost her parents at the age of 4 in a fire, leaving her with burn scars over the left side of her body, had lived with her grandmother, Impa, for 12 years. But Impa got diagnosed with rheumatism and had to retire to a retirement home.   

   The two went searching for a residence for Wild since she had no other family beside Impa. The girl had found a manor close to the retirement home and was lucky to find that there was a free spot.  

   After a few phone calls, the Master of the manor, Ganondorf, had agreed to Wild's request. And now she was on her way to her new residence.   

   She was really excited to meet her new roommates. They were only boys, though, but that wasn't a problem for her. She could take care of herself just as fine as anyone else, she wouldn't need a prince charming to save her from trouble.  

   A car sped past them and Wild curiously followed it with her eyes before she turned back. Why was that car in such a hurry? Was the former resident of the manor kicked out just now ? Had Ganondorf planned it right or had he just got rid of someone he didn't like and replaced him with her?  

   ''Are you sure you're ready for this, Wild?'' Impa asked. She had a worried look on her face. ''It's a big step for a girl of sixteen years old.''   

   Wild chuckled a bit and grabbed her grandmother's hand to assure her. ''I'll be fine, Grandma,'' she said. She looked Impa in the eyes and smiled. ''You just worry about yourself; I don't want to leave you all worried about something so unimportant.''  

   Impa gave her granddaughter's hand a squeeze. ''Don't count yourself as unimportant, Wild,'' she said. ''How many times have I told you that?''  

   ''Many, many times, Impa,'' Wild said and looked up when the car came to a stop on a huge driveway. The grit stones were crunching underneath the tires. The driver stepped out and walked to the back of the car to grab Wild's suitcase.  

   Wild looked at the manor through the car window and then back at her grandmother. She smiled sadly. ''Well, this is it,'' she murmured. ''I'll promise to visit you as often as I can, okay?'' She bended forward and gave Impa a small kiss on the cheek. ''I'll miss you.''  

   ''I'll miss you too, Honey.'' Impa wrapped her arms around Wild's neck and held her close. ''Promise me you call when you're settled?''  

   Wild nodded. ''I promise.'' She parted away from Impa and stepped out of the car. The driver offered her her suitcase and Wild took them over. She walked toward the front door and turned around as the car drove away again.  

   Wild waved with a big smile until the vehicle was out of sight. She turned to the door again and reached her hand out to ring the doorbell, when the door suddenly opened on its own.  

   Confused, Wild pushed it further open and stepped inside the huge manor. She couldn't hold back a gasp of amazement at how old-fashioned it looked. It even smelled old. And strangely to her, it also held a weird mysterious feeling, as if secrets were hidden around every corner.  

   On her left stood a beautiful grandfather clock against the wall, the ticking being the only sound that cut through the silence. On the wall hung a painting of a man. He had a sad expression on his face, as if he had witnessed or done something he'd rather not have done. On Wild's right side was a staircase and a door in the corner, probably the back room where the cleaning supplies were kept.   

   The floor was an old-fashioned style black and white tiles and the staircase was decorated with some sort of ovals. It looked like an eye but then vertical instead of horizontal. In front of her was a hallway with a double door on the left and two doors on the right.   

   Wild walked toward the painting and looked curiously at the portrait. Was this the original resident of this manor?   

   Completely focused on the painting, Wild didn't hear the man coming from behind her until he cleared his throat and spoke up.  

   ''Was the doorbell broken?''  

   Taken by surprise, Wild turned around and took a glance at the man that stood before her. He had red messy hair and his amber-colored eyes stood stern. He wore a simple overall and had his arms crossed.  

   Wild felt a bit intimidated by the man. This must be the Master of the manor, Ganondorf.   

   ''Well, no, Sir,'' Wild began and turned her gaze away. ''The door opened on itself, and I just thought-'' She stopped mid-sentence when she realized she hadn't even introduced herself yet. No wonder the Master would be suspicious.  

   Wild put her suitcase down and reached out her right hand. ''I'm Wild, I've come to live here.'' She tried to sound cheerful, but something about this man didn't settle the uncomfortable feeling in her chest. And when Ganondorf didn't make any intension of shaking her hand, she awkwardly pulled back.  

   ''I'm Ganondorf, Master of this manor,'' Ganondorf introduced himself. ''The others are at school now, so you have all the time in the world to explore the manor. However,'' the Master turned around, ''it is forbidden to enter the attic or the cellar. Understand?''  

   ''Yes, Sir.''  

   Ganondorf took over Wild's suitcase and led the girl up the stairs. ''That painting you were staring at, was the last resident of this manor, First. He lived here with his daughter, Zelda, for many years.''  

   ''What happened to him?''  

   ''You will share your bedroom with Warriors,'' Ganondorf said, ignoring Wild's question. He walked into a wide hall and stopped before a door. He opened it and a huge cloud of man deodorant met the two.   

   Wild scrunched up her nose at the strong scent of Axe body spray and she quickly located the bottle standing on a small table near the window of the room.   

   On each side of the room stood a closet for the clothes and on the left was an empty, yet nicely made bed, ready for use. The other bed was not so nicely made, sheets laying everywhere, and a mosquito net hung above it on the ceiling, surrounding the bed and keeping it safe to hold any unwanted guests away.   

   Wild noticed a sticker on the left closet and took a closer look. It said: Hyrule's property . ''Who's Hyrule?'' She reached out a hand to grab the sticker, but Ganondorf quickly grabbed it and put it in the garbage bin.  

   ''Hyrule is gone.'' Ganondorf dumped Wild's suitcase on the empty bed and walked away, but before he left the girl alone, he turned around one more time. ''Dinner is at six. Don't forget.''  

   ''I won't, thank you.''   

   Wild took off her green coat and opened her new closet. She heard the door close and finally she sat down and took off her shoes. She neatly stacked them beside her bed and began unpacking the first suitcase which contained her school uniform and normal clothes.      

   She emptied her suitcase in record time and carefully grabbed a picture of her and her grandmother that lay on the bottom of the suitcase, the glass of the picture frame secured safely under the soft fabric of the clothing.  

   Wild's smile fell as she looked at the photo. It was taken one year ago in Germany. The two were on holiday near Heidelberg for a week. It had been their last holiday together and Wild already missed Impa, even though she wasn't even an hour in the manor.  

   She carefully placed the picture frame on the bedside table. She took out her cat plushie and put it down on her bed. Yes, she was sixteen years old, but this was the only thing she had left from her parents after they died, and she was planning to keep it unharmed from anything .  

   Suddenly a loud crash that came from downstairs made her jump. Stomping footsteps came up the stairs and made the empty hallway fill with sound.   

   The door swung open.  

   ''What are you doing here?''   

   Wild turned around and looked straight into the blue eyes of her, most likely, new roommate. He had blond hair and was that nail polish on his nails? His school uniform was covered in soot, and he stiffened for a heartbeat as he stood in the door opening. He walked toward Wild and towered above the girl.  

   ''What are you doing in my room?'' he asked again, hostility in his voice. ''Where's Hyrule?''  

   Feeling the color drain from her cheeks, Wild took a step back. She hadn't expected to have this kind welcome, yet she still put a smile on her face.  

   ''I'm Wild, your new roommate!'' the girl nervously said and reached out her hand, but just like Ganondorf, the boy didn't accept her kind gesture. Instead, he reached behind her and grabbed the picture frame and plushie.  

   ''I don't know you! This is my and Hyrule's room, you're not welcome here!'' He threw Wild's stuff out the room in the hall and then ripped open the closet and tore out all of the girl's clothing.  

   Wild was taken back and stared at the boy with wide eyes. ''What are you doing?!'' she exclaimed and tried to stop her roommate from throwing away any more stuff.   

   The boy pushed her off and pulled her out of the room. ''You're not allowed here! This is my and Hyrule's room. Now get out!'' He slammed the door behind Wild, leaving the newcomer alone in shock. She sank down on her knees and grabbed the broken picture frame.   

   ''Ow!'' Wild quickly pulled her finger back as she cut it on a piece of glass that had been crashed apart when Warriors had thrown it on the ground. But it wasn't just her finger that was hurt, with the blood that spilled out, so did all of her hope from her heart. As if the blood was the happiness and excitement to start a new chapter in her life was draining away from her body, leaving her spirit as well.    

   This wasn't what she had expected. Not at all. She sat back against the wall and grabbed her plushie. She pulled her knees up to her chest and held the cat close. There was an empty feeling in her stomach, she felt hollow and intruding. But she didn't intrude! Ganondorf had showed her that this was her room. And who was Hyrule?  

   She sighed and grabbed her clothes off the ground and put them back in the suitcase. It would be better than them getting dirty on the floor.  

   This was not going to be a good beginning of her new stay.