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A Twisted Mafia Tale

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I was still baffled by this stupid plan of the beastmen, who decided to do...all of this!
He thought he could steal this ship, with all of it's belongings, including the most valuable, sacred gems to exist.
But here we are, in a small boat, trying to find land.
During my stay on the boat, it moved out and was pretty far away from the shore, but the lion made the situation worse.

"What made you think you could succeed? Besides, you know to who I belong to! If we can clear this quick and easy then I will forget what happened, ok?"
A low growl was heard from my partner on this boat.
Instead of answering, he side-eyes the water and so did I.

Something is moving in the water and that in a very coordinated way.
"There is no fucking way...", the lion mumbles.
Out of nowhere he tries to grab, whatever that is, in the water and makes the boat shake violently.
I grab onto the boat and try to balance it out but the entity in the water decides to show itself.

Two greenish, turquoise hands with wet skin inbetween the fingers grab the boat.
The creature heaves itself up the boat and a known head appaers.
"Shrimpy! I'm here to safe you from the big beast!", a cheerful voice exclaims.
"Floyd?? What is happening?!"
"Is something Shrimpy? Oh, right! You never saw a merman probably!~"
He then tries to climb into the boat, making everything shake and almost turn over.
But somebody yanks him back into the water.
"What is going on....?"
"These merfuckers are going on."
"Shut up, Leona."

Before we could start to bicker a light purple box is held inbetween us.
"Fufufufu~ I suppose the previous box is now gone, so we tried to replace it."
Now it's Jade head that pops out of the water.
He holds a new and fresher looking box in his suprisingly dry hands.
"If you wish so, we can bring you back to the port."
Floyd appaers with another small rescue boat out of nowhere and gives two light pats to the side.
All while grinning like a madman.

"You really think the herbivor will move with you- hey! HEY!"
As he was talking, I moved onto the other boat and turned my back towards him.
"This is not fair, Herbivore!"
I stick out my tounge like a little child and imitate what he said previously.
"To bad I don't play fair,  Le o n a."
Floyd started to swim and pushed the boat right towards the direction where probably the shore was.

Leonas screams and cursing soon faded out and only the water and the twins fast swimming could be heard.
That is until both of them stopped.
I turn towards the first twin I spot and watch them curiously.
"Did something happen?"
The more calmer twin wiggles around in the water and tries to get rid of something...?
"Naaaa, Jadeeeee?~ Is something wrong?"
Floyd moves towards his brother but get's entangeld into something himself.
"It appears that we are caught up in a fishnet."
Ah, yes.
The only weakness of strong merman.
A fishnet.
I could let them wiggle themselves out, but I wouldn't be able to get back fast.
So I either get wet or wait till maybe night time.

'I guess I'm gonna help.'
I put the box down and the far to expensive looking coat.
Shoes and socks went down too and a small knife in my hand.
"You two, stopp wiggling around!"
I balanced out of the boat, into the cold water and shivered.
'It's fucking cold! How the hell do they live in the water!?'
As I swam over, the twins stopped and stayed calm.
"Shrimpy is going to help us? Does Shrimpy want a favor? Or us dead? "
"Shut up and don't move."
With a quick hand, I cut the net up to the point where both of them can free themselves on their own.
I try to get back onto the boat, but fail miserably.
"How the fuck do l get up?"
A slick hand grabs my hip and pushes me up.
"Are you fine?", Jade asks.
"Yes, yes just I'm freezing!"
In a very unelegant way, I land on the boat and throw my coat over myself.

"Shrimpy! My knight in shining armor!"
Floyd tries to hug me but Jade holds him back.

"Floyd, we should bring our friend back. After all, they are no merperson."
Floyd went to the back of the boat and starts to push it with immense power.
"Time to bring shrimy back home!"
Faster than thunder we soon arrive at the port.

[Back at the port]

From afar I could see the monochrom man, arguing with Azul.
One assistant stands there with blankets and more.

"If my baby is out on the sea, all alone, I will personally put down the Octavinelle branch!"
"Mr. Crewel, don't worry! I'm sure my two assistants found- Ah! There they are!"
Arriving in the port, I get out of the boat and Crewel comes running towards me in a second.

"My baby!", he hugs me, "I should have never sent you this way!"
At the same time he threw a blanket over my wet and shaking body.
As if I was his real child he took my face into his hands and looks with to much worry at my face.
"I thought you already died! I will make sure the Savanaclaw Coven and Octavinelle Branch suffer sever consequences!"
I took his hands in mine and put them away.
"First of all: I'm fine.
Second: It was all the beastmen guys fault.
Third: The twins brought me back to safety."
Speaking of the devil, both of them just appeared and that all dried up.

"Apologizes for our...rough drive. We tried our best to go as fast as possible.", Jade excused himself.
As Crewel was about to go feral on Jade, his brother Floyd jumped in.
"Shrimpy saved our lives Mister! They-"
"Wait, you saved their lives?"
"Yeah? They got entangled in a fishnet and I helped them get out! That is the reason why I'm all soaked in water."
A small puddle formed itself under myself and the cooldnes became worse and worse.

Azul then approached us with a nervous smile.
Shifting his hands constantly.
"May I say something?"
Before I could say anything I got pushed aside and Crewel took the lead.

"On the next meeting, I will make sure to give out a proper punishment for the actual culprit. The one who is truly responsible for the state of my child!"
If I could I would die on the spot.
This was so freaking embarrassing.
As we turned around to enter the car, Crewel stopped to look back at Azul.
"Oh, I wanted to say this too. I expected more out of you, Ashengrotto. Ecspecially, after you praised your security that much."

We entered the car and some assistant wrapped a warm blanket around my feet.
I tried to say something but Crewel shushed me.
"Shush, my child. I will take care of this while you rest in a special place I prepared for you."

He took the light purple box out of my hands and put it aside for now.

And with a special place he really said:
Let me give you a Greenhouse so you can chill.

And here I am.
Chilling in the overgrown Greenhouse.
In several layer of clothes, blankets and a cup of warm tea in my hand.
Crewel officially forbid me to go out without an assistant or himself.
Fearing I might get lost, out on the sea, again.
I even told him about the Heartslabyul event and he almost went feral.
I believe that on the next meeting some groups will die.
But nonetheless, I have a personal grudge against Leona and no one can take it from me.

[3 days later]

As I was watering the flowers in the greenhouse, Crewel approached me.
A soft pat on my shoulder makes me turn around towards him.
"Sweety? Can you help me out for a short time?"
I raise my eyebrow and he immediately adds something on.
"NOT with anything considering the mafias!
I know you like your greenhouse a lot but could you make some tea and sweets?
I soon have a meeting with the groups and I would like to start of... sweet."

He grins and so do I.
"Very well. But I won't do special orders. Basic tea and sweets."
Crewel nods and soon leaves to prepare himself.

After having prepared everything I put all of it on a small tray and push it towards the conference room.
Just alone from the outside I could hear the bickering.
With one knock I announce myself and enter the room.
"Gentlemen, here is the tea-"
As soon as I enter the room all shut up.
But as I spot the beastman I power walk towards him and slap him.

A wide array of 'oooh' is heard.

A guy with blonde hair and a crown on his head snickers and makes a small comment.
"I guess you don't deserve that like always, right Kingscholar?"
He looks at his nails and keeps his head high, like a queen.
Leona on the other hand holds his now red cheek and growls towards the blonde man.
"Nope, deserved that...", he mumbles.
"Oh? The prideful lion admits fault? What a day to be alive."
But I ignored him and started to yell at Leona.

"You almost drowned me!", I accuse him.
"ALMOST! Without the actual intend!", he defends himself.
"YOU sunk a SHIP! And I almost froze to death out on the sea! Because you almost made the rescue boat turn!"
"I will compensate you! With-"
"With something big and good!", Ruggie butts in.
"-with something big and good!", he repeats, "Wait a minute..."
"Good! Now shut your trap and drink this damn tea!"
Never in my life have I slammed a teacup so hard infront of somebody.
And lo and behold he is quiet.


The strong and merciless lion bestman sucks down his pride because he made a, not known to everybody, magicless human angry.

Angry and annoyed I pour everyone a cup of tea and put a stand with sugar and milk in the middle of the table.
The same with the sweets.
All onto the middle.
The different leaders talked all the while through.

It was the guy with the crown to speak first.
"As planned I went into contact with a RSA member. To be precise it was Le blanche, my personal rival in the celebrity world nonetheless.", he makes a noice of disguest, as if he couldn't stand talking to that person at all. "While Vil went into direct contact I gathered as much information on him as possible.", stated a blue...haired guy? Are those flames?
"Very well, Shroud and Schoenheit. How is the financial state, Al-Asim and Roseheart?"
Riddle and a white haired boy respond positive.
It seem Riddle keeps track of the money while the boy, named Kalim, has a lot of money to spare due to his high status.
"How is the trade, Ashengrotto?"
"All under control."
Last but not least Crewel turns towards Leona and a...dragon guy???
"Your highness Kingscholar and your highness Draconia, may you tell us about the military state?"
With a bit of spite he said Leonas name.
But all normal when it comes to the other dude.
Leona just waved it off but Draconia takes a sip of the tea, all while glancing towards me.
And I don't feel comfy while that happened.
"The military situation is all under control. No one would dare to go against two royal houses, no, two kingdoms. Not even the infamouse RSA.", the dragon dude responded.                                             
"Very well, Gentlemen. As our state right now is practically perfect I would like to change the topic to something more...personal.", I could feel how tense Azul and Leona went.

But Riddle was not prepared for his storm. The others just glanced up in curiosity.

"I know it has nothing to do with our business or the city but I have to adress some...accidents in which my dear MC was involved."                                                                                                                       
I tried to stay in a corner and not get anymore attention onto me then I already had but Crewel had to ruin my plans. And so everyone looked at me again.

Crewel signalled me to stand by his side and so I did.                                                                               
"My dear, would you like to introduce yourself properly to the others?"

"If I have to...", I sigh and straight my posture.                                                                                           
"First of all, Greetings. I'm MC and I'm...", I look over to Crewel and he just nods, " Mr.Crewels adopted child and I really don't want to he involved into anything you do but here I am." Some snicker or chuckles but some keep quite.

"Thank you, MC. Could you please the tell us how you got involved with some of them?"

I could see Azul shrinking in his mind and Leona just staring into his tea.

"Well, I first got robbed of my Dalmatian Pendant by a Heartslabyul trainee.                                 
Second, I almost drowned on a boat because a bestman decided to attack said ship.                       
And third, I just delivered a package to the Octavinelle Branch and they actually saved most of my drenched ass."

Riddle seemed shocked that I revealed it and Leona just didn't cared anymore.

"Mr.Divus I can ensure you that-"

"Nothing to worry, Roseheart. I know how hard you punish those who go against the rules, so I can imagine that the punishment was tribute enough to get you back into our previous graces. Plus the act was done by some random new trainees. But Kingscholar doesn't seem to show any remorse and he was mainly responsible for the "drenched" state my dear child was in. So I will need to do something with you, Mr.Kingscholar. Any suggestions?"

He points with his...stick thing towards the lion and he therefore looks up.                               
"Mr.Divus may I suggest something?"                                                                                                       

"What is it Schoenheit?"                                                                                                                           
From their one conversation I could tell that they are not that good acquaintances. So before he could to something malicious I stepped in again.

"He could-"                                                                                                                                                     




I look between Crewel and Vil and Leona all the time until Crewel talks again.                         
"But...isn't that too nice...?"

"I have problems with getting some roots out and...Leona...seems strong and...I mean...", I try to say something but Vil proceeds to talk.

"This man is already lazy enough and won't do even his own work so working in a garden AND just having to actively move without falling asleep will be punishment enough."                                             
A collective consent was given with only Leona crunching his teeth but not saying anything against it.

"Mh...very well, Schoenheit. Kingscholar starting tomorrow you will help my dear MC in their Wintergarden till they do not need your help anymore.                                                                             
And if you dare to quit fast or just dissapear, stop working in the middle of it or something like that I will maybe use one of my unused randomised magical potions."                                                                 
Once he mentioned this sort if potion everyone just stared with wide eyes at Crewel.                           
It seemed it's something terrible.

"Do I need to know some context for that sort of potion or...?"                                                               
"The only thing you need to know is that Leona is at your disposal for as long as you need help in the garden."                                                                                                                                                           

"So, Kingscholar. Any questions?"                                                                                                                   
He crunches his teeth and his eye twitches.                                                                                      "Everything is fine.", he said probably rather to himself.

First meeting I ever attended is now done.