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A Twisted Mafia Tale

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No town or city was ever peaceful.
I think that is very well known.
But I guess there are always some oblivious people out there.

Just like my ass.
How it seems.
After having run away from some random...bandits or whatever they were I found myself in the lively streets of And a very fancy dressed man is standing infront of me.
He had somesort of black and white look going on.
With a very big fur-coat he stands all high and mighty infront of me.

Overall this city was very...dark and gloomy.
But at the same time lively and bright.
Like a freaking casino.
People here were dressed either too fancy or extremely poor.
So my middle-class standard look was actually very odd.

I was still standing very quiet.
Not daring to move.
But this man finally decided to talk.

"So, what is a lost puppy like you doing here?"
He still takes in my looks and won't stop circling me.
"I...don't really know. I just appaered here?"
"So teleportation?"
"No! No no no. In my place we don't have that."
"Oh my, from what country side are you?"
"I'm not from the country side!"
"But where else would the people be underdeveloped?"
Oh, he is annoying me.
"Well that's how it is on Earth!", I scream at him, which makes him back away.

He looks at me wide eyed and quickly takes my hand.
"Hey! Stop it! Where are you taking me!?"
The man in white and black just keeps pulling till we arrive at the door steps infront of a very fancy, multi-level building.
"Now now, puppy. This is my home and for your own good..." , he leans in closer, "...don't ever mention the word 'Earth', for your own good."
He stands upright again and smiles.
"Now let's bring you to safety."
Still confused, he opens the door and pulls me in.
Inside is a very fancy entrance hall.
Black and white marble on ground and walls.
There are various golden and red accents on the pillars and decorations, which doesn't let everything look so monochrome.


I look in awe at the fancy decor but fear to ruin the fancy carpet and stay in place.
"Is that so new to you? Puppy?", he chuckles and puts a hand on my shoulder.

I turn around to him and cross my arms infront of me.
"Not everyone can live the way you do!"
He chuckles again and then points with his...pointer...? With a LEASH ON IT!?
Damn, he is going out with his kink.
Anyway back to the topic.

"Anyway puppy, aren't you suspicious why I just approached you so...casually?", he steps closer, "A magicless, little, puppy with no orientation in this world."
'No need to wreck my self esteem that much.'
" I mean I think we both are not dumb and I'm to tired to make a big drama right now but am I here...and What do you mean with magicless?"
He blinks several times before he makes a 'Oh, I remember'-face.

"Well, darling listen..."

"So, you are saying that you summoned me for help but never expected to get someone from a different world?"
"And we are in one of Twisted Wonderland most dangerous cities were 7 different Mafias or whatever exist under the NRC Bond?"
"And there is the RSA Organisation which tries to fight them off? And you are somewhat of a neutral participant who cannot be harmed but if you help you give everyone the equal treatment?"
"Yes, sweety. Any more questions?"
I sit in one these super plush chairs and just...have an inner existential crisis I guess?

I mean, it's not like I have an actual life and stuff but I guess my help in this world is needed.


From the side I glance at, how he called himself, Divus Crewel and turn towards him.
Let's try to find out what my purpose is.

"So, Mister Crewel-"
"Master Crewel."
" said you need my help. For what exactly? Do I need to safe your child from something some world changing matters?"

I mean that is something summoned people do, right?
Heroes, Angels, Demons and people who get isekaid.
Oh, do I get my own harem?

Mister Crewel just laughs and pets my head shortly after.
"Ohoho, you sweet little adorable puppy!
No! I couldn't afford you to get killed so easily!
I only need you as an assistant!
Someone to work by my side.
I have other assistants but they are more like workers for each of my different establishments!
Each floor can't handle themselves, you know?"
I look at him in disbelieve and utter disappointment.
"So you summoned me...So I work for you?"
"Mh...basically yes. But working for me directly means ultimate protection from the Mafia groups and more. You just need this!"
He puts a small silver pendant on the white coffee table.
It's shaped like a dalmatian head and has even a small bow around it's neck.

I hold it and the look at him.
"You know it's the dumbest reason to summon someone from another world?"
"You know that I didn't know I would get someone from another world?"

We kinda awkwardly look at each other and away until Crewel breaks the silence with his voice.

"Ok, let us get you into a more comfortable zone. I might just have a good resting room for you!"
I look at his now standing figure and sigh.
Like a child listening to their parents I follow him to a very far away room.
The building had around four floor with a basement.

The first floor had the welcoming hall and different rooms like a library and meeting rooms, even a small kitchen to make simple snacks and beverage.
The second floor was more the workers floor.
Rooms to rest and even to stay in for the night because of the Bar on the third floor.
You gotta work trough the night sometimes.
There was a fancy lift in the welcoming hall, quite hidden cause it looked like it's part of the wall I must say, but it's to keep unwanted guests outside.
Not even giving the chance to go further.
The highest floor, the fourth floor, was the place where Crewels personal chambers were and even a personal fashion design workplace.
Only he and his closest workers are allowed in the holy chambers of fashion and trends.
Oh and because his precious fur collection is there.
The basement was basically his lab.

After reaching said highest floor I was quite surprised but he now stopped infront of simple, black door.

"This will be your room, puppy.
I need my assistant to be near me at all times!
Besides I don't want you to get all scared when you wake up!
So, I will be right...", he turns around to the door on the other side," here. There is my room."

He gives me a small smile and seems to expect some sort of reaction head hurts.

"I'm...I'm sorry man but im tired and that is so much info to process and just...need a break...", I massage my temple and he seems to get the message that I want to be left alone.
"Don't worry, dear. Make yourself at home. I will try to find something good looking, comfortable and fitting for you to wear while you get a good night rest."
He slowly pushed me door and then made his way down the hallway.
"Once you wake up I will bring you some breakfast!"
And he is now completly gone and I run in the room and close it.
Or rather said lock it.

Magic!? Mafia?? Summoned to fucking work!?
I thought I had a more heroic purpose.
Not just become a magicless assistant.

I smash myself on the bed and just melt into it.
It's a big ass kingsized bed and just...the best thing to ever sleep in it.
The shoes get thrown into the last corner and my body becomes a human burrito in the pillow.

It's probably just a dream, right?
Nothing more.
When I wake up in at home and not some slave to a fancy rich man.
I'm sure.