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A Twisted Mafia Tale

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Again an introduction for this story.

I had this random Idea and was like ,,Maybe I can even finish this one!".
So our dorms transformed into different Mafia groups with one enemy the NRC Bond has:

Yes, our goody people are kinda bad but we will see.
I actually have like a plan and how to use all the characters.
Before you ask, the Mafia AU is nothing new and I just remembered that this AU exists.

In this case, Yuu is ar Reader at the same time.
But I will just say MC or (Y/N).
I will decide later.

Crewel will pretty much take the role of a protective dad cause why not.
I already sexualise him in my other fic so in this one he will be our dad.
Not blood related.
And for protection reasons.

All characters are aged up to at least 18 and can be max. 22.
Except our Fae man.
They are old and young and you just know.

I'm like actually exited to write about some Adult like content.
I won't hesitate to be blunt about certain things in this fic and I'm so exited to make Octavinelle even more illegal than it already is.
Like, I think the will be the most suspicious but at the same time coolest.
But mafia royality will be a different expierence too.

Anyway I hope I could spike some Interest.
I will try my hardest with this but I think it will be fun.
I already have a plan for the end even 0^0.

Anyway see you soon in my new chapter!

Chapter Text

No town or city was ever peaceful.
I think that is very well known.
But I guess there are always some oblivious people out there.

Just like my ass.
How it seems.
After having run away from some random...bandits or whatever they were I found myself in the lively streets of And a very fancy dressed man is standing infront of me.
He had somesort of black and white look going on.
With a very big fur-coat he stands all high and mighty infront of me.

Overall this city was very...dark and gloomy.
But at the same time lively and bright.
Like a freaking casino.
People here were dressed either too fancy or extremely poor.
So my middle-class standard look was actually very odd.

I was still standing very quiet.
Not daring to move.
But this man finally decided to talk.

"So, what is a lost puppy like you doing here?"
He still takes in my looks and won't stop circling me.
"I...don't really know. I just appaered here?"
"So teleportation?"
"No! No no no. In my place we don't have that."
"Oh my, from what country side are you?"
"I'm not from the country side!"
"But where else would the people be underdeveloped?"
Oh, he is annoying me.
"Well that's how it is on Earth!", I scream at him, which makes him back away.

He looks at me wide eyed and quickly takes my hand.
"Hey! Stop it! Where are you taking me!?"
The man in white and black just keeps pulling till we arrive at the door steps infront of a very fancy, multi-level building.
"Now now, puppy. This is my home and for your own good..." , he leans in closer, "...don't ever mention the word 'Earth', for your own good."
He stands upright again and smiles.
"Now let's bring you to safety."
Still confused, he opens the door and pulls me in.
Inside is a very fancy entrance hall.
Black and white marble on ground and walls.
There are various golden and red accents on the pillars and decorations, which doesn't let everything look so monochrome.


I look in awe at the fancy decor but fear to ruin the fancy carpet and stay in place.
"Is that so new to you? Puppy?", he chuckles and puts a hand on my shoulder.

I turn around to him and cross my arms infront of me.
"Not everyone can live the way you do!"
He chuckles again and then points with his...pointer...? With a LEASH ON IT!?
Damn, he is going out with his kink.
Anyway back to the topic.

"Anyway puppy, aren't you suspicious why I just approached you so...casually?", he steps closer, "A magicless, little, puppy with no orientation in this world."
'No need to wreck my self esteem that much.'
" I mean I think we both are not dumb and I'm to tired to make a big drama right now but am I here...and What do you mean with magicless?"
He blinks several times before he makes a 'Oh, I remember'-face.

"Well, darling listen..."

"So, you are saying that you summoned me for help but never expected to get someone from a different world?"
"And we are in one of Twisted Wonderland most dangerous cities were 7 different Mafias or whatever exist under the NRC Bond?"
"And there is the RSA Organisation which tries to fight them off? And you are somewhat of a neutral participant who cannot be harmed but if you help you give everyone the equal treatment?"
"Yes, sweety. Any more questions?"
I sit in one these super plush chairs and just...have an inner existential crisis I guess?

I mean, it's not like I have an actual life and stuff but I guess my help in this world is needed.


From the side I glance at, how he called himself, Divus Crewel and turn towards him.
Let's try to find out what my purpose is.

"So, Mister Crewel-"
"Master Crewel."
" said you need my help. For what exactly? Do I need to safe your child from something some world changing matters?"

I mean that is something summoned people do, right?
Heroes, Angels, Demons and people who get isekaid.
Oh, do I get my own harem?

Mister Crewel just laughs and pets my head shortly after.
"Ohoho, you sweet little adorable puppy!
No! I couldn't afford you to get killed so easily!
I only need you as an assistant!
Someone to work by my side.
I have other assistants but they are more like workers for each of my different establishments!
Each floor can't handle themselves, you know?"
I look at him in disbelieve and utter disappointment.
"So you summoned me...So I work for you?"
"Mh...basically yes. But working for me directly means ultimate protection from the Mafia groups and more. You just need this!"
He puts a small silver pendant on the white coffee table.
It's shaped like a dalmatian head and has even a small bow around it's neck.

I hold it and the look at him.
"You know it's the dumbest reason to summon someone from another world?"
"You know that I didn't know I would get someone from another world?"

We kinda awkwardly look at each other and away until Crewel breaks the silence with his voice.

"Ok, let us get you into a more comfortable zone. I might just have a good resting room for you!"
I look at his now standing figure and sigh.
Like a child listening to their parents I follow him to a very far away room.
The building had around four floor with a basement.

The first floor had the welcoming hall and different rooms like a library and meeting rooms, even a small kitchen to make simple snacks and beverage.
The second floor was more the workers floor.
Rooms to rest and even to stay in for the night because of the Bar on the third floor.
You gotta work trough the night sometimes.
There was a fancy lift in the welcoming hall, quite hidden cause it looked like it's part of the wall I must say, but it's to keep unwanted guests outside.
Not even giving the chance to go further.
The highest floor, the fourth floor, was the place where Crewels personal chambers were and even a personal fashion design workplace.
Only he and his closest workers are allowed in the holy chambers of fashion and trends.
Oh and because his precious fur collection is there.
The basement was basically his lab.

After reaching said highest floor I was quite surprised but he now stopped infront of simple, black door.

"This will be your room, puppy.
I need my assistant to be near me at all times!
Besides I don't want you to get all scared when you wake up!
So, I will be right...", he turns around to the door on the other side," here. There is my room."

He gives me a small smile and seems to expect some sort of reaction head hurts.

"I'm...I'm sorry man but im tired and that is so much info to process and just...need a break...", I massage my temple and he seems to get the message that I want to be left alone.
"Don't worry, dear. Make yourself at home. I will try to find something good looking, comfortable and fitting for you to wear while you get a good night rest."
He slowly pushed me door and then made his way down the hallway.
"Once you wake up I will bring you some breakfast!"
And he is now completly gone and I run in the room and close it.
Or rather said lock it.

Magic!? Mafia?? Summoned to fucking work!?
I thought I had a more heroic purpose.
Not just become a magicless assistant.

I smash myself on the bed and just melt into it.
It's a big ass kingsized bed and just...the best thing to ever sleep in it.
The shoes get thrown into the last corner and my body becomes a human burrito in the pillow.

It's probably just a dream, right?
Nothing more.
When I wake up in at home and not some slave to a fancy rich man.
I'm sure.

Chapter Text

I thought it was a dream and all.
A straight up Mafia tale out of the book.
But once I felt the heavenly good mattress I remembered the hole I am in.

I stand up and see a sort of basic black uniform on a chair.
You know these uniforms, where people wear a white blouse and vest and stuff?
That is that thing.
I even got some fancy gloves, eventhough I will sooner or later yeet them into a different universe.

After dressing myself up I walk out of my room and see Crewel leaving his own room.
Once he sees me he gives me a small smile.
"Awww! Aren't you a cute one? I knew this set would fit you."
He moves his...stick in a slow circular motion infront of me, as if to catch every little detail.
I make a small spin and give him a small smile.
"Thanks, man. Appreciated."

He turns around and makes me follow him into his own design room.
Taking off his coat, he starts to fiddle on one of these Mannequins with some fancy piece of clothing.

I keep my distance to him and probably everything in this room.
"So...what do you need?", I ask.
"Nothing big, you know. I want you to take my dogs out, on a walk."
"And that's it?"
"Well, darling, I want you to understand the city and during the day it's less... dangerous than during the night."
I squint my eyes at him while he casually sews a piece together.
"Less dangerous...?"
"Yes, less dangerous. Now go downstairs and meet one of my assistants. And don't worry about your safety, my dogs are capable of protecting you."
He turns around and gives me a reassuring smile.

'We...will see...I guess.'
I just smile back and wave at him, while slowly retreating towards the door.
But before I could open the door Crewel tells my one last thing.
"Oh, sweety?"
"Be very cautious, ok? You may wear the pendant of my house but that doesn't mean that everybody will hold back."
I gulp nervously and nod.
He then turns around and starts to work on whatever he was doing again.

I quickly leave to get the dogs, who are three dalmatians, and pack myself up.
It's fall right now and quite cold to be honest
But the dogs are quite excited to get out.

During the day the city is not that menacing looking like during the night but I understand why Crewel said to be cautious.
There are to many thight passages and alleys, with enough shady figures in them.
Some tried to approach me but after they saw the dalmatians, which too had the pendant from Crewel around their collars, they retreated immeaditly.

But it seems someone was to full of himself and ignored the pendant

A red-haired person bumbed into me and even had the audacity to not apologize, plus he stole something from me.
I turn around and try to grab the boy but he started to run away.
And very fast.
"Stop right there!"
The moment I start to run after the boy the dogs growl and bark loud, running after the person too.
It was a long chase and for a moment we lost him but the dogs quickly found him.

After a 5 minute run and 5 minute search I find him with another boy who has a....spade on his cheek?

"Look, man! I got a Dalmatian pendant! That way no one will even touch us!", exclaimed the red head full of excitement.
"I don't know. It's quite rare and valuable, isn't it? If someone catches us who is in contact with Mr. Crewel we are in big trouble.", the spade boy voices his worries.
"Well I belong to Divus Crewel group and YOU stole MY pendant!"
The dogs stand in a protective stand infront of me, growling but never really attacking them.

After hearing my voice, both of the them shriek up and turn around quickly.
Upon seeing the dogs they freeze in place but the red one act to full of himself.
The spade boy put his hands up but the red one crosses his arms.
"If you would belong to Mr. Crewel you would be way more of a professional! Besides this pendant is to precious for someone like you! Better take it and keep it before harm befalls you - AH!"
All of a sudden the red boy gets grabbed by his hair and put into a bowing position.

"I'm very sorry for this inconvience, stranger. I sincerely hope you can keep an eye closed for this young man. He is still in training.", a calm voice asks.
After looking at the new stranger I see that he has green hair and a green clover on his cheek.
Did I forgot to mention that the red boy had a heart on his cheek?
Taken a bit back I just pull the dogs closer to me and first calm them down.
Since the situation is now under control the dalmatians sit down and keep a close eye on the group in front of me.

"Uhm...stranger? May I get am answer?", the tall man asks again.
I snap out of my head and try to keep a neutral expression.
"O-only if I get my pendant back."
"Oh, sure sure. Ace? Give the pendant back."
The red head Ace goes towards me and holds the emblem towards me.
"Here. Take it.", he repeats with a grumpy expression.
"Yeah...thanks...", I take the pendant and put it back were it was.

Ace then stomps back and starts to talk to the, how I heard, Deuce.
"Almost had it..."
"Man, we shouldn't cause more troubles...if Riddle finds out we almost destroyed the hard earned bond with Mr.Crewel it's off with out heads..."
I sigh and start to pet the dogs for comfort.
'I need a break...again...'

But then 'Trey' approached me.
"I'm sorry for all this trouble, stranger. Before I propose my idea may I know your name?"
I look up and stand up quickly.
"Y-yeah! I'm MC! Pleased to meet you."
I hold my hands towards him and he takes it.
"Nice to meet you too, MC. I'm Trey Clover and behind me are Deuce Spade and Ace Trappola, the one who stole your pendant."
"Don't remember me for that!"
"Anyway to my idea."
He takes away his hand and puts his glasses in place, smiling a bit but it's no genuine smile.
"As an apology I would like to invite you to a local cakery! It's very famous for their strawberry tarts, which I would assume be something you could eat."
'A cakery!? Sweets!?'
I almost started to drool but quickly stopped myself.
"Why not? But you are going to pay!"
He chuckles slightly and starts to walk forward.
"Don't worry. Nobody will need to pay anything. I think you know that this exact place belongs to the Heartslabyul Manor."

The Heartslabyul Manor?
Oh, right! It's one of the big Mafia groups around here.
I only heard trough the radio that it's a Fruit Manor which produces it's own freshly baked cakes and what not in the cakery afterwards.
Meaning not everyone is aware it's a mafia or they just ignore the fact for their own good.
"Then let's go."

On the way to the cakery several people look at us but just keep silent.
Ace and Deuce walk behind like guards and Trey tells me everything about all the different cakes and how he is the one who mostly makes them.
And all of that sounds damn delicious.

After finally arriving the dogs are taken by a different servant to a rest area while I get to sit at a premium table.
A bit far away and shut away with the help of walls.
The entire cakery is in a red/white colour scheme with small golden and black accents.

Trey vanishes to prepare the tart while the spade boy brings me a cup of [warm drink].
"Thank you, Deuce."
He slightly flinches but tries to give me a smile.
"N-no problem! And sorry for what happened! I tried to hold that idiot back but he did what he wanted!"
He bowed far to many times but then just vanished.

But if I would have known who would enter after me I would have declined Treys invitation instantly.
Because someone spilled the beans about Aces and Deuces doings.

"I can expla-"
"Roseheart-sama please, he wasn't-"

Screaming and arguing was heard all over the place.
After this Roseheart calmed down, I could only catch a glimpse of the duo running into the kitchen.
And the next moment, said Roseheart, sat infront of me.

"Greetings, stranger. My name is Riddle Roseheart, chef of the Heartlabyul Manor. I would like to apologize on behalf of those incompetent idiots for their assault on you."
That's one grumpy boy.

A perfect posture, a strict and neutral face and well manners.
Who put the stick that high up his ass.

Trey shortly comes in to put serve each of us a piece of tart but vanishes quickly.
I straighten myself and put on a fake smile.
"It's ok. They probably didn't saw the dogs and then just...did what they did. I mean, they are still in training how I heard."
I try to keep the situation as calm as possible and save the other two ones.
With such a boss I would hope for a bit of mercy.

The red head coughs into his fist and looks me straight into the eyes.
"But such behaviour should not be condoned. The Heartslabyul Manor is very strict with rules and they broke several important ones. I will make sure they are properly punished-"
"How about they just...serve me for a bit? They offended me so now they have to listen to me?"
I can only imagine what sort of punishment he has in plan.
But these boys did not do that much wrong.
Hopefully that can be a soft punishment for them.

Riddle thinks a bit but then nods his head.
"Very well, then it shall be that way. I hope our relationship is still in good hands, if you understand."
"Of course. Such minor things can't offend me that much, just make me angry."
He chuckles a bit and then leans a bit forward.
"You are very interesting..."
"...MC. I haven't met such a...merciful member of the Dalmatian group in a long time."
He stands up and turns around.
"Sadly, I must leave. I still have other meetings to attend to. But I hope that we can stay in good contact, MC."
Before he leaves he gives me a buisness card and leaves  the private area afterwards. After he was gone the duo practically smashed themselves onto the free chair.

"Thank you so much!", Deuce screamed.
"You just saved our asses from near death experiences!", Ace explains.
I blink several time in confusion and look at these two.
"Wait...near death?"
That is when Trey entered the area.
"Yeah. Riddle is very strict with the rules and offending a member of the Dalmatian group or something similar is almost equal to a death sentence."
I take my last bite of the tart and turn towards Trey.
"So, why did he listen to my idea? Shouldn't he process with his own rules?"
Trey now sits down beside me with a piece of paper and start to draw some sort of hierarchy pyramid.

"Well you see, the Dalmatian group stands pretty much at the top due to their neutrality. Without them, we could have never formed the NRC Bond because every meeting would have ended in a fight. So, all the other mafia groups, who are in this bond, listen to mostly what the Dalmatian say plus, thanks to Crewel, we are able to keep the city under our control and not lose it to the RSA."
Before I could ask my questions Ace bumbs in with his own one.
"Wait. Why don't you know this? Are you like, new yourself?"
Now all three of them look at me, which resulted in me becoming nervous.
The panic rises and out of nowhere I blurt the most inconvience lie ever out.

"Are you an in training like us-"
"You must be shitting me - OWWW!"
Deuce smacks Ace on the back of his head and silences him that way.
But Trey isn't that easily convinced.
"Mr. Crewels child? But he doesn't have a partner. The way you adress him is not that usual to-"
'Fuuuuuck how am I gonna explain this to Crewel!?'
"Oh...that is quite interesting then..."

I'm sweating everything I can out of all the places I can sweat and I hate it.
I quickly stand up and am on my way to get my clothes and the dogs until Trey stops me.
"Sorry, if we made you feel uncomfortable. It's just...very surprising to hear something like that.", he smiles but it's not nice at all.
Then I won't be honest back.
"I just...don't want to be associated with him that much...not like I wanted to be adopted from the start...was like practically a grown up at that point."
"I'm sorry, MC. Hopefully it isn't that bad living with that man."
"If I only need to walk the dogs I'm going to be happy enough."
I put on my stuff and the servant from before gives me the leash for each of the dogs.

"I better get going. Or Crewel is going to arrest the entire city."
'For he probably has enough prove to do that...'
"Sure sure. Come again whenever you want!"
"Hey, MC? What about that serving thing now - OWWW!", this time it was Ace who hit Deuce.
"Dude! We almost got away with that!"
"Oh, yeah right! I want you to help people whenever they need it. I mean, basic help like: helping an elderly lady carry her groceries or bring lost children back to their parents."
"Naha! Never! I'm no goody two shoes! I- OWW!"
Now Trey hit Ace and held Deuce in a deadly looking grip.
"Don't worry, MC. I will monitor them."
I nod at him and leave afterwards the establishment.

Arriving at Crewels place he instantly runs down to see...his dogs and afterwards me.
"Hello, my darling! How are you? Anything special happens today?"
He has this exited face as if I will tell him the story of his life.
'Ok, here goes the fuckery.'
"Well, Crewel...I accidently said you were..."
He raises his eyebrow and leans in closer.
"You said I was...?"
"My dad who adopted me."

Chapter Text

Crewel was baffled by my words but then starts to laugh.
"Oh, darling! What a story!"
He kept on laughing till he somehow calmed down.
Afterwards he wiped away an imaginary tear and then walked towards me.
I was scared nonetheless and was ready to pass out but when he put his hands on my shoulders I shrieked up.
"Darling, it's alright. Maybe that way you will be even more safer than just having a small pendant."
I chuckle slightly and just nod.
"Yeah, maybe... that way..."

He quickly went back to the dogs and left me standing.
So I went to my room and only left for food this day.

[Next day]

I actually expected to be able to wake up and have all the time I need for my morning routine.
It seems Crewel had other plans.

Somebody was violently shaking me.
And I mean really violently.
My eyes shoot open but I'm still a bit dazed.

"Wha...what is...", I try to say.
"No time to talk!", Crewel shouts towards me.
He throws several clothing pieces at me and afterwards pushes the prepared food into my mouth, while I'm dressing up.
"I know it's only your second day but listen to me! You need to run one errand for me and that includes bringing a package to the Octavinelle Branch! I know it's only the second day but you need to work too! Besides rather meet now the different groups than later!"
After the food was pushed into me he starts to do my hair.
"And remember: No fighting! Unless someone tries to fight you then kick their ass!"
With my half working brain I try to take in the information and say something,
"But I don't wanna kick their ass- OWW!"
He pinched my face and shuts me up.
"No back talking! Now let me see your angry face!"

I try to growl, I guess?
But he just looks disappointed at me.
"Come on! Angrier!"
Now being woken up and a bit pissed I almost clash heads with him.
He grins and pushes me outside with a box put into my hands.
"That's my kid! Now go to the port and lick some ass!"
"The expression is to kick some ass."
"That's basically the same, besides I'm an old man so don't mind me not keeping up with your young language."
"Yeah...ok...", I quietly respond and put on my fancy ass black coat.
I look like a kingsman agent in a fancy suit on my way to the stinky port of this city.
But who cares, right?

[At the port]

It stinks, it's loud and I don't know for who this package is.
Crewel told my to get on the MS Lucktopus, because the....boss?
The boss of that mafia owns the ship.
Besides I should never open the package.
But I would never do that.

As I was standing at this port a tall person approached me.
He was probably 2m tall and his this turquoise hair with one black hair strand hanging from my right side.
He wore a black suit, a fedora hat and some black leather shoes.
With a far to creepy smile and a mouth full of manners he bowed and held his arm out.
"I assume you are Mr. Divus assistant, aren't you?"
I lock my arms with his and he proceeds to take me to the ship.
"Well, yes. I am. And you must be apart of the..."
He just chuckles and proceeds to smile towards me.
"Do not worry, dear MC. The entire port belongs to the Octavinelle Branch, so no need to feel alarmed by the mere workers."
I just smile back and we proceed to enter the ship.
"So what is your name? Or is that a secret?"
Again he chuckles and puts one hand on his chin.
"You sure are a funny person, MC. But it is rude to not introduce myself so as a proper introduction."
He now stands infront of me and makes a bow.
"I'm Jade Leech and the right hand man from our boss Azul Ashengrotto. As a warning do not confuse me and my twin brother Floy Leech.", he looks directly at me with his wide grin, which teeth!?
I smile and stutter a small "sure" out.
"Very well, I shall then inform my boss. Until then feel free to explore the outside of the ship or the different refreshments."
Jade turns around and leaves to a far away stair case to the upper stages.

If I knew that I was moments away from meeting the beastmen of this world I would have delivered the package and left.

Anyway I went straight to deck and and was quite amazed and unsurprised.
Whoever this Azul was, he definitly loved seeing people gamble and strip them off their all belongings.
I saw a lot of the probably 'common' people from this city and ho boy.
It's only 11 in the morning.

The ship was very luxurious.
On the inside was a big casino combined with a bar.
Everything was in this violet, black jazz like style with a big aquarium which inhibited different species of fishes.
The sofas and bar chairs were probably made out of real leather but why not try it out?

I sit down on one of the sofas and a very identical looking 'Jade' appears infront of me.
"Hellooooooo!~ Are you the assistant form Ishidai-sama??"
With no regards for personal space he sits down beside me and grabs my pendant to look better at it, pulling me towards him.
"Yes, you are!~"
I push him away from me and keep the box close to myself.
"So you are Jade-sans handful brother, are you?"
I keep my arms steady around the box and pull myself away from him.
He truly is the opposite of his brother.

The guy laughs and throws one arm around me.
"Haaaai!~I'am Floyd Leech! Does Shrimpy need anything?"
"Yes! You remind me of a shrimp! So small and easy to catch!"
I slowly slide away but Floyd follows straight away.
The moment I wanted to say something another voice interrupts me.
"Floyd, could you please leave this poor soul alone? You are scaring them."
"Sure, Azul-san!", and Floyd jumps away.

Another person in a fancy suit and with a fedora hat as well stands infront of my booth.
He just had a coat thrown over himself and had some sort of a golden, purple brooch on himself, which was a bit scratched.
Probably the symbol for being the boss.

"Please accept my apologise for Floyds behaviour. He is quite...jumpy around new people he spots."
I slowly sit back normal and place the box now normally on the table.
"It's alright. Just never invade my personal space like that ever again."
He swiftly takes of his hat and bows down, while holding it to his chest.
"Do not worry, MC. It shall never happen again."
Azul straightens himself and holds out his arm.
"Now shall we take the conversation to my private office?"
"Y-yeah... sure..."
As I take his arm I somehow balance the box in my other hand.

Arriving in his office Azul walks behind his desk, while I sit infront of it in the worlds comfiest chair ever.
"Now for the trade.", he says.
"Yes! The trade!", l immediately place the box infront of him and get another one in return.
As I pick up the new-given-box and make myself ready to leave until Azul stops me.
"You don't wanna know what's in the box? What if I scam you?"
"If it's a scam than it's not any but Crewels problem. I just play deliveryman."
He chuckles and casually opens the box.
As I almost open the door out of his office he starts to talk.
"Ah, Mr.Divus really knows his work. Now my brooch will shine like in the past and no one will suspect a thing."
I turn around and see Azul, who holds a new brooch, which is basically his old one but new.

"Wait so I just delivered a brooch?"
Azul gasps and looks with a face of disbelieve at me.
"This is not just 'a brooch'! It's a status symbol! Every leader of the 7 different mafia groups has one, and I mean the one which are in the NRC Bond."
"Yeah yeah and it represents the original leader probably too, right?"
"Actually, yes."
Well that was a surprise.

"Anyway, in the box is the payment and-"
Something exploded on the ship and it started to shake violently.
I grabbed hold onto the door and tried to keep the box steady.
But as my luck is non-existent another explosion happened again and this time the door fell out of the hinges and so did I.

I crashed into the ground and held onto my back until I saw a pair of shoes infront of me.
"What is a Dalmatian member Herbivore doing here?", the unknown person snorts and takes the box into his own hands, "Anyway I shall take this and probably you with me."
As this person was about to reach out for me Azul gives out a sound and stops the unknown man.
"What do you think you are doing, Kingscholar?! Do you have any idea how your selfish actions affect the bond?"
"Well, after you stole my Coves precious magic stones for whatever you needed it was just a matter of time before I would get my revenge."
"I didn't stole them, I borrowed them!"
"Then it seems I'm gonna borrow your ship!"
A hand takes mine and pulls me after himself.
Azul shouts something, but another explosion is heard somewhere else on the ship and makes Azuls words unhearable.

As we walk to the deck I rip myself off and face infront of me.
"What is this!? I just delivered a fucking brooch and need to return to Crewel! Can you just...not do what you are doing?!", I confront the stranger.
"Well to bad I'm not a nice person and don't believe the shit you said. So, be a good Herbivore and listen to what the mighty lion beastmen, meaning me, has to say.", he responds.
With a small pat on my head he pushes me towards a different member of his group who had a very close resembles to a hyena.
"If this would have been a fair fight, I would have beaten your ass!", I about towards the leaving lion.
But he had the audacity to give a cocky answer back.
"Too bad I don't fight fair, herbivore!"
I groan and sit into the booth.

The ship starts to move out, eventhough it's pretty damaged, but I guess it's only the looks that are damaged.
"This is madness...", I mumble quietly.
But the hyena boy seemed to have heard that.
"Or it's brilliance if all goes according to plan!", he excitedly responds.
I turn my head towards him and the hyena man just grins.
"Hi! Ruggie here! Right hand man of Leona Kingscholar! The person you would probably call a jerk right now."
He chuckles and before I could answer anything he proceeds to talk.
"We will just gonna take over the ship and clear some deeds with the Octo boys!"
Yeah, just gonna clear it.

[Seconds later]

So, Leona and I sit on a life saving boat, in the middle of the sea and a half crashed, giant, luxurious, gamble ship behind us.

It was a very awkward silence until I had to break it.
"So...", I start.
Leona just holds his hands infront of his face with a 'Just kill me'-face.
"How did you think this was a good idea, huh? Taking over a ship full of mermans and not thinking they can like, i dont know, escape into the water!?"

This is going to be a trip.

Chapter Text

I was still baffled by this stupid plan of the beastmen, who decided to do...all of this!
He thought he could steal this ship, with all of it's belongings, including the most valuable, sacred gems to exist.
But here we are, in a small boat, trying to find land.
During my stay on the boat, it moved out and was pretty far away from the shore, but the lion made the situation worse.

"What made you think you could succeed? Besides, you know to who I belong to! If we can clear this quick and easy then I will forget what happened, ok?"
A low growl was heard from my partner on this boat.
Instead of answering, he side-eyes the water and so did I.

Something is moving in the water and that in a very coordinated way.
"There is no fucking way...", the lion mumbles.
Out of nowhere he tries to grab, whatever that is, in the water and makes the boat shake violently.
I grab onto the boat and try to balance it out but the entity in the water decides to show itself.

Two greenish, turquoise hands with wet skin inbetween the fingers grab the boat.
The creature heaves itself up the boat and a known head appaers.
"Shrimpy! I'm here to safe you from the big beast!", a cheerful voice exclaims.
"Floyd?? What is happening?!"
"Is something Shrimpy? Oh, right! You never saw a merman probably!~"
He then tries to climb into the boat, making everything shake and almost turn over.
But somebody yanks him back into the water.
"What is going on....?"
"These merfuckers are going on."
"Shut up, Leona."

Before we could start to bicker a light purple box is held inbetween us.
"Fufufufu~ I suppose the previous box is now gone, so we tried to replace it."
Now it's Jade head that pops out of the water.
He holds a new and fresher looking box in his suprisingly dry hands.
"If you wish so, we can bring you back to the port."
Floyd appaers with another small rescue boat out of nowhere and gives two light pats to the side.
All while grinning like a madman.

"You really think the herbivor will move with you- hey! HEY!"
As he was talking, I moved onto the other boat and turned my back towards him.
"This is not fair, Herbivore!"
I stick out my tounge like a little child and imitate what he said previously.
"To bad I don't play fair,  Le o n a."
Floyd started to swim and pushed the boat right towards the direction where probably the shore was.

Leonas screams and cursing soon faded out and only the water and the twins fast swimming could be heard.
That is until both of them stopped.
I turn towards the first twin I spot and watch them curiously.
"Did something happen?"
The more calmer twin wiggles around in the water and tries to get rid of something...?
"Naaaa, Jadeeeee?~ Is something wrong?"
Floyd moves towards his brother but get's entangeld into something himself.
"It appears that we are caught up in a fishnet."
Ah, yes.
The only weakness of strong merman.
A fishnet.
I could let them wiggle themselves out, but I wouldn't be able to get back fast.
So I either get wet or wait till maybe night time.

'I guess I'm gonna help.'
I put the box down and the far to expensive looking coat.
Shoes and socks went down too and a small knife in my hand.
"You two, stopp wiggling around!"
I balanced out of the boat, into the cold water and shivered.
'It's fucking cold! How the hell do they live in the water!?'
As I swam over, the twins stopped and stayed calm.
"Shrimpy is going to help us? Does Shrimpy want a favor? Or us dead? "
"Shut up and don't move."
With a quick hand, I cut the net up to the point where both of them can free themselves on their own.
I try to get back onto the boat, but fail miserably.
"How the fuck do l get up?"
A slick hand grabs my hip and pushes me up.
"Are you fine?", Jade asks.
"Yes, yes just I'm freezing!"
In a very unelegant way, I land on the boat and throw my coat over myself.

"Shrimpy! My knight in shining armor!"
Floyd tries to hug me but Jade holds him back.

"Floyd, we should bring our friend back. After all, they are no merperson."
Floyd went to the back of the boat and starts to push it with immense power.
"Time to bring shrimy back home!"
Faster than thunder we soon arrive at the port.

[Back at the port]

From afar I could see the monochrom man, arguing with Azul.
One assistant stands there with blankets and more.

"If my baby is out on the sea, all alone, I will personally put down the Octavinelle branch!"
"Mr. Crewel, don't worry! I'm sure my two assistants found- Ah! There they are!"
Arriving in the port, I get out of the boat and Crewel comes running towards me in a second.

"My baby!", he hugs me, "I should have never sent you this way!"
At the same time he threw a blanket over my wet and shaking body.
As if I was his real child he took my face into his hands and looks with to much worry at my face.
"I thought you already died! I will make sure the Savanaclaw Coven and Octavinelle Branch suffer sever consequences!"
I took his hands in mine and put them away.
"First of all: I'm fine.
Second: It was all the beastmen guys fault.
Third: The twins brought me back to safety."
Speaking of the devil, both of them just appeared and that all dried up.

"Apologizes for our...rough drive. We tried our best to go as fast as possible.", Jade excused himself.
As Crewel was about to go feral on Jade, his brother Floyd jumped in.
"Shrimpy saved our lives Mister! They-"
"Wait, you saved their lives?"
"Yeah? They got entangled in a fishnet and I helped them get out! That is the reason why I'm all soaked in water."
A small puddle formed itself under myself and the cooldnes became worse and worse.

Azul then approached us with a nervous smile.
Shifting his hands constantly.
"May I say something?"
Before I could say anything I got pushed aside and Crewel took the lead.

"On the next meeting, I will make sure to give out a proper punishment for the actual culprit. The one who is truly responsible for the state of my child!"
If I could I would die on the spot.
This was so freaking embarrassing.
As we turned around to enter the car, Crewel stopped to look back at Azul.
"Oh, I wanted to say this too. I expected more out of you, Ashengrotto. Ecspecially, after you praised your security that much."

We entered the car and some assistant wrapped a warm blanket around my feet.
I tried to say something but Crewel shushed me.
"Shush, my child. I will take care of this while you rest in a special place I prepared for you."

He took the light purple box out of my hands and put it aside for now.

And with a special place he really said:
Let me give you a Greenhouse so you can chill.

And here I am.
Chilling in the overgrown Greenhouse.
In several layer of clothes, blankets and a cup of warm tea in my hand.
Crewel officially forbid me to go out without an assistant or himself.
Fearing I might get lost, out on the sea, again.
I even told him about the Heartslabyul event and he almost went feral.
I believe that on the next meeting some groups will die.
But nonetheless, I have a personal grudge against Leona and no one can take it from me.

[3 days later]

As I was watering the flowers in the greenhouse, Crewel approached me.
A soft pat on my shoulder makes me turn around towards him.
"Sweety? Can you help me out for a short time?"
I raise my eyebrow and he immediately adds something on.
"NOT with anything considering the mafias!
I know you like your greenhouse a lot but could you make some tea and sweets?
I soon have a meeting with the groups and I would like to start of... sweet."

He grins and so do I.
"Very well. But I won't do special orders. Basic tea and sweets."
Crewel nods and soon leaves to prepare himself.

After having prepared everything I put all of it on a small tray and push it towards the conference room.
Just alone from the outside I could hear the bickering.
With one knock I announce myself and enter the room.
"Gentlemen, here is the tea-"
As soon as I enter the room all shut up.
But as I spot the beastman I power walk towards him and slap him.

A wide array of 'oooh' is heard.

A guy with blonde hair and a crown on his head snickers and makes a small comment.
"I guess you don't deserve that like always, right Kingscholar?"
He looks at his nails and keeps his head high, like a queen.
Leona on the other hand holds his now red cheek and growls towards the blonde man.
"Nope, deserved that...", he mumbles.
"Oh? The prideful lion admits fault? What a day to be alive."
But I ignored him and started to yell at Leona.

"You almost drowned me!", I accuse him.
"ALMOST! Without the actual intend!", he defends himself.
"YOU sunk a SHIP! And I almost froze to death out on the sea! Because you almost made the rescue boat turn!"
"I will compensate you! With-"
"With something big and good!", Ruggie butts in.
"-with something big and good!", he repeats, "Wait a minute..."
"Good! Now shut your trap and drink this damn tea!"
Never in my life have I slammed a teacup so hard infront of somebody.
And lo and behold he is quiet.


The strong and merciless lion bestman sucks down his pride because he made a, not known to everybody, magicless human angry.

Angry and annoyed I pour everyone a cup of tea and put a stand with sugar and milk in the middle of the table.
The same with the sweets.
All onto the middle.
The different leaders talked all the while through.

It was the guy with the crown to speak first.
"As planned I went into contact with a RSA member. To be precise it was Le blanche, my personal rival in the celebrity world nonetheless.", he makes a noice of disguest, as if he couldn't stand talking to that person at all. "While Vil went into direct contact I gathered as much information on him as possible.", stated a blue...haired guy? Are those flames?
"Very well, Shroud and Schoenheit. How is the financial state, Al-Asim and Roseheart?"
Riddle and a white haired boy respond positive.
It seem Riddle keeps track of the money while the boy, named Kalim, has a lot of money to spare due to his high status.
"How is the trade, Ashengrotto?"
"All under control."
Last but not least Crewel turns towards Leona and a...dragon guy???
"Your highness Kingscholar and your highness Draconia, may you tell us about the military state?"
With a bit of spite he said Leonas name.
But all normal when it comes to the other dude.
Leona just waved it off but Draconia takes a sip of the tea, all while glancing towards me.
And I don't feel comfy while that happened.
"The military situation is all under control. No one would dare to go against two royal houses, no, two kingdoms. Not even the infamouse RSA.", the dragon dude responded.                                             
"Very well, Gentlemen. As our state right now is practically perfect I would like to change the topic to something more...personal.", I could feel how tense Azul and Leona went.

But Riddle was not prepared for his storm. The others just glanced up in curiosity.

"I know it has nothing to do with our business or the city but I have to adress some...accidents in which my dear MC was involved."                                                                                                                       
I tried to stay in a corner and not get anymore attention onto me then I already had but Crewel had to ruin my plans. And so everyone looked at me again.

Crewel signalled me to stand by his side and so I did.                                                                               
"My dear, would you like to introduce yourself properly to the others?"

"If I have to...", I sigh and straight my posture.                                                                                           
"First of all, Greetings. I'm MC and I'm...", I look over to Crewel and he just nods, " Mr.Crewels adopted child and I really don't want to he involved into anything you do but here I am." Some snicker or chuckles but some keep quite.

"Thank you, MC. Could you please the tell us how you got involved with some of them?"

I could see Azul shrinking in his mind and Leona just staring into his tea.

"Well, I first got robbed of my Dalmatian Pendant by a Heartslabyul trainee.                                 
Second, I almost drowned on a boat because a bestman decided to attack said ship.                       
And third, I just delivered a package to the Octavinelle Branch and they actually saved most of my drenched ass."

Riddle seemed shocked that I revealed it and Leona just didn't cared anymore.

"Mr.Divus I can ensure you that-"

"Nothing to worry, Roseheart. I know how hard you punish those who go against the rules, so I can imagine that the punishment was tribute enough to get you back into our previous graces. Plus the act was done by some random new trainees. But Kingscholar doesn't seem to show any remorse and he was mainly responsible for the "drenched" state my dear child was in. So I will need to do something with you, Mr.Kingscholar. Any suggestions?"

He points with his...stick thing towards the lion and he therefore looks up.                               
"Mr.Divus may I suggest something?"                                                                                                       

"What is it Schoenheit?"                                                                                                                           
From their one conversation I could tell that they are not that good acquaintances. So before he could to something malicious I stepped in again.

"He could-"                                                                                                                                                     




I look between Crewel and Vil and Leona all the time until Crewel talks again.                         
"But...isn't that too nice...?"

"I have problems with getting some roots out and...Leona...seems strong and...I mean...", I try to say something but Vil proceeds to talk.

"This man is already lazy enough and won't do even his own work so working in a garden AND just having to actively move without falling asleep will be punishment enough."                                             
A collective consent was given with only Leona crunching his teeth but not saying anything against it.

"Mh...very well, Schoenheit. Kingscholar starting tomorrow you will help my dear MC in their Wintergarden till they do not need your help anymore.                                                                             
And if you dare to quit fast or just dissapear, stop working in the middle of it or something like that I will maybe use one of my unused randomised magical potions."                                                                 
Once he mentioned this sort if potion everyone just stared with wide eyes at Crewel.                           
It seemed it's something terrible.

"Do I need to know some context for that sort of potion or...?"                                                               
"The only thing you need to know is that Leona is at your disposal for as long as you need help in the garden."                                                                                                                                                           

"So, Kingscholar. Any questions?"                                                                                                                   
He crunches his teeth and his eye twitches.                                                                                      "Everything is fine.", he said probably rather to himself.

First meeting I ever attended is now done.