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A Twisted Mafia Tale

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Crewel was baffled by my words but then starts to laugh.
"Oh, darling! What a story!"
He kept on laughing till he somehow calmed down.
Afterwards he wiped away an imaginary tear and then walked towards me.
I was scared nonetheless and was ready to pass out but when he put his hands on my shoulders I shrieked up.
"Darling, it's alright. Maybe that way you will be even more safer than just having a small pendant."
I chuckle slightly and just nod.
"Yeah, maybe... that way..."

He quickly went back to the dogs and left me standing.
So I went to my room and only left for food this day.

[Next day]

I actually expected to be able to wake up and have all the time I need for my morning routine.
It seems Crewel had other plans.

Somebody was violently shaking me.
And I mean really violently.
My eyes shoot open but I'm still a bit dazed.

"Wha...what is...", I try to say.
"No time to talk!", Crewel shouts towards me.
He throws several clothing pieces at me and afterwards pushes the prepared food into my mouth, while I'm dressing up.
"I know it's only your second day but listen to me! You need to run one errand for me and that includes bringing a package to the Octavinelle Branch! I know it's only the second day but you need to work too! Besides rather meet now the different groups than later!"
After the food was pushed into me he starts to do my hair.
"And remember: No fighting! Unless someone tries to fight you then kick their ass!"
With my half working brain I try to take in the information and say something,
"But I don't wanna kick their ass- OWW!"
He pinched my face and shuts me up.
"No back talking! Now let me see your angry face!"

I try to growl, I guess?
But he just looks disappointed at me.
"Come on! Angrier!"
Now being woken up and a bit pissed I almost clash heads with him.
He grins and pushes me outside with a box put into my hands.
"That's my kid! Now go to the port and lick some ass!"
"The expression is to kick some ass."
"That's basically the same, besides I'm an old man so don't mind me not keeping up with your young language."
"Yeah...ok...", I quietly respond and put on my fancy ass black coat.
I look like a kingsman agent in a fancy suit on my way to the stinky port of this city.
But who cares, right?

[At the port]

It stinks, it's loud and I don't know for who this package is.
Crewel told my to get on the MS Lucktopus, because the....boss?
The boss of that mafia owns the ship.
Besides I should never open the package.
But I would never do that.

As I was standing at this port a tall person approached me.
He was probably 2m tall and his this turquoise hair with one black hair strand hanging from my right side.
He wore a black suit, a fedora hat and some black leather shoes.
With a far to creepy smile and a mouth full of manners he bowed and held his arm out.
"I assume you are Mr. Divus assistant, aren't you?"
I lock my arms with his and he proceeds to take me to the ship.
"Well, yes. I am. And you must be apart of the..."
He just chuckles and proceeds to smile towards me.
"Do not worry, dear MC. The entire port belongs to the Octavinelle Branch, so no need to feel alarmed by the mere workers."
I just smile back and we proceed to enter the ship.
"So what is your name? Or is that a secret?"
Again he chuckles and puts one hand on his chin.
"You sure are a funny person, MC. But it is rude to not introduce myself so as a proper introduction."
He now stands infront of me and makes a bow.
"I'm Jade Leech and the right hand man from our boss Azul Ashengrotto. As a warning do not confuse me and my twin brother Floy Leech.", he looks directly at me with his wide grin, which teeth!?
I smile and stutter a small "sure" out.
"Very well, I shall then inform my boss. Until then feel free to explore the outside of the ship or the different refreshments."
Jade turns around and leaves to a far away stair case to the upper stages.

If I knew that I was moments away from meeting the beastmen of this world I would have delivered the package and left.

Anyway I went straight to deck and and was quite amazed and unsurprised.
Whoever this Azul was, he definitly loved seeing people gamble and strip them off their all belongings.
I saw a lot of the probably 'common' people from this city and ho boy.
It's only 11 in the morning.

The ship was very luxurious.
On the inside was a big casino combined with a bar.
Everything was in this violet, black jazz like style with a big aquarium which inhibited different species of fishes.
The sofas and bar chairs were probably made out of real leather but why not try it out?

I sit down on one of the sofas and a very identical looking 'Jade' appears infront of me.
"Hellooooooo!~ Are you the assistant form Ishidai-sama??"
With no regards for personal space he sits down beside me and grabs my pendant to look better at it, pulling me towards him.
"Yes, you are!~"
I push him away from me and keep the box close to myself.
"So you are Jade-sans handful brother, are you?"
I keep my arms steady around the box and pull myself away from him.
He truly is the opposite of his brother.

The guy laughs and throws one arm around me.
"Haaaai!~I'am Floyd Leech! Does Shrimpy need anything?"
"Yes! You remind me of a shrimp! So small and easy to catch!"
I slowly slide away but Floyd follows straight away.
The moment I wanted to say something another voice interrupts me.
"Floyd, could you please leave this poor soul alone? You are scaring them."
"Sure, Azul-san!", and Floyd jumps away.

Another person in a fancy suit and with a fedora hat as well stands infront of my booth.
He just had a coat thrown over himself and had some sort of a golden, purple brooch on himself, which was a bit scratched.
Probably the symbol for being the boss.

"Please accept my apologise for Floyds behaviour. He is quite...jumpy around new people he spots."
I slowly sit back normal and place the box now normally on the table.
"It's alright. Just never invade my personal space like that ever again."
He swiftly takes of his hat and bows down, while holding it to his chest.
"Do not worry, MC. It shall never happen again."
Azul straightens himself and holds out his arm.
"Now shall we take the conversation to my private office?"
"Y-yeah... sure..."
As I take his arm I somehow balance the box in my other hand.

Arriving in his office Azul walks behind his desk, while I sit infront of it in the worlds comfiest chair ever.
"Now for the trade.", he says.
"Yes! The trade!", l immediately place the box infront of him and get another one in return.
As I pick up the new-given-box and make myself ready to leave until Azul stops me.
"You don't wanna know what's in the box? What if I scam you?"
"If it's a scam than it's not any but Crewels problem. I just play deliveryman."
He chuckles and casually opens the box.
As I almost open the door out of his office he starts to talk.
"Ah, Mr.Divus really knows his work. Now my brooch will shine like in the past and no one will suspect a thing."
I turn around and see Azul, who holds a new brooch, which is basically his old one but new.

"Wait so I just delivered a brooch?"
Azul gasps and looks with a face of disbelieve at me.
"This is not just 'a brooch'! It's a status symbol! Every leader of the 7 different mafia groups has one, and I mean the one which are in the NRC Bond."
"Yeah yeah and it represents the original leader probably too, right?"
"Actually, yes."
Well that was a surprise.

"Anyway, in the box is the payment and-"
Something exploded on the ship and it started to shake violently.
I grabbed hold onto the door and tried to keep the box steady.
But as my luck is non-existent another explosion happened again and this time the door fell out of the hinges and so did I.

I crashed into the ground and held onto my back until I saw a pair of shoes infront of me.
"What is a Dalmatian member Herbivore doing here?", the unknown person snorts and takes the box into his own hands, "Anyway I shall take this and probably you with me."
As this person was about to reach out for me Azul gives out a sound and stops the unknown man.
"What do you think you are doing, Kingscholar?! Do you have any idea how your selfish actions affect the bond?"
"Well, after you stole my Coves precious magic stones for whatever you needed it was just a matter of time before I would get my revenge."
"I didn't stole them, I borrowed them!"
"Then it seems I'm gonna borrow your ship!"
A hand takes mine and pulls me after himself.
Azul shouts something, but another explosion is heard somewhere else on the ship and makes Azuls words unhearable.

As we walk to the deck I rip myself off and face infront of me.
"What is this!? I just delivered a fucking brooch and need to return to Crewel! Can you just...not do what you are doing?!", I confront the stranger.
"Well to bad I'm not a nice person and don't believe the shit you said. So, be a good Herbivore and listen to what the mighty lion beastmen, meaning me, has to say.", he responds.
With a small pat on my head he pushes me towards a different member of his group who had a very close resembles to a hyena.
"If this would have been a fair fight, I would have beaten your ass!", I about towards the leaving lion.
But he had the audacity to give a cocky answer back.
"Too bad I don't fight fair, herbivore!"
I groan and sit into the booth.

The ship starts to move out, eventhough it's pretty damaged, but I guess it's only the looks that are damaged.
"This is madness...", I mumble quietly.
But the hyena boy seemed to have heard that.
"Or it's brilliance if all goes according to plan!", he excitedly responds.
I turn my head towards him and the hyena man just grins.
"Hi! Ruggie here! Right hand man of Leona Kingscholar! The person you would probably call a jerk right now."
He chuckles and before I could answer anything he proceeds to talk.
"We will just gonna take over the ship and clear some deeds with the Octo boys!"
Yeah, just gonna clear it.

[Seconds later]

So, Leona and I sit on a life saving boat, in the middle of the sea and a half crashed, giant, luxurious, gamble ship behind us.

It was a very awkward silence until I had to break it.
"So...", I start.
Leona just holds his hands infront of his face with a 'Just kill me'-face.
"How did you think this was a good idea, huh? Taking over a ship full of mermans and not thinking they can like, i dont know, escape into the water!?"

This is going to be a trip.