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A Twisted Mafia Tale

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I thought it was a dream and all.
A straight up Mafia tale out of the book.
But once I felt the heavenly good mattress I remembered the hole I am in.

I stand up and see a sort of basic black uniform on a chair.
You know these uniforms, where people wear a white blouse and vest and stuff?
That is that thing.
I even got some fancy gloves, eventhough I will sooner or later yeet them into a different universe.

After dressing myself up I walk out of my room and see Crewel leaving his own room.
Once he sees me he gives me a small smile.
"Awww! Aren't you a cute one? I knew this set would fit you."
He moves his...stick in a slow circular motion infront of me, as if to catch every little detail.
I make a small spin and give him a small smile.
"Thanks, man. Appreciated."

He turns around and makes me follow him into his own design room.
Taking off his coat, he starts to fiddle on one of these Mannequins with some fancy piece of clothing.

I keep my distance to him and probably everything in this room.
"So...what do you need?", I ask.
"Nothing big, you know. I want you to take my dogs out, on a walk."
"And that's it?"
"Well, darling, I want you to understand the city and during the day it's less... dangerous than during the night."
I squint my eyes at him while he casually sews a piece together.
"Less dangerous...?"
"Yes, less dangerous. Now go downstairs and meet one of my assistants. And don't worry about your safety, my dogs are capable of protecting you."
He turns around and gives me a reassuring smile.

'We...will see...I guess.'
I just smile back and wave at him, while slowly retreating towards the door.
But before I could open the door Crewel tells my one last thing.
"Oh, sweety?"
"Be very cautious, ok? You may wear the pendant of my house but that doesn't mean that everybody will hold back."
I gulp nervously and nod.
He then turns around and starts to work on whatever he was doing again.

I quickly leave to get the dogs, who are three dalmatians, and pack myself up.
It's fall right now and quite cold to be honest
But the dogs are quite excited to get out.

During the day the city is not that menacing looking like during the night but I understand why Crewel said to be cautious.
There are to many thight passages and alleys, with enough shady figures in them.
Some tried to approach me but after they saw the dalmatians, which too had the pendant from Crewel around their collars, they retreated immeaditly.

But it seems someone was to full of himself and ignored the pendant

A red-haired person bumbed into me and even had the audacity to not apologize, plus he stole something from me.
I turn around and try to grab the boy but he started to run away.
And very fast.
"Stop right there!"
The moment I start to run after the boy the dogs growl and bark loud, running after the person too.
It was a long chase and for a moment we lost him but the dogs quickly found him.

After a 5 minute run and 5 minute search I find him with another boy who has a....spade on his cheek?

"Look, man! I got a Dalmatian pendant! That way no one will even touch us!", exclaimed the red head full of excitement.
"I don't know. It's quite rare and valuable, isn't it? If someone catches us who is in contact with Mr. Crewel we are in big trouble.", the spade boy voices his worries.
"Well I belong to Divus Crewel group and YOU stole MY pendant!"
The dogs stand in a protective stand infront of me, growling but never really attacking them.

After hearing my voice, both of the them shriek up and turn around quickly.
Upon seeing the dogs they freeze in place but the red one act to full of himself.
The spade boy put his hands up but the red one crosses his arms.
"If you would belong to Mr. Crewel you would be way more of a professional! Besides this pendant is to precious for someone like you! Better take it and keep it before harm befalls you - AH!"
All of a sudden the red boy gets grabbed by his hair and put into a bowing position.

"I'm very sorry for this inconvience, stranger. I sincerely hope you can keep an eye closed for this young man. He is still in training.", a calm voice asks.
After looking at the new stranger I see that he has green hair and a green clover on his cheek.
Did I forgot to mention that the red boy had a heart on his cheek?
Taken a bit back I just pull the dogs closer to me and first calm them down.
Since the situation is now under control the dalmatians sit down and keep a close eye on the group in front of me.

"Uhm...stranger? May I get am answer?", the tall man asks again.
I snap out of my head and try to keep a neutral expression.
"O-only if I get my pendant back."
"Oh, sure sure. Ace? Give the pendant back."
The red head Ace goes towards me and holds the emblem towards me.
"Here. Take it.", he repeats with a grumpy expression.
"Yeah...thanks...", I take the pendant and put it back were it was.

Ace then stomps back and starts to talk to the, how I heard, Deuce.
"Almost had it..."
"Man, we shouldn't cause more troubles...if Riddle finds out we almost destroyed the hard earned bond with Mr.Crewel it's off with out heads..."
I sigh and start to pet the dogs for comfort.
'I need a break...again...'

But then 'Trey' approached me.
"I'm sorry for all this trouble, stranger. Before I propose my idea may I know your name?"
I look up and stand up quickly.
"Y-yeah! I'm MC! Pleased to meet you."
I hold my hands towards him and he takes it.
"Nice to meet you too, MC. I'm Trey Clover and behind me are Deuce Spade and Ace Trappola, the one who stole your pendant."
"Don't remember me for that!"
"Anyway to my idea."
He takes away his hand and puts his glasses in place, smiling a bit but it's no genuine smile.
"As an apology I would like to invite you to a local cakery! It's very famous for their strawberry tarts, which I would assume be something you could eat."
'A cakery!? Sweets!?'
I almost started to drool but quickly stopped myself.
"Why not? But you are going to pay!"
He chuckles slightly and starts to walk forward.
"Don't worry. Nobody will need to pay anything. I think you know that this exact place belongs to the Heartslabyul Manor."

The Heartslabyul Manor?
Oh, right! It's one of the big Mafia groups around here.
I only heard trough the radio that it's a Fruit Manor which produces it's own freshly baked cakes and what not in the cakery afterwards.
Meaning not everyone is aware it's a mafia or they just ignore the fact for their own good.
"Then let's go."

On the way to the cakery several people look at us but just keep silent.
Ace and Deuce walk behind like guards and Trey tells me everything about all the different cakes and how he is the one who mostly makes them.
And all of that sounds damn delicious.

After finally arriving the dogs are taken by a different servant to a rest area while I get to sit at a premium table.
A bit far away and shut away with the help of walls.
The entire cakery is in a red/white colour scheme with small golden and black accents.

Trey vanishes to prepare the tart while the spade boy brings me a cup of [warm drink].
"Thank you, Deuce."
He slightly flinches but tries to give me a smile.
"N-no problem! And sorry for what happened! I tried to hold that idiot back but he did what he wanted!"
He bowed far to many times but then just vanished.

But if I would have known who would enter after me I would have declined Treys invitation instantly.
Because someone spilled the beans about Aces and Deuces doings.

"I can expla-"
"Roseheart-sama please, he wasn't-"

Screaming and arguing was heard all over the place.
After this Roseheart calmed down, I could only catch a glimpse of the duo running into the kitchen.
And the next moment, said Roseheart, sat infront of me.

"Greetings, stranger. My name is Riddle Roseheart, chef of the Heartlabyul Manor. I would like to apologize on behalf of those incompetent idiots for their assault on you."
That's one grumpy boy.

A perfect posture, a strict and neutral face and well manners.
Who put the stick that high up his ass.

Trey shortly comes in to put serve each of us a piece of tart but vanishes quickly.
I straighten myself and put on a fake smile.
"It's ok. They probably didn't saw the dogs and then just...did what they did. I mean, they are still in training how I heard."
I try to keep the situation as calm as possible and save the other two ones.
With such a boss I would hope for a bit of mercy.

The red head coughs into his fist and looks me straight into the eyes.
"But such behaviour should not be condoned. The Heartslabyul Manor is very strict with rules and they broke several important ones. I will make sure they are properly punished-"
"How about they just...serve me for a bit? They offended me so now they have to listen to me?"
I can only imagine what sort of punishment he has in plan.
But these boys did not do that much wrong.
Hopefully that can be a soft punishment for them.

Riddle thinks a bit but then nods his head.
"Very well, then it shall be that way. I hope our relationship is still in good hands, if you understand."
"Of course. Such minor things can't offend me that much, just make me angry."
He chuckles a bit and then leans a bit forward.
"You are very interesting..."
"...MC. I haven't met such a...merciful member of the Dalmatian group in a long time."
He stands up and turns around.
"Sadly, I must leave. I still have other meetings to attend to. But I hope that we can stay in good contact, MC."
Before he leaves he gives me a buisness card and leaves  the private area afterwards. After he was gone the duo practically smashed themselves onto the free chair.

"Thank you so much!", Deuce screamed.
"You just saved our asses from near death experiences!", Ace explains.
I blink several time in confusion and look at these two.
"Wait...near death?"
That is when Trey entered the area.
"Yeah. Riddle is very strict with the rules and offending a member of the Dalmatian group or something similar is almost equal to a death sentence."
I take my last bite of the tart and turn towards Trey.
"So, why did he listen to my idea? Shouldn't he process with his own rules?"
Trey now sits down beside me with a piece of paper and start to draw some sort of hierarchy pyramid.

"Well you see, the Dalmatian group stands pretty much at the top due to their neutrality. Without them, we could have never formed the NRC Bond because every meeting would have ended in a fight. So, all the other mafia groups, who are in this bond, listen to mostly what the Dalmatian say plus, thanks to Crewel, we are able to keep the city under our control and not lose it to the RSA."
Before I could ask my questions Ace bumbs in with his own one.
"Wait. Why don't you know this? Are you like, new yourself?"
Now all three of them look at me, which resulted in me becoming nervous.
The panic rises and out of nowhere I blurt the most inconvience lie ever out.

"Are you an in training like us-"
"You must be shitting me - OWWW!"
Deuce smacks Ace on the back of his head and silences him that way.
But Trey isn't that easily convinced.
"Mr. Crewels child? But he doesn't have a partner. The way you adress him is not that usual to-"
'Fuuuuuck how am I gonna explain this to Crewel!?'
"Oh...that is quite interesting then..."

I'm sweating everything I can out of all the places I can sweat and I hate it.
I quickly stand up and am on my way to get my clothes and the dogs until Trey stops me.
"Sorry, if we made you feel uncomfortable. It's just...very surprising to hear something like that.", he smiles but it's not nice at all.
Then I won't be honest back.
"I just...don't want to be associated with him that much...not like I wanted to be adopted from the start...was like practically a grown up at that point."
"I'm sorry, MC. Hopefully it isn't that bad living with that man."
"If I only need to walk the dogs I'm going to be happy enough."
I put on my stuff and the servant from before gives me the leash for each of the dogs.

"I better get going. Or Crewel is going to arrest the entire city."
'For he probably has enough prove to do that...'
"Sure sure. Come again whenever you want!"
"Hey, MC? What about that serving thing now - OWWW!", this time it was Ace who hit Deuce.
"Dude! We almost got away with that!"
"Oh, yeah right! I want you to help people whenever they need it. I mean, basic help like: helping an elderly lady carry her groceries or bring lost children back to their parents."
"Naha! Never! I'm no goody two shoes! I- OWW!"
Now Trey hit Ace and held Deuce in a deadly looking grip.
"Don't worry, MC. I will monitor them."
I nod at him and leave afterwards the establishment.

Arriving at Crewels place he instantly runs down to see...his dogs and afterwards me.
"Hello, my darling! How are you? Anything special happens today?"
He has this exited face as if I will tell him the story of his life.
'Ok, here goes the fuckery.'
"Well, Crewel...I accidently said you were..."
He raises his eyebrow and leans in closer.
"You said I was...?"
"My dad who adopted me."